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I was born in Gurdon, Arkansas but now live in Seattle, Washington. I enjoy reading your publication and keeping up on the local happenings. I am trying to find some information on my biological father Frank Rivers who died in 1972 and is buried in Prescott. I am looking for old newspaper publications that may have information about his singing career or him personally. I was in town in April and visited the Depot and received some information but am looking for more. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Having been so young when he passed away I do not know much about him and am trying to learn more. If you can point me in the right direction as to who I should contact that would be great. I am also trying to locate some of the records he put out during his career. Any ideas of where I can get them in the Arkansas area. His group was called the Gospel 4.
Comment by Swannee Rivers ( on 1999-12-15 to General.

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