The McKinnon Family who lived near Pleasant Hill
Photo Book 2
Family picture of the McKinnons who lived near Pleasant Hill in the early years of this century (1900s). Top Row, l to r; - Dudley McKinnon, & son John, Mary Vaughn McKinnon, Vern Buchannan, Annie Buchannan, Asberry McKinnon and Ern Pittman.
Middle Row (behind chairs) - Neil McKinnon, Emma McKinnon Crane, Minnie McKinnon Buchannan, Ern Buchannan & Daughters.
Seated - "Grandpa" Hector McKinnon & "Grandma" ____ ____ Sutton McKinnon.
Children, L to R - Bessie Buchannan Porter, Mildred Buchannan, Maggie McKinnon Stone, ____ , ____ , Infant Audie Pittman Martin, ____ and Coy McKinnon.

Comments about this photo from our web site visitors:
Posted by Sandra McKinnon Loridans ( (Laguna, Mexico) on 2001-05-21
Seated: "Grandma" is Sarah Eliza Sutton McKinnon (daughter of Asbury Sutton and Anna Mouser).
Posted by Laura (Garner) Masten ( (Lubbock, TX) on 2001-09-21
The unidentified little girl to the right of Sarah Elizabeth (Sutton) McKinnon is Roma Lee (Cross) Garner. The daughter of Amanda (Sutton) and Hiram Buchanan "Buck" Cross. She was born 11 July 1900 and eight days later her mother, Amanda died. So she was raised by her aunt Sarah (Sutton) McKinnon. I believe, this picture is probably taken in about 1904.