Laneburg School, 1925.
Photo Book 2
Laneburg School, 1925.
Front Row - Sam Adams, Dera Johnson, Arte Jones, Ruth Gann,Frank Carnes, Adams, Woodrow McGough,Mary Jane Gann, Edgar Daniel, Natalie Martin and Milford Daniel.
Second Row - Harlee Steed, Julie Jones, Delma Bolls, Jewel Fore, W. C. Woosley, Ina (sister) Vaden, Lloyd Sampson, Alta Purtle, William (son) Vaden, Nina Nelms and Carl Mitchell-teacher.
Third Row - Arl Daniel, Minnie Carnes, Alice Purtle, Arlis Adams, Hazel Daniel, J. T. Adams, Esther Ruth Sampson,Elon Almand, Vernie Davis, Muriel Mann and Bonnie Nelms. 1925

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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-08-18
Laneburg School 1925 Description of picture does not fit. Picture is of football team. It gives girls names also. I would really like to see the correct picture, as my father-in-law,Arte Jones is listed in it. He will be 90 yrs. old this month.
Posted by Noel Parrish ( (Dalton, GA) on 2009-03-01
My grandfather (Harlee Steed) is supposed to be in the picture. Please, please, please correct it so that I could see it! Thank you for a wonderful site!