Early picture of local school
Photo Book 1
A very early picture of local school. Probably about 1900. Among those pictured are: 1st row - Harris Powell, Vernon Stephens, Chase Stephens, Richard White, Ivan Caldwell, unknown, Lester Steed, Mark Blakely, Sam Taylor White, Earl Fairburn (?), Harold Brooks. 2nd row - Ethel Bailey, Elsie Milburn, Beulah Hesterly, Kitty Marshall, Ethel Majors, Marion Aburrow (?), unknown, Mildred Johnson, Marie McKay, Inez Nelson, unknown, unknown. 3rd row - Sue Haltom, Mary McCullough, Daisy Marshall, Jennie Scott, Leola Smith, Verdie Nichols, Gladys Ferguson (?), Bessie Hawkins, Stella Hawkins, unknown, Bessie Barnes. 4th row - Teacher, Miss L. Hardin, unknown, Fred Horne, unknown, Floyd Hubbard, unknown, unknown, Dock Billingsly, Leonard Hamby, Allen Marshall, Saxon Regan, Martin ?. 1890s

Comments about this photo from our web site visitors:
Posted by David White (dwhitegenealogy@yahoo.com) (Denver, Colorado) on 2002-11-11
I saw that a Richard White was pictured here. He is related to my g-g-g-grandfather! He's his son from his second marriage. My g-g-grandfather was John Culpepper White who was Richard's half brother.
Posted by carolyn grisham (cgrisham@hot.rr.com) (waco) on 2003-09-10
I also saw Richard White, his wife Hesterly Johnson was the sister of Fannie Johnson who married Alexander Augustus Generelly and they had three daughters. Gussie, Mabel, & Pauline. If anyone out there has any idea what happened to them please let me know. Alexander was my GGreat Uncle.
Posted by carolyn grisham (cgrisham@hot.rr.com) (waco) on 2003-09-10
I need to correct my commet. Hesterly's husband was Watson W. White, Richard may have been his brother. Sorry.
Posted by Sherry Nelson (sherry.nelson@gmail.com) (Anonymous) on 2006-09-05
One of the girls pictured here, Inez Nelson, is the daughter of my great great grandfather & former Prescott mayor, Guy Nelson. I'm descended from Guy's son, Shelton Nelson. Cheers, Sherry Nelson Philadelphia, PA
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2007-01-06
I am pretty sure that Richard White pictured here is my great-granduncle. His parents were Samuel Thomas and Lula Tamplin. Later, Richard married Gertrude Davis, or "Aunt Trudy".