Civil War Veterans Reunion
Photo Book 1
Civil War Veterans re-union sometime in the early 1900's. We know the idenity of about 1/3 of these men. If you can identify anyone please let us know. 1900s

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Posted by George S. Smith ( (2580 Cherry Road, Cabot, Ark. 72023) on 2006-04-20
Man far left with drum is Charles Montgomery Andres. He was a Union soldier (9th Connecticut Infantry), but attending the reunions because a lot of his friends were in the Confederate Army.
Posted by kathy clark ( (hope) on 2006-11-06
My great-grandfather, Hezekiah Barksdale, was shot in the right eye during the Civil War. Could that be him on the bottom, second man on the right side with the foot showing. He had a cane in the picture. Please advise. I want very much to find a picture of him. He died in 1901.
Posted by Jim Mosley ( (Benton, AR) on 2007-06-08
I beleive all of these men were Union Soldiers. This picture was taken at the same reunion as the picture below - Vol 64 No 7. The picture below is the same reunion, but the Confederate Soldiers. My great grandfather is in the picture below.
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-08-28
If you know the identity of about 1/3 of these men could you please tell us who they are and which one is which? Thank you!!
Posted by George S. Smith ( (Emmet AR) on 2017-01-30
The man far right front row is George Marcus Franks. known as Uncle Tip Franks. He was a member of the 22nd Arkansas Volunteers, was captured at Vicksburg and was released upon his promise not to fight any more. He returned to what was then Hempstead County. His niece, Mattie Bright Hamilton married the son of Charles Montgomery Andres, far left with the drum, George Logan Andres.