Jimmy Sampson's Grandmother.
Photo Book 1
This is one of the oldest we have copied. Jimmy Sampson's great-grand mother. Copied from a portrait painted by probably a local artist about 1880. Lady in photo, upper left, is Louisa May Barksdale. We are told the portrait was done before 1880. 1870s

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Posted by Lethia Jo Roberts-Rosenberg (4728rose@msn.com) (Ventura, CA 93007-0728) on 2001-08-12
I am very glad to finally see this picture on the web. The first time I got to view the photo, Mr. Teeter showed it to me at the Depot Museum. I was informed that I am related via my maternal Grandmother-Pearl May Barksdale Nalley, Elizabeth "Liza" May, Laura (Luroa) Alice Briggs May, John May, & Gabriel May. Thank you for sharing! Additional info ref relationship to Louise May Barksdale: I am related also via my maternal Grandmother Pearl May Barksdale/Hezekiah Tigg Barksdale & John Barksdale. My Uncle Virgil Nalley made a special trip a few years ago also to see the photo. He will be very proud to know she is on your web site. Pearl Barksdale was his mother. Thank you so much for allowing other relatives to see the photo on your web site. Sincerely, Lethia Jo Roberts-Rosenberg
Posted by Ijuana Joy Brown Shaver (jshaver2000@yahoo.com) (Hamburg, AR) on 2002-11-04
She is beautiful.