Gem Theatre on West 1st Street.
Photo Book 3
The Gem Theatre, R. B. Hardy, West 1st Street. 1900 - 1950. 1950

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Posted by Dennis White ( (Jonesboro, AR 72401) on 2002-05-28
I remember going to the Jewel in the 50s. They sold only popcorn, and they played old movies -- "shoot 'em ups" we called them. I also saw my first Tarzan movie there, and several Jungle Jim movies. dw
Posted by Dawson Cline Henry, Jr. (cline, (Haughton, LA) on 2007-04-15
I spent many hours on Saturday's, watching cowboy moves and jungle movies. A coke and a bag of popcorn was what I usually got when I went in. I would do this every Saturday when I went home with Jerry Garner. I would go home with him on the school bus and spend the night with him. Then we would get up on Saturday morning, play and get ready to go to town. The movie was our babysitter while our mothers did their shopping. Daddy owned half of Dalrymple and Henry on the other side of Buchanan's Drug Store and I got my hair cuts at Fore's Barber Shop by Ralph or Shorty Fore.