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Laneburg Cemetery

This cemetery is located in the SE1/4 NW1/4 of Section 23, Township 12 South, Range 22 West. It is just north of the Laneburg Baptist church and is fenced. Driving directions--The cemetery is just north of Laneburg Baptist Church.





Abel, George W.   2-6-1915  4-2-2006  Double marker with Dorothy I. Abel 
Abel, Dorothy I.   3-20-1918  2-17-2007  Double marker with George W. Abel 
Adams, Ada Francis  9-1-1904  2-4-1964   
Adams, Jamie  2-19-1925  2-19-1925   
Adams, John Thompson  7-22-1876  1-12-1960  Double marker with Mary Eula Adams 
Adams, Mary Eula  8-11-1884  5-8-1972  Mary Blakely Adams in obituary; double marker with John Thompson Adams 
Adams, Lillard Norris  10-24-1921  5-4-1942  Ark.- PFC-153 Inf. - World War II 
Adams, Thelma  8-21-1906  9-25-1906  Daughter of J. T. and Mary Adams 
Adams, William T.  1-28-1885  7-21-1962   
Almand, William Henry  12-14-1919  1-19-1984  PFC - U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Lily J. Thompson Almand 
Almand, Lily J. Thompson  8-22-1920  6-13-1996  Double marker with William Henry Almand 
Almand, B. S.    10-31-1921  Co. C- 36 Ga. Inf.- CSA; age 86; age and death date from obituary; no dates on stone 
Almand, Elon Eloth  8-14-1910  6-25-1998  Double marker with Lois Mildred; m. 10-29-1938 
Almand, Lois Mildred  2-20-1909  3-26-1994  Double marker with Elon Eloth Almand; m. 10-29-1938 
Almand, Berry S.  10-13-1912  3-10-1993   
Almand, Jeffrey Paul  11-3-1976  1-1-1977   
Almand, Robert Erwin  1-14-1915  5-20-1977  S1- U. S. Navy- World War II; double marker with Ona Arlene Almand 
Almand, Ona Arlene  10-17-1916  1-15-1998  Double marker with Robert Erwin Almand 
Almand, Harlon O.  1-26-1910  3-27-1967  Ark.-S1-USNR-World War II 
Almand, Henry Bennett  8-9-1880  1-18-1945  Double marker with Roxie Ann Almand 
Almand, Roxie Ann  10-4-1881  11-18-1975  Double marker with Henry Bennett Almand 
Almand, Harry Wallace  10-19-1948  6-15-2012  Double marker with Susan Lynelle Almand; m. 12-31-1971; children and grandchildren's name on bench 
Almand, Susan Lynelle  5-17-1953    Double marker with Harry Wallace Almand; m. 12-31-1953; names of children and grandchildren on bench 
Almond, Bertie M.  10-22-1886  3-18-1968  Double marker with Hollie O. Almond 
Almond, Hollie O.  3-30-1888  9-15-1935  Double marker with Bertie M. Almond; Ark.-S1-USNR- World War II 
Alsobrook, Annie Gertrude  12-10-1887  10-5-1903  Daughter of J. A. and N. F. Alsobrook 
Alsobrook, Aussie Cleveland  11-17-1884  7-18-1901  Son of J. A. and N. F. Alsobrook 
Anthony, George    7-18-1929  Age 21; grave not found; info. from obituary 
Armstrong, Emma  4-21-1853  11-9-1905  Wife of Eld. M. D. Armstrong 
Armstrong, Eld. M. D.  8-9-1853  3-3-1923   
Armstrong, J. W.  4-21-1889  6-2-1924  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Armstrong, Hattie  1888  1926   
Armstrong, M. V.  1882  10-13-1914  M. Virgil Anthony in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Armstrong, Portia  12-12-1872  3-13-1949  Mother 
Bailey, Neita A.   2-9-1913  3-21-1963  Neita Almond Bailey in obituary 
Bailey-Gourley, Betty Jo  1-1-1931  10-17-2020  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Barker, Claude L.  2-8-1900  2-28-1963   
Barker, George Allen  12-28-1898  2-29-1928  Triple marker with Jewell Julie Barker and Tillman John Barker 
Barker, Jewell Julie  1-25-1903  1-25-1978  Triple marker with George Allen Barker and Tillman John Barker 
Barker, Tillman John  8-6-1922  4-2-1946  Triple marker with Jewell Julie Barker and George Allen Barker; Arkansas- Seaman 1 Cl.-USNR 
Barker, William F., Sr.  2-11-1903  10-9-1939  Double marker with Esther Sampson Barker 
Barker, Esther Sampson  9-21-1907  11-8-2000  Double marker with William F. Barker, Sr. 
Barker, Richard Wayne  4-15-1961  8-1-1987  Double marker with Mary Ellen Barker; m. 12-3-1983 
Barker, Mary Ellen  8-22-1962    Double marker with Richard Allen Barker; m. 12-3-1983 
Barksdale, E. J. (Jeff)  1877  7-24-1941  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Barksdale, Estell  3-8-1917  5-31-1919   
Barksdale, Laura E.  1888  2-24-1974  Laura Dodgen Barksdale in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Beavert, Arthur M.   11-20-1909  7-23-1981  Tec. 4- U. S. Army- World War II 
Beavert, Frances Elizabeth  5-24-1926  4-1-2013  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Blakely, Bliss    1-27-1963  Double marker with Hester Blakely; Robert Bliss Blakely in obituary; death date from obituary; no date on stone 
Blakely, Hester      Double markrer with Bliss Blakely 
Branson, Alceon  8-25-1904  7-24-1963   
Branson, Paul  2-24-1896  7-19-1964   
Bright, Henry Calvin  8-7-1872  5-2-1955  Double marker with Rosa Alice Bright 
Bright, Rosa Alice  2-13-1875  1-8-1968  Double marker with Henry Calvin Bright 
Burrow, Cora Elizabeth  10-30-1887  2-22-1953   
Burrow, John H.  1888  July, 1950  Double marker with Sudie Burrow; death month from obituary 
Burrow, Sudie  1895  1918  Double marker with John H. Burrow 
Butler, Mrs. Robert  11-8-1875  3-12-1957  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Callicott, Elizabeth M.  3-5-1854  5-20-1924  Double marker with T. P. Callicott 
Callicott, T. P.   1-23-1839  11-26-1931  Thomas Pleb Callicott in obituary; double marker with Elizabeth M. Callicott 
Carroll, Ester V.  1934  1934  Metal marker 
Carroll, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Clements, Sadie Viola  9-27-1910  8-6-1961  Double marker with Robert W. Clements 
Clements, Robert W. "Bill"  11-7-1913  8-14-1982  Double marker with Sadie Viola Clements 
Cornelius, Ira N.   1844  12-2-1888  Grave not found during survey; believed to be buried at Laneburg 
Crain, Amanda J.  10-30-1844  12-26-1926   
Crain, J. T.  6-13-1841  9-19-1915   
Cross, Willie M.  1-13-1866  11-7-1934  Double marker with Maggie E. Cross 
Cross, Maggie E.  12-12-1876  8-23-1971  Double marker with Willie M. Cross 
Daniel, Benjamin F.  11-1-1917  8-20-1927   
Daniel, Edith Fay  1913  1-21-1922  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Daniel as per obituary 
Daniel, E. Roy  6-15-1891  7-6-1965  Edgar Roy Daniel in obituary; double marker with Gracie S. Daniel 
Daniel, Gracie S.  2-9-1893  12-18-1960  Double marker with E. Roy Daniel 
Daniel, E. Hugh  9-17-1888  2-24-1953   
Daniel, Nora Callicott  6-24-1887  3-16-1974   
Daniel, Rayburn Greer  6-30-1908  2-20-1991   
Daniel, E. H.  8-22-1921  12-6-1994  Tec. 5- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Kathryn W. Daniel; m. 2-10-1950 
Daniel, Kathryn W.  3-11-1929  5-1-2004  Double marker with E. H. Daniel; m. 2-10-1950 
Daniel, Edgar Roy  7-16-1912  12-30-1989  Double marker with Bess Whyte Daniel; m. 2-2-1935 
Daniel, Bess Whyte  2-6-1912  2-17-2003  Double marker with Edgar Roy Daniel; m. 2-2-1935 
Daniel, Dwayne Alan  11-25-1955  6-5-2001  Son of E. H. and Kathryn Daniel 
Daniel, Billie    Nov., 1920  Infant; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Daniell, Catherine Munn  1867  Jan., 1907  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Daniell, J. Milford  1-15-1863  7-26-1905   
Deaton, Richard  8-15-1955  5-14-1983  Double marker with Kathy Deaton 
Deaton, Kathy  7-1-1955    Double marker with Richard Deaton 
Dendy, James H.  4-16-1926  9-22-1926  James Howard Dendy in obituary; son of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Dendy as per obituary 
Deyarmond, Derek  1981  2000  Small flat stone near Gann double marker 
Duke, Janie Lou  4-28-1900  5-11-1903  Daughter of T. H. and Eliza Duke 
Easterling, Dora S.   1887  1954  Double marker with J. Thomas Easterling 
Easterling, J. Thomas  1886  1957  Double marker with Dora S. Easterling 
Easterling, Ida  1-7-1882  8-23-1965   
Easterling, Neal  1892  1944  Double marker with Clara Friday Easterling 
Easterling, Clara Friday  1904  1996  Double marker with Neal Easterling 
Edwards, Billy Lafon "Fonnie"  1-10-1927  1-9-1990  Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Nellie Jewel Hurst Edwards; m. 7-4-1952; children--Susan, Mona, Donna, Leigh Ann 
Edwards, Nellie Jewel Hurst  1-8-1931  2-28-2017  Double marker with Billy Lafon Edwards; m. 7-4-1952; children--Susan, Mona, Donna, Leigh Ann 
Ellis, Danny Wayne  2-3-1955  5-25-2021  Double marker with Cathy Lynn Ellis; m. 11-15-1975 
Ellis, Cathy Lynn  4-25-1956  6-15-1991  Double marker with Danny Wayne Ellis; m.11-15-1975; bench near grave has Cathy Clary Ellis; mother of Erica and Ryan 
Evans, D. I.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Evans, George    5-8-1909  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Evans, Mary      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Friday, Doss  11-27-1879  2-14-1957  Double marker with Nettie I. Friday 
Friday, Nettie I.  4-5-1878  8-5-1962  Double marker with Doss Friday 
Frith, Nettie  6-12-1878  9-2-1902  Wife of C. E. Frith; broken stone 
Fryar, John C.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Fryar, W. T. "Bill"  11-5-1903  7-18-1994   
Fryar, Mr.    5-6-1937  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; could be same as John C. Fryar in old record 
Gann, Charlotte Jane  10-21-1848  2-18-1929  Wife of J. W. Gann 
Gann, J. W.  5-10-1846  9-9-1925  John W. Gann on military marker; Co. I - GA Vols.- Confederate States Army 
Gann, McRae  1-7-1889  3-27-1933   
Gann, Scott McRae  4-27-1953  3-21-1971   
Gann, Betty Huffman  8-21-1918  2-3-1999   
Gann, John Ward  2-26-1916  11-19-2014   
Gann, Edna W.  12-13-1918  3-7-2005  Interred in Teague, Texas; double marker with J. C. Gann 
Gann, J. C.  12-21-1918  12-11-2002  Double marke with Edna W. Gann 
Gately, Calvin    Oct., 1908  Grave not found during survey; according to newspaper, he was buried at Laneburg by his first wife. 
Gann, Carl M.  8-23-1924  3-17-2011  Double marker with Beth G. Gann 
Gann, Beth G.  1-11-1924  4-17-2012  Double marker with Carl M. Gann 
Gann, William Mac  8-30-1931  11-22-2011  Cremated; double marker with Elizabeth Ann White Gann 
Gann, Elizabeth Ann White  10-4-1948    Double marker with William Mac Gann 
Gauthier, Melanie C.    8-16-1966  One date on stone 
Gautsche, Samuel  2-3-1868  10-10-1943  Double marker with Kieffer K. Gautsche 
Gautsche, Kieffer K.  7-29-1894  9-28-1981  Double marker with Samuel Gautsche 
Gautsche, Martina  12-25-1919  2-3-1994  Double marker with Sam Gautsche 
Gautsche, Sam  3-27-1919  2-9-1990  Pfc- U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Martina Gautsche 
Gautsche, Barbara L.   11-5-1920  7-9-2007   
Glass, Grady  10-29-1896  1-4-1961  Ark.-Pvt.-Co. E 2 Bn Repl Tng Cen -World War I 
Glass, Nena    Dec., 1929  Wife of Grady Glass; grave not found during survey; listed here because her husband Grady is buried here; died in Louisiana; body brought back to Prescott for burial 
Goad, Earnest  4-10-1892  5-22-1907  Son of Jim and Alice Goad (from obituary) 
Goad, Hazel  9-18-1908  12-13-1909  Daughter of J. M. and A. E. Goad 
Gourley, Della M.  11-15-1905  12-19-1958  Double marker with Earl N. Gourley; m. 9-19-1929 
Gourley, Earl N.  9-19-1905  7-31-1981  Double marker with Della M. Gourley; m. 9-19-1929 
Gourley, Edgar V.  6-17-1935  3-27-1936  Edgar Velvin Gourley in obituary 
Gourley, James J.  1867  1940  Double marker with Sula Gourley 
Gourley, Sula   1878  7-26-1939  Double marker with James J. Gourley; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Gourley, Marvin Lee  11-3-1901  3-15-1964   
Gourley, Eddie Velvin  12-30-1911  10-21-1969  Double marker with Frances Mae Gourley 
Gourley, Frances Mae  5-7-1918  9-17-1973  Frances Mary Hastings Gourley in obituary; double marker with Eddie Velvin Gourley 
Gourley, John Sr.  12-17-1949  7-7-2014  John T. Gourley in obituary 
Griffin, Amanda    5-25-1923  Age 80; grave not found during survey; ; information from newspaper 
Guinn, Carolyn Sue  8-9-1937  8-6-2015   
Hardman, Paul Neely  12-13-1922  3-12-2005  Neeley Paul Hardman in obituary 
Harris, Pearl  2-23-1885  8-3-1898   
Harris, William Thomas  9-30-1847  11-12-1898   
Harris, Mary Margaret Queen  5-26-1849  10-2-1924  Wife of William Thomas Harris 
Hastings, Frances Mona  7-3-1946  7-5-1946  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Hatcher, Lona Dell  5-14-1880  10-11-1918  Double marker with Tolbert E. Hatcher; also has an older single stone several feet from double marker 
Hatcher, Tolbert E.  1-1-1880  3-23-1965  Double marker with Lona Dell Hatcher 
Hathcoat, Thomas B.    9-10-1950  Age 68-grave not found-in earlier record 
Hazzard, James T.  7-25-1881  1-15-1952  Double marker with Lura Purtle Hazzard 
Hazzard, Lura Purtle  7-5-1885  4-22-1938  Double marker with James T. Hazzard 
Hazzard, Leo    Mar., 1907  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Helton, Pearl Daniell  1-12-1886  5-12-1923  Dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Henley, Edgar Wilson  1-5-1919  8-30-2000  Double marker with Vivian Marguerite Henley; m. 7-31-1943 
Henley, Vivian Marguerite McGough  9-27-1918  1-2-2001  Double marker with Edgar Wilson Henley; married 7-31-1943 
Holmes, Willie    Aug., 1912  Age 16; an orphan; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Honea, William  3-11-1919  3-11-1919  Son of W. L. and C. Honea 
Honea, William L.  2-5-1894  7-21-1972  William Luther Honea on military marker; Ark.- Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War I; double marker with Corinna A. Honea 
Honea, Corinna A.  5-18-1900  2-22-1977  Corinna Murry Honea in obituary; double marker with William L. Honea 
Honey, Leroy  1901  Feb., 1967  Charles L. Honey in obituary; double marker with Leota Honey; m. 5-9-1931; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Honey, Leota  1907  Oct., 1966  Double marker with Leroy Honey; m. 5-9-1931; Leota Almond Honey in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Honey, Rachel Elizabeth  3-8-1986  3-24-1986   
Honey, Charles L. "Chuck"  8-10-1938  9-28-2000  Double marker with Betty Sue Honey; married 6-21-1959 
Honey, Betty Sue  7-26-1935  1-12-2013  Double marker with Charles L. Honey; m. 6-21-1959 
Honey, Christopher Oren  2-4-1964  5-2-2005   
Hudson, J. W.   2-3-1844  6-13-1925  John W. Hudson on military marker; Lieu. Co B- 7 Ga Inf.-CSA 
Hudson, Millie L.  5-1-1861  1-9-1902  Wife of J. W. Hudson; age 40 yrs., 8 mths., 9 days 
Hudson, Mrs. J. W.     8-3-1922  Wife of J. W. Hudson; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Hunt, J. C.  7-17-1844  3-17-1916  First name John (from newspaper) 
Hurst, Donald E.  Jan., 1951  Sep, 1952   
Hurst, Irl Levi  1-31-1893  8-2-1955  Ark.- Pvt.-Btry A-77 Fld. Atry.-World War I; double marker with Nellie Jones Hurst 
Hurst, Nellie Jones  11-11-1894  4-21-1973  Double marker with Irl Levi Hurst 
Hurst, Clariece  1928  2-12-1977  Clariece Randolph Hurst in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hurst, Ralph Leo  11-17-1922  3-10-1986  S Sgt.- Air Force- World War II 
Hurst, Harvey H.  9-18-1920  5-30-1995  MSgt.- Army- World War II; double marker with Anna M. Hurst; m. 3-23-1946 
Hurst, Anna M.  2-11-1910  11-30-1997  Double marker with Harvey H. Hurst; m. 3-23-1946; SSgt- U. S.. Army- World War II 
Ingram, Emily Gann  10-6-1890  7-24-1963   
Jackson, Hanson C.  12-6-1890  11-2-1955  Double marker with Eliza V. Jackson 
Jackson, Eliza V.  8-28-1890  8-5-1967  Double marker with Hanson C. Jackson; obituary had Eliza Evans Jackson 
Jackson, (twin)  9-29-1915  9-30-1915  Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jackson 
Jackson, (twin)  9-29-1915  10-13-1918  Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jackson 
Jackson, Hanson Doyle  10-9-1912  11-21-1914  Son of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Jackson 
Jackson, James Leroy  5-17-1923  9-21-2002  U. S. Army- World War II 
Johnson, Lori Ann  10-13-1982  6-28-1984  Daughter of Larry and Kathy Johnson 
Johnson, (infant)    1933  Child of Harold and Lera Johnson 
Jones, Coy G.  9-26-1924  10-9-1944  Ark.- Pvt.-120 Inf-30 Div.- World War II; body returned to family in Nov., 1947 
Jones, Sid  1885  1958  Double marker with Sue Jones 
Jones, Sue  1884  1958  Double marker with Sid Jones 
Jones, Melvin A.  9-28-1888  9-26-1955   
Jones, Elsie Fryar  11-19-1895  3-26-1989   
Jones, Flave A.  1919  1920  Metal marker 
Jones, Tracy  1929  1929  Metal marker 
Jones, ?      Metal marker (no name)-with Jones graves 
Jones, Ollie V.  1940  1941  Metal marker 
Jordan, Virginia  7-12-1910  8-14-1912  Daughter of W. F. and Carrie Jordan 
Jordan, Ruth  9-8-1905  1-26-1909  Daughter of W. F. and Carrie Jordan 
Laws, Jewel A.  6-18-1910  11-27-1972  Ark.-Pfc.-U. S. Army- World War II 
Laws, Kiyoko    8-3-1930  One date on marker 
Loe, Robert H.  12-29-1918  11-11-1992  Robert Hampton Loe on military marker; Pfc.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Flora L. Loe; m. 4-23-1946 
Loe, Flora L.  2-17-1925  1-19-2014  Double marker with Robert H. Loe; m. 4-23-1946 
Loomis, Eula E.  1889  Sept., 1964  Eula Easterling Loomis in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Lucas, Charles E., Jr.  6-11-1965  5-14-1993   
Lucas, Bobbie Sue  12-19-1939  12-1-1984   
McElfresh, Norris Ray  3-28-1938  12-1-1961  Ark.-Sp 4- 11 U. S. ASA Fld. Sta. 
McElfresh, Mary L.  9-11-1916  8-21-2004  Double marker with George McElfresh 
McElfresh, George "Dave"  6-30-1912  4-1-1989  Double marker with Mary L. McElfresh 
McGough, Sarah E.  12-3-1877  1-23-1942   
McGough, Presley Randolph  1-15-1875  2-11-1952   
McGough, Martha J.  5-6-1842  10-14-1923  Martha Jane McGough in obituary 
McGough, J. P.  4-5-1840  4-22-1917   
McGough, Albert S.  1-15-1873  1-8-1942  Woodmen of the World stone 
McGough, Robert B.  10-25-1881  4-15-1963  Robert Buss McGough in obituary 
McGough, Lillie R.  4-22-1894  8-8-1978  Lillie Rodgers McGough in obituary 
McGough, Presley Munn  7-19-1906  1-22-1978  Double marker with Florence Butcher McGough; m. 7-4-1929 
McGough, Florence Butcher  8-19-1910  1-13-2000  Double marker with Presley Munn McGough; m. 7-4-1929 
McGough, Margaret E.  4-7-1924  9-17-2016  Double marker with James B. McGough; m. 6-12-1948 
McGough, James B.  5-15-1922  3-24-2008  Sgt.- U. S. Army - M. Sgt.- U. S. Air Force- World War II; double marker with Margaret E. McGough; m. 6-12-1948 
McGough, Dr. Joe  12-12-1930  5-11-2014  Flat marker inside concrete border 
McGough, Robert James  4-30-1952  1-29-2009  Double marker with Carolyn Forward McGough; m.7-20-1974 
McGough, Carolyn Forward  4-30-1952    Double marker with Robert James McGough; m. 7-20-1974 
McGough, Glenda Joyce Wilson  3-10-1935  3-18-2018  Metal marker when surveyed in October, 2021 
McLeod, Arthur    10-26-1970  Age 92; veteran of Spanish-American War; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Mann, Glenn B.  5-29-1907  5-12-1991  Double marker with Delbert G. Mann 
Mann, Delbert G.  8-5-1911  6-4-1978  Double marker with Glenn B. Mann 
Manning, Betty G.  7-15-1927  10-22-2005  Betty George Sampson Manning in obituary; double marker with Arthur D. Manning 
Manning, Arthur D.  1-14-1923  9-4-2012  Pfc - U. S. Army - World War II: double marker with Betty G. Manning; Arthur Doyle Manning in obituary; death date not engraved on head stone at time of survey 
Mathis, (child)    Nov., 1921  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mathis; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Matthews, Eva Jane  12-24-1917  2-13-1918  Metal marker with concrete marker; hard to read 
Matthews, James      Metal marker with blank concrete marker 
Matthews, Cora Mae  10-3-1920  11-4-1921  Metal marker with blank concrete marker; age 13 months; hard to read 
Matthews, John J.      Metal marker with blank concrete marker 
Matthews, Emma Jean    7-14-1924  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Matthews; info. from newspaper; metal marker with blank concrete marker 
Merchant, Zip  6-9-1878  10-1-1917  Woodmen of the World stone 
Merchant, J. A.  7-6-1871  5-18-1899  Hard to read 
Merchant, Baby    10-28-1909  Child of Mr.and Mrs. Z. T. Merchant; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Merchant, Sarah Elizabeth Crain  7-14-1872  10-1-1896  Married Joseph C. Merchant 9-18-1892 
Moncrief, Evelyn Dryer  1-13-1912  11-22-1973   
Munn, Mildred  3-21-1907  9-16-1907   
Munn, Nelson  10-15-1907  1-17-1911   
Munn, John B.  7-9-1873  12-19-1941   
Munn, William Neil  9-2-1875  7-7-1938   
Munn, Tennie Ann Crain  12-16-1850  12-14-1916   
Munn, George Washington  3-14-1849  4-15-1915   
Munn, Lucy Ruth  1-19-1902  12-21-1910   
Gourley, John T.  12-17-1949  7-7-2014   
Munn, Alta May  7-20-1908  10-2-1911   
Munn, Rebecca Hamric    1906  Wife of Neil Munn 
Munn, Carrie Lee  2-18-1884  1-11-1978   
Munn, John B., Jr.  3-18-1909  3-1-1970   
Murry, Edgar B.  9-20-1867  7-4-1930  Double marker with Mattie L. Miurry 
Murry, Mattie L.  11-23-1868  8-24-1962  Double marker with Edgar B. Murry 
Murry, Fannie Ottie  11-28-1905  11-6-1906  Daughter of E. B. and M. L. Murry; age 11 mths., 9 days 
Nelson, Mrs. J. A.  7-6-1849  12-30-1921   
Nelson, J. A.  4-17-1849  4-30-1919   
Nelson, Sarah A.    Dec., 1921  Age 72; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Osburn, ?    12-14-1938  Age 48-grave not found--in earlier record 
Osburn, Rome L.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Pearson, Robert J.   3-4-1925  7-26-1999  Navy Veteran- World War II 
Pearson, Arch E., Jr.  12-28-1918  6-7-2002  Double marker with Mildred Daniel Pearson; m. 11-14-1942; World War II veteran 
Pearson, Mildred Daniel  12-20-1921  10-9-2006  Double marker with Arch E. Pearson, Jr.; m. 11-14-1942 
Pearson, Maurice E. "Buddy"  9-3-1945    Vietnam Veteran- FBI agent 
Peavey, Charles L.  1868  1942  Double marker with Susie A. Peavey 
Peavey, Susie A.  1868  1963  Double markert with Charles L. Peavey 
Peavey, William L.  6-4-1909  10-23-1984   
Peavey, Autoria  2-7-1909  1-11-1987   
Peavey, Johnny H.  9-12-1936  11-19-1991   
Phillips, James E.  12-15-1956    Double marker with Mary Elisabeth Phillips; m. 5-19-1977; children--Darla, Jesse, Lacey 
Phillips, Mary Elisabeth Jessup  8-18-1959  6-6-1995  Double marker with James E. Phillips; m. 5-19-1977; children--Darla, Jesse, Lacey 
Pryor, John A.    Jan., 1928  Co. I-1 Ark. Inf-Spanish-American War;death date from newspaper; no dates on stone 
Pugh, Sharon Kay  12-1-1956  1-30-2016   
Purtle, Opal  8-25-1907  5-9-1962  Double marker with Hess Purtle 
Purtle, Hess  9-12-1905  8-12-1974  Double marker with Opal Purtle 
Purtle, Dexter  6-18-1918  12-22-1963  Triple marker with Elizabeth Purlte and Alford Purtle 
Purtle, Elizabeth  6-30-1880  1-2-1963  Triple marker with Dexter Purtle and Alford Purtle 
Purtle, Alford  7-18-1876  11-11-1952  Triple marker with Dexter Purtle and Elizabeth Purtle 
Purtle, Francis J.      Grave not found--listed in earlier record 
Purtle, Janie E.  8-11-1892  12-25-1943   
Purtle, G. V.  9-14-1883  6-4-1925   
Purtle, Thomas J.  1849  May, 1928  Double marker with Francis C. Purtle; next to brick tomb with initials T. J. P. ; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Purtle, Francis C.  1848  2-14-1930  Frances Cassia Ridling Purtle in obituary; double marker with Thomas J. Purtle; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Purtlle, Charlie Ernest  7-26-1889  9-27-1962  Double marker with Mattie Ann Purtle 
Purtle, Mattie Ann  1-26-1882  4-20-1969  Double marker with Charlie Ernest Purtle 
Purtle, Robert L.  12-12-1873  2-24-1946  Robert Lawrence Purtle in obituary; double marker with Gertrude Purtle 
Purtle, Gertrude  9-29-1875    Double marker with Robert L. Purtle; no death date on stone 
Purtle, Hesterly "Junior"  4-13-1925  9-26-1983  Double marker with Bennie Powell Purtle; m. 1-7-1950 
Purtle, Bennie Powell  1-31-1929    Double marker with Hesterly Purtle; m. 1-7-1950 
Purtle, John T.  12-13-1871  12-10-1895   
Purtle, Tommie  5-24-1908  4-3-1909  Daughter of A. J. and Lizzie Purtle 
Purtle, Maggie Lou  2-21-1898  6-10-1914   
Purtle, Mary A.  2-3-1827  2-21-1904  Double marker with L. C. Purtle 
Purtle, L.C.  8-27-1821  2-26-1906  Double marker with Mary A. Purtle 
Purtle, George M.  3-16-1855  5-3-1899  Double marker with Willie B. Purtle 
Purtle, Willie B.  9-7-1864  2-16-1901  Double marker with George M. Purtle 
Purtle, Lee Roy  1887  1958   
Purtle, Almus    12-27-1938  Metal marker 
Purtle, (4 unmarked graves)      Graves not found-listed in earlier record 
Purtle, Iris Lura  8-22-1910  4-15-1914   
Purtle, James H.  11-10-1919  11-11-1921   
Purtle, Galveston    6-13-1926  Age 46; grave not found; information from newspaper obituary 
Purtle, George    ca 1-14-1910  Age 2; son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Purtle; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Purtle, Patsy Cleon  8-6-1934     
Purtle, Ressel    Jan., 1918  Age 12; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Purtle; grave not found; information from newspaper 
Purtle, Ricky D.  10-27-1950  8-5-2011  Ricky Don Purtle in obituary; double marker with Faye Lynn Purtle; m. 8-4-1995 
Purtle, Faye Lynn  5-30-1954    Double marker with Ricky Don Purtle; m. 8-4-1995 
Purtle, Hadley Rose  9-26-2018  9-26-2018  Daughter of Justin Purtle and Stephanie Keith Newton; metal marker 
Racanello, Linda Pearl   1-2-1923  5-7-2008  Linda Pearl Almond Racanello in obituary 
Raley, Leonard  1958  2001  Metal marker east of Melvin A. Jones marker 
Richardson, (child)    Mar., 1926  Age 5; son of Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Richardson; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Ridling, Nancy Lee  4-17-1823  2-20-1907  Obituary had birth date 4-17-1827; married first to T. W. Halcomb; second to J. W. Ridling (from obituary) 
Rotan, John Morris  2-19-1900  7-12-1968  Tex.-Cpl.-U. S. Army- World War I; double marker with Hazel Daniel Rotan 
Rotan, Hazel Daniel  3-30-1911  9-17-1979  Double marker with John Morris Rotan 
Russell, Terry Michael  3-25-1952  2-25-1986   
Russell, Robert O.  7-21-1923  1-1-2018  Double marker with Inez M. Russell; m. 7-26-1947; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Russell, Inez M.  1-15-1927  11-16-2013  Double marker with Robert O. Russell; m. 7-26-1947 
Sampson, Thomas L.  1-30-1886  2-8-1953   
Sampson, James L.    3-29-1942  Ark.-Pvt.-1 Cl.-63 Inf 
Sampson, Sallie Hood  12-20-1882  8-20-1960   
Sampson, J. W.  4-21-1889  6-2-1924   
Sampson, James J.  2-12-1858  7-17--1927  Double marker with Margaret E. Sampson 
Sampson, Margaret E.  9-5-1866  8-22-1929  Double marker with James J. Sampson 
Sampson, Pearson G.  3-28-1898  12-15-1959  Double marker with Oma G. Sampson 
Sampson, Oma G.  6-8-1905  6-4-1974  Oma Barker Sampson in obituary; double marker with Pearson G. Sampson 
Sampson, Heber B.  9-3-1900  1-28-1956   
Sampson, George D.  6-7-1980  6-7-1980   
Sampson, James A.  8-5-1943  4-15-2017  James Arthur Sampson in obituary; children--James, George, Jeffrey; grandchildren--JD, Shelby, Lillie; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Sherman, Sybil Gautsche  12-7-1922  1-11-2010   
Sisson, Mary P.  11-3-1885  7-14-1967  Double marker with Edward Sisson 
Sisson, Edward  10-21-1875  3-26-1975  Double marker with Mary P. Sisson 
Sisson, Otto  9-11-1907  9-12-1966   
Sisson, Walter E.   3-5-1910  11-4-1978  Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War II 
Sisson, Charlie E.  11-24-1914  12-23-1995   
Staggs, (infant)    Dec., 1908  Age 4 months; grave not found; information from newspaper 
Steed, James Milton  1902  7-29-1933  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Steed, Tanya Sue  11-23-1968  11-27-1968   
Steed, Mattie E.  1873  1957  Double marker with Oscar J. Steed 
Steed, Oscar J.  1866  11-7-1946  Double marker with Mattie E. Steed; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Steed, James W.  4-2-1921  6-27-1947  Ark.-Pfc.-153 Inf.-World War II 
Steed, Girteen E.  12-16-1902  7-22-1979  Double marker with Hillman M. Steed 
Steed, Hillman M.  7-22-1899  8-4-1980  Double marker with Girteen E. Steed 
Steed, Ivy Harlen  8-14-1907  8-14-1977  Double marker with Ina Berthel Steed; m. 12-9-1933 
Steed, Ina Berthel  4-16-1909  9-23-1999  Double marker with Ivy Harlen Steed; m. 12-9-1933 
Steed, Harlee  2-6-1910  9-18-1995  Double marker with Myrtle Steed; m.6-26-1927 
Steed, Myrtle  6-26-1911  12-4-1989  Double marker with Harlee Steed; m. 6-26-1927 
Steed, Vester Oscar  7-16-1905  9-8-1994  Sgt.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Jewell Jeffries Steed 
Steed, Jewell Jeffries  12-28-1917  5-23-2015  Double marker with Vester Oscar Steed 
Thrasher, Mrs. Florence    12-3-1966  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Thrasher, Florence Hurst  5-6-1897  9-3-1965   
Thrasher, Winfred S.  5-25-1921  8-27-1961  La.-Cpt.-HQ Btry-363 Fa Bn.-W W II; double marker with Pearl H. Thrasher 
Thrasher, Pearl H.  8-21-1924  5-9-2010  Pearl Hunter Thrasher in obituary; double marker with Winfred S. Thrasher; death date not engraved at time of survey 
(Unknown), ??  11-8-1895  1937  Old stone-can't read 
Vaden, Willliam D.  1932  1937   
Walthall, Permelia  4-19-1902  9-9-1990   
Welch, Roy Glenn  9-18-1912  9-25-1976  Tec. 4-U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Alta Purtle Welch 
Welch, Alta Purtle  3-1-1912  7-15-1997  Double marker with Roy Glenn Welch 
Wesson, Kenneth R.  5-11-1937  5-11-1937   
Wesson, Louie L.  7-6-1917  6-29-2010  Double marker with Mattie R. Wesson; m. 7-11-1936; death date not engraved at time of survey; information from obituary 
Wesson, Mattie R.  4-10-1917  2-9-1998  Double marker with Louie L. Wesson; m. 7-11-1936 
Wilson, Duane H.  12-5-1940  12-25-1996  Double marker with Evlyn L. Daniel Wilson 
Wilson, Evlyn Louise  10-31-1944  7-23-2021  Double marker with Duane H. Wilson
Obituary: Evlyn Louise Wilson, age 76, went to be with her Lord and Savior on Ju... 
Woodul, James Henry  12-23-1898  9-5-1927   
Woodul, James Henry, Jr.    July, 1924  Age 8 months; grave not found during survey; infromation from obituary 
Woodul, William T.  9-23-1871  5-9-1936   
Woodul, Bettie  8-11-1874  2-2-1962   
Yarborough, Ethel   8-21-1896  8-7-1931  Ethel Steed Yarbrough in obituary 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Kim (Fryar) Smith (briannaofdana@yahoo.com) (McLoud) on 2007-06-22
This is a really nice site! I lived for a year in Prescott while I was 16 (that was 16 yrs ago, and I STILL remember the fight song for the Curly Wolves!). I've always been a bit nostalgic about Prescott. Anyhow, I found some of my family in the Laneburg Cem: W. T. "Bill" Fryar - my grampa, William Thomas, his brother John Christopher Fryar (and yes, he IS in that cem.), his sister Elsie Elizabeth Fryar Jones (m. Melvin Ambus Jones bur. in same) There are more Fryar's in that cem. They are in that same row with my grampa (there's 5 or 6 graves). My grampa Bill has a yellow Forsythia bush planted next to him, at the head of the grave. His first wife (Marie?) died in childbirth along with the baby - the bush is the baby's marker (don't know about the wife). Also, my 1st cousin, Leonard Ural "Lynn" Raley, son of Alice (Fryar) (Simpson) Haney, is buried on the other side of my grampa. Lynn died in Apr 2001, age 42 (Just FYI). What I would like the find out is where my greater-grandparents are buried. Christopher Columbus & Martha Alice (Rothwell) Fryar, John Richard "Dick" & Mary E. (Roberts) Rothwell. I have family history on my Rothwell branch, (if anyone's interested) but nothing on the Robert's or Fryar's. Thanks again for this wonderful site!

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