Stiver's Barber Shop
Photo Book 1
Stiver's Barber Shop, West 1st Street, early 1900's. 1900s

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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-04-15
I found in the 1930 census where Charles Wesley Stivers Jr's occupation was a Barber. he is my grandmother Maud Ellen Stivers Oaks' half brother and a great uncle to me....Sally
Posted by joshua Gann ( (bakersfield) on 2003-09-13
The above comment of Charles Wesley Stivers Jr was incorrect. His name is Charles Everett Stivers and he is a half brother to my grandmother Maud Ellen Stivers Oaks, and he was a Barber listed in the 1930 United States Census. Sorry for incorrect information..Sally