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The lady standing next to Mrs. O'Holloran (2nd from the right)with the dark hair is my Grandmother Pearl May Barksdale who assisted Mrs. O'Holloran in running the hotel. Pearl May Barksdale married Samuel Eugene Nalley, however she was actually born in Bluff City. Mr. Nalley owned a dry cleaners which was located where the Napa Automotive Parts Store currently stands in Prescott. Thank you for giving me the chance to identify her for others. I did get to see the photo at the depot museum with Mr. Teeter several years ago. Sincerely, Lethia Jo Roberts-Rosenberg
Comment by Lethia Jo Roberts-Rosenberg ( (Ventura, CA 93007-0728) on 2001-08-12 to Photo "Mrs. O'Holloran and John O'Holloran. ".

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