Photo Book 2
These are people and events in the Sutton, Siloam and Antioch area during the early 1900's. Caption under 45 - No 24-A : This is a picture of The Confederate Soldiers Reunion held Serepta Springs each year. Photo made about 1920. Among identified T. P. Callicott, J. K. Waddell, Demp Hagard, Jake Cross, Tip Franks, Bro. ???? Methodist Minister and Thomas Alsobrook. These photos furnished by Mrs. Alton Murrah. 1900s

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Posted by Lynn Huber ( (Texas) on 2002-11-15
Thomas Alsobrook is the son of Lewis Alsobrook and Alisa Martin of Talbot County, Georgia, and the nephew of Seaborn Jones Martin and Robert Douglas Martin, said to be sons of Robert D. Martin and Elizabeth Jones.
Posted by Gary Galloway ( (Monroe) on 2003-08-28
The man with the drum is Charles M. Andres, father of the late G.L. Andres of the Sutton community.
Posted by sandra knops ( (san diego) on 2008-07-28
Which one is J.K. Waddle?