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Shiloh No. 2 Cemetery

This cemetery is about one half acre in size and is located a short distance south of another Shiloh Cemetery which is on the road leading to Shiloh church. I do not know why two cemeteries are so close together. This one sits on top of a hill about 100 feet east of the county road and is fenced with a wire fence. There is a survey marker at one corner near the gate. The cemetery is being maintained and has very old graves as well as some recent burials.
Driving directions: From the intersection of Hwy. 53 and Hwy. 32 about two miles south of Bodcaw, go west on Rd. No. 3 to a crossroads (about three miles). Turn left on Rd. No. 5 and go about one half mile. The cemetery will be on your left on top of a hill and will only be about 1/10th of a mile past the other Shiloh Cemetery and church.





Armstrong, Lewis   11-5-1892  11-25-1915  Broken marker 
Armstrong, Joe  11-14-1851  1-21-1908   
Armstrong, Milley E.  9-11-1822  8-22-1884   
Armstrong, N. R.  4-17-1855  12-26-1897  Wife of J. A. Armstrong; broken stone 
Armstrong, W. J.  11-22-1884  10-11-1885   
Barbaree, Bernard W.  9-7-1899  10-30-1960  Double marker with Lela A. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Lela A.  9-14-1901  3-30-1985  Double marker with Bernard W. Barbaree 
Barbaree, John L.  8-15-1877  2-7-1940  Double marker with Julia E. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Julia E.  3-19-1884  11-20-1969  Double marker with John L. Barbaree 
Barbaree, James M., Sr.  9-20-1851  4-12-1925  Double marker with Laura E. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Laura E.  3-9-1857  10-30-1893  Double marker with James M. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Ernest Roy  12-13-1906  2-26-1922   
Barbaree, Mary Elizabeth  Apr., 1887  May, 1956  Double marker with W. Marion Barbaree 
Barbaree, W. Marion  9-30-1882  7-6-1918  Double marker with Mary Elizabeth Barbaree 
Barbaree, Martha G.  11-10-1861  11-28-1926   
Barbaree, Laura L.  12-21-1890  2-16-1894  Daughter of J. M. and L. E. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Lizzie  6-30-1896  7-14-1897  Daughter of J. M. and M. C. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Arval S.  5-10-1909  2-6-2002  Double marker with Audie Barbaree; m. 7-18-1931 
Barbaree, Audie  10-7-1909  9-25-1986  Double marker with Arval S. Barbaree; m. 7-18-1931 
Barbaree, Velma C.  8-10-1912  9-10-1913  Daughter of J. M. Barbaree, Jr. and F. M. Barbaree 
Barbaree, Rebecca      Listed on 1970 record as Block 67 
Barbaree, J. W.      Listed on 1970 record as Block 65 
Barbaree, Ann      Listed on 1970 record as Block 64 
Barbaree, W. M.      Listed on 1970 record as Block 63 
Barbaree, Besie      Listed on 1970 record as Block 94 
Barbaree, Hoyt Lynn  6-13-1934  7-19-2003   
Barbaree, Claiborne Elizabeth  1-19-1968  10-19-2012  Information from obituary 
Barbaree, Eric Duell  3-12-1937  8-25-2013  MSGT - U. S. Air Force - Vietnam; double marker with Ester Bazaldua Barbaree; m. 1-15-1958; children -- Glen, Sandy, Kathy, Eric, Karen, Mark 
Barbaree, Ester Bazaldua  8-24-1944    Double marker with Eric Duell Barbaree; m. 1-15-1958; children-- Glen, Sandy, Kathy, Eric, Karen, Mark 
Barbaree, Mark E.  12-2-1967    Double marker with Claiborne E. Barbaree; m. 1-21-1999; child - Mary Elizabeth 
Barbaree, Claiborne E.  1-19-1968  10-19-2012  Double marker with Mark E. Barbaree; m. 1-21-1999; child -- Mary Elizabeth 
Beesley, Alma  12-4-1883  12-1-1901  Daughter of B. J. and N. A. Beesley; age 17 yrs., 11 months, 28 days 
Beesley, B. J.  5-21-1855  8-17-1928   
Beesley, Nancy A.  5-15-1858  2-21-1910  Wife of B. J. Beesley 
Beesley, Alice  8-9-1886  10-31-1886  Daughter of B. J. and N. A. Beesley; age 2 months, 22 days 
Beesley, Ellen  9-11-1887  10-8-1888  Daughter of B. J. and N. A. Beesley; broken stone; age 1 yr., 27 days 
Brantley, David G.   12-13-1863  11-17-1912  Double marker with Nancy I. Brantley 
Brantley, Nancy I.  9-9-1873  11-6-1959  Double marker with David G. Brantley; also listed as Nancy I. Norton; she married a Norton after death of David Brantley according to a researcher 
Brantley, Carl A.  8-26-1895  6-3-1959  Ark.-Pvt.-U. S. Army-World War I 
Brantley, Jim D.  10-30-1935  1-6-1936   
Brantley, Virgie E.  10-7-1914  11-3-2003  Double marker with Terrell C. Brantley; m. 9-25-1928; children--Lucille, Louise, Jimmy 
Brantley, Terrell C.  2-5-1909  11-22-1987  Double marker with Virgie E. Brantley; m. 9-25-1928; children--Lucille, Louise, Jimmy 
Brantley, Louis E.   8-17-1900  12-20-1989  Double marker with Eunice A. Brantley; m. 4-16-1932 
Brantley, Eunice A.  8-21-1912  6-3-2000  Double marker with Louis E. Brantley; m. 4-16-1932 
Brantley, Florence  8-27-1939  4-26-2017   
Brantley, David  3-20-1940  2-6-2021  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: David Brantley, 80, of Bodcaw, Arkansas passed away Saturday, February... 
Brantley, Clint      Listed in 1970 record as Block 84 
Brantley, Children of Clint B.      Listed in 1970 record as Block 85 
Butler, Floyd      Listed in 1970 record as Block 31 
Cherry, Jack   9-7-1928  1-23-2008  Jack Redifer Cherry on military marker; ENFN - U. S. Navy--CPL - U. S. Marine Corps - World War II; double marker with Shirley Cherry 
Cherry, Shirley  11-24-1935    Double marker with Jack Cherry 
Cherry, Rodney Dennis  10-18-1966  2-27-2017  Reported missing in November, 2017. His remains were found February 27, 2018
Obituary: Rodney Darwin Cherry 51; of Magnolia was born on October 18, 1966 in L... 
Gammage, Thomas Roy  2-14-1887  10-4-1888  Son of J. E. and L. A. Gammage; broken stone; dates from old record; impossible to read in 2006 
Gray, Amy Nacole  3-27-1982  7-11-1990  Daughter of Rodney and Evelyn 
Greer, Mrs.      Listed in 1970 record as Block 88 
Henry, Emily Mahalia  12-25-1810  1-14-1884   
Johnson, Rex K.  11-18-1924  12-9-2009  U. S. Army; U. S. Navy--World War II and Korea 
Johnson, Myrtle K.  9-12-1927  6-12-2016  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary 
Lightfoot, Charley Elmore  4-1-1886  7-28-1888   
Lightfoot, E. K.  3-22-1854  12-8-1906  Woodmen of World monument; age 52 yrs., 8 mths., 17 days 
Nicholas, (infant)  8-31-1907  9-2-1907  Daughter of Maura and Claudie Nicholas 
Nicholas, Mary Evelyn  12-18-1916  7-6-1918  Infant daughter of Maury and Ellie Nicholas 
Norton, Nancy I.     11-6-1959  Note: this is the same person as Nancy I. Brantley. She married a Norton after David Brantley's death. (info. sent to me) 
Robertson, Dela Mae      Listed in 1970 record as Block 32 
Sharman, Mrs. Elezbeth   1-1-1837  1913  Spelled this way on marker 
Sherman, J. A.      Co. C - 24 Ark. Inf.--CSA 
Stultz, Bobby R.  9-26-1959  4-11-2008  Double marker with Sandy K. Stultz; m. 2-14-1980; Bobby Ray Stultz in obituary 
Stultz, Sandy K.  8-29-1964  7-11-1990  Double marker with Bobby R. Stultz; m 2-14-1980 
Stultz, Hannah Marie  1-15-1989  7-12-1990   
Stultz, Zachary  10-21-1981  7-13-1990   
Stultz, Wm. James  1-24-1925  10-20-2000  Double marker with Doris J. Stultz; m. 2-14-1948; Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II 
Stultz, Doris J.  12-21-1932  3-8-2022  Double marker with Wm. James Stultz; m. 2-14-1948; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Doris Jean Stultz, 89, of Lewisville, Arkansas passed away on March 8,... 
Tucker, Jerusha  1-30-1888  3-24-1911   
Vann, Hannah Grace  9-14-2011  9-14-2011   
Wasmuth, Cory A.  4-3-1988  12-21-2010   

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Jack Hollis (jhandnch@msn.com) (Texarkana) on 2004-06-22
In the Shiloh #2 Cemetery, you have the same woman buried twice under different names. Nancy Izora Sherman was married to David Brantley. David died 11-17=1912 and Nancy later married a Norton. There is a double stone there with David and Nancy I. Brantly. There is also a listing in the cemetery of a Nancy I. Norton. Please note that the death dates for both are the same.

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