1871 - March - Nevada was the 67th county formed in the State.
1871 - March 25 - George W. White aged 18 and Miss Sarah F. Loe aged 15 were married by Rev. Wm. McDaniell. This was the first marriage in Nevada County.
1871 - May 4 - The first liquor dealers licenses in Nevada County were issued to Drake Giles and Company and W.W. Atkinson both in Falcon and to S.S. Brooks at Moscow.
1871 - May 8 - The first court was held at Mt. Moriah.
1871 - August 8 - John W. Meek was appointed county attorney at a salary of $400 per year.
1871 - W.H. Prescott was the first county surveyor for Nevada County.
1871 - D.C. Tuttle was the first County Judge of Nevada County. He resigned and J.W. Meeks was appointed.
1871 - T.W. Hammon was the first Treasurer of Nevada County.
1871 - J.S. Vandegriff was the first sheriff of Nevada County.
1871 - Samuel Weaver was the first coroner of Nevada County.
1871 - John Meeks was the first tax assessor of Nevada County.
1872 - E. Rocket was the county surveyor from 1872 - 1874.
1873 - October 21 - The voting precinct in Missouri township was by the county court changed from Moscow to Prescott.
1873 - December 10 - Governor Elisha Baxter appointed W.H. Prescott "Superintendent of Public Instruction of Nevada County.
1873 - J. Boltensphuger operated a shoe shop in Prescott in 1873.
1874 - April - The first Sunday School in Prescott was nondenominational. It was organized by Saml. A. Reppy and Mrs. T.W. Keys, Mrs. R.K. Garland and Miss Mary Green were teachers. The classes were held in Ansley's Academy on West Main street.
1874 - December 11 - Governor A.H. Garland appointed George W. Sherman as "Superintendent of Public Instruction of Nevada County.
1874 - John B'Shears operated a grocery store and shoe shop on West Main street.
1874 - From 1874 until 1883 town elections were held on the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.
1874 - T.W. Key operated a blacksmith shop on West Main Street.
1874 - The tax books for Nevada County show the assessed value of all real property in Nevada County at $745,645.00 and the total taxes charged against real property $16,799.60. The assessed value for all lots in Prescott in 1874 was $16,770.00 and the total tax collected was $293.43.
1874 - Eldridge Brown was a drayman in Prescott.
1875 - January 4 - the County Court carved Boughton township out of Missouri township and the town of Boughton was made a voting precinct.
1875 - May 20 - Mr. Geo. W. Terry was postmaster from May 20, 1875 to July 5, 1876.
1875 - Novemer 2 - Prescott's vote on liquor licenses was 33 for liquor license, 21 against liquor license.
1876 - July 5 - Augustus B. Parsons was postmaster at Prescott from July 5, 1876 to May 7, 1877.
1876 - From 1876 - 1881 circuit courts were held in Nevada County on the fourteenth Mondays after the first Mondays in March and September.
1876 - Moses Winter, as agent for Hopkins & Winter, operated a store on West First street and sold dry goods, groceries and plantation supplies.
1876 - W.D. Johnson edited the Prescott News in 1876 and 1877.
1876 - The Prescott Dispatch was started by John P. Faggan and E.A. Warren.
1876 - W.B. Waller was a member of the town council in 1876, 1877, 1878, 1899, 1900 and 1903.
1876 - The Cairo and Fulton Railroad became the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad.
1876 - W.J. Ford and Daniel O'Leary were Justices of the Peace at Prescott.
1876 - Daniel O'Leary was a dealer in groceries, dry goods, boots, shoes and general merchandise in Prescott.
1877 - January - J.R. White, sheriff reported to the county court that on November 19, 1877 he had sold county property at Rosston as follows: Sheriff's office to E.J. Barksdale for $13.00; Clerk's office to E.J. Barksdale for $33.50; County jail to E.J. Barksdale for $50; Court house to J.J. McClure for $35; Forty acres of land to Peter Brimberry for $80.20.
1877 - March - T.H. Bascom purchased the Prescott News and in May changed its name to The Clipper.
1877 - May 7 - Geo. W. Terry returned as postmaster on May 7, 1877 until April 26, 1881.
1877 - July 3 - C.M. Norwood was appointed County School Examiner.
1877 - August 14 - The county records were moved from Rosston to Prescott.
1877 - December 10 - James K. Young was Judge of the First Circuit Court held in Prescott.
1877 - December - Ed Hood was bailiff for the first grand jury to convene in Prescott.
1877 - Capt. Joe White built a livery stable on East Main street opposite the present Baptist church later selling out to C.H. Carr and T.K. Edwards who were operating it in 1879.
1877 - C. Marsh was depot agent in Prescott.
1877 - R.W. Stubblefield was constable of the Missouri township.
1877 - Prescott School District No. 14 was organized and Rev. T.W. Hayes was the first principal. The millage was 2 1/2 mills.
1877 - Thomas C. McRae was elected Representative.
1877 - Town officers in 1977 were: John C. Green, Mayor; Wm. D. Johnson, Recorder; Daniel O'Leary, Treasurer; Clarence W. McGill, Marshal; Aldermen: James B. Milner, W.L. Webb, W.B. Waller, John Hawkins, and R.J. Barnes.
1878 - September 7 - Dan O'Leary was Mayor of Prescott from September 7, 1878 to April 1, 1879.
1878 - December 6 - The Baney Circus showed in Prescott.
1878 - Prescott's first Board of Health was: Doctors J.D.Jordan; R.E. Arnold; D.J. Prather and T.L. Darby
1879 - January 9 - P.K. Savage was removed from the office of Recorder and Thomas C. McRae was elected for the unexpired term.
1879 - F.O. Pledger operated a harness shop and sold dog collars to the town of Prescott.
1879 - Smoothe and McRae were city attorneys of Prescott in 1879.
1879 - Waller, Blake and Company had a store on East First street.
1879 - The legislature by an Act in 1879 tried to attach
1879 - R.V.F. Carter and Wm. Thomas operated a blacksmith shop in town.
1880 - Nevada County had a population of 12,959.
1880 - In the election of 1890 in the liquor question Missouri township voted dry and Boughton, Emmet, Jackson, Redland, and Union townships voted wet. Prescott had no saloons during 1881 and 1882.
1881 - September 2 - E.A. Warren, Mayor of Prescott, fined James Flood, conductor of a gravel train $5.00 for blocking a street crossing.
1881 - September 5 - Norman & B'Shears sold the town a lock for the cememtary gate for $1.50.
1881 - October 10 - The town of Prescott paid Brad Scott $3.50 for blankets for the calaboose (jail).
1881 - December 31 - The Norman and Burns three story building on West First street was destroyed by fire.
1881 - E.A. Warren was Mayor of Prescott.
1881 - Dr. E.P. Hale operated a drug store on West Main street.
1881 - Key, Melson and Company were in the mercantile business in Prescott.
1881 - The following doctors were in Prescott in 1881: Wm. E. Arnold, W.W. Edwards, T.L. Darby, W.K. Bass, J.A. Pipkin, R.E.Arnold, J.D. Jordan, J.T. Sloan, R.L. Hinton, D.J. Prather.
1882 - In this year J.C. Hays, James A. McCuller, and Albert Milner were Judges and Will Warren and C.C. Hamby were clerks of the town election.
1882 - B. Ammonett was constable of the Missouri township.
1882 - Atkinson and Webber had a law office on West Main Street.
1882 - Driggs and Company's Bank was located on East First street.
1882 - F.M. Smyth was Mayor of Prescott in 1882 and 1883.
1883 - April 21 - Foster-Logan Hardware Company was incorporated with W.Y. Foster, president; B.H. Logan, secretary-treasurer; other stockholders were Mrs. Ella McRae, Thomas C. McRae, and Mrs. Amelia A. McRae.
1883 - April 27 - Arlington Concert Company showed in Prescott.
1883 - June 5 - S.A. Scott sold the town an office chair for $2.50.
1883 - August 8 - The town paid Z.T. Grayson $60.00 for building a calaboose (jail).
1883 - November 29 - The John B. Davis Circus showed at Prescott.
1883 - December 4 - the town paid F. Machen, J.C. Hays and C.W. Fewell $2.00 each for inspecting residential flues.
1883 - R.F. Carter was constable of Missouri township.
1883 - Prof. S.H. Pope was superintendent of the Prescott school during this time.
1883 - Lee Clow was postmaster at Prescott from 1883 until 1885.
1884 - February 2 - the town of Prescott paid H.V. Scott twenty-five cents for hauling.
1884 - W.J. Blake was county treasurer from 1884 to 1886 and from 1902 - 1904.
1884 - April 8 - The town paid Ben Gorman forty cents to remove a dead hog from the streets.
1884 - April 20 - Professor Seeman gave an exhibition in Prescott.
1884 - April 20 - A "see-saw" exhibition was given in Prescott.
1884 - J.T. Cossett was county surveyor from 1884 until 1886.
1884 - Prescott School Faculty: G.W. Conger, principal; Mrs Carrie Hinton; Mrs. Ella McRae; Miss Ermma Kirkland; Miss Mattie Ownes, Miss M.E. Connevey.
1884 - S.S. Brooks was coroner of Nevada County from 1884-1886.
1884 - George Terry was county clerk from 1884 to 1888.
1885 - March 6 - John M. Milburn fell through a plank sidewalk on West Main street near the place of J.P. Bell and skinned his left shin. He sued the town of Prescott for $400 damages and got a judgement for four dollars.
1885 - May 4 - the town paid Allen and Marquand $300.00 for the balance due on the purchase price of the town park.
1885 - September 15 - J.M. Pittman sold the town of Prescott a pump for a well for $28.
1885 - November - Dudley B. Madden and R. Lee Montgomery were licensed to practice law in Nevada County.
1885 - Richmond and Steele were lumber dealers at Prescott in 1885.
1885 - W.B. White and J.W. Gardner were owners of the Nevada Picayune.
1885 - Phil Dedman (African American) was a member of the town council in 1885.
1885 - Thomas C. McRae succeeded James K. Jones as Congressman from the old Third District and served from 1885 until 1903.
1886 - May 18 - in Circuit Court W.M. White secured a judgment against the town fro $25.00 damages on account of skinning a skin when he fell through a plank sidewalk in front of Pittman and Carr's store on East First street. The sidewalk was six feet wide and two feet high.
1886 - George B. McGraw was constable of Missouri township in 1886.
1886 - Rudolph and Bro. Store burned in March 1886.
1886 - John M. Pittman was county judge from 1886 - 1888.
1886 - Leslie P. Ross and Guy Nelson were law partners at Prescott in 1886.
1887 - May 4 - Nevada Circuit Court granted Jay Burns license to practice law.
1887 - Montgomery, Madden and Montgomery were law partners at Prescott in 1887.
1887 - Milner and Milburn were in the drug business on West First street.
1887 - G.R. Haynie was mayor in 1887 and again from 1902 to 1905.
1889 - January 5 - The Prescott Alliance Wheel Exchange was organized with George A. Robinson, president; Alfred B. Luck, vice-president; Edwin F. Gee, secretary; and William Gee Treasurer. Its purpose was to buy and sell goods, wares and merchandise and manufacture wagons, buggies and other farm implements.
1889 - March 30 - Zachariah T. Grayson was postmaster from March 30, 1889 until March 30, 1893.
1889 - November 19 - Sells Bros. Circus showed at Prescott.
1889 - November 27 - The minutes of the city council meeting recite "Complaint was made that the marshal has so many irons in the fire that he is neglecting the town's business and it was ordered that the marshal be required to look after the street work."
1889 - Rev. John B. Cason was pastor of the Methodist church in 1889.
1889 - G.W. Hornaday sold tea and coffee in Prescott.
1889 - The post office was in a wooden building on West First street between Main and Elm Streets.
1889 - B.C. Jones was depot agent at Prescott in 1889.
1890 - February 14 - The United Party of Virtue of America organized a chapter in Prescott with Chester F. Harlan as G.C.
1890 - December 30 - Prescott Hardware Company was organized with J.M. Pittman, Jno. M. Milburn, A.M Denmen, W.B. Waller, J.C. Young, W.J. Bintley, W.H. Terry and Sam Dunn as stockholders.
1890 - B.F. Amonett and A.T. Cathey ran a store on West Main Street.
1890 - S.T. Boyd (African American) was City Recorder in 1890.
1890 - J.M. Denman and Bro. had a hardware store on West First street.
1890 - Dr. R.L. Powers was local manager for Southwest Arkansas Abstract Company.
1891 - March 23 - Nevada County Bank was organized with W.H. Terry, W.V. Tompkins, and O.B. Gordon and J.S. Regan as stockholders.
1891 - April 22 - George P. Smoote, a leading lawyer in Prescott, died.
1891 - May 1 - Farmers Alliance and Industrial Union Warehouse Company and Exchange was organized with S.S. Brooks, president; Allen Francisco, vice president; and G.W.L. Kanawah, secretary and treasurer. Its purpose was to buy and sell dry goods, groceries, supplies, grain, cotton, hardware, and the manufacture of cotton yarns and rope.
1891 - July 11 - the Ozan Lumber Company was incorporated with Benjamin Whitaker, president; W.H. Butler, vice-president; and W.G. Harrington, secretary and treasurer.
1891 - December 30 - The Logan Hardware Company was organized with the following stockholders: C.C. and L.H. McSwain, Mrs. A.C. Orr, C.F. Wingfield, B.H. Logan, J.T. Sharp, and Alfred A.Burrow.
1891 - H. Volz was depot agent at Prescott in 1891.
1891 - J.A. McCuller was town Marshal.
1891 - W.B. Waller, Albert Milner, R.L. Powers, Jim P. Copeland and W.V. Tompkins were members of the Board of Directors of the Prescott and Northwestern Railroad.
1891 - Until 1891, Nevada County was in the 8th Judicial District.
1891 - W.H. Terry operated a general merchandise store on West First street and W.T. Hart, W.W. White, J.K. Hamilton, and Uncle Josh Moore were his clerks.
1892 - July 5 - The city council passed and ordinace prohibiting the running at large of hogs in Prescott.
1892 - August - "Clyclone" Davis spoke at Prescott.
1892 - September - C.W. Elkins resigned as alderman and C.E. Shankle took his term.
1892 - September 21 - The Arkansaw Lumber Company was incorporated with George Taylor, president; W.H. Terry, vice-president; and W.B. Ferguson, secretary and treasurer.
1892 - City Board of Health was doctors R.L. Hinton, W.E. Arnold, A. Harris, W.C. Wingfield, E.R. Armistead, J.M.F. Gill.
1892 - Otis L. Moncrief was a member of the town council.
1892 - R.E. Wood defeated Guy Nelson for Mayor, 171 to 88.
1892 - Town officers in 1892 were: Mayor, F.M. Smith; Recorder, W.R. White, Jr.; Treasurer, O.B. Gordon; Marshal, Mose Winters; Aldermen, C.W. Elkins, Chas. Wingfield, O.R.F. Whitten, O.L. Moncrief and J.M. Powell. C.E. Shankle succeeded C.W. Elkins in September and W.B. White succeeded Mose Winters as Marshal.
1892 - W.V. Tompkins was presidential elector in 1892.
1893 - March 30 - Crawford B. Andrews was appointed postmaster at Prescott until June 9, 1907.
1893 - May - A Knights of Pythias Lodge was organized in Prescott.
1893 - W.L. Shadrack resigned as alderman in 1893 and Hugh Moncrief was elected.
1894 - W.N. Bemis was president and Rudolph Pasch was secretary of the Ozan Lumber Company.
1894 - W.R. White, Jr. defeated N.B.Ware for Recorder 132 to 65.
1894 - Town offices elected in 1894 were: Mayor, R.L. Moore; Recorder, W.R. White, Jr.; Treasurer, O.B. Gordon; Aldermen, W.T. Williamson, J.C. Young, Wat White, Chas. Wingfield, O.R. McDaniel.
1894 - W.J. Blake and B.H. Logan were elected school directors in the Prescott district.
1895 - January 8 - Citizen's Bank was incorporated with J.T. Brooks, president; C.C. Hamby, vice-president; J.M. Pittman, secretary and treasurer; other stockholders were Dr. A. Harris, Lizzie Briggs, Brad Scott, C.L. McKenzie and Dr. J.W. Peeples.
1895 - December 14 - Prescott's Fire District was created by ordinance.
1895 - M. Levi Moore was town Marshal in 1895 and again in 1899.
1896 - G.D.Gathright defeated John Milburn for Recorder of Prescott 133 to 60.
1897 - Prescott School Faculty 1897 was: P.L. Burrow, principal; Misses Noras Blake, Annie Carrigan, Maude Hayes, Jennie Jordan, Annie Watson, Ada Cantley.
1897 - J.L. Eagle was town alderman in 1897 and 1898.
1898 - August - W.T. Hart was chief of the first fire department organized on this date.
1898 - Town officers in 1898 were: Mayor, J. M. Price until July and O.B. Gordon after July; Recorder, R.P. Arnold; Marshal, D.B. Thompson; Treasurer, P.S. Harrell; Aldermen, W.G. Stainton, R.L. Blakely, Dan Delahoyde, J.L. Eagle and M.W. Greeson.
1898 - The stand pipe erected in 1898 was 12 feet in diameter and 100 feet high.
1899 - April 28 - The A. Monson warehouse occupied by F.R. Thorburn and Company was destroyed by fire.
1899 - G.R. Haynie was State Senator from 1899 to 1903.
1900 - April 19 - Sam Owens was elected Superintendent of the water and light plant.
1900 - May - Bush & Nelson's law office was destroyed by fire.
1900 - July 21 - Prescott's first High School, Tom Allen High School was burned.
1900 - November 14 - Wilburn Mack resigned as City Marshall and George Hale, constable of Missouri township, was employed to do the work of the marshal.
1900 - December - C.C. Hamby resigned as alderman and W.N. Bemis was elected and also served in 1901 and 1902.
1900 - Wilburn Mack was city marshal of Prescott.
1900 - Capt. W.J. Blake was city treasurer from 1900 to 1905.
1900 - Offices of the Circuit Clerk and the County Clerk were separated in 1900 when T.R. Wright was elected as Circuit Clerk and Nat Martin was elected as County Clerk.
1900 - Prescott had a population of 2,005.
1901 - T.L. Bayne was president and M.C. Bayne was secretary and treasurer of the Southwest Arkansas Telephone Company.
1901 - Dr. W.W. Rice was City Physician in 1901 and again in 1910.
1901 - The City Board of Health was Adam Guthrie, J.M.F. Gill, W.R. Bathurst, S.J. Hesterly and W.W. Rice.
1902 - W.A. McMillian was elected City Recorder, served one month and resigned and J.T. Burns was elected by the council.
1902 - Prescott School Faculty: C.G. Slayton, superintendent; Annie Dawson; Allen Bascom; Annie Harley; Nannie Warren, Ruth Warren, E.M. Christopher, Mrs. P.F. Chappell.
1902 - Officers of the Nevada County Medical Society in 1902: J.M.F. Gill, president; W.R. Bathurst, vice-president; W.W. Rice, secretary and treasurer. Dr. E.R. Armistead was honorary corresponding member.
1903 - January 4 - Jacob Suckle's store on West Main street was destroyed by fire.
1903 - April 1 - Prescott Rural Routes were established.
1903 - May - Dr. J. M.F. Gill attended the American Medical Society at New Orleans as a representative of the Nevada County Medical Society.
1903 - P.F. Chappell was Representative in the Legislature in 1903 and 1904.
1903 - Members of the Prescott Fire Department were: Brad Hamilton, Tom Hitt, Clyde Marsh, Jack Grayson, Dee Scott, Randolph Hamby, Hugh McDaniel, Fred Powell, W. Williams, Tom Moody, Henry Slaughter, Jay Stainton.
1904 - October 21 - The Episcopal Church Building on East 2nd and Vine streets was destroyed by fire in the afternoon.
1905 - October 21 - W.R. Bathhurst sold Howell Drug Store to J.W. Baker.
1905 - George Stainton resigned as superintendent of the Prescott Water and Light Plant.
1905 - A.M. Denman was elected City Recorder in 1905 and declined to serve. Sam C. Logan was then elected in his stead by the council.
1905 - Montgomery and Husky were bankers in Prescott.
1905 - G.L. Wilson operated a cotton exchange in the back room of the Citizens Bank Building.
1905 - Officers of the Nevada County Medical Society in 1905 were: President, W.W. Rice; Vice-President, C.S. Dickinson; Secretary Treasurer, Adam Guthrie.
1906 - February 1 - Nevada County Rifles Company F 2nd Arkansas Regiment State Guards was reorganized with J. Lindell Lee, Captain; Ben F. Johnson, 1st Lieut.; and Clifton P. Arnold, 2nd Lieut.
1906 - February 4 - Train no. 7, fast mail, on the Missouri Pacific Railroad made its first run through Prescott.
1906 - February 4 - Prescott Furniture Company and the Junction City Lumber Company were destroyed by fire.
1906 - May 26 - Josh Elkins was drowned in the Little Missouri River.
1906 - June 14 - Squire Smith (African American) was hanged in Prescott for the murder of John Gleghorn.
1906 - September 14 - DeAnn Cemetary Association was organized with Mrs. J.C. Young, president; Mrs. P.S. Harrell, vice-president; Mrs. E.R. Armistead, secretary; and Mrs. M.F. Gill, treasurer
1906 - December 4 - McDaniel Hardware Company building West Main and 2nd streets was destroyed by fire.
1906 - Prescott School Faculty in 1906 - 1907 was: O.L. Dunaway, principal; P.F. Chappel, T.E. Guerin; Misses Irene Royston; Em Christopher, Ruby McCaskill and Anna Hale.
1907 - January 1 - O.J. Cantley resigned as city marshal and Clyde Marsh was elected.
1907 - May 15 - Walter Hirst began working at the postoffice on this date.
1907 - H.B. McKenzie was State Senator from 1907 until 1911.
1907 - The major motion picture show in Prescott was the "Electric Theatre."
1907 - Dr. G.O. Marsh was president of the Nevada County Medical Society.
1908 - July - Dick Pace was killed by a freight train near Boughton.
1908 - C.C. Purtle was City Physician in 1908.
1908 - J.H. Slaughter was fire chief.
1908 - Picayune's Dinner Horn was published as a daily. C.M. Cloud was "editorial referee."
1908 - Frank Terusen was a plumber in Prescott in 1908.
1909 - June 19 - John M. Pittman was elected President of the Arkansas Universalist Association at Little Rock.
1909 - October 5 - F.R. Thorburn was elected City Commissioner by the council.
1909 - October 24 - President W.H. Taft passed through Prescott.
1909 - November 5 - Mose Winters resigned as city electrician.
1909 - The County Historical Society was formed with H.B. McKenzie, president; A.M. Ellsworth and Joe Bailey, vice-presidents; R.P. Hamby, secretary and W.P. Murrah, treasurer. The society only had this one meeting.
1909 - R.E. Hatley was proprietor of the Variety Store in 1909.
1909 - Andron Jean was manager of the Theatorium.
1909 - Dye and Barrows operated a beehive factory.
1909 - Miss Elsa Kalow conducted a dancing school in Prescott.
1909 - W.P. Murrah was field agent for the Arkansas Investment Company of Prescott.
1909 - Ed Barefield operated a jewelry store on East Elm.
1910 - January 7 - The New cemetery property was purchased by the City from Moore and Martin.
1910 - January 19 - The City Council granted a natural gas franchise to L.S. Grayson.
1910 - April - Horace E. Bemis brought the first automobile to Prescott, a WHITE.
1910 - May - Prescott Land and Timber was organized by Nat Martin, M.L. Moore, J.A. Davis, S.B.Young and Jno. G. Benton.
1910 - July 13 - Prescott Pushers was organized at McRae and Tompkins office by John A. Davis, H. E. Bemis, Dan Pittman, Thomas C. McRae, Jr., M.L. Moore and C.B. Andrews.
1910 - September 9 - W.J. Bryan spoke in the City Park.
1910 - October 3 - Greeson Opera House was destroyed by fire.
1910 - December 18 - The Dixie Carnival featuring the world's largest and smallest horses was in Prescott. The smallest horse died while the carnival was in town and is buried in the DeAnne Cemetery Pauper's Field.
1910 - Coley Armistead had a meat market on West Main street.
1910 - City Board of Health in 1910: Doctors G.O. Marsh, W.W.Rice, J.G. Helton, S.J. Hesterly and A.S. Buchanan.
1911 - June - E.D. Stivers of Iowa was elected superintendent of Prescott Schools.
1911 - June 18 - the Presbyterian church on East Elm street was stuck by lightening and it and the manse were destroyed by fire.
1911 - September - Prescott had its first High School football game. Adam Guthrie was the coach.
1911 - J.W. Forrester was City Attorney.
1911 - Clem and Helm operated a pressing shop on East First street.
1911 - The school board in 1911: W.N. Bemis, president; Alex Vaughn, secretary; G.R. Haynie, J.S. Regan, T.R. Wright, M.W. Greeson.
1911 - Thomas C. McRae, C.C. Hamby and J.J. Hirst were commissioners in charge of the construction of the courthouse completed in 1911 at a cost of $45,070.00.
1912 - January - William Gee sold his interest in the business of Wm. Gee and Son to Mr. and Mrs. Imon Gee.
1912 - February 8 - J.B. Hicks of Lonoke bought the stock of merchandise of Uncle Haley Kershaw and continues the business at the same stand on West First street.
1912 - April 26 - Miss Dixie Dees gave an expression recital at the High School.
1912 - June - The Presbyterian Church building was completed.
1912 - July 4 - Jack Marshal was drowned at Elkins Ferry.
1912 - July 6 - a piano fell on Sam O. Logan. The piano was not damaged.
1912 - September - Elmer Newth was killed by a train at the Main Street crossing.
1912 - J.M. Thomas was probate judge from 1912 - 1916.
1912 - Officers of the Prescott Public Library Association in 1912 were Mrs. J.W. Pittman, president; Mrs. H. E. Bemis, vice president, Mrs. Deo Shultz, secretary-treasurer. The club room was in the Scott building.
1912 - Fred Murrah ran a Box Ball Alley on East Elm Street.
1912 - Scott-Mayer Commission opened up a wholesale house in Prescott.
1912 - Dr. G.A. Buchanan was the City Physician from 1912 - 1920.
1912 - E.L. Cox was county treasurer from 1912 - 1916.
1912 - Members of the City Fire Department in 1912: Fred Murrah, chief; J.H. Barnes; Harold Brooks; A.O. Wyrill; Fred Duke; H. Watson; L.J. Harrell; Louis Hines; John Lewis; Walter King; Clarence Marsh; Clint (?); T.G. Moody, Marshal.
1912 - A.B. Oliphint was depot agent at Prescott.
1912 - The county jail was built in 1912 for a cost of $2,250.00.
1913 - January 13 - Prescott Planting Company was organized to raise strawberries, with the following officers: M.L. Moore, president; E.J. Hesterly, vice-president; C.F. Pittman, secretary- treasurer.
1913 - August - A runaway team killed James Guthrie at the Elm Street railroad crossing.
1913 - City Board of Health in 1913: W.R.White, Jr., Hunter Scott, W.B. Waller, W.V. Tompkins and G.A. Buchanan.
1913 - Self Culture Club officers were Mrs. Nat Martin, president; Mrs. J.V. Tedford, vice-president; and Mrs. J.L. Lee, secretary and treasurer.
1914 - January - The Nevada County Product Association was organized with O.R. McDaniel, president; J.W. Gordon, vice-president; and Guy N. Garner, secretary.
1914 - March 4 - Prescott business and professional men gave a banquet at the Park Hotel to the Little Rock Board of Trade and officials of the St. Louis, Iron Mountain and Southern Railroad. W.V. Tompkins was toastmaster.
1914 - June 1 - June 17 Prescott had a telephone strike. A proposed advance in telephone rates caused 178 patrons of the telephone company to discontinue the use of their phones. ON the 17th of June at a mass meeting at the courthouse, Mr. Frisby, manager of the telephone company, announced the rates would remain the same.
1914 - November the Prescott Live Stock and Breeders Association was organized with M.W. Greeson, president; C.H. Volway, vice-president; W.S. Roe, secretary-treasurer.
1914 - W.R. Steed was elected Representative from Nevada County and served one term.
1915 - April - Fred Murrah sold his confectionary business on East Elm street to Elmore Regan and purchased the Star Restaurant on East First street.
1915 - May - The city of Prescott was with out natural gas for the month due to a break in the lines across the Red River.
1915 - September - Doctor Buchanan purchased the H. Stainton drug store business.
1915 - J.O.A. Bush was State Senator from 1915 until 1919.
1915 - Prescott Garage Iron Works was located on East 2nd and Pine Streets. Charlie Jones was the manager.
1916 - Buchanan and Sanderson opened up a merchantile business on West First street.
1916 - Henry B. Almand was tax assessor of Nevada County from 1916 to 1921.
1916 - May 26 - Felix Gilmore, African American, was hanged north of Prescott.
1916 - August 22 - A bottle of acid he was handling exploded and severely burned Adam Guthrie's hands and face.
1917 - January - C.F. Newth succeeded E.M. Woosley as manager of the Farmers Union Exchange.
1917 - February - The old shed in the City Park was torn down.
1917 - March 27 - W.H. Taft, ex-president, spoke at Presscott.
1917 - May 22 - At a mass meeting at the courthouse the following Council of Agriculture was elected: J.W. Franks, chairman; W.K. Yancey, secretary; W.V. Tompkins, C.C. Calhoun, E.M. Sharp, M.L. Moore, T.C. McRae, Jr., Mrs. J.M. Pittman, Miss Beulah Hesterly, Miss Jesse Akers, Mrs. Fred Powell, Mrs. John A. Davis, committee.
1917 - June 5 - Registration Day under the Draft Act; 440 registered in the Missouri Township; 1,690 registered in Nevada County. Registration comprised 1,130 whites, 560 blacks and no aliens.
1917 - July - J.P. Slagle was killed on West Main street.
1917 - The registrars under the Draft Act for Missouri township were; West Side, W.S. Roe and Ned Christopher; East Side, Sam Munn and Elmore Regan.
1917 - Thomas C. McRae and W.V. Thompkins were delegates to the Constitutional Convention in 1917-1918.
1917 - J.G. Carrington was elected sexton of the cemetery in 1917.
1917 - The draft board for Nevada County in 1917 was S.J. Hesterly, Sam E. Munn, and R. Dave Martin.
1918 - January 11 - a gas explosion damaged Hesterly Drug Store on East Elm and East 2nd.
1918 - September 2 - Henry Moore resigned as alderman for Ward Two and Joe R. Hamilton was elected.
1918 - The City Board of Plumbers was composed of T.G. Moody, Bob Lewis and T.A. Lowery.
1918 - The Prescott-Blevins Highway was constructed during the winter of 1918 - 1919. The commissioners were A.S. Buchann, A.M. Westmoreland, and J.D. Stephens.
1918 - Prescott School Faculty - 1918 - 1919: C.M Hirst; Mesdames Ed Gladden; Cora Munn; Anna Davis; Mary Parker; Jim McClelland, L.J. Griffith, Misses Mary Baskin; Alvearne Gee, Annie Hatley; Annie Mulkey; Eunice White; Louise Scott; Nell Bush; Julia Riley; and Able Hale.
1918 - Members of the Prescott School Board: H.B. McKenzie, president; W.V. Tompkins, secretary; E.Y. Blakely, J.O.A. Bush, H.V. Scott, and John A. Davis.
1918 - Luther "Pug" Willingham was city marshal from 1918 to 1922.
1919 - January - Robert Hambright began working at the First State Bank.
1919 - October 1 - E.D. Upton and Sam McHenry bought the stock of goods of Farmers Union Exchange and moved it to West First Street.
1920 - January - Porter Brothers installed a steam laundry on West Main street.
1920 - March - The Prescott Chamber of Commerce became a charter member of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.
1920 - December 1 - J. G. Hendrickson resigned as superintendent of the water and light plant and C.A. Flynn was elected by the council.
1920 - Prescott School Faculty: C.M. Hirst, superintendent; Mrs. Cora Munn; Miss
1920 - Eunice White; Mrs. Clyde Nelson; Miss Bertha Patterson; Mrs. Dale Denman; Thos. J. Wilkins; C.B. Erwin; Mrs. Joe W. Dowd; Miss Gertrude Guthrie; Miss Mary Hamilton; Miss Georgia Marsh; Miss Mary Ward; Miss Jeanette Burns; Miss Elizabeth Hale; Miss Nell Thorburn; Mrs. L.J. Griffith.
1920 - City Board of Health in 1920 was: G.A. Buchanan, J.B. Hesterly, C.H. Moore, T.E. Logan and Fred Anderson.
1920 - E.D. Moore was postmaster in 1920.
1920 - A.S. Buchanan was president of the Prescott Chamber of Commerce.
1922 - January 3 - Andrew Stockton killed Abe Graham on West Main street.
1922 - July 30 - James T. Brooks' brick residence on East Main street was burned.
1922 - The Curley Wolves defeated the Little Rock Tigers at Little Rock.
1923 - December 19 - William J Vick was appointed postmaster.
1923 - Prescott Camp, Sons of the Confederate Veterans was organized with R.L. Blakely, commandant; W.V. Tompkins, 1st Lieut.; Chas. F. Pittman, 2nd Lieut.; R.P. Hamby, adjutant; G.A. Buchanan, surgeon; H.J. Wilson, quartermaster; M.L. Moore, chaplain; Ira Gee, treasurer; Fred Fuller, color sergeant; H.B. McKenzie, historian; A.M. Denman, judge advocate.
1923 - Cora Donnell Hospital was erected.
1923 - Oscar M. Corbell was superintendent of Prescott Schools from 1923 to 1928.
1924 - Prescott School Faculty in 1924 - 1925 were: O.M. Corbell, L.B. Shifflett, A. Peachey, R. Peachey, W.S. Roe, Misses Betty Davis, Thelma Yancy, Mary Davis, Elizabeth Anderson, Virginia Walsh, Carol Scott, Helen Townsend, Margaret Hart, Dollie Enoch, Mary Pettus, Stella Huskey, Mesdames Eunice Byrd, Mary Parker and L.J. Griffith.
1925 - January - The old stock pens were removed from the City.
1925 - March 1 - J.W. Franks was elected City Commissioner.
1925 - May - The Prescott Rotary Club was organized with 15 charter members.
1926 - October - The Present County Jail was completed. The commissioners were: H.V. Scott, D.L. McRae and A.S. McGough. The building cost $39,000.00
1926 - The Officers of the Nevada County Medical Society were W.W. Lice, president; J. B. Hesterly, vice-president; O.G. Hirst, secretary and treasurer.
1927 - January - The Post Office Building was completed at a cost of $49,645.49. Fixtures and improving the grounds cost $11,476.15. The contractor was W.D. Lovell of Minneapolis, Minn.
1927 - May 16 - Sam O. Logan resigned as alderman and Lee Montgomery was elected.
1927 - October 14 - The Wolves defeated Beebe 18 to 0 with Artemus Allen running an 80 yard touchdown.
1927 - Brad "Bo" Scott was the Prescott High School football coach from 1927 to 1930.
1927 - The Nurses Home was built in 1927.
1928 - December - The residences of J.D.Wilson , W.J. Vick and J.R. Wilson were destroyed by fire in 1928.
1928 - Prof. John Irving McClurkin was elected superintendent of the Prescott Schools.
1928 - Mr. J. Dale Wilson composed and dedicated to the Prescott Schools the song "The Old Chapel Bell."
1930 - Missouri township's population in 1930 was 5,814.
1930 - According to the 1930 census, Nevada County was the 40th largest county in Arkansas.
1932 - February 1 - Prof. E.D. Stivers resigned as Principal of the Prescott Schools and Prof. J.W. Tavener was elected.
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