Here is a list of errors or omissions we have found with the CDROM since we "went to press" with it. If you discover others, please let us know by sending e-mail to: We will get it corrected online and in the next edition of the CDROM.

Officials (officials.html)
* Under "County Superintendents", both the years "1921-1933" and the name "J. W. Teeter" appear in the left column instead of being split between two columns.
* There is a blank line in the "State Senators" section, which can be ignored.
Old Mike (25.html)
* The paragraph beginning "One unusual fact existed:" appears twice. Please ignore the second occurrence.

Photo Books

Construction could be Junction City Lumber Co. (114.html)
* Wrong photo. Correct photo is vol63no17.jpg.
On-Line Comments
* After the CD-ROM was published, the Depot Museum web page was given the ability for visitors to make on-line comments about photos, which has later suspended because of spam.

Cemetery Records

Duplicate Cemetery Names
* We are aware that there are more than one cemetery in Nevada County by the names of New Salem, Pine Grove, Pleasant Hill, Providence, Shilo, Snell, and White Church. In addition, two are listed as "Old Cemetery". When you access the records for one of the duplicate names, you see all the names in both/all the cemeteries by that name.
* We hope the records can be correctly sorted out by the next edition. In the meanwhile, use the McKelvy Survey for assistance in determining the correct cemetery.
Comments, Notes, and Additions From Families
* Many comments have been received over the years about the cemetery listings. Please review them.