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White Church Cemetery - White Section

This cemetery is located in the SW1/4 SW1/4 of Section 13, Township 13 South, Range 20 West. It has black and white sections separated by a fence. The cemetery is well maintained, even though it is located in a somewhat isolated part of the county.
Driving directions: Go north off Hwy. 278 (formerly Hwy. 4) on Rd. No. 46 (just west of the Nevada-Ouachita county line) for about three miles. The cemetery will be on your right just before an intersection in which the main road makes a sharp curve to the left. There are no families living in this area at this time.





Barksdale, Roberta H.  6-2-1844  11-14-1881  Wife of H. T. Barksdale-broken stone 
Battle, A. J.  5-26-1830  5-23-1876  Broken stone 
Bearden, Margaret A.    11-17-1883  Wife of T. H. Bearden-date hard to read 
Blake, Jones    4-8-1880  Age 75 years, 7 months, 9 days; broken stone 
Blake, Elizabeth M.     7-24-1859  Wife of Jones Blake; can't read birth date; broken stone 
Blake, Jones    7-24-1859  Age 48; broken stone; hard to read name 
Boyce, Emma Jones  6-14-1871  10-17-1954  Double marker with James R. Boyce 
Boyce, James R.  7-25-1872  9-3-1950  Double marker with Emma Jones Boyce 
Boyce, (infant son)  11-24-1911  11-26-1911  Son of James R. & Emma J. Boyce 
Boyce, (infant son)  2-8-1914  2-8-1914  Son of James R. & Emma J. Boyce 
Boyce, Leland Clyde  4-19-1904  8-8-1974   
Cook, Claire Gladden  3-12-1892  9-5-1916   
Dixon, Hallie Inez  2-5-1899  2-28-1983   
Gebhard, Else E.  1898  1982  Nuerenberg, Germany 
Gladden, Mary M.  1-6-1833  8-20-1885  Age 52 years, 7 months, 14 days 
Gladden, Myrtle  10-10-1900  10-5-1905  Daughter of E. J. & Mary A. Gladden 
Gladden, Mary A.  8-16-1888  7-30-1894  Daughter of W. S. & O. S. Gladden 
Gladden, Lois S.  4-20-1880  7-10-1882  Daughter of W. S. & O. S. Gladden 
Gladden, Mary A.  6-11-1879  1-29-1911   
Gladden, E. J.  6-22-1861  11-9-1925   
Gladden, Mollie L.  2-15-1865  10-23-1897  Wife of E. J. Gladden 
Gladden, John E.  2-16-1894  1-15-1899  Son of E. J. & M. L. Gladden 
Gladden, Pertie S.  9-30-1878  7-21-1898  Daughter of W. S. & O. S. Gladden 
Gladden, Wm. S.  9-29-1853  3-12-1918  Woodmen of the World monument 
Gladden, Ona S.  5-20-1858  10-6-1933  Wife of Wm. S. Gladden 
Gray, Maude Marsh  4-18-1878  12-24-1900   
Grayson, John  1807  1882  Double monument with Sarah 
Grayson, Sarah "Sallie" Fricks  1802  1873  Double monument with John 
Greer, A. P.  4-26-1833  10-25-1905  Sgt.-Co. H.-9 Ark. Inf.-CSA; dates from family member; no dates on stone 
Grisham, Dettie  8-25-1881  9-15-1884   
Grisham, Minnie Ola  1-24-1886  7-24-1887   
Gulley, Jesse A.  3-26-1855  7-4-1883  Double with Eliza Mendenhall McClure 
Gulley, Eliza L. Mendenhall McLure  9-5-1827  5-31-1911  Wife of Thomas McLure; double monument with Jesse A. Gulley; Eliza married Jesse A. Gulley about 1847 as per Gulley genealogy records 
Hale, Amanda Marsh  7-19-1834  11-20-1912  Also listed as Amanda Butler Marsh; obituary had Amanda Marsh Hale 
Hatley, Mariah Antoinett Parr  12-6-1835  4-23-1876  Wife of W. C. Hatley; birth date hard to read; broken stone 
Hatley, Eugene  6-30-1855  4-5-1922  Woodmen of the World monument 
Hatley, Lizzie Belle  8-17-1860  9-29-1930  Early record states wife of Eugene Hatley 
Hatley, Tapley Bynum  12-14-1865  4-27-1901   
Hatley, (child)      Son of T. B. Hatley; grave not found; listed in earlier record 
Hatley, Raleigh E.  11-23-1878  11-12-1912  Stone turned over when checked in 2006 
Hatley, Cleveland  11-21-1892  8-6-1896  Son of E. & L. B. Hatley 
Hatley, May A.  1-7-1885  8-25-1887  Daughter of E. & L. B. Hatley 
Haynie, Lena  1894  April., 1936  Lena Ingram Haynie on old record; Mrs. B. B. Haynie in obituary; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Hays, Adolphus E.  10-2-1879  10-22-1879  Son of John & R. J. Hays-hard to read 
Hays, Nancy  11-17-1806  1-18-1865?  Broken-old record states (wife of Henry) 
Hilton, Dr. C. H.  8-3-1885  1-25-1913   
Hilton, (infant)  7-14-1908  9-15-1908  Child of G. H. & Nina M. Hilton 
Hilton, (parents of G. H. Hilton)      Graves not found-listed in earlier record; father was a Baptist minister 
Ingram, James C.  3-2-1859  7-29-1929   
Ingram, Paralee Merritt  9-11-1862  12-7-1925  Wife of J. C. Ingram 
Ingram, Otis Powell  5-1-1886  11-14-1921   
Ingram, Percy P.  4-11-1925  1-29-1970  Pfc.-8 Air Drome SQ AF-W W II; double marker with Vera Frizzell Ingram 
Ingram, Vera Frizzell  8-27-1929  3-8-1974  Double marker with Percy P. Ingram 
Ingram, Raleigh Cleveland  10-3-1915  12-19-1970  Sgt.-Army-World War II (Arkansas); double marker with Anna Virginia Knight Ingram 
Ingram, Anna Virginia Knight  9-18-1923  10-8-1995  Double marker with Raleigh Cleveland Ingram 
Ingram, Carola L.  12-20-1923  8-1-1989  Double marker with Hollis Perry Ingram 
Ingram, Hollis P.  10-10-1917  7-1-1997  M.Sgt.-Army-W W II-Korea; Hollis Perry Ingram on military stone;double marker with Carola L. Ingram 
Ingram, Willie L.  4-3-1927  12-20-1990  Beloved brother 
Ingram, Grover  2-20-1890  6-26-1976  Double marker with Emma Ingram; World War II 
Ingram, Emma  1-5-1895  2-16-1986  Double marker with Grover Ingram; metal marker had Emma Sanderson Ingram 
Ingram, Charles H.  1-30-1920  9-29-1974   
Ingram, Leila Sanders  11-15-1892  7-15-1977  Double marker with John Cleveland Ingram 
Ingram, John Cleveland  10-6-1891  4-18-1965  Double marker with Leila Sanders Ingram 
Johnson, M. C. May  1-5-1840  4-9-1904  Wife of W. D. Johnson 
Johnston, Annie Lee Hatley  7-7-1898  12-29-1920  Wife of Walter D. Johnston 
Johnston, Hatley Duncan  12-24-1920  1-6-1921  Son of Annie Lee & Walter D. Johnston 
Jones, Orpha Sanders  8-23-1886  10-19-1910   
Jones, Wiley  4-28-1884  4-9-1919   
Jones, Thomas E.  1-3-1867  9-15-1898  Same marker as Bascom & Paul Jones 
Jones, Bascom  7-11-1878  5-25-1892  Same marker as Thomas & Paul Jones 
Jones, Paul  1-29-1893  9-5-1896  Same marker as Bascom & Thomas Jones 
Jones, Morgan S.  8-31-1888  11-5-1918   
Jones, P. B.      Co. B-15 Ark. Inf.-CSA; no dates 
Jones, Sarah U.  5-24-1850  9-24-1905  Wife of P. B. Jones 
Jones, Gertrude  12-21-1912  11-10-1922   
Jones, Lemon  7-31-1876  8-13-1929   
Jones, Brilliant Powell  12-23-1892  12-21-1957   
Knight, Mary Mahala  6-15-1866  6-11-1869   
Knight, R. A.  3-17-1868  8-16-1886  Son of C. & T. C. Knight; broken stone; hard to read 
McKissack, Raleigh Poss  12-4-1902  3-7-1972  Double marker with Mildred Lee Ingram McKissack 
McKissack, Mildred Ingram  2-1-1914  2-19-2002  Double marker with Raleigh Poss McKissack; Mildred Lee McKissack on metal marker 
McNeely, W. H.  10-13-1845  3-9-1912   
Marsh, Carl  7-22-1884  9-3-1892  Son of G. O. & Fanny Marsh 
Marsh, Charlie C.  3-11-1868  10-16-1884   
Marsh, Fonnie Earl  1901  1910   
Marsh, Amanda Butler  7-19-1834  11-20-1912  Wife of Wm. Marsh; listed in obituary has Amanda Marsh Hale 
Marsh, William  4-26-1819  7-21-1885   
Marsh, Rebecca Young  1-4-1827  6-10-1862  Old stone has Mrs. R. J. Marsh; wife of William Marsh; age 35 yrs., 5 months, 6 days 
Marsh, Martha J.  9-6-1852  3-8-1869  Age 16 years, 6 months, 2 days 
Marsh, William E.  7-15-1855  10-8-1914  Woodmen of the World monument 
Marsh, Alice Elizabeth  5-10-1855  1-23-1927  Alice Elizabeth Gladden Marsh (old record) 
Marsh, J. R.    Aug., 1911  Co. I-37 Ark. Inf.-CSA; no dates on stone; death date from obituary 
Marsh, Helen R.  5-27-1852  12-7-1908   
Marsh, Ida R.  6-22-1874  1-25-1898  Daughter of J. R. & H. R. Marsh 
Marsh, Edna Ruth  11-26-1872  3-8-1887  Daughter of J. R. & H. R. Marsh 
Marsh, Willie R.   12-12-1875  1-3-1876  Son of J. R. & H. R. Marsh 
Marsh, Watson Oscar      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; son of W. E. & Alice Marsh 
May, J. F. E.  1849  1927  Double marker with Sarah J. May 
May, Sarah J.  1856  1918  Double marker with J. F. E. May 
May, Walter S.  12-22-1879  7-14-1881  Son of J. F. E. & S. J. May 
Mendenhall, Andrew J.      Co. I-37 Ark. Inf.-CSA; no dates 
Mendenhall, Celestia D.  12-7-1845  9-4-1873   
Mendenhall, Jon J.  11-4-1861  3-8-1864  Grave not found-listed in earlier record; son of G. W. & M. S. Mendenhall 
Mendenhall, Martha S.  8-17-1844  9-13-1908  Wife of G. W. Mendenhall 
Mendenhall, George W.  6-27-1839  7-18-1896  Born in Conecuh Co., Alabama; died in Nevada Co., Arkansas; stone turned over 
Mendenhall, Thomas  2-13-1792  10-24-1875  Birth date not on monument; age 83 yrs., 8 months, 11 days 
Mendenhall, Mary  2-26-1805  7-8-1884  Birth date not on monument-broken stone; wife of ???? (not readable);family says this is wife of Thomas Mendenhall 
Milam, Will      Double marker with Eliza Milam; no dates on marker 
Milam, Eliza      Double marker with Will Milam; no dates on marker 
Miller, Elizabeth Phillips  3-31-1866  11-21-1900   
Mitchel, John Mordica  6-25-1875  10-29-1886  Son of J. L. & L. P. Mitchel 
Mitchell, Mollie Blanche  2-6-1890  2-4-1910  Wife of P. H. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Lucinda P.  6-29-1857  7-31-1891  Wife of J. L. Mitchell 
Mitchell, Charlie    7-31-1891  Son of J. L. & L. P. Mitchell-age 23 days 
Moody, A. B.  1-29-1829  5-14-1906   
Moody, M. M.  6-29-1840  5-20-1910  Wife of A. B. Moody 
Moody, Sarah E.  8-28-1860  5-29-1890  Daughter of A. B. & M. M. Moody 
Moody, Patience J.  4-23-1862  1-5-1891  Daughter of A. B. & M. M. Moody 
Moody, Ella L.  7-9-1867  3-21-1891  Wife of L. A. Moody-stone turned over 
Moody, Thomas L.  10-14-1887  6-11-1888  Son of L. A. & Ella Moody; hard to read 
Parr, Mary Ann Mendenhall      Wife of John Parr-stone broken; can't read dates 
Parr, William Herschell  2-11-1853  8-4-1875  Son of John & Mary A. Parr; broken stone 
Patter, Mary J.  11-25-1848  1-28-1921  Stone turned over; with Potter graves; Mary J. Potter in obituary 
Potter, Barcus W.  1874  1939   
Potter, Hallie L.  5-7-1881  7-23-1907  Wife of B. W. Potter 
Potter, Thomas A.  2-20-1846  6-23-1919   
Purifoy, Mrs.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record; sister of A. J. Battle-Barn Co. 
Purifoy, Lucy  3-19-1900  9-22-1905   
Purifoy, John V.  8-10-1897  4-3-1975  Pvt.-Army Air Forces 
Purifoy, Robert "Bob"  6-25-1907  6-25-1985  Double marker with Mildred E. Purifoy 
Purifoy, Mildred E.  1-24-1915  3-19-1993  Double marker with Robert Purifoy 
Reeves, Maude Eva  3-20-1884  6-21-1890  Daughter of G. W. & E. V. Reeves; broken stone; birth date hard to read 
Royston, Mary  5-2-1778  1-11-1859  Stone lying down and broken 
Sanderson, David  9-16-1883  4-20-1965  Husband of Bennie Smith Sanderson (old record); years only on marker; metal marker set in concrete 
Sanderson, Bennie  1889  1970  Metal marker set in concrete 
Shell, Nancy A.  4-24-1834  1-4-1893  Wife of John W. Shell 
Shell, J. W. (John)  7-24-1819  10-6-1875   
Shell, Lucian W.  1-26-1874  1-31-1888  Son of J. W. & N. A. Shell 
Shell, J. Regan  9-13-1892  4-19-1895  Son of T. J. & Nettie Shell 
Shell, Nettie Regan  Oct., 1863  Nov., 1930  Emily Annette Regan Shell; wife of T. J. Shell; she is buried here but her name is also on a double marker with her husband at Pleasant Ridge Cemetery. 
Simpson, George Copeland  9-27-1821  9-28-1882   
Smith, H. Y.  6-30-1841  10-8-1918  Triple marker with M. A. & W. R. Smith 
Smith, M. A.  8-23-1853    Wife of H. Y. Smith; no death date; triple marker with H. Y. and W. R. Smith 
Smith, W. R.  3-16-1886  11-14-1925  Son of H. Y. & M. A. Smith; triple marker with H. Y. and M. A. Smith 
Smith, Arther  1878  1952  Metal marker set in concrete 
Smith, Harry  1875  1965  Metal marker set in concrete 
Smith, Mamie  1884  7-22-1972  Metal marker set in concrete; full death date from obituary; years only on stone; Mamie Irene Smith in obituary 
Taylor, Eva Marie  Nov., 1912  Dec., 1912   
Waller, Sarah A.  2-14-1830  9-15-1883  Wife of R. A. Waller 
Wheelington, Calvin  12-17-1809  7-26-1899   

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Sandra F. Puckett (sandrapuckett28@yahoo.com) (Brazoria) on 2006-06-14
I am asking for help and or any information about the Hays families in Nevada Co. There is a "Nancy Hays" buried in the White Church, sometimes called, "the Carolina Church". I visited this Cemetery on June 8, 2006, looking for Berry and Nancy Hay Beard's graves. She was born in SC and lived in the Woodlawn Community. There had been a bouquet of silk white roses punched into the ground by the old headstone. I had a hard time reading the dates of birth and death. Earlier recording said that it was hard to read but that an inscription was thought to read,"Wife of Henry" I wonder if it might have said "Wife of Berry". Does anyone know anything about this grave or any Hays buried in the White Cemetery? The stone had eroded away taking almost the faint date of death. It did not bear the inscription of "Wife of Henry" (or Berry) any longer. Please respond to this inquiry if anyone knows anything about any family of Hay or Hays. Thank you so much!
Posted by David Greer (dalisajo@yahoo.com) () on 2017-04-18
Unless there are 2 A. P. Greers buried in the county, I have different info on him. I have AP as being a Private - Co. B - 33 Ark. Inf - CSA. Other info is correct. I am a Great Grandson of his.

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