Undefeated Prescott Aggies
Photo Book 2
Same photo as Vol - 52 - No 19. A game with Pine Bluff in late 1921 caused a Little Rock Sports Reporter to write that the Prescott Team fought like "Curly Wolves" ! This Name has followed the Prescott Team ever since. 1921

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Posted by Phillips Bourns (phillipsbourns@hotmail.com) (St. Paul, MN) on 2008-09-24
My uncle, J. Phil Burns is on the bottom row, third from the left. I have an additional "portrait" of him in uniform, taken, it appears in 1921-22. He is listed here as Phill Burns. My mother's maiden name is Agnes Burns, also of Prescott - along with her other siblings, 7 in all. She married Otis Theodore Bourns (pronounced Burns) of DeQueen, Arkansas in 1934. Her mother's maiden name was Dolly Pearl Phillips, thus comes my name Phillips Monroe Bourns. My mom went by the name Burns Bourns. I would like to hear from anybody whose father was on this football team. Phil Bourns