Little Missouri Bridge.
Photo Book 1
C of C catalog View of Little Missouri River Bridge. See Story of Bridge on file. Additional views of Little Missouri Bridge on opposite page. none

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Posted by Cline Henry ( (Haughton) on 2004-05-15
I have a lot of good memories of swimming just below this bridge and fishing on the river with my grandfather, A. E. McGuire. My father, Dawson Henry, Sr. and I also made a lot of floats down the river bass fishing. Almost lost my sister when she got caught in the swift shoals at the swimming hole just below bridge. I had to catch her before she got into deeper water. We drove down to see the old bridge while at the 45th reunion of the Class of 1958.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-12-15
I also have good memories of this old bridge, the Macedonia Baptist Church in Boughton (black side) had their baptizing there. We also went swimming there and fishing, I was always afraid when we crossed as the bridge made a lot on noise. Wish it was still there, sad to see such a great work of art gone,
Posted by Ijuana Joy Brown Shaver ( (Hamburg) on 2006-12-27
We went to many baptizings and dinner on the ground. It is sad to see it gone. I had crossed it many times.