C of C Banquet in 1960s welcoming Robbins Mfg. Co.
Photo Book 3
Early 1960's. Welcome Banquet for Robbins Mfg. Co. Made vinyl flooring in the present Firestone Plant. Annice and Everett Ward are 2nd and 3rd from left. Who are the others? 1960s

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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2003-07-12
The other persons in the picture are starting from the left, Odell Roden ( Robbins Mfg.,) Barbara Roden(deceased), Mr. & Mrs. Everett Ward, and Ruby Jean Palmer, Billy W. Palmer(Robbins Mfg. Vice President) (Deceased) Mr. & Mrs. Palmer are my parents. Thank you so much for this website and I really was excited to see this picture. Phillip W. Palmer