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Mt. Moriah No. 2 Cemetery - Black

Second location of Mt. Moriah Cemetery. Older cemetery located further south. Still used for burials. Cemetery expanded and chain link fence installed in 2003
Driving directions: From Upper White Oak Lake, go west toward Bluff City. In the sharp curve just before reaching Holleman Cemetery, turn left (go straight) on a dirt road. From the Nevada County line (which is not marked), go about 1/4th mile and turn left on a dim road. The cemetery is about 1/4 mile down this road.





Blake, Bessie Sims  9-12-1916  11-10-1998   
Curtis, Keontal T.  1998  1998  Metal marker; located 5 ft. south of Bertha Mae Laster marker 
Fort, Daisy  8-26-1910  2-8-1983   
Fort, Hardy  5-11-1902  3-19-1983   
Fort, John  3-21-1877  9-17-1964   
Fort, Lizzie  9-17-1910  6-28-1968   
Fort, Willis    8-22-1998  Age 92-metal marker 
Fort, Obie Lee   5-31-1927  2-21-2000   
Fort, (Infant)    3-3-1971  Infant daughter of Hubie and Rosie Fort 
Fort, Hubie Lee  8-9-1935  12-12-2011   
Garrett, Margaret  1952  1957  Metal marker has death date of 9-19-1959 -age 7 yrs, 9 mths. stone has name Maragrett Grett 
Gill, Minnie Lee  6-30-1933  7-9-1999  Children--Wanda, Jacquelin, and Darrell 
Gulley, Bertha Mae Laster  3-3-1948  10-12-1991   
Gulley, Willie W.  1-19-1913  1-20-1987   
Gulley, Guartha  12-19-1913  6-10-2000  Lue Guartha Gulley on metal marker 
Gulley, Earvin  5-23-1948  5-10-2011   
Gulley, Edward  3-26-1951  12-10-2016  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Hardnett, Winston  12-14-1891  10-19-1969   
Holliman, Clarence  7-22-1907  6-10-1972  Double marker with Hattie B. Holliman 
Holliman, Hattie B.  7-3-1920  11-14-2005  Double marker with Clarence Holliman; metal marker has Hattie B. Walker 
Holliman, Claudie, Jr.  1953  1965  Age 12 
Holliman, Dallas L.  5-5-1905    Metal marker; no death date 
Holliman, J. W.  2-7-1884  2-20-1963   
Holliman, Johnnie L.  7-28-1925  9-26-1993  US Army - World War II 
Holliman, Minnie    6-20-1959  Age 71; metal marker 
Holliman, R. D.  1920  1981  Sgt.- US Army -World War II 
Hollimon, Viola  1900  1956   
Hunter, Almer, Jr.  2-1-1944  9-30-1963   
Hunter, Almer  6-6-1914  3-24-1998   
Hunter, Ella D.   7-19-1919  3-20-2001   
Hunter, Joice Ann  9-7-1963  9-9-1963   
Ingram, Alberta  1898  Feb., 1952  Full date not on stone 
Jenkins, George    12-22-1953   
Mixon, Mae Willie  5-15-1916  7-7-1986   
Page, Wilmer, Jr. (June)  12-15-1956  7-17-1997   
Purifoy, Buck    3-26-1954  Age 50 
Purifoy, Charla Mae  1939  3-26-1954  Age 14yrs, 9 mths., 25 days (from metal marker) 
Purifoy, Ruth E.   5-10-1910  6-24-1974   
Purifoy, Shelton  4-27-1943  3-26-1954   
Sims, Ennis  9-1-1918  10-14-1987  Metal marker has birth date of 1923 
Sims, Joe  10-19-1922  3-22-1967   
Sims, Louis  2-2-1893  7-24-1966   
Sims, Luther  7-2-1919  6-4-1994  Pvt.- US Army-World War II; metal marker had 1916 for birth year 
Sims, Mary  8-21-1915  6-18-2010  Metal marker; full dates from obituary 
Sims, Owen  4-15-1926  9-8-1959   
Spruce, Pearl  1928  2000  Metal funeral home marker 
Unknown      Metal marker 9 ft. south of Buck Purifoy marker 
Unknown      Metal marker 6 ft. north of Viola Holliman marker 
Unknown      Metal marker 6 ft. south of J. W. Holliman marker 
Williams, Ola B.  11-1-1951  1983  Could not read full death date 

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