Oil well on Dr. Al Buchannan's farm.
Photo Book 1
Oil Well drilling on Dr. Al Buchannan's farm south of Prescott. Last Oil Drilling in North Nevada Co. 1950 (?) 1950s

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Posted by James Daniels (jdaniels@uaccb.cc.ar.us) (Batesville, Ark) on 2002-01-21
From the photo, this looks like a very modern rig for that time. It has a Lee C. Moore triple mast, upper and lower doghouses; a 15'substructure; 4.5 inch drill pipe. The photo must have been taken in the winter since the rig is fitted with tarps. The depth capability of this rig would have been 10 or 12 thousand feet; however,the depth there was probably much less. The Ark Oil and Gas Commission would have records of the hole--depth and findings.