Privacy Policy

To set your preference(s) to receive e-mail or postal mail from us:
  • "Sign In"
  • "Edit My Info"
  • On the line(s) labeled "Permissions: OK for Nevada County Depot and Museum to send...", respond "Yes, I want to Opt-In".
If you want to stop receiving mailings, choose, "No, I want to Opt-Out".

When you set your preference(s) to messages from us:
You and others choosing the preference(s) may be sent ocassional "bulk" mailings containing:
  • information typically sought by persons visiting the our web site or the museum,
  • notes about our activities, and
  • fund raising requests
We do not release your address information to third parties.

It's possible others may get your address(es) from our site:
  • Our web site has routines to allow users to search for information.
  • The results of those searches include your contact information when you select "Yes, Show when matched" (previously just "Yes" under the "Publish" column) next to the "Name", "Address", "City"/"State"/"ZIP-Code", "E-mail", and "Surnames or Comments" sections of the "Edit My Info" form.
In these cases other web site visitors can see, or computer programs may find, your contact information. Remember, that is only with your permission.

If you stop receiving e-mails:
If we send an e-mail to you and it "bounces" back to us, we:
  • mark your address as "bounced",
  • change the preference to receive e-mail to "No"
  • remove the Opt-In request and verification information.
If you want to receive e-mail, correct your e-mail address and confirm the e-mail we send to you.

We seldom send postal mail, but if we send mail to you and it returned to us, we:
  • edit or remove your address, city, state and ZIP-Code information,
  • change the preference to receive postal mail to "No".
Enter valid information and change the preference to "Yes" to begin receiving mailings, again.