Roy's Cafe
Photo Book 2
Line of Customers in Roy's Cafe, favorite eating place during 1940's and 1950's. On West 1st St in Prescott. Photo furnished by Teri Hughes. 1940s

Comments about this photo from our web site visitors:
Posted by Roy Tarkington III ( (Shreveport, LA) on 2001-05-26
It was surprising to see my grandpa (Papa Roy) on the Internet. Roy's name still carries on; I named my son Roy the IV.
Posted by Mona Guilliams ( (Alexandria La 71303) on 2001-08-22
The last three ladies toward the back of this picture look like my Mother and her two sisters. Their names were Velma Clark, Chrisine Barham and Marie Ridling. I would love to hear from anyone that would know for sure.
Posted by Terri Ridling Vandiver (tvan (Prescott) on 2001-11-26
The last lady is definitely my grandmother, (Gammy)Marie Ridling. The other two ladies are her sisters. The first one looks like Aunt Gil( Gillie Mae Cummings). The one in the middle is harder to recognize, but probably Aunt Vel (Velma Clark).
Posted by Nick Jones ( (Malvern, AR) on 2002-02-18
Thank you, Nevada Co. Depot Museum, for the photo of my (grandfather Roy B. Tarkington) Papa Roy's Cafe. Papa Roy and Ethel made the best cheeseburgers in the world (in my young eyes); Papa also had the WORLD'S GREATEST CHILI. Sadly, he never got around to telling anybody his recipe, and it died with him. My Mother, her sister, and their brothers have spent YEARS trying to re-create the chili recipe and the biscuit recipe. Thanks again for the smile!