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Sandefur Cemetery

This is the resting place of three Sandefur children. The earlier records called it the Near Laneburg Cemetery, but I prefer to list it with the family name. It is located on the west side of Hwy. 371, just north of Laneburg Cemetery. I was told it was only a short distance from the highway, but I could not locate the exact spot. It is in the E1/2 NW1/4 of Section 23, Township 12 South, Range 22 West.
Driving directions: The cemetery is located on the west side of Hwy. 371 a short distance north of Laneburg Cemetery. There is an old road leading off the highway through a gate into a small field. I was told the graves were on the north side of this road, not far from the highway and that the stones were broken and lying on the ground.





Sandefur, Eler       Daughter of B. C. and Jno. B. Sandefur; all information from earlier record 
Sandefur, John   8-27-1871   11-25-1881  Son of J. B. and B. C. Sandefur; all information from earlier record 
Sandefur, Alah       Daughter of B. C. and Jno. B. Sandefur; age 9 months, 18 days; all information from earlier record 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-12-19
Thank you so much for the cemetery survey on the Sandefur Cemetery, I gather from what info is there that these were twins and a boy about 10 years old, is there anyone that would have info on death certificates (or did they even do those in those days?). Thanks again for the posting of the information about the cemetery. Charlene

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