American Legion Hut.
Photo Book 1
Pictures on these two pages are of the American Legion Hut, built in 1934. This was the only Social or Community Center for most of the 1930, 1940 and 1950's. News paper is Prescott Daily News, dated Monday, March, 5, 1934. 1940s

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Posted by J.C. Ridling ( (Amity) on 2005-01-13
This was a place of business for Mr. Sid Peachey. He worked for the State, and would help Korean War widows receive assistance. I believe this picture was made about 1960, as the sign has been removed from a top the chimney, and the stone well has been removed. Also tree has been cut, and the original dark logs have been painted. Termites and rot finally made the structure unstable, and it was finally demolished. It was located on East First between the old Peters house, ( which currently houses the SWADC), and the old skating rink.