Prescott Gymnasium
Photo Book 2
Prescott Gymnasium corner of West Elm & 3rd St. One of the finest basketball courts in the state from 1936 - 1950's. 1940s

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Posted by Joyce Boone (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2005-05-25
This gym was still in use in 1962 when the "Wolverettes" won the district championship and went to state. This was the first ladies team from Prescott to do so.
Posted by Cathy Cox Straley ( (McKinney TX) on 2006-08-29
The old gym was used as a roller skating rink in the early 1960s for a couple of years and the old wooden basketball flooring was wonderful for skaters. I have many fondly-remembered memories of hours circling that floor! And I'll never forget that sound of dozens of skates rolling over that hollow-sounding floor.while "This Diamond Ring" and other great tunes played loudly over the loud speakers.
Posted by Dawson Cline Henry, Jr. ( (Haughton, LA) on 2007-04-15
I was the basketball manager for the years 1956 and 1957, when Julius Adams and Terrell Calhoun were coaches. Remember winning the District and going to State Tournament. Never forget working on my own time on Saturday's washing uniforms and clean dressing areas. The wooden floor was a very new floor and was one of the best in Arkansas. I also worked in the Time Clock booth and recorded shots made and location shots taken. Information used by coaches. Wrapped a lot of ankles and folded and handed out a lot of uniforms for the games. Good memories.