Photo of names for vol 76 no 12
Photo Book 1
Names for the above photo. Front Row - Ruel Oliver, George Teat Jr., Verna Marie Porter. Second Row - Conrad White, Ameta Sue Ward, Watson Porter, Hazel Helen Murrah, Buddy Coleman, Donald Cawsnaugh. Third Row - Bill Yancey, Charles Waters, Thomas Logan, Denton Robinson, Unknown, William Curtis Ward. Fourth Row - Merlin L. Sanders, Elwood Robinson, Gus Woodul, ???? Wallace, Betty Tetter, Carolyn Ella Murrah, Russell Steed, Warren Porter. Fifth Row - Bobby Highsmith, William Cottingham, Limuel Ray Eley, Otis Ledbetter, Unknown, Billy Wallace, ???? Marsh. Photo supplied by W. A. 'Billy Bob' Yancey. 1939

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Posted by Kathy Nasworthy ( (Salt Lake City) on 2003-07-30
The trombone player at the top right of the picture is my father, James Wallis Marsh.