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Ammorilious Barksdale died 7-29-1881, yet her child D.A. Barksdale was born 8-21-1982. One of these must be a typo. Could you tell me which date needs to be changed? Thanks a bunch!
Comment by P. Berrong ( (Helotes., TX) on 2009-01-09 to General.
The are errors in the information on Cothran Chapel under historic churches. Among them: C>T> Moncrief is C>G> and Barrymon shoulld be Berryman. I realize this is an interview, but there are also errors in fact. I suggest a disclaimer saying info is from the interviewee as best they recall.
Comment by Lyndia Washington ( (Waxahachie, TX) on 2009-01-05 to General.
I am working on the 2nd ed. of a gen study of Samuel Andrew Arrington. I hope someone could tell me where to order a county map or make a copy of the location of his farm. I have old location directions. This is in a Chancery Court Proceeding of Nev Cty about 1920. He had about 39 acres South and East of Camden-Douley's Ferry Road. Any help?
Comment by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-07-22 to General.
Are there collections of school yearbooks, or other detailed information, that would list students and teachers? All of my 6 aunts and uncles named Burns attended schools in Prescott. In 1920, My aunt Jeanette Burns was hired to teach school (See time-line,1920.) She also taught in Arkadelphia where at least two of her siblings were her students, My grandfather, Jay T. Burns was granted the first authorization to practice law in the town. Is there a historic listing of early lawyers in Nevada County? I am way up the Mississippi River in St. Paul, MN and have not found time, money or gas sufficient to journey to Prescott. I would like to come on down, however. Phillips Monroe Bourns [My father was born in De Queen in 1905.) Thanks.
Comment by Phillips Monroe Bourns ( (St. Paul) on 2008-05-29 to General.
Clyde Watson Buchanan, Jr.'s year of birth is incorrect on his headstone which is located in Deanne's new section. How can I get this corrected? Or, who do I contact? Only the year 1936 needs to be changed to year 1935. I was his wife. Thank you.
Comment by Elizabeth A. Buchanan ( (Plano, Texas) on 2007-02-13 to General.
I would like to hear from anyone who may have info/pictures on Thomas and/or Edgar Alsobrook and their decendants.
Comment by Thomas S. Alsobrook ( (Lowell Arkansas) on 2006-04-09 to General.
Looking for more information on Robert A THORP b.18 May 1845 d.28 JUL 1915 Pleasent Ridge Cemetery. I am searching the THORP/THORPE surname, any help would be great. Wayne
Comment by Wayne Edge ( (Trenton) on 2006-03-26 to General.
Arkansas history is always fascinating! I look forward to visiting Nevada County again soon, and especially wish to stop by the Depot and Museum.
Comment by John Bethurem ( (Little Rock, Arkansas) on 2006-03-16 to General.
I am interested in the starting of the GURDON TIMES . I beleive it was started by one of my ancestors..Also would like to know just where I can find information on how they lived and what their health problems were in the 1890's. Would greatly appreciate you pointing me in the right direction. Thank you. Glendene
Comment by glendene BELLAMY THOMPSON ( (Peashastin,Wa.) on 2006-02-27 to General.
I am interested in finding anyone who knew or knows the palmer family who lived in Nevada county during the 1940's and beyond. I had relations who lived there at one time. Thank you.
Comment by bill hall ( (glencoe) on 2006-02-06 to General.
I am searching for someone that might be interested in a book The Men and Women in world War II from Nevada county. It looks like a school year book, it has pictures and information on each person. I recently bought it at an action and I intend to sell it on ebay if I can't find someone by searching. email if you are interested. Or if you want to check to see if your family is in it let me know, I will be glad to look for you and maybe send a copy of the page or something. Not sure what to do at this point.
Comment by Peggy Neel ( (Malvern Arkansas) on 2005-06-22 to General.
I have written and published a book - THE BEST SCHOOL I EVER ATTENDED - describing my experiences as a teenage railfan "hanging out" at my small hometown depot during the 1960s. Many of my experiences are similar to those experi- enced at your hometown station, but some are quite unique to our station in Georgetown, Kentucky. The book has an assigned ISBN number and is available for retail sale, suggested price, $12.95. I wholesale single copies for $7.70, three for $22.00, six for $40.00, and I will provide postage at the media rate. I appreciate your consideration in providing one or more copies for your clientel, or at least one as part of the "mood setting" of your station.
Comment by mike Gillespie, Minister ( (Cumming, Georgia) on 2005-04-20 to General.
Hello im writing to the descendant of Dudley Bragg , I read your statment and I hope Im one step closer Mt farther name is Randy McDonald born in Fresno, his father Acie Bragg born in Nevada County , his father name was Sam Bragg also of Nevada County Sam was marraied to Isadora Barrg , I even have the name of sam Bragg mom Isdaora Hardeman if any of these names ring a bell please call me @ 559-222-4356
Comment by Prince McDonald ( (2728 W. Acacia Fresno,Ca 93705) on 2005-02-14 to General.
I see on your Home Page the entries regarding the last passenger service on the MoPac to be 1965 (67?). I CAN ASSURE YOU that I rode the train home to Hope from Ouachita in 1965,66, and 67. I got off at Prescott on a number of occasions (NOT a "flag stop") and the depot was manned annd the ticket office open! (Stops at Gurdon, Prescott, Hope, and Texarkana)
Comment by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-11-16 to General.
I am looking for info on a death certificate for Rosie or Rosa Louise or Louisa Maxwell, Rushing she was married to Dow Washington Rushing. Also a death certificate for Dow. These two are my maternal Grandparents. Maybe a lookup for on a birth certificate for Loretta Rushing, my mother. I, two years ago found my mother. Loretta passed away in August 2002. If anyone can help I would appreciate it very much. Loretta was born in Feb. 1933.
Comment by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-08-01 to General.
Interested in acquiring 1800's unrestored or restored railroad passenger/sleeper cars.
Comment by B. Bryan Preserve ( (Pt. Arena, CA) on 2004-07-24 to General.
I am searching for documentation on Leonard and Pearl Hart. They lived in Nevada County for many years and Pearl taught school in Nevada County for over 50 years. Any photos or information? Thank you for your wonderful web page! Keren
Comment by Anonymous ( (Anonymous) on 2003-12-20 to General.
I have enjoyed this website so much, I have been able to copy photo's, and read about some of my relative's, the McDaniel's and the White's. I spent some happy time's at Prescott during my childhood, at My Grandparent's home. The B.W. Mitchell home. Joyce Mauldin
Comment by Mildred Joyce Mauldin ( (Alton) on 2003-11-10 to General.
I have an old photo probably from late 1880s and the photographers name appears to be C.H. D______ Prescott, Arkansas. Is there a way to find out the photographer's name and would the files of this photographer be available someplace?
Comment by Sue Steward ( (Medford) on 2003-10-28 to General.
I just found on the timeline a reference to Jacob Suckle and learned that his store on West Main burned down on Jan. 4, 1903. Could anyone tell me who Jacob Suckle was? My grandfather was Louis Suckle and I always understood that he had a dry goods or clothing store in Prescott toward the beginning of the 20th century until about 1930. Is this the same store? Was Jacob another name my grandfather used? Or was Jacob a relative whom I did not know about? Any help will be most welcome. Thanks.
Comment by Victoria Ortiz ( (Berkeley) on 2003-09-29 to General.
I am looking for any information about Robert and Eliza Christopher farm. Where it was located, how many children they had, and where are they buried at. I can not find a death date for Eliza, but Robert diedSep 15 1873. Any info you might have would be dearly appreciated. You can e-mail me at
Comment by Tara Carlton ( (Anonymous) on 2003-08-01 to General.
Where can I get a obit in the Nevada Newspaper of 5/24/1945 for Thomas Elmore. Thank you!
Comment by Virgie Curvey ( (Anonymous) on 2003-04-09 to General.
I am seeking information on my great grandfather Richard Fletcher Florece (Floris, Florice) He and his brother, Jones, lived in the Reader area. Are there any of these family members still living or does anyone have any information concerning this family?
Comment by Doris Bennett ( (Texarkana) on 2003-03-03 to General.
(Please note my new email address and state residence. I moved from Calif. to Washington state in Sept.) I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your web page. I located some of my family through the cemetery listings. However, I'd like some information on locating informtion on African American residents of Nevada County (1860- to present). Do you know if any slave owners' families kept their slave logs, o r have passed down information through the oral tradition. My family name is Porter. My paternal great-great-grandfather's name was Sam Porter, my great-grandfather's name was Isaiah Porter and my grandfather's name was Willie Porter. Family history says that the family changed its name from Alexander to Porter before 1900. Sam Porter/Alexander also owned land in Nevada County in the 1800's. Any information that anyone may have on the family names: Porter, Alexander, Allen, Christopher, or Box please contact me. My great grandmother's name was Mary E. Christopher. My GG Grandmother's name was Mariah Christopher and my GGG Grandmother and Grandfather's names were Benjamine and Patience Christopher. They worked and lived on the Robert Christopher Farm in Nevada County (Near Chidester). If anyone had info on the Robert and Eliza Christopher family this too would be helpful. Perhaps some of their offspring still have family history/information or documents.
Comment by Celeste Porter ( (Vancouver, Washington) on 2003-01-24 to General.
In response to the writer who desired corroboration with the "Old Mike" situation, I can attest to the fact that he was, indeed, placed in an upright position for years at the Cornish Mortuary. Being childish, I shook his tie one day. A silver dollar fell out! It was explained to me, the dollar was placed there in order to keep his tie hanging straight. Mr. McBrayer gave me the dollar for good luck! That happened somewhere around 45 to 50 years ago. Hope I've helped.
Comment by James Hairston ( (Hope, AR) on 2002-06-07 to General.
I love your webpage. I have a document handed down to me from grandparents dated 1877. It is a bill of sale from a store, J.T.Brooks General Merchandise in Prescott, Arkansas. If you would like a copy it would be my pleasure to send it. Sincerely, Janet Mayberry Golian
Comment by Janet Mayberry Golian ( (Sugar Land, TX) on 2002-02-08 to General.
Hello, Mr. Teeter. We met you years ago at the train station. I'm Clifford Wynn's (Prescott's one-time city electrician) great nephew. It's good to see you on the net. I have never lived in Prescott, but have a great deal of sentiment for the town and the area around the old New Home Church. May God bless you and your wonderful work. Howard Wynn
Comment by Howard Wynn (Baton Rouge, LA) on 2001-09-27 to General.
I am a descendent of Joseph Elias Garrett & Sarah Stacy Reeder. My GGGP' GGP (Hiram Harve Wootton married Sarah Ann Garrett) had a farm near Emmet where my father & all of his siblings were born. My GP (Benjamin Franklin Wootton married Leacy Ellen May...Many May's are buried at Harmony Cemetery. Great site.
Comment by William Wootton ( (Tehachapi, CA) on 2001-08-16 to General.
The cemetery survey is an incredible resource for genealogists. Thank you so much for the time and attention that went into creating these pages.
Comment by Bruce Thomasson ( (Little Rock) on 2001-08-01 to General.
I thank you so much for the info on my wonderful hometown of Prescott. I am touched by the information on the Depot Museum. I live a block away from it! I live on West Pine Street.
Comment by Tamara (Prescott, Arkansas) on 2001-07-21 to General.
I am looking for someone who knows where Saxon City, Arkansas was located. I have a 1929 calendar with J. B. Musgrove, Saxon City Arkansas imprinted on it, but no one has been able to tell me where Saxon City was located. The Arkansas Historical Society has no information on Saxon City and I cannot locate J. B. Musgrove which was probably the owner of a general store by the same name. I believe Saxon City was probably located on or near the railroad that passed through Reader and Chidester. My grandparents lived most of their lives in Nevada County and I know the area fairly well. My father and grandfather are buried in the Bluff City cemetary. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Yours is a great site.
Comment by Thomas Knight ( (Houston, Texas) on 2001-03-26 to General.
I am trying to pinpoint several locations in Nevada County that were significant to the Battle of Prairie De Ann. One that I can't seem to find is the site of the Union Camp that was on the Cornelius farm. Which Cornelius owns the land now? I will be seeking persmission from them to search for relics on their property with my metal detector. If you know who it is, please let me know and leave a phone number also (if possible). I'm from Prescott and I'm sure they know my family and wouldn't mind me giving them a call to ask. Thanks. Also, if anyone has any information about the Confederate Supply Depot that was at Falcon, please let me know any specifics you have, especially any documentation.
Comment by Shane Westmoreland ( on 2001-01-19 to General.
Your website is great! It has really made a difference in my research, and I thank you for it. On Friday, some other "family researchers are arriving to see what they can find in the family history. You have helped that effort a great deal. Thank you!
Comment by Connie Ward ( on 2000-10-25 to General.
As a youngster in the 50's and early 60's, I often accompanied my father to Prescott to visit his mother and stepfather, Maude and Henry Moore, 503 Elm St. There is one little detail missing from your most interesting bio on Old Mike. He was kept for many years upright on a stand. It was always the highlight of my trip to go to the Prescott Casket Co. to "dance" with Mike. Can someone verify this?
Comment by Linda Pritchard Compton ( on 2000-08-31 to General.
Thanks for the cemetery listings of my familys: Baird, Adams, Atkins and Arnold. Would like to visit the Prairie DeAnn area of battle where my great-grandfather served with Dockery. I have visited Hope and Washington, the sites of my great-grandparents' burial and their home, which is still standing there. I would like to see the photos available, maybe some day when time allows a visit. Again thanks!
Comment by William R Bond ( on 2000-03-15 to General.
This is a wonderful place to help people who work and can't get out and about. Thank you. I have found information to add to your records and would like to submit it to someone. Providence Cemetery had a family member in it without a death date. I have that record now.
Comment by S. Carson on 2000-01-15 to General.
I was born in Gurdon, Arkansas but now live in Seattle, Washington. I enjoy reading your publication and keeping up on the local happenings. I am trying to find some information on my biological father Frank Rivers who died in 1972 and is buried in Prescott. I am looking for old newspaper publications that may have information about his singing career or him personally. I was in town in April and visited the Depot and received some information but am looking for more. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Having been so young when he passed away I do not know much about him and am trying to learn more. If you can point me in the right direction as to who I should contact that would be great. I am also trying to locate some of the records he put out during his career. Any ideas of where I can get them in the Arkansas area. His group was called the Gospel 4.
Comment by Swannee Rivers ( on 1999-12-15 to General.
I am researching the Gee name. I am currently attempting to obtain information concerning a William Lewis Gee, whom I believe to be my great-great-grandfather. He is the son of Lucas Gee. This William Lewis Gee was born on October 4, 1797 in Virginia. I have just located some Gees buried in the DeAnn Cemetery in Nevada County, AR. One is a William Gee born in 1851, and a William L. Gee born in 1896. I am wondering if these Gees are any relations to the William Lewis Gee born in 1797. I would appreciate any information you are able to provide to me. Thanks for your assistance!
Comment by Spencer F. Gee (Jeanerette, LA) on 1999-11-15 to General.
Hello, it's been sometime since I originally found your site, but since then a professional researcher has been in touch with me to seek out printable records for Falcon cemetary. They are publishing yet another book about the Ormand & Burke families, and my branch ended up in Nevada county. Her name is Betty Thornburg and her email address is:, if you can be of any assistance. Thanks!
Comment by Pattie Knighton on 1999-10-15 to General.
Have visited this site many times and seen the museum. It is great. I found my Carrington family there. I wonder if there are any Carringtons left in Nevada Co. I sure could use some help tracking this family.
Comment by Linda Taylor ( on 1999-10-14 to General.
This is the most effective way to search cemetary records I have found. wonderful, Thank you so much. Keep up the good works. Have you any marriage records in this county? Would love to see them as easily accessible as the death records. Thanks again.
Comment by Kay Summers on 1999-08-15 to General.
I am seeking information about an old sawmill that i hope someone may help me with. I am a member of the Graysonia Deer Management Association, and we have the remains of an old sawmill located on some of our acreage. The mill consists of 3-4 dry kilns, h
Comment by Brian A. Small ( on 1999-05-15 to General.
I just found your page on the Internet. I really enjoyed browsing it. It is very interesting, and very well done. I will visit it again and again. I graduated from PHS in 1967. In reviewing the cemetary records, I noticed my mother's name was not listed. Who would I need to contact to get that addition made? Thanks again for a joy well done.
Comment by Jim Davis ( on 1999-05-15 to General.
Found your site interesting, but disappointed that there are no online pictures from your photo book. I have ancestors that lived in the Prescott area and would like to see the photos that you have in your possesion; however, due to time and distance cons traints I am unable to visit your museum. (Clark-Alford, SwindellL-Clark Families) [Editor's note: Photos were put online after this message was posted]
Comment by S.F. Oliver on 1999-02-15 to General.
Last summer my daughter and I visited Watts Cemetery and found the graves of Garland Williamson Walker and his son James A. Walker. Garland was the brother of my gg gf William Luther Walker. These brothers came to southwest Arkansas in about 1842 from M adison County, Alabama, with their father William Walker, born 1795 in Tennessee. I would really like to contact descendants of Garland and his son James--have lots of information to share.
Comment by Barbara Ray ( on 1999-01-15 to General.
Thank you for this page! All my ancestors are buried in Arkansas, mostly in Nubbin Hill, but all I found of my more recent ones was my grandpa, named Audie James Hooker. I couldn't find my grandma named, Clara Mae King, who is buired next to Audie. I'm very interested in finding my mom, Myra June McLealland, who lies right between Audi & Clara. I'd love more information on the names Blevins, Mouser and Hooker. Your page has helped me find where my ancestors are buried.
Comment by Dee Ryan (Sisters, Oregon ) on 1999-01-14 to General.
Researching Alexander, Beasley, Hicks, McKinney, Pearson, Moss, Todd Standoak and variations [Afro-American]. What a great page! I'll pass it. I thank you for making accessable the cemetery info. I visted "down home" for the first time this summer and met family, did genealogy research. I missed a cemetery and through your posted info I found my g-g-grandfather's and mother's burial place. My people that live there didn't even know where that was! On the "Negro or non-Negro" issue I find it helpful to have that stated as I am researching a Black family line. But, being from CA it's interesting to see the cultural atmosphere my ancestors lived in! Once again, thanks for the help and good luck to all!
Comment by Christina Alexander ( on 1998-12-15 to General.
I have thoroughly enjoyed visiting your web page. I located some of my family through the cemetery listings. However, I'd like some information on locating informtion on African American residents of Nevada County (1860- to present). Do you know if any slave owners' families kept their slave logs, o r have passed down information through the oral tradition. My family name is Porter. My great-great-grandfather's name was Sam Porter, my great-grandfather's name was Isaiah Porter and my grandfather's name was Willie Porter. Family legend says that the family changed its name from Alexander to Porter before 1900. Sam Porter/Alexander also owned land in Nevada County in the 1800's. Any information that anyone may have on the family names: Porter, Alexander, Allen, Christopher, or Box please contact me.
Comment by Celeste Porter on 1998-11-15 to General.
I plan to visit (the Depot Museum) many times in the future. My parents, grandparents, and great grandparents all originated from the Nevada County area. Two of my great-grandparents, Lemuel Stanford Sneed and Harriet Emily Sneed, as well as three of their children are in your llisting for the New Home Cemetery. Our family records have always referred to this as the Kay Graveyard. Does anyone know which name is corrrect, or when and why the name was changed, (if New Home Cemetery is correct)? Also, your cemetery record for "Lenon Roy Sneed" is correctly "Leonard Roy Sneed".
Comment by Tony Sutton on 1998-11-15 to General.
I am a descendant of the Bragg and Harris Family. My great grandfather was Dudley Bragg. I'm trying to trace back family records and facts. I need help and I hope you can assist me in anyway. My family would be most appreciative. After reviewing the records for the cemetery you have on the inter-net, I noticed there were named ommitted. I would like to help in updating the cemetey records for Sweet Home Cemetery. I came down this summer with a notebook and pen, I started recording names and dates from the headstones. How is this list updated and who do I converse with? I look to hear from you soon! Thank You for your cooperation. [Admin's Reply: The Depot Museum is the owner of the records. PCFA.ORG posts comments, such as this one, to the comments page. At some point in the future, we hope to make it possible for Internet users to post their own comments which can "attach" to the records.]
Comment by Korletta Gayle (Bragg) Birts ( on 1998-09-15 to General.
This is a wonderful site!!! I was so excited when I came upon it. I am in search of finding more information on the Brown family. A lot of my ancestors are buried in Piney Grove Cemetery and Shady Grove Cemetery. I have quiet a bit of info already. If there is anyone that would like to share notes, please email me at I would also like to include my homepage that I have so far: Thanks so much for your web site. I look forward to visiting the Depot Museum the next time I am in Prescott. Also, does anyone have any information on Henry Carr - mother was Malinda Jane Friend Brown who was married to Porter Wine Brown back in the 1800's Thanks, Patricia Brown Young Huntsville, AR
Comment by Patricia Brown Young ( on 1998-09-15 to General.
My name is Patricia Brown Young and I am researching the Brown Genealogy from Prescott, AR. I was very pleased with the info I found from the web site. I am interested in visiting the depot museum in Prescott. I am from Huntsville, AR and I would like to make plans to go there soon. Thanks so much.
Comment by Patricia Brown Young ( on 1998-09-15 to General.
I have not been able to visit the Depot, but Nevada Co. holds a very special place for me as my BEASLEY families are scattered all across the county as well as the state. I would love to trade information on my Beasley's as they must have been kin to all the Beasley lines in Nevada and surrounding counties. So far, I've found them in Hempstead, Pike, Columbia and Nevada. This is certainly true of the early Beasley lines during the 1800's. Please feel free to contact me at my e-mail address. Any help is appreciated. Especially need help on Census Records, 1880 and 1890 in particular. I'm unable to go to the library and would certainly appreciate any help.
Comment by Jo Autrey on 1998-09-14 to General.
I found the article about the Ozan Lumber Company informative and interesting, since my GG Grandfather was William Grayson, the founder of the Grayson-Mcleod Lumber Company. Tell me, please, who wrote the posted piece, and what specific resouces did they use to research the history of Ozan? I've read numerous pieces in the American Lumberman, a book titled, "The Lumberman," and other tidbits. Is it possible that the article's author came across additional material about the Graysons? Thanks for the site and you assistance.
Comment by T. Rand Wilson ( on 1998-07-15 to General.
What a great page! I can't wait to visit your museum in September when our metal detector club visits your town in search of Civil War relics.
Comment by Jan Smith ( on 1998-07-15 to General.
I visited the Depot Museum Web Page and am very impressed. My wife and I visited Prescott about two years looking for info about my ggfather George Parker Smoote, a partner in the Smoote McRae law firm.. Mr Teeter and staff were just going on computer at that time. They were very helpful. Mr Teeter also followed up our visit with a picture of my ggfather. An excellent web page indeed! Keep up the good work!
Comment by Charles C. Smoote on 1998-06-15 to General.
I have visited your web site on numerous occasions while working on my genealogy of the following families: NALLEY/BARDSDALE/MAY/SHOOK/STEEL/STEELE and I appreciate the time & effort your staff has devoted to such an important site. I have also visited the Depot Museum and stayed in Prescott. I have numerous relatives from Bluff City/Bodcaw/Prescott & Ouachita areas. Keep up the wonderful work!!! Look forward to visiting again soon. Sincerely, Lethia Jo
Comment by Lethia Jo Roberts-Rosenberg on 1998-06-15 to General.
I am trying to find aout any information on the gun fight in Prescott in 1900 -- something between Mark McCain and a Mr. Slagle, which was because Mr. Slagle was supposed to have hit one of the McCain boy's with a horse whip at the cantalope shed, which in turn resulted in Mark McCain and Mr. Slagle getting into a gunfight in Prescott. Mr. Slagle was killed and Mark Mccain was shot in the leg. He lost that leg. Any information about this occurence and the actual story would be most welcome. Also, what or where was Mark McCain's trail, what was his sentence, and where and when did he serve his time? Thank you. Mike Smith (great-grandson of Mark Mccain).
Comment by Paula Smith on 1998-04-15 to General.
The name "Rily" in the Shilo Cemetery group is mispelled. It should be Riley. These are my mother, my grandfather, my uncles, etc. I am trying to find the cemetery out of Hope called "New Hope" where my great grandmother and gre at grandfather are burried. It is out the Patmos road. Any information would be appreciated.
Comment by Marilyn Marlar Huckabee on 1998-03-15 to General.
I'm looking for the whereabouts of "Unknown Cemetery" located in Nevada county. This cemetery is listed in Nevada County Cemetery book, but no clear directions are given. It may be near Pleasant Hill cemetery. New grave markers were set to go in some years ago. Did it occur? Does anyone up there know where this cemetery is? I still have relatives in Prescott. Most are descendents of PYE and HEALD, both of whom are buried in Unknown Cemetery and Pleasant Hill. Thanks for your help.
Comment by Mark Ward on 1998-03-15 to General.
Yes, I visited the Depot Museum Page and also the town and museum about 2 years ago. I loved every minute of it. I came with a friend to meet some of her Orren decendents that live there. I have to say also, that the ladies at the courthouse have to be the friendliest of all I've ever been to. The man at the museum was a wounderful person to talk to also. Hope to get back sometime, as you're only about 2 1/2 hours away. Looks like your town is really on the move.
Comment by Pam White ( on 1998-03-14 to General.
There is a Jasper Jones buried at the Harmony Cemetery & I would like to know where I can get more information on this person. I am doing research on my husband's line & he is related to a Jasper A. Jones who died around there but I don't know the date. He was born Jan 1842 & worked at Emmet. He married Brunetta Burton & they had 5 children I know of. If you can let me know about this Jasper, I would appreciate it. He died sometime prior to 1896 when his wife died.
Comment by Carol Stanton on 1998-01-15 to General.
Thank you for a wonderful source of information! I am researching the HIRST, WESTMORELAND, and SEALE families and discovered a wealth of information in your pages. I plan to visit often. Thanks again.
Comment by Susan Byars on 1997-08-15 to General.
You are doing a GREAT job! Thanks for all the history and local information. You've made researching my family history a pleasure.
Comment by Gloria Rouse on 1997-05-15 to General.
. . . about the cemetery records. I only wish I could help on updating them, but I don't know how; [it's a] long distance from Houston. I was in Prescott a few weekends ago for my high school class reunion, and met some other out of towners who did not know about this great site. I was happy to pass the word along. I was also in the library there and delighted to see how they are becoming computerized, too. My home town is way ahead of other towns much larger, I know. You are doing a good job. Sincerely
Comment by Irma Evans ( on 1997-04-15 to General.
Enjoyed your efforts! Also, found possible relatives in the Union Cemetery. First time I've found any info on the "Urrey" family. My father's father was George William Urrey b. 1861 near Hope, ARK. died 1939 in Malakoff, TEX. My father was only was 17 at the time. Thank you for the information. Also I like the variety of information you have provided on your Web site. If we ever visit ARK, your museum will be a place on my must see list. Thank you and keep up the good work!
Comment by Patty Jo Urrey on 1997-04-14 to General.
WOW! This is great. I can't believe it I found out where my Great Great Grandfather and mother are buried from your pages. I only new from family tradition that he was a Rev. and right there on your page it told me he was. Keep up the good work.
Comment by Darleen on 1997-04-13 to General.
Great job! I visited the Depot Museum and found Mr. Teeter delightful! My husband and I plan to move to Prescott (Redland Community) when we retire in the year 2000. My mother, Frances Bidwell and my brother Jackie Bidwell live in the Redland Area. I can hardly wait to retire! I will probably have time then to spend helping with the computer work, since that is what I do all day now. I will work on a list of my relatives burried in Liberty Cemetary and send later. Again I salute you for the good job you all have done!
Comment by Nell McDaniel (Monroe, LA) on 1997-03-15 to General.
My husband was born in Prescott in 1931. Has been gone since he was two and we just visited AR last spring. We were both thrilled to see your page after just being at the Depot. . . We also know that the Snell Cem is not a Negro cem. as he has several relatives buried there. We especially liked the cemetery listings as we did not know where many family members were buried. It has really helped! Just wish we had those before we went on our trip. . . Thanks so much and keep up the good work.
Comment by Vicki Malone on 1997-03-14 to General.
I really enjoy this page and check it regularly. I'm waiting for that history of Pleasant Hill Church, in whose cemetery my great-great grandparents, the Malones, are buried. We plan to visit your Depot Museum on our next trip to Arkansas. All county pages should be this good!
Comment by Barbara Walker Ray ( on 1997-02-14 to General.
I'm originally from Prescott and it's so interesting to view all this info. More of my family is buried in New Salem Cemetery that is not on the list. Please keep updating all your information. I'm very proud Prescott is keeping up with their history and making it known to others. Keep up the good work.
Comment by Kathy (Hunter) Bobo ( (Sheridan, AR) on 1997-01-15 to General.
First let me say that this page is great! I found the Cox Family Cemetery listed here and many of the Cox, Dixon, and Dunn families that I am research in other cemeteries of Nevada County. Thanks so much for all the hard work put into this page.
Comment by Pennie Harvey on 1997-01-14 to General.
I was born in 1935 at Camden, my parents came from Hope and Emmet. I think your page is EXCELLENT and I appreciate all the work that has gone into making it. I am tracking the McClanahan and Crank families from Nevada and Hempstead Co. also the Wray and Robarts families from Hempstead Co. My G G/F W.H. Robarts was the post- master at Guernsey - was a vetran of the Civil War and is buried in the Guernsey Cemetary. I have made several trips to Hope and Emmett in search of more info and will be shortly coming to the MUSEUM in Prescott for further research. I enjoyed my view of your pages and keep up the work.
Comment by William Gary Wray on 1996-12-14 to General.
Thank you for your help in locating my greatgrandmother Fannie Stubblefield and her two children, John T. Stubblefield and Etta Stubblefield Moody and their families. I am researching these families and if anybody has an interest call write. Thanks again for listing the complete De Ann Cemetery. I know it took lots of work.
Comment by Thomas R. Chapman ( on 1996-11-23 to General.
Great page!! You even had my family's obscure "Clark Cemetery" detailed in your listing. Impressive. I am researching the Clark, Thorpe, Blankenship, Harvin (as in Harvin Hill) and all related families of Nevada county.
Comment by Jonelle Beck on 1996-08-15 to General.
The Nevada Co page is exactly what a County page should look like. In just a couple of minutes the cemetery listings were able to verify several things I had suspected. Researching JACKSON, JARVIS, FINCHER, and BUSTIN.
Comment by Steve Martonak on 1996-07-15 to General.

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