East Elm St. looking north.
Photo Book 1
East Elm St. 1949. Note on right Nevada News office, Nevada Theatre, on left Western Auto and Bank Clock. 1949

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Posted by Ginger Patterson (gingerpatterson@swat.coop) (Anonymous) on 2003-07-17
What great memories these old photos bring back of summers in Prescott going to the Nevada to the movies, to Western Auto to look at toys, to the funeral home to visit "Old Mike" and then across the tracks to Sterlings! Thanks!!! Ginger Porterfield Patterson
Posted by Julia Smith Taylor (jstaylor@ezclick.net) (Anonymous) on 2004-09-18
I would venture to say that this view is facing west since we're on East Elm Street. I, too, remember visits to 'Old Mike' as he stood behind a curtain at the funeral home. Spooky but interesting. He was well cared for. I've wondered if/when they finally got around to burial.
Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2004-11-08
My maiden name is Johnson. My Granddad, Cleburn Johnson, use to take me to the movie at the Nevada. I was only about 5yrs old. I too, remember the guy at the funeral home. I don't guess they ever found his relatives. After the movie we use to go across the track to eat a hamburger.
Posted by Geneva Smith (gsmith3399@comcast.net) (Houston) on 2009-06-18
gsmith3399@comcast.net is my new email
Posted by Alex Ross (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2009-11-12
I thought it was cool to go to google maps and view the differences between now and then. This photo was taken North West from in front of what is now the old Holly's Health Mart. Alex Ross