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Mt. Olive Cemetery

This cemetery is located behind Mt. Olive Baptist church on Hwy. 76 in the NE1/4 NE1/4 of Section 9, Township 14 South, Range 21 West. The cemetery is fenced and well maintained. Several graves in this cemetery are covered with mussel shells cemented together.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 371 and Hwy. 76, go east toward Waterloo 8/10ths of a mile. The church and cemetery will be on your right.





A., ????      Letters A S A. chiseled in rock; this could be a first name Asa or initials A. S. A. 
Abbott, E. G.  1842  9-28-1919  Name could be E. C. Abbot 
Abbott, James C.  1-11-1933  8-11-1938   
Abott, M. F.  12-25-1837  12-4-1920   
Adie, Lewis W.  10-8-1857  8-23-1941   
Adie, Julia McKinney  8-12-1865  3-6-1941  Julia Ingram McKinney Adie in obituary; double marker with W. S. McKinney; dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Atkins, Willis W.  10-10-1850  4-22-1931  Double marker with Nancy E. Atkins 
Atkins, Nancy E.  7-1-1857  6-1-1955  Double marker with Willis W. Atkins 
Atkins, Thomas P.  6-7-1886  12-14-1924   
Atkins, John R.  9-18-1892  6-19-1949  Double marker with Una A. Atkins 
Atkins, Una A.  9-5-1899    Double marker with John R. Atkins; no death date engraved on marker 
Atkins, Leander  12-22-1880  10-17-1962  Double marker with Maggie P. Atkins 
Atkins, Maggie P.  4-20-1881  11-20-1961  Double marker with Leander Atkins 
Atkins, Robert Garner  1909  1961  Double marker with Mildred Bailey Atkins; m. 7-5-1930 
Atkins, Mildred Bailey  1912  1994  Double marker with Robert Garner Atkins; m. 7-5-1930 
Atkins, Bobi Nell  6-18-1931  6-15-1934  Daughter of R. G. and M. A. Atkins 
Atkins, Lee Roy  2-12-1884  9-8-1925  Double marker with Lelus Atkins 
Atkins, Lelus  2-9-1890  1-18-1974  Double marker with Lee Roy Atkins 
Atkins, (infant)    8-27-1940  Child of John and Bessie Atkins; one date only 
Atkins, Chylene    9-15-1960  Daughter of Jo and Dean Atkins; one date only 
Atkins, John R.  3-22-1814  4-12-1901  Double marker with Katherine Atkins; full dates chiseled in back of old rock marker; new stone has yrs. only 
Atkins, Katherine  1818  1877  Double marker with John R. Atkins; old stone is broken; next to new double marker 
Atkins, Harold Paul  8-20-1914  8-4-1916   
Atkins, Robert J..  1856  1930   
Atkins, Mary  1834  1930   
Atkins, Harriet  1862  1937   
Atkins, Thearon O.  10-16-1892  4-8-1964  Ark.-Eng. 2-U. S. Navy-World War I; metal marker has birth year 1893; military stone has 1892 
Atkins, Thomas J.  2-6-1882  6-19-1962  Double marker with Mary Esther Atkins; m. 12-24-1913 
Atkins, Mary Esther  7-26-1890  2-4-1978  Double marker with Thomas J. Atkins; m.12-24-1913 
Atkins, Mary Lieu  3-25-1915  9-15-1915   
Atkins, Jesse Parrish  5-7-1888  4-6-1984  Double marker with Mossillia B. Atkins; m. 3-7-1917 
Atkins, Mossillia B.  1-16-1891  3-10-1983  Double marker with Jesse Parrish Atkins; m. 3-7-1917 
Atkins, Mattie Jean  4-19-1921  12-4-1998   
Atkins, Chester B.   1-12-1942  6-13-2014   
Bailey, William Robert  9-17-1900  7-5-1992  Double marker with Ouida Luck Bailey 
Bailey, Ouida Luck  7-26-1902  3-25-1987  Double marker with William Robert Bailey 
Basden, Billy (Uncle)      Age 75; broken stone 
Basden, W. R.  5-12-1829  4-9-1908   
Basden, Rebecca A.    10-10-1883  Wife of W. R. Basden; age 47 years; broken stone 
Basden, W. H.    5-17-1880  Son of W. R. and R. A. Basden; broken stone 
Basden, Lou Ellen  3-25-1867  12-10-1886  Daughter of W. R. and R. A. Basden 
Basden, (infant)    9-15-1869  Daughter of W. R. and R. A. Basden; one date only 
Basden, (infant)    10-10-1856  Daughter of W. R. and R. A. Basden 
Basden, Cynthia E.  3-6-1866    Grave not found; listed in earlier record; daughter of W. R. and R. A. Basden; some broken stones with Basden graves that cannot be read 
Basden, Mary    3-1866  Died in the 75th year of her age; broken marker 
Basden, Amanda      Grave not found; listed in earlier record; daughter of W. R. and R. A. Basden; some broken stones with Basden graves that cannot be read 
Basden, Mabel  4-27-1879  12-6-1888   
Best, William D.  1862  1937  Double marker with Mattie C. Best 
Best, Mattie C.  1868  1941  Double marker with William D. Best 
Best, M. M.  7-13-1860  1-11-1890  Miss Mozilla Best in obituary; daughter of W. J. and H. E. Best; born in Nevada Co.; Note: Nevada Co. was not created until 1871; newspaper had death date 6-11-1890 
Black, Otto  3-6-1927    Double marker with Lois L. Stroope Black; m. 9-4-1952; children--Ann, Charles,Deborah, Patsy, Danny 
Black, Lois L. Stroope  12-1-1924  6-15-2008  Double marker with Otto Black; m. 9-4-1952; children--Ann, Charles, Deborah, Patsy, Danny 
Block, Opal H.   1903  1984   
Briggs, Terrence  2-7-1907  1-6-1969  Major- 1100 Pers. Proc. SQ. AF- World War II 
Bustin, Stanley Wayne  2-14-1961  12-13-2009   
Butcher, Etta McCargo  9-8-1862  3-27-1936   
Butcher, H. I.  7-29-1860  2-14-1919  Woodmen of the World monument 
Butcher, John T.  5-27-1867  9-8-1933   
Butcher, Junie May  8-30-1902  7-18-1904   
Butcher, W. N.  1-3-1891  12-20-1926  Nat Butcher in obituary 
Butcher, Bascom C.  1869  1927  Double marker with EuDora M. Butcher 
Butcher, EuDora M.  1874  1963  Double marker with Bascom C. Butcher 
Butler, Molly E.  1862  1946   
Butler, Mary    1934  One date only 
Capalbo, Lema  4-1-1918  3-15-1980  Tec 5-Army-World War II; Lema Martin Capalbo on metal marker 
Carter, Ruth Alice Marsh  5-17-1919  5-14-2012   
Cook, James L.  4-22-1873  7-5-1875  Son of L. M. and Lydia A. Cook 
Cook, Mary C.  10-30-1860  7-7-1875  Daughter of L. M. and Lydia A. Cook 
Cozby, James Edgar  2-23-1868  12-8-1920  Ed on footstone 
Crabb, John Nelson  8-22-1846  6-18-1906  Grave not found during survey; full name and dates from find a grave web site 
Crain, Charles Gordon  2-10-1911  9-12-1975  Double marker with Lula Corene Crain; m. 3-9-1935 
Crain, Lula Corene  7-12-1916  5-12-1993  Double marker with Charles Gordon Crain; m. 3-9-1935 
Dixon, Claudie E.  3-22-1904  5-17-1940  Husband of Emma T. Dixon 
Dixon, W. Loyd  10-19-1903  9-15-1993  Double marker with Myrl B. Dixon; m. 11-24-1923 
Dixon, Myrl B.  11-14-1907  9-12-2000  Double marker with W. Loyd Dixon; m. 11-24-1923; funeral home marker has Myrl Lee Dixon 
Drake, Jack  9-7-1879  2-20-1956  Double marker with Lena Drake 
Drake, Lena  5-26-1880  4-29-1974  Lena Warmack Drake in obituary; double marker with Jack Drake 
Echols, Thelma Nadine  12-27-1920  6-17-1922  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Echols 
Echols, Mary F.  2-24-1863  1-4-1943  Wife of W. B. Echols (from earlier record) 
Echols, Earl  1894  1961  Brother to Oda Echols 
Echols, Oda L.  1895  6-9-1978  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone; brother to Earl 
Echols, William B.  12-29-1840  1-1-1923   
Fairchild, LeRoy  1911  1937  Double marker with Brady Fairchild 
Fairchild, Brady  1907  1938  Double marker with LeRoy Fairchild 
Fairchild, (infant)    1-16-1936  One date; son of LeRoy and Brady Fairchild 
Fairchild, Robert Lee  12-24-1932  11-7-1934   
Finning, Edward D.  3-24-1911  6-11-1974  Double marker with Corrine Mitchell Finning 
Finning, Corrine Mitchell  9-14-1909  8-16-1998  Double marker with Edward D. Finning 
Fairchild, Mrs. Grady    Sept., 1938  Age 31; grave not found during survey; funeral at Mt. Olive as per obituary 
Gilbert, Okla E.  4-19-1923  3-20-1996   
Glasscoe, Ruby  6-6-1906  1-9-1907  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cell Glasscoe; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Grant, Winnie P.  9-20-1898  5-30-1871  Winnie Martin Grant in obituary 
Gresham, George M.  1906  1996  Double marker with Mildred Haltom Gresham; m. 7-17-1937 
Gresham, Mildred Haltom  1910  1969  Double marker with George M. Gresham; m. 7-17-1937 
Gresham, Marc Randall  9-3-1979  2-2-2004  U. S. Army; father of Abby Danielle Gresham 
Gresham, Bob R.  4-1-1944  1-11-2019  Double marker with Cindy A. Gresham 
Gresham, Cindy Ann  5-29-1958  4-24-2017  Double marker with Bob R. Gresham 
Grisham, Sid  1874  1937  Double marker with Etta Grisham 
Grisham, Etta  1872  4-12-1924  Double marker with Sid Grisham; full death date from obituary; year only on stone; age 51 yrs., 6 mths., 28 days 
Haltom, Ezecial  1-1-1810  11-21-1891   
Haltom, Hobson "Hop"      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Haltom, Arlene      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; old record states-daughter of Hop Haltom 
Haltom, R. C.  4-7-1868  9-8-1912  Obituary had birth date 4-7-1867 
Haltom, Leona Thompson  2-20-1875  5-12-1949  Grave next to R. C. Haltom; name Haltom not on stone 
Haltom, (infant)  8-6-1899  8-6-1899  Daughter of R. C. and Leona Haltom 
Haltom, Woodfin Grady  12-22-1892  8-4-1899   
Haltom, Joel C.  6-21-1901  11-16-1970  Double marker with Jessie Thompson Haltom; m 6-14-1924 
Haltom, Jessie Thompson  1-3-1904    Double marker with Joel C. Haltom; m. 6-14-1924; no death date engraved at time of survey 
Haltom, James Carl  7-25-1927  3-12-1988   
Hannah, Ida L.  1859  2-10-1936  Mother; Ida Leona Hannah in obituary; wife of Calvin Benton Hannah; death date and other information from obituary; year only on stone 
Hannah, Lena May  8-9-1918  1-29-1926  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Hannah; name Lena May on top of marker 
Hannah, W. B., Jr.  5-1-1931  8-13-1934   
Haynie, Ralph  3-9-1904  6-22-1905  Son of J. L. and Tenette Haynie 
Haynie, Carl    10-17-1909  Age 23; son of Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Haynie; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Herring, Ichabod  6-15-1814  8-10-1891  Double marker with Belinda Powell Herring; old stone lying flat over grave 
Herring, Belinda Powell  10-19-1822  10-21-1892  Double marker with Ichabod Herring; old stones lying flat over graves 
Herring, Julia F.  6-25-1862  8-9-1871  Broken stone; birth date hard to read 
Herring, Drusilla  1874  1910   
Herring, Sarah C.  1-1-1847  4-18-1926  Double marker with Willis G. Herring 
Herring, Willis G.  12-28-1845  5-2-1904  Double marker with Sarah C. Herring 
Herring, Louis P.  1-9-1874  4-10-1874  Son of W. C. and S. C. Herring 
Herring, Benjamin W.  8-5-1870  9-4-1875  Son of W. C. and S. C. Herring 
Herring, W. Lynn  10-21-1917  5-23-2009  S Sgt. - U. S. Army - World War II; double marker with Helen Martin Herring; m. 8-26-1939; children--Roderick Lynn, Sharon Ann, Susa Lynelle 
Herring, Helen Martin  4-15-1921  2-15-2002  Double marker with W. Lynn Herring; m. 8-26-1939; children--Roderick Lynn, Sharon Ann, Susan Lynelle 
Herring, George W.  6-16-1932  9-29-1992  Double marker with Bobbie J. Herring; children--Danny, Diane, Dickey, David 
Herring, Bobbie J.  4-8-1933  1-12-2003  Double marker with George W. Herring; children--Danny, Diane, Dickey, David 
Herring, Herbert E.  5-3-1896  10-25-1977  Double marker with Coy Atkins Herring 
Herring, Coy Atkins  4-19-1897  1-12-1994  Double marker with Herbert E. Herring 
Herring, Roderick "Rodney"  8-30-1940    Double marker with Ruth Walker Herring; m. 3-21-1986 
Herring, Ruth E. Walker  7-1-1946  8-30-2015  Double marker with Roderick Herring; m. 3-21-1986 
Holland, Edna Ruth Waters  4-4-1924  11-5-1980   
Hollaway, I. D.  7-9-1904  9-10-1906  Son of R. W. T. and Josie Hollaway; spelled this way on monument 
Hollomon, W. S.   2-19-1894  12-2-1897   
Hollomon, (infants)  7-20-1903  7-20-1903  Infants of W. D. and M. J. Hollomon 
Hollomon, William D.  1-10-1867  9-1-1923  Double marker with Martha J. Hollomon 
Hollomon, Martha J.  1-2-1869    Double marker with William D. Hollomon; no death date engraved 
Holloway, R. W. T.  4-18-1852  4-18-1928  Double marker with Josphine Holloway 
Holloway, Josphine  5-18-1866  9-12-1940  Double marker with R. W. T. Holloway 
Holloway, Warn  1891  1957   
Honea, Wanda Ruth  1-11-1940  10-28-1941   
Honea, Hiram  3-16-1901  1-31-1973  Samuel Hiram Honea in obituary; double marker with Carra Honea 
Honea, Carra  10-9-1906  5-27-2000  Double marker with Hiram Honea 
Hubbs, Ruth Ann Carter  8-16-1944  12-22-1982   
Hunt, Violet Smith  1904  6-16-1968  Listed this way in obituary; also in record as Violet Smith 
Hurst, Sarah M.  11-28-1832  10-29-1888  Wife of John L. Hurst; broken stone; death date hard to read 
Jackson, Mabel   2-19-1876  11-4-1957  Mother 
Jackson, Lavina F.    8-10-1902  Age 47; wife of E. D. Jackson; name is spelled Jockson on marker; with Jackson graves 
Jackson, Henry Bunyan  12-18-1899  1-28-1961  Double marker with Ida L. Jackson 
Jackson, Ida L.   4-9-1898  8-23-1983  Double marker with Henry Bunyan Jackson 
Jackson, L. A.  6-23-1872  6-4-1919  Woodmen of the World monument 
Jackson, James E.  1-31-1958  2-5-1981   
Jackson, Harmon  7-14-1910  1-11-1992  Double marker with Margaret Jackson; Pvt.-Army-World War II; m. 8-11-1945 
Jackson, Margaret  11-4-1929  7-12-2015  Margaret Louise Jackson in obituary; double marker with Harmon Jackson; m. 8-11-1945; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Jackson, Lewis Harmon  7-13-1955  12-25-2020  Information from obituary 
Jeter, Sgt. Charles W.  7-4-1921  12-19-1950  38022637-2154 A. S. U. HQ Det- Ft. Lee, VA 
Jeter, Jennifer Dawn    4-19-1975  One date; infant daughter of Katherine and Charles Jeter, Jr. 
Jeter, Toby Jon  3-27-1974  5-9-1974   
Johnson, Emma Mildred M. Warmack  913-1907  5-10-1997  Double marker with Allen Hoyt Warmack; also listed under Warmack; married to Chester Johnson at time of death 
LeCount, Leonard Levi  7-26-1891  9-8-1960  Mo.-Pvt.-Co 1-147 Inf.-World War I 
LeCount, Eva B.  10-23-1893  12-29-1963  Grave not found during survey; listed in earlier record; found obituary for Lena LeCount 
Lester, Emily    7-11-1878  Wife of Josiah Lester; age 50 yrs, 10 mths., 11 days 
Lester, Josiah    4-25-1964  Age 39 years, 8 months, 24 days 
Lowry, Carol Ann  3-21-1937  1-11-1996   
Lowry, Clifton Henry  9-5-1895  4-1-1940   
Lowry, Ruby Wade  1-20-1898  3-5-1979   
Lowry, Clifton W.  1-30-1920  5-9-1969  Clifton Wade Lowry in obituary 
Lowry, (infant)  2-2-1926  2-2-1926  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Lowry 
Lowry, Margaret B.  5-7-1924  5-27-2010  Metal marker at head of grave; small marker with name at foot of grave; full dates from obituary 
Luck, Charles B.  6-23-1910  10-19-1995  Double marker with Margaret J. Luck 
Luck, Margaret J.  1-30-1910  10-14-1987  Double marker with Charles B. Luck 
Luck, Foy Donald  2-7-1918  11-5-1918  Son of Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Luck as per obituary 
Luck, Thelma M.  7-2-1912  9-10-1920   
Luck, Alford B.  1837  7-2-1921  Double marker with Mary A. Luck; death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Luck, Mary A.  1844  Feb., 1918  Double marker with Alford B. Luck; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Luck, Sidney R.  9-10-1870  2-2-1874  Son of A. B. and M. A. Luck 
Luck, Joe Downs  1879  2-15-1960  Double marker with Jennie Adie Luck; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Luck, Jennie Adie  2-3-1883  1-10-1939  Double marker with Joe Downs Luck; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
M., ??      Letters M. M. chiseled in rock 
McCargo, Dwight D.  5-5-1898  8-12-1929   
McCargo, David Edgar  8-1-1867  1-17-1936  Grave not found during survey; dates from find a grave web site 
McCargo, Neely  8-25-1873  9-4-1940  Wife of Ed; grave not found; listed earlier record; dates from find a grave web site; they have her name as Cornelia Ann "Neeley" McCargo 
McCargo, James D.  2-27-1838  10-30-1888   
McCargo, Freddie D.  6-24-1893  1-17-1911   
McCargo, Lelia Mae  1898  1981  Metal marker; grave is north of Dwight D. McCargo marker 
McEntyre, Addie Lee  1-7-1898  10-2-1898  Daughter of J. B. and M. D. McEntyre 
McKelvy, Apsie Atkins  2-9-1889  12-4-1954   
McKinney, W. S.  1860  1928  Double marker with Julia McKinney Adie 
McKinney, Bernice  7-24-1880  9-18-1921   
McLure, Sarah F.  1-10-1827  8-22-1886  Wife of Thomas McLure 
Malone, Theron P.  2-3-1897  7-22-1924   
Malone, George Alvin  9-7-1899  1-9-1980  Double marker with Lalia Waters Malone; son of Henry and Estella Waters; m. 1-2-1927; children--Nita, Frances, Jim, Al 
Malone, Lalia Waters  7-26-1907  11-10-1985  Double marker with George Alvin Malone; daughter of William Jackson Waters and Pearl Hall; m. 1-2-1927; children--Nita, Frances, Jim, Al 
Mann, Marion K.  6-13-1926  10-24-1926   
Marsh, Halcyone Wallis  8-13-1894  11-14-1961   
Marsh, James Evrard  3-23-1884  1-14-1970   
Martin, Ollen  12-23-1882  9-9-1891  Son of R. D. and M. L. Martin; broken stone 
Martin, (infant)    1-6-1889  Son of R. D. and M. L. Martin 
Martin, (infant)    8-21-1881  Son of R. D. and M. L. Martin; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Martin, Pickens    8-18-1883  Son of R. D. and M. L. Martin; broken stone; can't read date on stone 
Martin, ???      Daughter of R. D. and M. L. Martin; grave not found; listed in earlier record 
Martin, Robert Edward  9-17-1917  1-8-1918  Son of Robert R. Martin 
Martin, William Henry  1-29-1898  2-8-1900  Son of R. D. and K. A. Martin 
Martin, R. D.  12-1-1849  1-1-1911  Robert D. Martin in obituary 
Martin, Mary L.  8-18-1848  4-15-1895  Wife of R. D. Martin 
Martin, Katie A.  9-22-1866  12-8-1917  Wife of R. D. Martin 
Martin, Hubert H.  5-4-1913  6-13-1950   
Martin, William S.  1874  June, 1946  Double marker with Fannie B. Martin; died late May or early June (from obituary); year only on stone 
Martin, Fannie B.  1884  8-14-1967  Double marker with William S. Martin; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Martin, T. Hirschel  7-12-1915  10-18-1953  Thomas H. Martin on military marker; Pvt.-Co. C 826 Engr. AVN BN-World War II; full dates from military marker; years only on head stone 
Martin, Brice  1904  1966  Double marker with Mamie Martin 
Martin, Mamie  1906  Jan., 1967  Mamie Alford Martin in obituary; double marker with Brice Martin; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Maggie L.  9-2-1891  12-23-1950  Double marker with Leon Martin 
Martin, Leon  1-28-1885  5-9-1973  Double marker with Maggie L. Martin 
Martin, Jesse  8-10-1885  10-31-1931   
Martin, Thomas J.  1-7-1847  10-12-1911   
Martin, Virginia Ellen  4-14-1856  9-23-1923  Wife of Thomas J. Martin 
Martin, Charles Harold  7-28-1927  9-3-1990  SC2-Navy-W. W. II-double marker with Emma Jean Martin; m. 2-21-1952 
Martin, Emma Jean  3-4-1932    Double marker with Charles H. Martin; m. 2-21-1952 
Martin, Guy  6-8-1920  3-6-1979  U. S. Army-World War II 
Martin, Thomas D.  9-17-1924  4-21-1985  Sgt.-U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Marcelle H. Martin 
Martin, Marcelle H.  8-1-1923  1-17-2013  Double marker with Thomas D. Martin; Marcelle Herring Martin in obituary 
Methvin, Daisy Waters Rodgers  12-18-1920  10-26-2002  Daughter of Pearl and Jack Waters 
Mitchell, R. Freeman  9-27-1912  2-19-1986  Double marker with Mattie Jean Mitchell 
Mitchell, Mattie Jean  1-14-1910  4-17-1965  Double marker with R. Freeman Mitchell 
Mitchell, Lacta Dale  2-14-1908  8-14-1908   
Mitchell, Quitman A.  12-3-1880  2-28-1959  Double marker with Tena Crank Mitchell 
Mitchell, Tena Crank  7-11-1883  8-14-1920  Double marker with Quitman A. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Martha Pasley  7-18-1799  Feb., 1884  Wife of Isaac Mitchell; new stone replaced old broken stone 
Mitchell, Martha M.    5-23-1868  Age 31 years; broken stone 
Mitchell, L. L.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Mitchell, Loueazer A.  4-3-1854  4-5-1874  Daughter of Austin and Laura G. Mitchell; birth year could be 1851; broken stone; hard to read 
Mitchell, Henry Laurens  12-11-1856  8-22-1870  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
(Mitchell), ???      Broken stone; can't read; by Mitchell graves 
Murry, Don Allen  1-16-1962  1-16-1962   
Murry, James Michael  6-25-1958  7-14-1958   
Murry, Charles Marvin  2-15-1930  12-11-2014  Double marker with Yvonne Bailey Murry 
Murry, Yvonne Bailey  12-23-1933  10-20-2017  Double marker with Charles Edward Murry 
Nix, Dealie Buther  1895  1955   
Ozment, Jane Lowry  1932  1999  Metal marker; died 9-11-1999 (obituary) 
Ozwalt, Susie E.  8-5-1914  8-20-1981   
Ozwalt, William H.  8-12-1898  1-15-1985   
Ozwalt, Romola Mae  7-22-1904  5-15-1933   
Ozwalt, (infant son)      No dates 
Phillips, Buck  11-10-1851  6-1-1935  Double marker with Josie Phillips 
Phillips, Josie  11-13-1855  12-17-1937  Double marker with Buck Phillips 
Phillips, Oscar A.  7-8-1876  9-6-1953  Double marker with Lillie A. Phillips 
Phillips, Lillie A.  7-3-1878  7-23-1964  Double marker with Oscar A. Phillips; Lillie Atkins Phillips in obituary 
Phillips, Maud  4-19-1903  8-11-1904  Daughter of O. A. and Lillie Phillips 
Phillips, Lois  3-31-1909  4-7-1923  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Dock Philips (from newspaper) 
Phillips, (infant)  2-17-1904  2-17-1904  Daughter of W. D. and N. L. Phillips 
Pinkerton, James D.  1939  1939  Metal marker; rock; statue 
Pinkerton, John  1874  1942  Double marker with Etta Pinkerton 
Pinkerton, Etta  1879  1956  Double marker with John Pinkerton 
Pinkerton, Robert  1876  1956  Double marker with Tilla Pinkerton 
Pinkerton, Tilla  1875  1963  Old record had Tilla Waters Pinkerton; double marker with Robert Pinkerton 
Pinkerton, Emily  8-2-1913  3-26-1991   
Pinkerton, J. Carl  8-8-1902  9-14-1973   
Plunkett, S. H.  9-30-1839  7-6-1885  Broken stone; last name only on stone; Samuel H. Plunkett in newspaper 
Plunkett, Nancy E.  9-26-1844  12-10-1889  Wife of S. H. Plunkett 
Reed, George T.  1855  Nov., 1924  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Reese, Mary  1907  1920  Metal marker set in concrete 
Reese, Ella  1881  1921  Metal marker set in concrete 
Reese, H. S.  1878  August, 1958  Metal marker set in concrete; death month from obituary; year only on marker 
Rhodes, William D.  11-9-1872  4-9-1920  Double marker with Kate Honea Rhodes 
Rhodes, Kate Honea  2-10-1872  7-25-1942  Double marker with William D. Rhodes 
Risk, Donald "Jim"  6-21-1930  7-12-2013  Donald James Risk in obituary; grave marker has birth date 6-31-1930 which is obviously wrong; death date taken from obituary; double marker with Mary Ann Risk 
Risk, Mary Ann  3-13-1931  7-27-2019  Double marker with Donald James Risk; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Rodgers, J. A.  3-12-1852  6-11-1906  Alf Rogers in obituary; died from an impure vaccine 
Rollings, Willie H.  6-14-1867  10-14-1949  Double marker with Amooda E. Rollings 
Rollings, Amooda E.  10-10-1871  10-7-1949  Double marker with Willie H. Rollings 
Rollings, Burton Bryan  12-9-1896  2-3-1977  Double marker with Merdith Rollings 
Rollings, Merdith Warmack  8-23-1901  9-9-1995  Double marker with Burton Bryan Rollings 
Satterwhite, Flora J.  1-6-1825  7-25-1890  Wife of D. P. Satterwhite 
Satterwhite, D. P.  3-26-1815  4-16-1898   
Satterwhite, Catherine  9-3-1842  4-9-1855  Daughter of D. P. and Catherine Satterwhite; broken stone; hard to read 
Satterwhite, Catherine  7-12-1807  12-21-1884  Wife of D. P. -death date could be 1881; broken stone 
Sewell, N. A.  11-28-1820  7-26-1892  Mother 
Sewell, Buck  1-30-1898  3-25-1973  Double marker with Pauline Sewell 
Sewell, Pauline  5-10-1896  4-18-1874  Double marker with Buck Sewell 
Sewell, William T.   7-21-1927  8-6-1999  Double marker Lameta Dixon Sewell; m. 12-23-1946; U. S. Navy; World War II 
Sewell, Lameta Dixon  10-5-1928    Double marker with William T. Sewell; m. 12-23-1946 
Smith, Rolland  1878  1941   
Smith, Luther  5-1-1883  12-4-1903  Woodmen of the World monument 
Smith, Violet  1904  6-16-1968  Age 64; Violet Smith Hunt in obituary 
Smyth, Mary E.  8-23-1852  7-22-1896  Wife of W. J. Smyth 
Smyth, William James  4-13-1846  9-10-1909   
Smyth, Leenora  12-23-1869  5-16-1941   
Smyth, Ernest  4-3-1882  12-30-1907   
Smyth, Lula C.  6-13-1884  4-20-1902  Wife of Chas. Smyth 
Snider, M. J. Henry  5-14-1852  11-24-1901   
Stevenson, Joseph R.  3-2-1889  1-25-1974   
Stewart, S. M.  1863  1952   
Stewart, Laura Rodgers  6-3-1861  3-20-1939  Laura Warmack Rodgers on old record 
Strickland, Johnnie Estelle  8-25-1918  9-26-1983   
Stroope, John Franklin  12-1-1883  1-16-1962   
Stroope, Cliffie Echols  6-14-1891  7-16-1965   
Stroope, Billy D.  9-9-1927  4-12-1962  Billy Dean on old record 
Summerhill, Norean  1-30-1908  11-6-1938   
Taylor, Mary Gladys  8-16-1914  8-16-1914  Child of Mr. and Mrs. P. W. Taylor 
Taylor, Pink W.  12-15-1886  9-6-1949   
Taylor, Mary D.  11-13-1862  11-14-1924  Wife of G. M. Taylor 
Taylor, Geo.M.  8-18-1858  9-28-1928   
Taylor, India Reed  10-24-1892  11-19-1990   
Thompson, William P.      Co. I -Forest Brigade-CSA; no dates 
Thompson, W. Milton  3-15-1883  12-3-1965   
Thompson, Valera Malone  1-1-1898  5-20-1977   
Thompson, Leona  2-20-1875  5-12-1949   
Tidwell, (infant)  7-28-1894  9-7-1894  Daughter of P. J. and J. E. Tidwell; dates are hard to read 
Underwood, Billie Jo  12-8-1928  12-9-1928   
Underwood, Francis Jueal  11-11-1929  2-3-1930   
(Unknown), Robert T.  12-29-1828  5-22-1864  Husband of Sarah M. ?; broken stone 
Velvin, J. H.  12-29-1843  9-12-1867  Age 23 years, 8 months, 12 days 
Vestal, Rachel M.  12-29-1859  9-14-1887  Wife of J. N. Vestal 
Vestal, (infant)  5-1-1894    Daughter of R. H. and M. R. Vestal; no death date on marker 
Vestal, Gertrude  7-10-1887  1-26-1890  Daughter of R. H. and M. R. Vestal 
Vestal, Theodore  11-9-1887  4-10-1901  Son of R. H. and M. R. Vestal; broken stone 
Vestal, J. N.  12-29-1859  9-14-1887   
Wallis, Fred  3-12-1871  2-22-1925   
Wallis, Judge John F.   5-28-1831  3-31-1901   
Wallis, J. C., Mrs.    11-15-1909  Born in Yorkville, South Carolina 
Wallis, William Edward  7-18-1869  12-5-1926   
Wallis, Leodocia Warmack  1-26-1872  6-17-1964   
Warmack, Thomas Perry   1814  3-19-1886  Double marker with Judith A. Waters Warmack; "Pap" on footstone; full death date from newspaper; year only on stone 
Warmack, Julia A. Waters  7-23-1830  12-8-1875  Double marker with Thomas Perry Warmack; old rock markers replaced with new stone; full dates chiseled on back of old rock marker; "Judy" on footstone 
Warmack, T. Mack  1-9-1866  6-18-1922  Double marker with Nannie C. Warmack 
Warmack, Nannie C.  7-13-1872  9-17-1961  Double marker with T. Mack Warmack 
Warmack, L. S.  11-3-1849  7-6-1922  L. Sevier on old record 
Warmack, Theodocia  3-19-1860  7-29-1915  Wife of L. S. Warmack; born in Columbia Co.; maiden name Docia Atkins; died 7-31-1915 as per obituary 
Warmack, Portis  9-24-1889  10-25-1907  Son of Mack Warmack; died from injuries at gin accident as per obituary 
Warmack, Arlis J.  9-7-1885  3-10-1909  Woodmen of the World marker 
Warmack, Coda L.  1893  11-18-1956  Double marker with Octa L. Warmack; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Warmack, Octa L.  1895  1982  Double marker with Coda L. Warmack 
Warmack, Arlis McRae  10-16-1920  10-27-1964   
Warmack, John L.  8-10-1854  10-28-1927  Double marker with Littie Warmack 
Warmack, Littie  8-10-1859  11-16-1930  Double marker with John L. Warmack 
Warmack, Ernest E.  7-7-1884  9-16-1946   
Warmack, Maud  3-14-1884  10-28-1922   
Warmack, Perry R.  3-1-1883  4-22-1960  Double marker with Ethel C Warmack; Woodmen of the World marker 
Warmack, Ethel C. (Crank)  2-4-1885  6-14-1964  Double marker with Perry R. Warmack 
Warmack, L. D.  5-3-1847  1-24-1925  Double marker with Annis H. Warmack 
Warmack, Annis H.  11-19-1853  2-14-1936  Double marker with L. D. Warmack 
Warmack, Laura D.  12-18-1871  1-14-1903  Broken stone; daughter of L. D. and A. H. Warmack 
Warmack, (infant)  10-30-1875  10-30-1875  Son of L. D. and A. H. Warmack 
Warmack, Lawrence M.  8-27-1869  7-13-1935  Double marker with Ida S. Warmack 
Warmack, Ida S.  6-19-1870  10-1-1956  Double marker with Lawrence M. Warmack 
Warmack, Eunice  10-3-1892  6-29-1899  Dau. of L. M. and Ida Warmack; broken stone 
Warmack, Margaret A.  5-5-1926  12-18-1992  Double marker with Donald L. Warmack 
Warmack, Donald L.  3-5-1927  9-25-1995  Double marker with Margaret A. Warmack 
Warmack, Boyd D.  12-12-1900  6-17-1985  Double marker with Carry H. Warmack 
Warmack, Carry H.  11-5-1891  10-14-1952  Double marker with Boyd D. Warmack 
Warmack, Allen Hoyt  10-31-1906  4-1-1971  Double marker with Emma Mildred M. Warmack Johnson 
Warmack, Mildred M.  9-13-1907  5-10-1997  Emma Mildred Johnson in obituary; double marker with Allen Hoyt Warmack; married to Chester Johnson at time of death; also listed under Johnson 
Warmack, (infant)      Child of Hoyt and Mildred Warmack; no dates 
Warmack, Orren    Feb., 1910  Age 15; son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Warmack; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Warmack, Donna Katherine  2-26-1967    Daughter of Don and Margaret 
Warren, Kathia  5-31-1952  7-26-2021  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Kathia Warren, age 69 of Texarkana, Arkansas, formerly of Rosston... 
Wartes, ??      Old stone; might be Waters spelled wrong; with other Waters graves; no name or dates 
Waters, ??      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; probably Waters spelled wrong; was listed in earlier record; no name or dates 
Waters, Jim A.  6-8-1848  8-29-1905  Double marker with Mary E. Waters 
Waters, Mary E.  2-25-1850  3-21-1884  Double marker with Jim A. Waters 
Waters, William A. L.  2-3-1863  2-2-1938  Double marker with Nancy Ellen Waters; full dates from obituary; years only on stone; married Nancy Ellen Basden 1888 as per obituary 
Waters, Nancy Ellen  1869  2-23-1932  Double marker with William A. L. Waters; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Waters, David F.  11-1-1867  11-11-1903  Age 36 years, 10 days; Woodmen of the World marker 
Waters, W. Owen  1891  6-16-1960  Double marker with Alta L. Waters; Willard Owen Waters in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Waters, Alta L.  1898  1989  Double marker with W. Owen Waters 
Waters, Dorah I.  11-29-1870  5-16-1951   
Waters, A. J.  9-13-1840  3-30-1916  Asa J. Waters in obituary; born in GA; husband of Sarah Plunkett who died 14 years prior as per obituary 
Waters, Sarah J.  5-29-1834  7-2-1902  Wife of A. J. Waters 
Waters, Bennie S.  9-20-1879  9-19-1881   
Waters, Louis C.  1-2-1801  5-10-1875  Double marker with Martha Waters 
Waters, Martha  6-29-1819  9-3-1898  Double marker with Louis C. Waters 
Waters, James A.  8-8-1892  11-25-1897   
Waters, Asa B.   5-9-1896  1-5-1898  Son of D. F. and T. I. Waters 
Waters, (infant)  9-25-1886  9-25-1886  Daughter of J. E. and E. S. Waters 
Waters, Thomas P.  10-13-1858  7-17-1937  Double marker with Cornelia F. Crank Waters; m. 12-12-1878 
Waters, Cornelia F. Crank  9-4-1858  9-23-1949  Double marker with Thomas P. Waters; m. 12-12-1878 
Waters, Sam L.  1873  1966  Double marker with Laura H. Waters 
Waters, Laura H.  1872  1956  Double marker with Sam L. Waters 
Waters, Thomas Glen  10-21-1884  1-12-1966   
Waters, Jack  1883  1944  Double marker with Pearl Waters; children--Lalia, Merlene, Horace, Tommie Lew, Daisy, Wm. Jack, Jr., Bob Gene 
Waters, Pearl  1883  1981  Double marker with Jack Waters; children--Lalia, Merlene, Horace, Tommie Lew, Daisy, Wm. Jack, Jr., Bob Gene 
Waters, Horace H.  8-2-1912  11-25-1915  Son of W. J. and P. P. Waters 
Waters, Linda Sue  2-9-1949  4-9-1949  Daughter of Jack and Sybil Waters 
Waters, (infant)    6-24-1952  Child of William and Sybil Waters 
Waters, Susan V.  1-4-1898  10-11-1899  Daughter of J. E. and E. S. Waters 
Waters, Eliza S.  2-15-1863  1-6-1898  Wife of J. E. Waters 
Waters, (infant)  10-12-1894  10-26-1894  Son of J. E. and E. S. Waters 
Waters, Sarah A.  11-8-1891  6-27-1894  Double marker with Willis C Waters.; daughter of J. E. and E. S. Waters 
Waters, Willis C.  11-26-1893  6-26-1894  Double marker with Sarah A. Waters; son of J. E. and E. S. Waters 
Waters, (infant)  1-25-1902  2-3-1902  Son of J. E. and L. C. Waters 
Waters, E. S.      Chiseled on rock; no dates 
Waters, C.  11-28-1855    Chiseled on rock; can't read death date 
Waters, William J. Jr.  2-19-1924  3-17-2009  Cpl. - U. S. Army - World War II; double marker with Sybil Butcher Waters; m. 12-19-1942; our daughter Janet 
Waters, Sybil Butcher  5-9-1925  2-3-2018  Marion Sybil Waters in obituary; double marker with William J. Waters, Jr.; m. 12-19-1942; our daughter Janet 
(Waters), Elanora      Daughter of R. D. and M. L. (possibly Waters) 
Weems, J. Lewis  6-6-1915  8-3-1940  Obituary had birth date 6-6-1914 
Weems, Sidney James  9-11-1917  10-10-1963  U. S. Navy-World War II 
Weems, Joseph W.  10-28-1895  5-5-1939  Double marker with Minnie L. Weems 
Weems, Minnie L.   8-8-1900  10-27-1971  Double marker with Joseph W. Weems 
Weems, Donald Keith  6-22-1951  8-11-2016  Metal marker at time of survey (Little Rock Funeral Home) 
(Weems), ?????      New grave south of J. Lewis Weems when surveyed 2-5-2000; still not marked in 2006; no sign of grave in 2006 
Whitehead, Perry J.  8-6-1885  2-26-1901  Son of T. H. and A. E. Whitehead 
Whitehead, Violet  7-15-1889  11-27-1918  Woodmen Circle marker 
Whitehead, J. W.      Co A.-1st. Arkansas Cav.-CSA; no dates 
Whitehead, Amelia A.  10-10-1917  5-19-1943  Amelia Atkins Whitehead in obituary 
Whitehead, Thomas H.  3-10-1855  7-30-1929  Double marker with Amanda E. Whitehead 
Whitehead, Amanda E.  12-25-1856  11-5-1944  Double marker with Thomas H. Whitehead 
Williams, Ophelia   1-10-1879  1-4-1928  Double marker with Bob Williams 
Williams, Bob  8-25-1873  2-3-1969  Double marker with Ophelia Williams; metal marker had Robert B. Williams 
Williams, William Ottis  12-26-1900  10-16-1918   
Williams, Coy Lee  8-6-1903  11-13-1953   
Wilson, Richard      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Wine, Peggy Ruth  6-12-1948  7-19-2021  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: Peggy Ruth Wine, 73, of Stamps, Arkansas passed away July 19, 2021 in ... 
Wood, Bettie Alleen  11-6-1893  3-4-1894  Daughter of F. O. and E. E. Wood 
Wormack, Aylia Mae  1-10-1904  4-27-1904  With Warmack graves; age 3 mths, 17 dys.; daughter of L. M. and I. S. Wormack 
Wormack, Orrin  1-9-1896  2-10-1910  With Warmack graves; broken stone; death date hard to read 
Wortham, Alice E.  12-5-1894  1-22-1924  Wife of Robert Q. Wortham 

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Posted by Jack King (JLTKing@aol.com) () on 2000-08-17
The question had to do with the Nevada Co. Cemetery records on line. In Mt. Olive Cemetery I believe that the dates for a Martha MITCHELL, b. ca. 1799 in SC, were off 100 years. It is probably an old tombstone that is difficult to read. The Martha MITCHELL I am looking for is the mother of Robert Henry MITCHELL (he is in Union) & Austin MITCHELL (older brother of Robert Henry).

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