Evans, John
Birth: 10-15-1832
Death: 2-27-1898
Comments: Double marker with Henry Evans; stone is off base
Burial: Mt. Moriah Cemetery - White
Notes: Originally recorded in a survey on 4-1998 and updated on 3-6-99 and 2-5-2000.

Comments about this cemetery record from our web site visitors:
Posted by Charles Evans (NOT VALID 2002-11-27ChasLEvans@email.msn.com) () on 1999-04-15
A grave for John Evans is listed at Mt. Moriah Cemetery with an incorrect death date. The death date listed for John Evans is 27 Feb 1858; this should be 27 Feb 1898. I know that this is my great grandfather, because the birth date is listed correctly ( 15 Oct. 1832), and the day and month of death (27 Feb) is listed correctly. Thank all of you for your work on the behalf of so many of us. Because of the information found on your web site, I plan to visit Mt. Moriah soon.

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