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Pleasant Hill Cemetery - South (White)

This well maintained cemetery is located near Willisville behind Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.
Driving directions: From Willisville, go south toward Waldo for 2.9 miles. Turn left on Rd. No. 6 and go 4/10ths of a mile. Turn right and go 1/10th of a mile to the church and fenced cemetery.





Atkins, James T.    6-20-1951  One date only 
Atkins, Thomas Perry  2-19-1930  7-23-1973  Double marker with Billie Jean Atkins; m. 8-28-1948 
Atkins, Billie Jean  3-22-1931    Double marker with Thomas P. Atkins; m. 8-28-1948 
Barber, Trudye Allder  3-21-1900  6-18-1930  Full dates from metal marker 
Barr, Floyd A.  10-7-1901  8-13-1943  Double marker with Raymond E. Barr 
Barr, Raymond E.  1-4-1903  10-26-1937  Double marker with Floyd A. Barr 
Barr, Sarah J.  10-22-1829  2-20-1908  Double marker with John M. Barr 
Barr, John M.  3-7-1829  1-16-1916  Double marker with Sarah J. Barr 
Barr, Joeader A.  11-7-1882  5-11-1963  Double marker with John James Barr 
Barr, John James  11-1-1879  7-3-1955  Double marker with Joeader A. Barr 
Barr, Robert E.  5-25-1851  11-7-1924   
Barr, Sarah E.  8-10-1853  6-14-1933   
Barr, John N.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Beasley, Linda Lou    8-8-1945  One date only 
Beasley, Ira Jackson  1905  1983   
Beasley, James Lossie  8-23-1904  8-1-1995  Double marker with Floy Ethel Beasley; m. 2-27-1926 
Beasley, Floy Ethel  10-26-1906  11-9-1980  Double marker with James Lossie Beasley; m. 2-27-1926 
Beasley, Mattie Lou  1907  1999  Metal marker; grave is one grave south of Linda Lou Beasley marker 
Bolin, William Perry  1872  1917  Double marker with Fannie Rhea Bolin 
Bolin, Fannie Rhea  1881  1906  Double marker with William Perry Bolin 
Bradley, James B.   3-9-1920  2-14-2003  Double marker with Alma F. Bradley; m. 9-2-1942 
Bradley, Alma F.  9-10-1924  2-10-1983  Double marker with James B. Bradley; m. 9-2-1942 
Bradshaw, Bill D.  12-16-1929  3-23-2012   
Brasher, Joye Marie Parsley  4-3-1906  2-10-1978   
Butler, E. Buford  6-26-1914  9-20-1993  Double marker with Cleo V. Butler; m. 9-14-1934 
Butler, Cleo V.  9-28-1914  4-3-1973  Double marker with E. Buford Butler; m. 9-14-1934 
Butler, Rachel Elmore Farley  12-27-1923  3-7-2010   
Caldwell, W. F.  12-5-1868  6-15-1948  Double marker with Mary Jane Caldwell 
Caldwell, Mary Jane  1-14-1872  1-14-1960  Double marker with W. F. Caldwell 
Caldwell, Lesley A.  5-30-1901  6-23-1964  Father 
Capps, Haschel L.  8-2-1914  3-7-2013  Double marker with Gearldine Capps 
Capps, Gearldine  1-11-1922  7-31-1990  Double marker with Haschel L. Capps 
Carroll, Alton  7-17-1899  2-14-1900   
Carroll, Jessie A.  8-3-1896  11-9-1899   
Carroll, David S.  3-20-1866  2-22-1900  Triple marker with Rachel I. Gay and F. M. Gay 
Carroll, H. C.    12-27-1910  Age 93 years 
Carroll, Elizabeth  10-26-1828  12-9-1899   
Carroll, Rachel  1792  10-22-1884  Born in North Carolina 
Coldwell, J. A.  2-26-1892  3-20-1892  With Caldwell graves 
Coldwell, John Alton  11-1-1895  12-14-1895  With Caldwell graves 
Comer, Samuel H.  5-3-1856  6-10-1926  Double marker with Kallie Comer 
Comer, Kallie  6-2-1866  1-4-1931  Double marker with Samuel H. Comer 
Dennis, James Wray  10-18-1886  10-23-1886  Son of B. D. and M. G. Dennis 
Doss, Clyde B.  1-24-1895  9-16-1973  Double marker with Lillian R. Doss 
Doss, Lillian R.  9-27-1891  11-9-1975  Double marker with Clyde B. Doss 
Doss, Wilton Kermit  10-27-1901  4-2-1990  Double marker with Crystal Sarah Sewell Doss; m. 1-17-1926 
Doss, Crystal Sarah Sewell  8-23-1904  7-7-1985  Double marker with Wilton Kermit Doss; m. 1-17-1926 
Douglass, Ora Johnson  8-1-1893  12-4-1926   
Douglass, J. O.  10-7-1876  9-13-1938   
Dunn, Alice P.  6-7-1895  3-7-1986  Double marker with William H. Dunn 
Dunn, William H.  3-13-1883  12-5-1979  Double marker with Alice P. Dunn 
Elledge, James E.  1-10-1884  5-28-1959  Double marker with Lucy B. Elledge 
Elledge, Lucy B.  2-17-1904  1-23-1956  Double marker with James E. Elledge 
Elmore, Asa Elisha  8-19-1896  3-4-1974  Double marker with Irene Rhea Elmore; m. 5-18-1919 
Elmore, Irene Rhea  5-30-1895  7-17-1995  Double marker with Asa Elisha Elmore; m. 5-18-1919 
Elmore, Anna Bess  8-18-1921  4-29-1988   
Ezell, A. C.  6-27-1876  4-15-1962  Double marker with Elree Ezell 
Ezell, Elree  6-27-1882  3-9-1964  Double marker with A. C. Ezell 
Flowers, E. E.  12-25-1824  7-6-1859   
Fraser, Etta Olevia  1893  1966  Double marker with Joseph A. Fraser 
Fraser, Joseph A.  1889  1982  Double marker with Etta Olevia Fraser 
Gay, Rachel Irene Carroll  2-7-1874  12-24-1962  Triple marker with F. M. Gay and David Carroll 
Gay, F. M.  4-28-1850  5-24-1924  Triple marker with Rachel Irene Carroll Gay and David Carroll 
Gay, Oma T.  9-23-1904  2-23-1992  Double marker with Benjamin F. Gay 
Gay, Benjamin F.  3-3-1904  6-29-1936  Double marker with Oma T. Gay 
Greer, John Wiles  2-27-1871  2-19-1930   
Harper, (infant)    1-6-1916  Daughter of G. W. and J. W. Harper; one date 
Harper, Nellie Mae  9-15-1914  1-14-1920   
Hartsfield, Julie Bradshaw  2-10-1959  7-13-2013  Julie Darlene Hartsfield in obituary 
Hay, Arthur  8-5-1887  2-5-1964  Double marker with Dora Hay 
Hay, Dora  12-15-1888  11-11-1970  Double marker with Arthur Hay 
Hay, Dollie E.  3-10-1857  4-8-1910  Wife of S. M. Hay 
Hay, Daniel    2-14-1871   
Hay, Martha Emma  4-7-1867  12-16-1934   
Haynes, Rhea W.  11-22-1903  1-10-1935   
Haynes, Wiley H.  1873  Jan., 1929  Double marker with Hattie C. Haynes; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Haynes, Hattie C.  1879  1962  Double marker with Wiley H. Haynes 
Haynes, Sarah J.  11-1-1851  6-4-1906  Wife of M. M. Haynes 
Haynes, Sarah M.      Listed on old record with no dates; grave not found 
Haynes, Milburn M.  1858  1916   
Haynes, Bobbie Nell  12-6-1933  6-5-1935   
Haynes, J. D.  11-11-1846  4-16-1900   
Haynes, Willie Chester  1888  1970   
Haynes, Grady Henry  3-3-1902  1-15-1990  Double marker with Mildred Honea Haynes; m. 12-24-1929; married 60 years 
Haynes, Mildred Honea  10-23-1905  4-1-1999  Double marker with Grady Henry Haynes; m. 12-24-1929; married 60 years 
Henderson, Joseph F.  1892  1964  Double marker with Gladys H. Henderson 
Henderson, Gladys H.  1899  1989  Double marker with Joseph F. Henderson 
Hinshaw, M. J.  10-15-1870  12-25-1870   
Hinshaw, N. F.  4-1-1880  8-19-1881   
Holland, James W.  4-17-1947  1-4-1986   
Honea, Lois S.  12-11-1910  12-1-1956  Double marker with Clifton H. Honea 
Honea, Clifton H.  3-30-1904  5-13-1971  Double marker with Lois S. Honea 
Huffmaster, Sarah Dianne    3-10-1942  One date only 
Huffmaster, Jesse B.  12-8-1919  7-4-1997  Double marker with Francille H. Huffmaster; m. 4-21-1939 
Huffmaster, Francille H.  3-6-1916  4-12-2001  Double marker with Jesse B. Huffmaster; m. 4-21-1939 
Johnson, Ruth Wadkins  7-23-1897  7-23-1918  Double marker with H. Floyd Johnson; sister 
Johnson, H. Floyd  11-17-1883  9-1-1925  Double marker with Ruth Wadkins Johnson; brother 
Johnson, Lena M.  11-30-1881  2-13-1906   
Johnson, Ellie  7-25-1886  11-21-1890  Daughter of W. F. and M. P. Johnson 
Johnson, William F.  5-1-1858  3-18-1929  Double marker with Martha P. Johnson 
Johnson, Martha P.  4-26-1861  10-20-1943  Double marker with William F. Johnson 
Kelly, ???  1897  1967  Metal marker -might be Ola Kelly 
Kelly, Ola      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
King, S. H.  1890  1974  Double marker with Ethel G. King 
King, Ethel G.  1889  1971  Double marker with S. H. King 
Lollar, Issac  11-7-1807  1-31-1859  Age 51 years, 2 months, 24 days; born in Pendleton Dist., South Carolina 
Lollar, W. H.  12-20-1834  7-1-1851  Age 16 years, 7 months, 11 days 
Lollar, M. D.  2-21-1876  7-15-1897  Wife of W. R. Lollar 
Lollar, Aunt Johnnie    1-12-1929  One date 
Loller, W. R.  12-13-1862  10-25-1914  Woodmen of the World monument 
McCain, Rosa Wicker  1-31-1881  9-15-1937   
McClure, Annie  6-7-1849  3-28-1889  Age 39 years, 9 months, 21 days 
Mabou, Deborah Ann  11-20-1955  12-7-2020  Information from obituary 
Malone, C. E.  9-18-1839  10-5-1892  Wife of W. P. Malone; born in Monroe Co., Ala. 
Malone, Huber C.  9-7-1900  9-21-1901  Son of Zeora P.(?) and Samuel J. Malone 
Malone, Samuel J.  8-13-1874  8-3-1950  Double marker with Zeora R.(?) Malone 
Malone, Zeora R.  4-30-1876  5-27-1956  Double marker with Samuel J. Malone 
Malone, Elizabeth F.  2-18-1861  8-23-1884  Birth date hard to read 
Malone, W. P.  9-30-1822  7-25-1892  Born in Caswell Co., North Carolina 
Malone, Hannah G.  1-3-1834  10-22-1871  Age 37 years, 9 months, 19 days,; wife of W. P. Malone 
Malone, Walter D.  6-29-1873  1-28-1897  Broken stone 
Malone, Nathaniel  10-31-1818  8-24-1898  Broken stone 
Malone, Nancy C.  10-4-1826  6-29-1903  Wife of Nathaniel Malone 
Malone, Edward Caloway  1844  1863  Serg. - Co. G; 11 & 17 Consol. Ark. Inf.- Confederate States of America; memorial marker placed by relative in 2008; died during Civil War; actual burial place unknown 
Malone, Chester L.  9-15-1904  6-26-1909  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Malone as per newspaper 
Malone, Mrs. E. H.   10-6-1851  6-2-1922  Listed as Emma Malone in earlier record 
Malone, Marthie Reason  12-31-1859  7-4-1921  Wife of C. C. Malone 
Malone, C. C.   1-19-1850  7-16-1931   
Malone, Glen B.  4-27-1902  9-17-1950   
Malone, Jewell C.  1887  1960   
Malone, Ernest P. (father)  1881  1941  Same marker as Roy, Troy, Helen, and Annie Laura Malone 
Malone, Roy  1903  1943  Same marker as Ernest, Troy, Helen, and Annie Malone 
Malone, Troy  1905  1929  Same marker as Roy, Helen, Ernest, and Annie Malone 
Malone, Helen  1913  1965  Same marker as Roy, Troy, Ernest, and Annie Malone 
Malone, Annie Laura  1921  1923  Same marker as Roy, Troy, Ernest, and Helen Malone 
Malone, H. C.  7-11-1870  7-10-1901  Broken stone 
Malone, George Washington  1-19-1850  9-8-1901  Broken stone 
Malone, Rev. Jesse J.  1-18-1886  11-27-1968  Double marker with Martha C. Malone 
Malone, Martha C.  7-8-1890  9-25-1973  Double marker with Jesse J. Malone 
Malone, Velma  6-26-1913  1-22-1953   
Malone, Richard  11-1-1889  6-19-1927   
Malone, George W.  1-6-1919  7-30-1997   
Malone, E. H., Mrs.  10-6-1851  6-2-1922   
Marlar, Lee  1890  1966   
Marlar, Zula  1895  1963   
Mitchell, Ora M.  12-7-1896  4-25-1960  Double marker with Jesse E. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Jesse E.  11-6-1893  12-25-1966  Double marker with Ora M. Mitchell 
Mitchell, William T.  4-20-1878  6-9-1938  Double marker with Lossie Mitchell 
Mitchell, Lossie  5-8-1880  7-25-1935  Double marker with William T. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Edna M. Barr  9-30-1909  7-28-1930   
Mitchell, W. Ray  9-12-1905  8-1-1960  Listed as William Ray on old record 
Mitchell, Ira P.  10-27-1894  4-7-1959  Triple marker with Fannie Mae Mitchell White and Delma White 
Mitchell, J. H.  2-26-1848  3-6-1925  Double marker with Sophronia B. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Sophronia B.  11-14-1858  11-9-1934  Double marker with J. H. Mitchell 
Mitchell, R. J.  9-2-1849  1-4-1925  Double marker with S. A. Mitchell 
Mitchell, S. A.   6-26-1855  2-22-1942  Double marker with R. J. Mitchell 
Mitchell, S. S.  3-10-1856  7-5-1905  Double marker with M. C. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Mrs. M. C.  9-20-1853  10-29-1924  Double marker with S. S. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Lucy J.  5-22-1831  4-21-1900   
Mitchell, Lucy  11-13-1884  5-23-1905  Daughter of S. S. and M. C. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Carry M.  6-7-1887  7-15-1887   
Odell, Geraldine Sewell  7-10-1922  6-3-2006  Marion Geraldine Odell in obituary 
Parker, Ervill Douglass  1-23-1920  10-12-1960   
Parsley, Majorie Mae  4-19-1919  12-5-1919   
Parsley, William D.  1880  1929  Double marker with Melissa Parsley 
Parsley, Melissa  1877  1954  Double marker with William D. Parsley 
Parsley, William      Age 59 years, 1 month; ?? days; broken stone; hard to read; grave is about 10 feet south of Oma Gay marker 
Phillips, J. W.  4-4-1861  6-16-1946  Double marker with Kate Phillips 
Phillips, Kate  8-26-1859  1-11-1939  Double marker with J. W. Phillips 
Phillips, Mary R.  1882  1969  Double marker with Grover C. Phillips 
Phillips, Grover C.  1885  1949  Double marker with Mary R. Phillips 
Phillips, Ida Bell  8-6-1906  2-3-1970   
Phillips, Tom M.  4-11-1889  2-9-1976  Double marker with Mattie Leen Phillips 
Phillips, Mattie Leen  5-9-1895    Double marker with Tom M. Phillips; death date has not been engraved 
Phillips, Paul Daniel  7-7-1963  9-25-1964   
Phillips, David "Arnold"  8-2-1923    Double marker with Fannie Phillips; m. 10-5-1957 
Phillips, Fannie "Marie"  3-20-1925  3-232-2005  Double marker with David Phillips; m. 10-5-1957 
Polk, Alice E.  10-25-1893  12-6-1966  Double marker with John C. Polk 
Polk, John C.  5-21-1885  2-6-1972  Double marker with Alice E. Polk 
Polk, John C., Jr.  1-16-1919  2-12-1994   
Polk, Fern E.  5-10-1931  5-19-2012  Fern Elizabeth Polk in obituary 
Polk, Robert L. (Lee)  4-21-1926  2-8-2003  Pfc.- Army- World War II 
Powell, Birtielee  12-29-1904  12-25-1976  Double marker with Corinne Powell 
Powell, Corinne  3-23-1910  10-11-2000  Double marker with Birtielee Powell 
Purifoy, Letzie Malone  9-20-1853  5-21-1956   
Ray, Lethe O.  8-26-1880  7-21-1896   
Ray, Loyd N.  3-8-1891  1-2-1906   
Ray, Rose Etta  11-28-1855  6-5-1914  Wife of J. A. Ray 
Ray, J. A.  9-18-1846  6-27-1893   
Ray, Eddie L.  1-25-1875  8-??-1878   
Ray, Effie E.  4-24-1883  July, 1886   
Ray, James      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; this is probably James Wray Dennis 
Reasons, Alta  5-21-1899  6-25-1925   
Reasons, Albert N.  11-16-1869  8-9-1899   
Reasons, M. H.  3-3-1838  10-21-1921  Double marker with W. B. Reasons 
Reasons, W. B.  5-6-1834  9-2-1888  Double marker with M. H. Reasons 
Reasons, Sarah    9-12-1864  Age 57; hard to read; broken stone; one date 
Reasons, Zuella  7-14-1882  7-31-1900  Wife of E. A. Reasons 
Reasons, Lola F.  3-17-1876  3-2-1952  Double marker with James D. Reasons 
Reasons, James D.  1-3-1862  2-13-1946  Double marker with Lola F. Reasons 
Reasons, George Bryan      Listed in earlier record; we did find two broken stones with Reasons graves that could not be read 
Reasons, Lillie C.      Listed in earlier record; we did find two broken stone with Reasons graves that could not be read 
Rhea, Douglas L.  1-15-1922  7-10-1997   
Rhea, Andy Joe  8-20-1951  9-8-1975  SP4-Army-Vietnam 
Rhea, William J.      No dates; grave is north of Hannah Rhea marker 
Rhea, C. W.   5-5-1848  11-9-1930  Double marker with Rachel I. Rhea 
Rhea, Rachel I.  12-8-1855  1-26-1946  Double marker with C. W. Rhea 
Rhea, Jennie Lou  4-13-1889  4-10-1952   
Rhea, Birdie J.  11-8-1888  2-21-1950  Double marker with Andrew R. Rhea 
Rhea, Andrew R.  9-6-1886  8-9-1972  Double marker with Birdie J. Rhea 
Rhea, Garland A.  11-14-1909  6-21-1955  Double marker with Dorothy A. Rhea 
Rhea, Dorothy A.   11-19-1921  5-2-2013  Dorothy Stringer Rhea in obituary; double marker with Garland Rhea 
Rhea, Hannah  6-23-1816  12-10-1859  Age 43 years, 6 months, 17 days; born in St. Clair Co., Alabama 
Rhea, Roy Meyerhoff  3-1907  9-1920  Birth parents-Clarence Meyerhoff & Elvie Hixon; adopted into a great family 
Rhea, Bessie  12-22-1883  11-17-1971   
Richardson, Frances Bolin  3-3-1906  4-4-1987   
Ridling, Murrel  1914  1922  Daughter 
Ridling, Clara, Mrs.  3-9-1891  3-13-1930  Old stone dates (b.3-9-1891 d. 3-13-1930); another stone about 10 feet north has Clara Ridling (b. 1890 d. 1930) 
Ridling, Jimmie  1890  1975  Double marker with Myrtle Ridling 
Ridling, Myrtle  1896  1975  Double marker with Jimmie Ridling 
Riggins, Blanche Thompson Lollar    1927  One date 
Rogers, Nadine  4-4-1924  12-4-1926   
Rogers, D. Delbert  9-1-1908  3-25-1984  Double marker with T. Christeen Rogers 
Rogers, T. Christeen  3-23-1908  1-27-2002  Double marker with D. Delbert Rogers 
Rogers, Jessie Lyde  7-10-1910  4-12-1981  Pvt.-Army- World War II; double marker with Rachel Wilma Rogers 
Rogers, Rachel Wilma  2-2-1908  4-14-1984  Double marker with Jessie Lyde Rogers 
Rogers, James Edward  2-23-1902  10-18-1972  Double marker with Lera Comer Rogers 
Rogers, Lera Comer  2-25-1906  12-27-1993  Double marker with James Edward Rogers 
Rogers, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Sewell, Isaac I.  4-25-1872  11-11-1955  Double marker with Mary E. Sewell 
Sewell, Mary E.  12-9-1874  1-6-1968  Double marker with Isaac I. Sewell 
Sewell, James C.  8-13-1858  5-14-1943   
Sewell, Mattie J.  9-8-1861  1-2-1919   
Sewell, Estella M.  6-5-1894  7-25-1895  Daughter of J. C. and M. J. Sewell 
Sewell, Little Alva  5-28-1900  12-20-1900  Daughter of Isaac and Lizzie Sewell 
Sewell, Leanora M.  2-28-1892  5-29-1905  Daughter of J. C. and M. J. Sewell; broken stone 
Sewell, Birdie Elizabeth  1-18-1886  6-26-1901  Daughter of Isaac and Lizzie Sewell 
Sewell, (infant)  2-3-1890  2-3-1890  Son of J. C. and M. J. Sewell 
Sewell, Thomas M.  1883  1965  Double marker with Mary E. Sewell 
Sewell, Mary E.  1893  1943  Double marker with Thomas M. Sewell 
Sewell, Jesse Willard   9-7-1915  11-15-2002   
Sewell, Lou Elvis  9-1-1913  7-14-2008   
Smith, Lenora Bell  11-14-1918  5-30-1976   
Smith, Alex  12-7-1884  12-19-1910  Hard to read 
Smith, Nancy C.  1832  11-6-1878  Wife of S. G. Smith 
Smith, Samuel      Co. B-1 Ark. Cav.-CSA 
Smith, May  7-9-1866  3-31-1945  Mother 
Smith, Alma S.  10-20-1917  11-17-2000  Alma Sewell Smith in obituary 
Stocks, Delma Sewell  9-4-1911  11-18-1995   
Taylor, Linda Sue  2-15-1946  8-30-1992  Double marker with James Terrell Taylor; m. 5-8-1965 
Taylor, James Terrell  8-9-1942  11-12-1977  Double marker with Linda Sue; m. 5-8-1965 
Thurman, Lanita Lou  5-8-1943  11-14-1946  Daughter of L. B. and Edna Thurman 
Thurman, Lannie B.  11-14-1913  10-31-1989  Double marker with Edna S. Fraser Thurman; m. 10-22-1934 
Thurman, Edna S. Fraser  11-23-1913  3-2-1990  Double marker with Lannie B. Thurman; m. 10-22-1934 
Tipton, Clarinda Deshea    2-23-1989  Infant daughter of Lynn Tipton 
Tyson, Norman (infant)  5-30-1890  12-30-1890  Son of John and Ida A. Tyson 
Tyson, Edney  4-20-1827  11-6-1896  Age 69 years, 6 months, 16 days; wife of Jason Tyson 
Warmack, (infant)    5-15-1919  Child of E. W. and M. Warmack 
Warner, Cecil Travis  3-20-1918  12-9-1920   
White, Fannie Mae Mitchell  4-23-1914  7-22-2003  Triple marker with Ira P. Mitchell and Delma White 
White, Delma   12-11-1912  10-3-1977  Triple marker with Ira P. Mitchell and Fannie Mae Mitchell White 
Williamson, Vernon Ray  5-11-1921  10-1-1993  S Sgt. -U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Faye N. Williamson; m. 6-8-1946 
Williamson, Faye N.  12-5-1924  10-28-2001  Double marker with Vernon Ray Williamson; m. 6-8-1946 
Winberry, Nathan  1875  1911   
Winberry, James Milton  8-8-1873  3-29-1957  Double marker with Eliza Wreyford Winberry 
Winberry, Eliza Wreyford  7-22-1873  10-30-1944  Double marker with James Milton Winberry; Eliza Fronie Wreyford Winberry in obituary 
Winberry, Ozy  1-31-1900  9-20-1900  Daughter of J. M. and L. E. Winberry 
Winberry, E. C.  7-11-1897  10-17-1897  Daughter of J. M. and E. E. Winberry 
Winberry, Bennie G.   11-3-1893  12-29-1967  WAGR HQ CO 318 MG BN-World War I; name is Benjamin G. Winberry on military stone; double marker with Sophenia Winberry 
Winberry, Sophina T.   3-25-1891  10-26-1948  Double marker with Bennie G. Winberry 
Wreyford, Shelby N.  8-14-1889  8-17-1889   
Wreyford, Joseph  12-1-1879  3-20-1882   
Wreyford, Thomas J.  1851  1932  Double marker with Mary E. Wreyford 
Wreyford, Mary E.  1860  1952  Double marker with Thomas J. Wreyford 
Wreyford, J. G.  11-3-1849  8-19-1930  Double marker with Lucinda J. Wreyford; John G. Wreyford in obituary 
Wreyford, Lucinda J.  3-15-1849  7-22-1932  Double marker with J. G. Wreyford 
Wreyford, J. Preston  3-4-1867  5-10-1961  Double marker with Allie Smith Wreyford 
Wreyford, Allie Smith  7-28-1874  9-30-1941  Double marker with J. Preston Wreyford 
Wreyford, Rhoinea  3-24-1873  10-10-1923  Wife of Sam Wreyford 
Wreyford, (infant)  12-23-1902  12-23-1902  Son of S. A. and Rhonie Wreyford; Rhonie spelled Rhoinea on her marker 
Wreyford, Nina V.  8-29-1903  8-11-1904   
Wreyford, Viola  6-19-1884  4-23-1885  Age 10 months, 4 days 
Wreyford, Florence E.  11-23-1877  11-20-1880  Age 2 years, 11 months, 27 days 
Wreyford, M. L.   5-8-1834  9-2-1893   
Wreyford, Joseph  10-11-1809  10-16-1899  Stone erected by Susan Mitchell 
Wreyford, Samuel A.  1-28-1873  7-21-1930   

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Posted by Thomas Reason (NOT VALID 2002-11-27thomasreason@webtv.net) () on 2000-10-22
I did see surnames Reasons in Nevada county cemetery. How can I get more information, My grand dads name was Joseph and he had son Tommie in 1901/1906. My Dad's mom name Rebecca Ellington Campbel. North Little Rock

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