Mrs. Elizabeth Hay's 5th grade class.
Photo Book 1
Mrs. Elizabeth Hay's 5th grade class, 1950's 1950

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Posted by James Hairston ( (Hope, AR) on 2002-07-16
I recognize Mrs. Hays. I was very fond of her. I have a problem with the photo: During the years this photo was captured, was the Prescott school system not practicing segregation? If so, is the little girl sitting in the left section of the photo not a black child? Could be the quality of the photo itself, creating such an illusion.
Posted by Vanessa A Hopson ( (Grand Blanc) on 2004-05-18
Sorry you have a problem with the photo but pictures do not lie, yes that is a little black angel within that photo. So, I just this is a bit of history for us all.
Posted by James G. Hairston ( (Hope) on 2004-12-16
I just ran across the response to my comment. I had "no problem" with the girl being black...just curious as to why she was sitting in a classroom full of white children, in 1950? I was in the 3rd grade in 1950 (Grammar School), Mrs. Hayes taught the 4th, 5th, or 6th grade (Park Elementary). No black children were enrolled at either school at that time!! I await a correction from anyone...please! James Hairston
Posted by Mary Edington ( (Anonymous) on 2005-01-26
Yes there was a black child enrolled in school at that time. She was mixed, my grandmother taught school there in Prescott for a long time and my father also attended school there. Any more questions?
Posted by charlie weaver ( (fayetteville ga) on 2005-08-27
what was the african americans last name(ie who was father and mother?) also what happened to her after this year as i graduated in 1958 and i dont remember an african american one year ahead of me in any classes. i agree pictures dont lie, but captions CAN.
Posted by charlie weaver ( (fayetteville ga) on 2005-09-01
recd email from Mrs Hays's daughter which stated in part "taught chemistry at Prescott High from around 1938 until after WWII. Ed Smith asked her to teach again but at Middle School in the early 70's. This is a picture of my mother with a 5th grade class that was integrated. This had to be in the70's or 80's." i would trust this as being correct, would like to know exactly what year it is.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-09-15
My father who graduated from Presscott in 1960, has not seen this photo but when I told him about it he said he knew a girl named Bobbi Jean Ledbetter that was mixed that was one or two years ahead of him in school there.