Names of Class of 1933.
Photo Book 3
Names of Senior class of 1933.
Front Row L to R - Autsel Ussery, Ollie Mae Thornton, Thomas Lavender, Dudley Gordon, Ruth Huskey, Margaret Grimes, Connie Frizzell, Geneva Erwin, Sidney Earl Forrester, Jamie Stuart, George Hershel Cox, Helen Munn and Ethel Harris. Second Row - Dudley Rouse, unknown, unknown, Wilma Woosley, Helen Ruth Evans, Sammie Sewell, Mary Isabelle Hamb and Horace Russell. Third Row - Coach Carl Dalrymple, Viola Coates, Everett Jones, Rae Hawley, Daisey Pearle Newth, Isolene Bolls, Edna Smeltzer, William Roy Britt, Samuel Jones, Bobbie Orr, Cleo Grimes and Frances Newth. See vol 87 no 19, 20, 21 and 22 for more information. 1933

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Posted by Anonymous (Anonymous) (Anonymous) on 2008-03-06
A name correction: It should be Autrel Ursery, he was my uncle.