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Nubbin Hill/Missionary Grove Cemetery

Also called Missionary Grove Cemetery. Located next to Missionary Grove Baptist Church. Well maintained and fenced. Flat concrete grave markers have been placed recently which identify some of the unknown graves.
Driving directions: From Prescott, go north on Hwy. 67 and turn left on paved County Rd. 37. Go about 4.5 miles to the church and cemetery which will be on your right.





Andrews, Kyle, Jr.    6-13-1941  Child of Kyle and Dessie Andrews; 4 Andrews children on one stone 
Andrews, Carl    8-4-1944  Child of Kyle and Dessie Andrews; 4 Andrews children on one stone 
Andrews, Cecil    8-4-1944  Child of Kyle and Dessie Andrews; 4 Andrews children on one stone 
Andrews, Linda Lou    11-24-1957  Child of Kyle & Dessie Andrews; 4 Andrews children on one stone 
Andrews, Kyle James  2-18-1916  12-18-2007  Double marker with Dessie J. (Stuart) Andrews; m. 6-22-1940; children (names on bench)--Kyle, Jr., Joy, Carl, Cecil, Betty, Grace, Susie, Linda, Joey 
Andrews, Dessie J. (Stuart)  7-27-1921  10-12-2011  Double marker with Kyle James Andrews; m. 6-22-1940; names of children on bench--Kyle, Jr., Joy, Carl, Cecil, Betty, Grace, Susie, Linda, Joey 
Andrews, Joey Robert  3-31-1962    Double marker with Melissa Hutcherson Andrews; m. 12-20-1996 
Andrews, Melissa Hutcherson  12-15-1968    Double marker with Joey Robert Andrews; m. 12-20-1996 
Arnett, James Robert (Jimmy), Jr.  9-19-1957  6-22-2002   
Arnett, Ruby Graham  9-29-1931    Double marker with James R. Arnett, Sr.; m. 12-3-1950 
Arnett, James R., Sr.  11-21-1929  5-23-2006  Double marker with Ruby Graham Arnett; US Air Force- Vietnam; m. 12-3-1950 
Arnett, Deborah  8-25-1952  8-6-2019  Information from obituary 
Arney, Opal Dean Pike  1-6-1924  9-16-2019  Children of Opal and Artie -- Edna, Jean, Charlotte, Bobby, Kay, Marty
Obituary: Opal Dean Arney, age 95, of Prescott passed away Monday, September 16,... 
Avery, Thomas    8-4-1944  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Avery, Ivan  12-9-1908  10-25-1982  Double marker with Era Avery 
Avery, Era  6-9-1911  11-17-1977  Era Stuart Avery in obituary; double marker with Ivan Avery 
Avery, Robert T.  11-15-1934  9-5-1937  Robert Thomas Avery in obituary; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Baker, Jesse W.  11-11-1891  6-9-1973  Double marker with Tempie E. Box Baker 
Baker, Tempie E. Box  7-15-1898  12-31-1985  Double marker with Jesse W. Baker 
Baker, Infant  8-8-1916  8-11-1916  Double marker with Baker Infant 
Baker, Infant  2-14-1918  3-8-1918  Double marker with Baker Infant 
Barnes, Maude  6-17-1886  6-29-1937   
Barnes, Lee R.  1-4-1904  12-23-1997  Double marker with Johnnie L. Barnes 
Barnes, Johnnie L.  9-2-1908  12-7-1992  Double marker with Lee R. Barnes 
Beard, William F.  2-22-1889  6-1-1964   
Beard, Lula E.  7-27-1896  1-3-1976   
Beard, Harold  4-26-1937  10-18-2011  Double marker with Joyce Beard 
Beard, Joyce  1-29-1941    Double marker with Harold Beard 
Beard, John T.  10-11-1934  5-30-1999  John Thomas on military stone; SP3- US Army-double marker with Mary L. Beard; m. 1-19-1963 
Beard, Mary L.  11-25-1942    Double marker with John T. Beard; m. 1-19-1963 
Beaty, (2 infants)      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Beaty, Lafayette, Jr.  6-23-1929  10-24-2003  SP3- Army- Korea 
Biddle, Quay  5-4-1909  11-9-1995  Double marker with Jean Wingfield Biddle 
Biddle, Jean Wingfield  8-5-1920  9-6-2003  Double marker with Quay Biddle 
Billingsley, John  4-5-1833  1-3-1903   
Billingsley, Sarah J.  11-29-1872  7-16-1904  Wife of J. C. Billingsley 
Billingsley, Bill      Flat concrete marker-no dates 
Billingsley, Baby      Old flat concrete marker 6 ft. north of Millie Griffin marker 
Bishop, Pauline Graham  5-6-1920  8-9-2000  Children--Wayne and Betty 
Blevins, Harvey H.  4-7-1903  9-17-1915   
Blevins, Eliza M.  10-18-1883  4-5-1948   
Blevins, James R.  4-27-1878  12-28-1949   
Blevins, (Infant son)    2-6-1923  Son of Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Blevins 
Blevins, Gene A.  3-24-1939  3-25-1939   
Blevins, Johnny  9-3-1943  9-4-1943   
Blevins, Maude  6-26-1885  2-28-1964  Maude Renfro Blevins in obituary 
Blevins, Clyde  8-8-1913  5-1-1980  Double marker with Eugenia Blevins 
Blevins, Eugenia  6-4-1921  4-24-1990  Double marker with Clyde Blevins 
Blevins, F. Stuart  2-14-1882  3-16-1952   
Blevins, Connie  8-8-1913  7-27-1995  Double marker with Pauline Blevins; m. 7-10-1937 
Blevins, Pauline  4-1-1919  8-14-2015  Double marker with Connie Blevins; m. 7-10-1937 
Blevins, Ernest  3-16-1909  12-10-1990  Double marker with Gladys Blevins; m. 1-25-1930 
Blevins, Gladys  3-17-1910  2-25-1998  Double marker with Ernest Blevins; m. 1-25-1930 
Blevins, Mary Janet  2-7-1939  2-6-2005  Mary Janet Williamson in obituary; also listed under Williamson 
Blevins, Tommie H.  2-1-1935  10-4-2016  Tommie Harold Blevins in obituary; double marker with Donna Wicker Blevins; m. 5-11-1956 
Blevins, Donna Wicker  1-30-1940  11-9-2013  Double marker with Tommie H. Blevins; m. 5-11-1956 
Blevins, Thomas Hugh  11-26-1941  3-28-2010  Double marker with Mary Alice Blevins 
Blevins, Mary Alice  3-10-1940  1-19-2017  Double marker with Thomas Hugh Blevins 
Brooks, (2)      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Brown, Rice  11-17-1909  1-22-1962  Ark.- Pfc.-117 Gen. Hospital-World War II 
Brown, John W.  9-18-1886  5-18-1941   
Brown, Bernie F.  1-5-1913  12-3-1971  Bernie Fay Brown in obituary 
Brown, Nellie  1890  3-14-1975  Nellie Stockton Brown in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Buchanan, Jess    10-23-1911  Flat concrete marker 
Buchanan, Donald Ray  1-18-1945  5-6-2008  Double marker with Rebecca Payne Buchanan; m. 3-14-1983; sons--Tony and Bobby 
Buchanan, Rebecca Payne  11-15-1947    Double marker with Donald Ray Buchanan; m. 3-14-1983; sons -- Tony and Bobby 
Buie, Clarence Dee  6-30-1897  8-31-1925   
Buie, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Buie, James E.  3-20-1886  10-19-1964  Hard to read; Elmer Buie in obituary 
Buie, George C.  10-19-1908  2-10-1921   
Buie, T. F. "Frankie"  4-16-1883  5-12-1957   
Buie, Mary A.  2-26-1851  11-31-1928  Mrs. Ann Buie in obituary; died about 11-3-1928; flat concrete marker; death date this way on marker 
Buie, Dee, Jr.  7-18-1925  12-3-1928   
Buie, Della Harris  12-23-1900  3-4-1978  Double marker with Wm. Randolph Buie 
Buie, Wm. Randolph  6-11-1900  6-21-1974  Double marker with Delta Harris Buie 
Buie, Ann    11-5-1928  Age 75; grave not found; info. from newspaper 
Buie, ???  1917  1917  Old flat concrete marker with name only 
Buie, James Randolph  4-4-1947  1-2-2011  Pvt. - U. S. Army 
Burdue, John H.  9-10-1937  8-8-1997   
Burke, David Halleck    6-2-1991  One date 
Burke, Richard Joe, Jr. "Joey"  1-29-1977  1-28-1996  Death from auto accident 
Burke, Nancy Marie   9-17-1951  7-17-2008  Nancy Marie Brown Burke in obituary; double marker with Richard Joe Burke; m. 12-26-1969; children--Kristi, Joey 
Burke, Richard Joe  11-24-1950    Double marker with Nancy Marie Burke; m. 12-26-1969; children--Kristi, Joey 
Burke, Joe  4-4-1928    Double marker with Doris Burke; m. 12-3-1949; children-- Ricky, Mike, Steve 
Burke, Doris   8-8-1930  8-10-2020  Doris Marie Morrow Burke in obituary; double marker with Joe Burke; m. 12-3-1949; children -- Ricky, Mike, Steve
Obituary: Mrs. Doris Marie Morrow Burke, age 90 of Prescott, AR went home to be ... 
Cantrell, Dorthy  10-20-1928  5-24-2013   
Carr, Mr.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Carter Billy Royce "Roy"  5-5-1947  9-22-1996   
Cobb, David  6-25-1958  10-1-2005  Metal marker 
Cooper, Robert Thurman  7-4-1890  11-4-1912   
Cooper, Jonathan  4-20-1866  8-18-1944   
Cooper, Emma J.  1-1-1855  9-23-1932  Mrs. Jonathan Cooper in obituary 
Cooper, Baby      Flat concrete marker; no dates 
Cornelius, Robert B.  12-6-1881  4-28-1964   
Cornelius, Malinda  2-27-1823  7-26-1904  Mother and family 
Cornelius, Sarah Jane Mauldien  11-2-1854  10-28-1918  Married W. G. Cornelius 7-17-1872 
Cornelius, W. G.  2-2-1851  4-20-1930   
Cornelius, Martha Graham    1918  Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, J. W. (Bill)  1-16-1887  8-28-1968  Double marker with Dixie McCain Cornelius; m. 7-15-1906 
Cornelius, Divie McCain  2-13-1892  9-18-1975  Double marker with J. W. Cornelius; m. 7-15-1906 
Cornelius, Rose L.  3-21-1879  3-5-1940   
Cornelius, William C.  2-13-1916  5-15-1917   
Cornelius, Zulabell  8-2-1909  1-31-1919  Daughter of C. M. and A. D. Cornelius 
Cornelius, ???      Old flat concrete marker with name only 
Cornelius, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, ???      Old flat concrete marker with name only 
Cornelius, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, ???      Old flat concrete marker with name only 
Cornelius, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, Baby      Old flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, Bill      Old flat concrete marker with name only 
Cornelius, ???      4 flat concreter markers with name only 
Cornelius, Addie P.  6-14-1890  5-2-1965   
Cornelius, Claud M.  6-24-1890  12-30-1972   
Cornelius, Hellon  5-17-1912  8-13-1986   
Cornelius, Alene  2-2-1931  12-1-1973  Alene Steed Cornelius in obituary 
Cornelius, Mattie      Flat stone or marker 
Cornelius, Bob      Flat stone or marker 
Cornelius, Ray  12-22-1926  5-6-1976  Sgt.- US Army- World War II 
Cornelius, Carl  12-20-1913  6-4-1980   
Cornelius, Roy  12-22-1926  12-11-1992  Cpl.- US Army-World War II; double marker with Florence Cornelius 
Cornelius, Florence  7-4-1927  11-29-2007  Florence Harris Cornelius in obituary; double marker with Roy Cornelius 
Cornelius, Vicky Sue  5-21-1951  12-11-1984   
Cornelius, Curtis  1907  1992  Double marker with Hazel Cornelius 
Cornelius, Hazel  1907  9-2-1996  Double marker with Curtis Cornelius; death date from obituary; not engraved at time of survey 
Cornelius, Annie Lee  11-13-1925  11-17-2000   
Cornelius, Lewis M.   6-22-1918  1-18-2003  Lewis Monroe Cornelius on military marker; Tec 4 US Army- World War II- Bronze Star; double marker with Irene B. Cornelius; m. 7-9-1938 
Cornelius, Irene B.  9-3-1917  9-17-2001  Double marker with Lewis M. Cornelius; m. 7-9-1938 
Cornelius, Robert Welch  12-15-1855  1-2-1903  Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, Thomas G. "Tom"  5-13-1950  8-3-2014   
Cornelius, Donald Ray "Jack"  8-14-1949  6-3-2017  Double marker with Jimmie Dee Huskey Cornelius; m. 8-2-1974 
Cornelius, Jimmie Dee Huskey  6-30-1955    Double marker with Donald Ray Cornelius; m. 8-2-1954 
Cornelius, William  1830    Flat concrete marker 
Cornelius, Jim L.  8-18-1948    Double marker with Sue Cornelius; m. 2-26-1920 
Cornelius, Sue  9-16-1946  1-10-2019  Double marker with Jim L. Corneliua; m. 2-26-1970
Obituary: Mrs. Sue Cornelius, age 72 of Prescott, Arkansas, passed away Thursday... 
Cottingham, William James  2-26-1924  12-7-1983  SFC- US Army-World War II 
Cottingham, Audrey Harris  11-18-1922  3-25-2015   
Crider, Ralph  1895  1962  Double marker with Eva Crider 
Crider, Eva  1906  1989  Double marker with Ralph Crider 
Cross, Sarah Lou  6-30-1936  4-29-1991   
Culver, George L.  7-25-1892  7-13-1952  Tx.-Pvt.-133 MC BN-36 Div.-W. W. I 
Cummings, Bonnie B.  7-19-1927  6-3-1995   
Cummings, Carolyn Sue Harris  10-11-1936  12-4-2006  Double marker with Samuel Coy Cummings; daughter of Floyd and Aleene Harris 
Cummings, Samuel Coy  4-3-1928  1-18-2016  Double marker with Carylon Sue Cummings 
Cummings, Katie Ellen  12-17-2001  11-17-2016  Daughter of Jeff and April; sister of Holly 
Davidson, Cornelia (Mickey)  5-13-1913  2-27-1971   
Cornelius, (Baby Daughter)      Daughter of Cornelia; flat concrete marker 
Davidson, Tiffany Deann  8-4-1978  8-11-1978  Daughter of Walter and Grace 
Davidson, Walter E. II  12-11-1948    Double marker with Grace A. Andrews Davidson; m. 5-16-1972 
Davidson, Grace A. Andrews  12-10-1949    Double marker with Walter E. Davidson II; m. 5-16-1972 
Davidson, Brock Arthur  1-28-2004  2-1-2004  Infant son of William H. and Linda M. Davidson 
Dickens, Albert N.  10-9-1875  4-21-1952  Double marker with Julia A. Dickens 
Dickens, Julia A.  1-10-1875  4-8-1952  Double marker with Albert N. Dickins 
Downs, (Baby)      Flat concrete marker; no dates 
Downs, Joe      Possibly a grave marker 
Downs, Addell Rebecca Harris  3-3-1882  5-25-1937   
Downs, Abe      Small stone; no dates 
Edgar, Claude  4-26-1894  11-11-1957   
Elder, Ronald Lee  1-26-1945  5-13-1987  Son of Eugene and Lyla 
Elder, Eugene  6-3-1924  6-21-1997  US Army- World War II 
Everett, Geneva McGlone  12-25-1927  3-9-2009  Metal marker 
Fields, Tass C.  1885  1918   
Fontaine, Thomas A.  3-27-1928  6-28-2017  Thomas Anthony Fontaine in obituary; double marker with Ruby Stuart Fontaine; m. 3-3-1972
Obituary: Thomas Anthony “Tom” Fontaine Sr. age 89 passed away peacefully at... 
Fontaine, Ruby Stuart  9-28-1929  4-19-2022  Ruby Faydra Fontaine in obituary; double marker with Thomas A. Fontaine; m. 3-3-1972; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Ruby Faydra Fontaine age 92 went peacefully to meet our Lord and Savio... 
Frisby, Mabel L. Newton  2-6-1908  1-13-1982   
Fullerton, David A.  1852  1930  Metal marker set in stone 
Fullerton, Sarah Alice  1928  1928   
Fullerton, John  5-18-1872  10-26-1928  Double marker with Ellen Fullerton 
Fullerton, Ellen  2-11-1876  3-31-1969  Double marker with John Fullerton; Sarah Ellen Fullerton in obituary 
Fullerton, Baby      Found one flat concrete marker with name Baby Fullerton 
Fullerton, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Fullerton, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Fullerton, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Fullerton, Grady D.  1902  1931  Metal marker set in concrete 
Fullerton, Horace L.  3-22-1904  1-13-1988  Double marker with Ella M. Fullerton 
Fullerton, Ella M.  8-6-1904  12-7-1990  Double marker with Horace L. Fullerton 
Fullerton, Baby       3 ft. north of John Fullerton marker; no dates; hard to read 
Fuqua, Martha      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Furqueron, Aline  3-3-1919  2-3-1926   
Gamage, Sally      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Gamage, (Baby)      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Gasaway, Henry T.   7-29-1903  11-22-1918   
Gasaway, Baby Boy  4-6-1902  4-6-1902   
Gasaway, Ruby  8-10-1917  2-17-1921   
Gasaway, Essie Edna  7-24-1912  9-15-1912   
Goodwin, Dale  10-25-1945  1-13-1984  U. S. Army; double marker with Junior Goodwin; brothers; military marker had birth year 1944 
Goodwin, Junior  11-23-1939  12-24-2011  Double marker with Dale Goodwin; brothers 
Goodwin, M. J. "Buster"  6-24-1916  9-3-1975  Marvin J. Goodwin on military marker; AS- US Navy-World War II; double marker with Hester I. Goodwin; m. 11-14-1936; military marker has birth year 1917 
Goodwin, Hester I.  1-16-1908  2-14-1979  Double marker with M. J. Goodwin; m. 11-14-1936 
Goodwin, Cody Michael McClure  12-21-1989  7-4-1992  Son of Mark and Cyndi Goodwin 
Goodwin, Andy M.  6-8-1963  2-5-2007  Andrew Mitchell Goodwin in obituary; father of Dustin, Brandon, and Megan 
Gourley, Agnes    1-15-2002  See Agnes R. McDaniel; she has a double marker with first husband 
Graham, Elizabeth Betsy Wingfield  4-16-1828  3-10-1915   
Graham, Smith  1857  1920  Metal marker and flat concrete marker; name only on concrete marker 
Graham, Sarah Melson    Jan., 1920  Metal marker and flat concrete marker with name only 
Graham, Young      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Graham, Charlie      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Graham, Christian R. Allen  1-2-1866  4-23-1943   
Graham, Willie  7-16-1866  9-9-1900   
Graham, Roy  8-14-1890  11-30-1890  Flat concreter marker and old metal marker 
Graham, F. B.  12-26-1885  2-1-1910  Flave Graham in obituary; died from slow fever as per newspaper 
Graham, Birdie Florence  8-27-1903  4-23-1909  Daughter of F. B. and J. Graham 
Graham, Janie Oleava  2-14-1898  8-25-1900  Daughter of J. F. and N. I. Graham 
Graham, Mertis  9-19-1917  5-11-1936  Daughter of William and Lutishia Graham 
Graham, Jake  1925  1945   
Graham, (2 graves)      Flat concrete markers between Abraham Graham and Indiana Wingfield Weaterspoon markers 
Graham, Abraham (Garley)  7-6-1860  7-11-1897   
Graham, Ritchie  7-27-1920  3-6-1985  Double marker with Pauline Graham 
Graham, Pauline  1-14-1919  3-6-1985  Double marker with Ritchie Graham 
Graham, Vesta C.  10-12-1893  10-2-1969  Jewel Vesta Graham in obituary; double marker with Sam B. Graham 
Graham, Sam B.  12-20-1887  6-9-1975  Double marker with Vesta C. Graham 
Graham, Cooper  5-24-1923  6-11-1923   
Graham, C. Kirk  6-15-1915  2-27-2001  Curtis K. Graham in obituary; double marker with V. Joyce Graham 
Graham, V. Joyce  6-25-1927  10-19-2006  Double marker with C. Kirk Graham; death date from obituary; not engraved at time of survey 
Graham, John Wilburn  3-19-1890  9-15-1976  Double marker with Lutishia F. Graham 
Graham, Lutishia F.  4-23-1893  2-8-1993  Double marker with John Wilburn Graham 
Graham, Elizabeth    March, 1915  Age 87; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Graham, Hazel Marie  3-1-1933  9-27-2002  Double marker with Bobby Joe Graham 
Graham, Bobby Joe  6-16-1928  11-12-2009  SGM - U. S. Army - World War II, Korea, Vietnam; double marker with Hazel Marie Graham 
Graham, Calvin Lynn  1-10-1928  10-20-2000  Double marker with Mary Elizabeth McKinnon Graham 
Graham, Mary Elizabeth McKinnon  2-8-1948  12-18-2011  Double marker with Calvin Lynn Graham 
Gregory, Florence Ann Leonard  4-5-1875  6-6-1927  Grave marked with small stone with word "Mama"; family member says death certificate shows her to be buried at Missionary Grove; newspaper said burial was at Providence 
Griffin, George W.  12-31-1866  9-9-1936   
Griffin, Oliver M.  6-16-1884  2-22-1908   
Griffin, Sarah L.   1-7-1863  5-28-1899   
Griffin, Millie  6-25-1907  6-27-1907   
Hall, Willie Bob  1-28-1907  2-12-1965  Double marker with Mamie S. Hall 
Hall, Mamie S.  12-22-1910  5-16-1998  Double marker with Willie Bob Hall 
Hall, Kevin Wayne  1-10-1965  5-28-1979   
Hall, Minnie Sue  7-7-1941  7-14-1998  Double marker with Billy Gene Hall; m. 3-31-1960 
Hall, Billy Gene  6-10-1940  9-6-2006  Double marker with Minnie Sue Hall; m. 3-31-1960 
Hall, Bobby Joe  8-23-1937  5-13-2021  Information from obituary 
Harris, Cintha Emiline  9-14-1876  10-15-1880  Flat concrete marker inside iron fence; another flat marker just outside fence has name Centha Harris 
Harris, Isaac Perry  3-14-1834  3-8-1901  New marker installed next to old marker 
Harris, Mary Jane Cornelius  9-10-1844  4-12-1920  Wife of I. P. Harris; two stones inside iron fence 
Harris, Annie B.  9-12-1887  12-2-1936  Annie Cooper Harris in obituary; wife of Lonnie Harris (from obituary) 
Harris, John Adley  5-2-1882  12-8-1882  Flat concrete marker inside iron fence 
Harris, Effie      Possibly a plot marker 
Harris, Robert Claborn  4-17-1879  9-18-1950   
Harris, Carrie C.  9-27-1881  7-8-1948   
Harris, Mary Jewel  2-1-1912  6-17-1914  Daughter of R. C. and C. C. Harris 
Harris, Allie May  8-2-1888  5-4-1925  Supreme Forest Woodmen Circle marker 
Harris, Ike P.  6-27-1907  11-28-1958   
Harris, Dan Ben  1880  1938  Metal marker set in stone 
Harris, Maud A.  11-20-1880  3-4-1918  Maud Allice Harris on old record; Woodmen Circle marker 
Harris, Lubie      Flat concrete marker; also has Vera Harris name 
Harris, Vera      Flat concrete marker; also has Lubie Harris name 
Harris, Lonnie  3-23-1880  11-26-1936   
Harris, Ivie  9-3-1907  6-24-1914  Eva Harris in obituary; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lon Harris as per obituary 
Harris, Floyd W.  4-5-1911  1-8-1968   
Harris, Aleene  10-13-1916  1-4-1996   
Harris, Joe      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Harris, H. P.  1905  1962  Metal marker set in concrete 
Harris, Inez T.  10-11-1912  12-3-1993   
Harris, M/Sgt. James E.  7-22-1916  11-20-1984  Double marker with Norma F. Harris 
Harris, Norma F.  5-5-1924  9-27-2012  Double marker with James E. Harris; Norma Fay Harris in obituary 
Harris, Steven R.  6-18-1960  1-11-1977   
Harris, Watson F.  9-25-1938  10-18-1993  US Army 
Harris, Malinda Ann  9-13-1863  10-13-1865  Flat concrete marker inside fence 
Harris, Cynthia      Daughter of Dewitt Harris 
Harrison, Milton      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Harrison, James Lonnie  11-27-1941  2-21-1942   
Harrison, James M.  10-24-1913  12-24-1959  Ark.- Pvt.-HQ Det Station Com.-World War II 
Hawkins, Emma Wilson  May, 1885  11-9-1973  Full death date from obituary 
Head, Claud E.  12-28-1916  4-28-2000  Double marker with Irene E. Treas Head; m. 10-5-1937 
Head, Irene E. Treas  3-15-1921  2-12-2005  Irene Elizabeth Treas Head in obituary; double marker with Claud E. Head; m. 10-5-1937 
Helms, Anthony W.    6-6-1965  One date 
Hill, William D.  4-5-1936    Double marker with Carolyn Sue Hill 
Hill, Carolyn Sue  10-14-1939  7-30-2018  Double marker with William D. Hill
Obituary: Mrs. Carolyn Sue Hill, age 78 of Murfreesboro, Arkansas, passed away M... 
Hooker, Aud  4-5-1895  3-5-1927  James Audy on old record 
Hooker, Mattie K.  1854  1938  Double marker with James T. Hooker 
Hooker, James T.  1849  Jan., 1935  Double marker with Mattie K. Hooker; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Hooker, Samuel B.  2-22-1887  10-18-1918  Killed in France; Woodmen of the World marker 
Hooker, T. J. (Red)  1897  1951  Double marker with Ida Hooker 
Hooker, Ida  1899  1992  Double marker with T. J. Hooker 
Hooker, Dwight Shelton  6-23-1946  4-1-1982  SP4- US Army-Vietnam 
Hooker, Lester Blevins  12-14-1921  10-28-1995  BM1- US Navy-World War II and Korea 
Hooker, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only; located one grave south of Dwight Shelton Hooker marker 
Howard, Roxie      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Howard, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Howard, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Howell, Rev. Tilman  7-31-1807  8-24-1896  Double marker with Martha Sudduth Howell; new stone erected to replace old stone 
Howell, Martha Sudduth  5-22-1822  1-3-1883  Double marker with Rev. Tilman Howell; new stone erected to replace old stone 
Hunt, Lena      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Hunt, (child)    June, 1919  Daughter of John Hunt; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Huntley, L. J.       Flat concreter marker; may be a plot marker 
Huntley, J. A.      Flat concrete marker; may be a plot marker 
Ingersoll, Mary Jean Arney  6-29-1944  6-8-2021  On back of stone--Arney -- Luke, Cody, LeAnn, Brody, K. J., Matthew, Laila, Michael, Sophia, Adelyn, Bryce
Obituary: Mary Jean Ingersoll, 77, of Hope, AR passed away June 8, 2021, in Hope... 
Jackson, Paula  12-28-1952  3-3-2010   
Jennings, Evelyn B.  8-25-1934  8-11-1980   
Johnson, Prentice Cue  6-28-1902  10-5-1964   
Johnson, Infant    8-14-1926  Son of Cue and Alta Johnson 
Johnson, Alta Renfro  2-26-1904  12-22-1982   
Johnson, Helen E.  9-23-1912  8-20-1970  Helen McGlone Johnson in obituary; flat concrete marker 
Johnson, Tandy L.   1915  1982 (?)  Hard to read; flat concrete marker 
Johnson, Thomas Cue  11-16-1929  4-16-2004  Double marker with Beatrice Johnson; m. 9-7-1957 
Johnson, Beatrice  10-17-1932  9-5-2021  Double marker with Thomas Cue Johnson; m. 9-7-1957; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Beatrice Arlene Johnson passed away peacefully, with her sister-in-law... 
Johnson, Jeananne  12-29-1966  2-10-2006  Double marker with Ann Walkins Johnson; Sister 
Johnson, Ann Watkins  12-24-1934  7-3-2020  Double marker with Jeananne Johnson
Obituary: Many people find the thought of their own death very frightening. As ... 
Jones, A. M. "Al", Jr.  8-17-1931  8-22-1999  Double marker with (blank) 
Jones, (blank)      Double marker with A. M. Jones 
Kelly, Mr.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Kelly, Ima  12-12-1932  4-19-2017   
King, Lurinda  10-10-1861  5-29-1917  Wife of B. C. King 
King, Clara Blevins  1-14-1901  12-17-1976   
Lewis, James Earl  1-23-1973  10-9-2006   
Litton, George B. "Lit"  1-17-1923  7-24-1996   
Logan, B. J. (Sam)  8-12-1883  7-11-1949   
McCargo, Oscar      Flat concrete marker with name only 
McDade, Ethel Rowe   6-3-1912  5-22-2008  Ethel M. Rowe Garrett McDade in obituary 
McDaniel, Claude P.  5-20-1901  4-20-1967  Double marker with Agnes R. McDaniel 
McDaniel, Agnes R.  5-4-1909  1-15-2002  Agnes R. Gourley in obituary; double marker with Claude P. McDaniel (her first husband) 
McDaniel, ???    1984  Flat concrete marker and old metal marker with death date 1984 
McDonald, Leslie  1893  1953  Double marker with Josie McDonald 
McDonald, Josie  1894  1974  Double marker with Leslie McDonald 
McDonald, Lesley Randolph  9-13-1914  11-28-1914  Son of W. L. and Josie McDonald 
McDonald, Infant      No information 
McDonald, Lois  1923  March, 1939  Metal marker set in concrete; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. T. McDonald (from obituary); death month from obituary; year only on stone 
McDonald, William L., Jr.  1927  10-21-1966  Metal marker set in concrete; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McDonald, Cary Joe  6-1-1946  6-1-1946   
McDonald, Nannie Marie  4-21-1920  3-15-2005  Double marker with Dale L. McDonald; death date from obituary; not engraved at time of survey; metal marker had birth year 1905 and death year 2005 
McDonald, Dale L.  11-26-1915  9-29-1983  Double marker with Nannie Marie McDonald 
McGlone, Zora  11-5-1876  1-29-1951  Double marker with Frank McGlone 
McGlone, Frank  9-10-1877  4-7-1963  Double marker with Zora McGlone 
McGlone, Claud, Jr.   12-13-1930  12-17-1954  Ark.-AB 3415 Tech Tng-WG-AF 
McGlone, Thomas      Not found-listed in earlier record 
McGlone, Claud F.  11-11-1903  11-7-1969  Double marker with Callie M. McGlone 
McGlone, Callie M.  10-20-1912  7-8-1986  Double marker with Claud F. McGlone 
McGlone, Dennis L.  1-26-1898  12-3-1963  Double marker with Gladys Davis McGlone; m. 4-8-1928; Dennis Lendolph McGlone in obituary 
McGlone, Gladys Davis  12-23-1902  4-13-1982  Double marker with Dennis L. McGlone; m. 4-8-1928 
McGlone, Dennis Lendolph, Jr.  9-3-1918  4-17-1979  Double marker with Vera Geneva Barfield McGlone 
McGlone, Vera Geneva Barfield  12-27-1923  3-6-2009  Double marker with Dennis Lendolph McGlone, Jr.; Geneva McGlone Everett in obituary 
McGlone, William Dennis  10-10-1955  9-26-2020  Obituary: William Dennis (Bill) McGlone, 64, of Hot Springs passed away at Four ... 
McGlone, Brenda  9-28-1942  4-13-2021  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: Mrs. Brenda McGlone, age 78, of Prescott, Arkansas passed away Tuesday... 
McLelland, B. R.    12-3-1932  Flat concrete marker 
McKenzie, J. B.  1860  1948   
McKenzie, Floyd J.   11-4-1912  3-22-1990  Pfc.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Veda McKenzie 
McKenzie, Veda   4-15-1927  9-9-2011  Veda Pauline McKenzie in obituary; double marker with Floyd J. McKenzie 
McKenzie, Matilda  1867  9-18-1942  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McKenzie, Infant      Not found-listed in earlier record 
McLelland, Lena  5-30-1905  1-30-1930   
McLelland, Mat  4-20-1861  8-13-1942   
McLelland, Nettie V.  10-7-1917  1-22-1957   
McLelland, Lester L.   3-31-1911  2-29-1996   
McLelland, Myra June  5-31-1924  1-26-1994   
McLelland, Randolph H.  9-9-1913  4-12-1977  Double marker with Elizabeth W. McLelland; m. 9-14-1929 
McLelland, Elizabeth W.  8-26-1910  9-19-1998  Double marker with Randolph H. McLelland; m. 9-14-1929 
McLelland, Elbert M.  8-9-1902  4-7-1971   
McLelland, Thomas E., Sr.   1-2-1926  1-30-2005  US Navy-World War II and Korea 
McWilliams, Leon  10-3-1901  5-14-1972  Double marker with Annie M. McWilliams 
McWilliams, Annie M.  2-19-1901  11-19-1985  Double marker with Leon McWilliams 
Malone, Leona Cornelius  12-6-1887  6-28-1921  Flat concrete marker 
Malone, Sara Lou    1920  Flat concrete marker; could be Mrs. Allen Malone; age 34; from obituary; obituary had death date June, 1921; not sure if same person 
Malone, Baby      Flat concrete marker 
Maning, Davie Elizabeth   7-9-1917  8-29-1918   
Mathews, Charles B.  12-5-1942    Double marker with Judith L. Cornelius; m. 9-12-1964 
Mathews, Judith L. Cornelius  8-16-1944  12-5-2016  Double marker with Charles B. Mathews; m. 9-12-1964 
Mathews, Charles Nelson  7-31-1965  12-13-2019  Double marker with Missy Mathews; m. 6-15-1992
Obituary: Mr. Charles N. “Nelson” Mathews, age 54 of Carlisle, Arkansas pass... 
Mathews, Missy  4-15-1968    Double marker with Charles Nelson Mathews; m. 6-15-1992 
Mattison, Debra "Dee"  8-12-1983  6-20-1996   
Mauldin, (6 graves)      Flat concrete markers south of iron fence 
Maulden, John, Jr.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Mauldin, John W.  1827  1895  Etter's Btry-13 Reg.-Ar. Arty-CSA 
Mauldin, John Tillman  1879  1909  Flat concrete marker 
Middlebrooks, Polly Ann Beard  8-9-1939  3-26-2013  Metal marker 
Milligan, Louis      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Moore, Wm. Ben  5-11-1936  6-22-1973  William Benjamin Moore in obituary 
Moore, John Owen  10-10-1901  3-3-1964   
Moore, Katie B.  2-18-1907  6-27-1998   
Morrow, Robert Henry  8-21-1904  3-28-1974  Double marker with Mary Etta Morrow; m. 10-11-1929 
Morrow, Mary Etta  10-9-1906  8-4-1996  Double marker with Robert Henry Morrow; m. 10-11-1929 
Morrow, Robert H.  1-24-1934  1-21-2003  Robert Harold Morrow on military marker; US Army- Korea; double marker with Maria V. Morrow; m. 5-19-1960 
Morrow, Maria V.   8-28-1942    Double marker with Robert H. Morrow; m. 5-19-1960 
Morrow, Agnes Wilcher  2-9-1949  5-28-2012  Children--Melissa, Michael, Cory, Dustin 
Morrow, Larry D.  3-9-1945    Double marker with Anita J. Morrow; m. 5-27-1967; children--Greg, Jeff, Chris, Jeremy, Jason 
Morrow, Anita J.  12-24-1949  5-5-2013  Double marker with Larry D. Morrow; m. 5-27-1967; children--Greg, Jeff, Chris, Jeremy, Jason 
Morrow, Tommy Lee  3-7-1942  12-5-2017  Double marker with Barbara Lynn Morrow; m. 1-4-1963; son of Robert Henry Morrow and Mary Etta Stuart; children--Tommy Lynn, Michael Wayne, Timothy James, Cheryl Ann
Obituary: Tommy Lee Morrow, age 75 of Nashville, Arkansas passed away Tuesday, D... 
Morrow, Barbara Lynn  2-15-1945    Double marker with Tommy Lee Morrow; m. 1-4-1963; daughter of Homer Charles Baker and Ella Rose Jones; children--Tommy Lynn, Michael Wayne, Timothy James, Cheryl Ann 
Murphy, Donnie    1893   
Newton, John West   12-18-1868  3-17-1905  Flat concrete marker 
Newton, Viola  1898  1898  Flat concrete marker; daughter of John 
Newton, Beulah  1896  1896  Flat concrete marker with name only 
Newton, Florence  2-25-1925  2-25-1925  Flat concrete marker 
Newton, Claborn A.  9-24-1901  9-20-1945   
Norwood, Jimmy Ray "Thunderbolt"  1-17-1962  8-18-1996  Double marker with Carrie Elizabeth Norwood 
Norwood, Carrie Elizabeth  12-9-1960    Double marker with Jimmy Ray Norwood 
Parks, J. T.      Co. K-10 Ark. Cav.-CSA; found an obituary for T. J. Parks age 73 who died April, 1916 and another for T. P. Parks who died in August, 1928; not sure if this is same person 
Parks, Milca Ann Graham  3-4-1852  8-2-1928   
Parks, Charlie      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Parks, Rufus P.  1892  1951   
Parks, John  6-26-1878  6-23-1963  Double marker with Nannie Parks 
Parks, Nannie  9-28-1881  5-9-1969  Nannie Cornelius Parks in obituary; double marker with John Parks 
Parks, Allie Mae  8-18-1923  8-24-1972   
Parks, Effie E.  1896  1979   
Parks, Lester M.  10-19-1919  5-27-1982  Tec. 4- US Army-World War II 
Parks, Eavy  2-16-1913  1-9-1983   
Parks, John M.  5-21-1910  6-1-1987   
Payne, Ben W.  10-25-1888  2-24-1945  Double marker with Lottie L. Payne 
Payne, Lottie L.  1-30-1890  2-18-1981  Double marker with Ben W. Payne 
Payne, W. L. "Buster"  11-6-1919  3-11-1997  T. Sgt.- US Army-World War II- Purple Heart; Warren L. on military stone; double marker with Pearl C. Payne; m. 7-3-1943; children--Becky, Mike, Angela, Shay 
Payne, Pearl C.  6-9-1924  7-21-2011  Double marker with W. L. Payne; m. 7-3-1943; children--Becky, Mike, Angela, Shay; Pearl Cornelius Payne in obituary 
Payne, G. L.  3-30-1926  6-3-1993  Cox-U. S. Navy-World War II 
Plaxco, Maude M.  1909  1939   
Plaxco, Cecil  1911  1993  Flat concrete marker and metal marker; dates from metal marker 
Porter, M. T.  1-26-1841  11-30-1897   
Porter, Susie Wingfield  2-10-1889  6-12-1967   
Porter, Mary Susie  9-14-1851  5-23-1926   
Porter, Matthew T.  4-20-1879  3-3-1947   
Powers, Katie    Jan., 1910  Flat concrete marker; old record had name as Kate Graham 
Raden, L. R.    9-28-1956  Age 58; grave not found during survey; Lovel R. Rader in obituary 
Redden, M.      Hard to read 
Renfro, Thomas  1849  1924  Double marker with Eliza Renfro 
Renfro, Eliza  1852  1936  Double marker with Thomas Renfro 
Renfro, John T.  8-14-1871  3-2-1943   
Renfro, Mary Cora  1875  1900   
Renfro, Sarah Etta  1884  1910   
Renfro, Frances Naomi  1890  1939   
Renfro, E. D.  10-22-1874  8-12-1950  Double marker with Laura Renfro 
Renfro, Laura  2-11-1876  1-6-1954  Double marker with E. D. Renfro 
Renfro, Essard Lee  1896  1-5-1915  Full death date from newspaper; year only on stone 
Renfro, Millie Ann  2-4-1888  11-15-1970  Double marker with Willis Lee Renfro 
Renfro, Willis Lee  10-29-1880  4-26-1956  Double marker with Millie Ann Renfro 
Renfro, Charles Luther  10-12-1892  12-5-1945  Double marker with Abbie Hale Renfro; also has a single stone 18 ft. northwest of double marker 
Renfro, Abbie Hale  11-25-1885  10-15-1975  Double marker with Charles Luther Renfro 
Renfro, Elsie      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Renfro, James C.  1-5-1920  9-3-1965   
Renfro, Leslie C.  6-23-1911  2-27-2009  Double marker with Ruby H. Renfro; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Renfro, Ruby H.  12-27-1920  10-12-1981  Double marker with Leslie C. Renfro 
Renfro, B. Dee  7-30-1890  4-7-1972  Double marker with Suetaw L. Renfro; m. 9-28-1914 
Renfro, Suetaw L.  10-6-1900  2-15-1971  Double marker with B. Dee Renfro; m. 9-28-1914 
Renfro, Jason T.  10-2-1905  10-1-1991  Double marker with Cora A. Renfro 
Renfro, Cora A.  12-22-1911  11-17-1984  Double marker with Jason T. Renfro 
Renfro, Willie Lee  10-3-1903  4-15-1978  Double marker with Pearl Mae Renfro 
Renfro, Pearl Mae  9-4-1906  5-19-1984  Double marker with Willie Lee Renfro 
Renfro, Rufus E.   9-7-1897  3-9-1978   
Renfro, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Renfro, Baby      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Renfro, ???      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Rhoads, Martha  1877  1925  Flat concrete marker; hard to read 
Ridling, Daniel Lee  3-16-1975  10-31-1995   
Ridling, Sonja Jean Steed  5-28-1966  11-25-2006  M. 6-9-1989; daughter-Morgan Lea 
Ridling, Lewis Neal  10-14-1968     
Rike, Sybil Renfro  2-18-1918  4-7-1986   
Riley, Jewell  5-19-1911  11-3-1932   
Riley, Jimmy Bob  6-12-1942  6-7-1943   
Rodden, Lula Stockton  Dec., 1889  10-1-1908  Flat concrete marker 
Rodden, Dorce Willie  9-11-1919  9-21-1919   
Rodens, Infant      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Rogers, A. M.  1882  1935   
Rogers, Annie  1882  1917   
Rogers, Jewel      Age 6 months; no dates 
Rowe, Charles A.  3-21-1906  10-13-1944  Double marker with Lura Cleo Rowe 
Rowe, Lura Cleo  3-21-1906  10-13-1944  Double marker with Charles A. Rowe 
Rowe, Mary R.  5-22-1874  6-19-1962   
Roy, Shenina Dawn  8-24-1988  4-9-1991   
Roy, Jessia Renee  5-2-1992  6-19-1992  Flat concrete marker 
Rushing, Rosie M.   12-14-1903  3-29-1936   
Schwarz, Paul H.  9-2-1906  5-5-1981  US Army-World War II 
Shackelford, Mary Reba  12-22-1905  10-30-1939   
Shackelford, Clifton Q.    5-8-1941  One date-Ar.-Pvt.1CL.-Med. Dept. 
Shelts, Amos Rolla "Rolly"  1-7-1884  1-21-1931   
Smith, James E.  7-11-1877  1-21-1945   
Smith, Ollie Rowe      Flat concrete marker with name only; found obituary for Mrs. Ollie Smith, age 44 who died Feb., 1929; not sure if this is same person 
Smith, (Twin Babies)      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Smith, Callie Brown  7-2-1884  8-3-1972   
Steed, Alvis J.  3-9-1936  12-12-1952   
Steed, Joe  6-27-1938  4-9-1953   
Steed, Hazel  11-8-1908  4-25-1965  Hazel Wingfield Steed in obituary 
Steed, Rufus J.  12-3-1904  8-13-1976  Rufus James Steed in obituary 
Steele, Norman Ray  6-6-1940  8-23-2012  Double marker with Betty Andrews Steele; m. 1-7-1997 
Steele, Betty Andrews  2-16-1946    Double marker with Norman Ray Steele; m. 1-7-1997 
Stockton, Ervin      No information-small stone 
Stockton, Geraldine  10-13-1938  4-4-2015   
Stovall, Ann Lorence    6-18-1938  One date only 
Stuart, David D.  8-12-1818  12-6-1892   
Stuart, D. D., Jr.  5-10-1858  4-13-1923  Married Mary Harris 1884 as per obituary 
Stuart, Mary E.  9-22-1866  1-23-1945   
Stuart, Vonley  12-26-1886  10-5-1890   
Stuart, Bettie J.  12-4-1897  4-20-1909   
Stuart, Baby      Flat concrete marker with name only 
Stuart, Virgil  1885  7-20-1960  Double marker with Anna Stuart; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Stuart, Anna   1888  8-9-1958  Double marker with Virgil Stuart; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Stuart, Dale  4-29-1919  7-5-1944  Ar.-Pfc-106 Inf.-27th Inf. Div.-W. W. II 
Stuart, R. A.      Double marker with Ruth Stuart; can't read dates 
Stuart, Ruth      Double marker with R. A. Stuart; can't read dates 
Stuart, Betty J.    3-11-1904  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Stuart, Elliott Hobgood  1903  1961   
Stuart, Verna Mae  11-10-1917  5-5-1964  Double marker with Henry T. Stuart, Jr. 
Stuart, Henry T., Jr.  10-13-1916  12-14-2008  Double marker with Verna Mae Stuart; Henry Thurston Stuart Jr. on military marker; PFC-US Army 
Stuart, H. Thurston   10-7-1891  12-3-1966  Double with Dovie I.- m. 12-20-1913 
Stuart, Dovie I.  10-21-1894  1-2-1975  Dovie Wingfield Stuart in obituary; double marker with H. Thurston Stuart; m. 12-20-1913 
Stuart, Ruby M.  1-12-1924  11-25-1994   
Stuart, Mrs. J. L.  11-13-1868  9-10-1942   
Stuart, R. A. "Bob"  12-23-1851  3-10-1933  Wife was Susan E. Stuart; information from newspaper 
Stuart, Roland David  1-27-1933  2-26-2004  U. S. Army; children--Peggy, Gwen, Sammy, Amy 
Stuart, Josephine "Jo"  1850  1937   
Stuart, Susan E. "Betty"  1860  12-23-1897   
Stuart, Joe      Concrete marker 
Stuart, Johnny Wayne  3-30-1947    Son of Henry T. and Verna Mae Stuart 
Swafford, Tommie W.  1897  6-16-1974  Tommie Wallace Swafford in obituary; double marker with Martha A. Swafford; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Swafford, Martha A.  1900  1994  Double marker with Tommie W. Swafford 
Tate, Neva Irene  2-23-1919  6-30-1920  Daughter of Frank L. Tate 
Tate, Charlie C.  7-29-1906  2-24-1989  Double marker with Dollie L. Tate 
Tate, Dollie L.  6-30-1901  1-6-1988  Double marker with Charlie C. Tate 
Thomas, Zoe Loyce  12-23-1903  9-3-1904  Flat concrete marker 
Tomelton, Lizzie Beard and twin babies      Flat concrete marker 
Treas, Trudie A.  4-29-1898  10-26-1984   
Treas, John W.  5-29-1894  1-13-1971  Ark. - Sgt. - US Army- World War I 
Treas, Hilton W.  2-16-1931  11-29-2021  Double marker with Jo Ann Treas; m. 9-5-1969; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. Hilton Warner (Dickie) Treas, 90, formerly of Prescott, AR, passed... 
Treas, Jo Ann  11-3-1935  5-27-1998  Double marker with Hilton W. Treas; m. 9-5-1969 
Treas, John W. "Duke"  3-13-1933    Double marker with Urey C. Treas; m. 5-1-1951 
Treas, Urey C.  4-27-1937  2-5-2015  Double marker with John W. Treas; m. 5-1-1951 
(Unknown), ???      Five flat concrete markers in southwest corner of cemetery 
(Unknown), ???      2 flat concrete markers labeled Unknown between Sarah Renfro and Mary Cora Renfro markers 
(Unknown), ???      Flat concrete marker 13 ft. north of Rosie Rushing marker 
(Unknown), ???      Flat concrete marker 3 ft. south of Cornelia Davidson marker 
(Unknown), ???      Olf flat concrete marker 9 ft. north of Maude Barnes marker; can't read name 
Unknown), ???      2 old flat concrete markers near south fence 
(Unknown), ???      2 flat concrete markers north of cedar tree 
Vinson, Thomas Hershel  12-25-1850  12-9-1901  Double marker with Martha Harrison Vinson 
Vinson, Martha Harrison  1-30-1855  1-4-1932  Double marker with Thomas Hershel Viinson 
Weatherspoon, Indiana Wingfield  1843  1904   
Weaver, (2 graves)      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Wendt, Eddie F.  5-20-1912  11-7-1999  Double marker with Alvice P. Wendt; m. 7-12-1942 
Wendt, Alvice P.  6-23-1917  10-17-1997  Double marker with Eddie F. Wendt; m. 7-12-1942; cremated 
White, Vivian Woodard  10-1-1917  4-8-1995   
Williamson, Mary Janet  2-7-1939  2-6-2005  From obituary; see Mary Janet Blevins 
Willis, Charles Clifford  12-16-1924  6-28-1996  Sgt.- US Army Air Corps- World War II 
Wilson, Emerson  1871  1948  Double marker with Henrietta Wilson; obituary had birth date 9-19-1870 and death date August 14, 1947; age given as 77 
Wilson, Henrietta  1873  2-18-1972  Double marker with Emerson Wilson; full death date from obituary; years only on stone; Virginia Henrietta Harris Wilson in obituary 
Wilson, Otto  9-24-1896  10-29-1899   
Wilson, John T. "Bud"  4-28-1882  5-22-1966  Double marker with Emma Cornelius Wilson 
Wilson, Emma Cornelius  9-26-1881  8-26-1966  Double marker with John T. Wilson 
Wilson, L. Pearl  10-21-1895  2-18-1978  Double marker with W. Oscar Wilson 
Wilson, W. Oscar  6-9-1893  12-8-1970  Willis Oscar Wilson in obituary; double marker with L. Pearl Wilson 
Wilson, ???      Old flat concrete marker with name only 9 ft. west of Oscar Wilson marker 
Wingfield, Eliza Ward  3-11-1816  11-11-1898   
Wingfield, James W.  5-9-1857  11-30-1946  Double marker with Malinda Wingfield 
Wingfield, Malinda  7-9-1860  1-19-1898  Double marker with James W. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Annie  5-3-1883  8-29-1900   
Wingfield, Bulah    8-22-1900  Flat concreter marker 
Wingfield, Lester      Flat concrete marker 
Wingfield, Charlie      Flat concrete marker 
Wingfield, Onnie    3-23-1909  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Wingfield, Annie G.  11-21-1879  5-23-1919  Woodmen Circle marker 
Wingfield, Mary Sue  1914  1915  Metal marker set in concrete 
Wingfield, Henry J.  1912  1915  Metal marker set in concrete 
Wingfield, E. T.  1885  5-19-1969  Z. T. Wingfield in obituary; double marker with Maude M. Wingfield; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Wingfield, Maude M.  1888  1980  Double marker with E. T. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Baby  1919  1919  Metal marker set in stone 
Wingfield, (twin babies)      Children of James and Maggie Wingfield; flat concrete marker 
Wingfield, E. W.  9-24-1879  11-18-1902   
Wingfield, Joel J.  12-3-1880  10-22-1972  Double marker with Nannie Box Wingfield 
Wingfield, Nannie Box  4-19-1881  11-28-1971  Double marker with Joel J. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Kenneth W.  3-26-1923  7-10-1982  Double marker with Deane G. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Deane G.  12-27-1933  7-6-1983  Double marker with Kenneth W. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Clement E.  4-9-1923  9-9-2004  Clement Edward Wingfield in obituary; double marker with Estelle Wingfield 
Wingfield, Estelle  8-29-1930    Double marker with Clement E. Wingfield 
Wingfield, Baby      Old flat concrete marker one grave north of E. W. Wingfield marker 
Witherspoon, John W.  1847  1892  Ark.-Mtd. Vols.-CSA 
Witherspoon, Mary Emily  11-3-1847  1877  Flat concrete marker 
Witherspoon, J. M.  1856  1-16-1938  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Witherspoon, Alice  1866  1948   
Witherspoon, Calvin  1-12-1885  8-20-1911  J. C. Witherspoon in obituary; Woodmen of the World marker 
Woodard, Mark Turner  3-17-1887  10-6-1966  Double marker with Ocie Vinson Woodard 
Woodard, Ocie Vinson  2-4-1894  10-2-1965  Double marker with Mark Turner Woodard 
Wooley, Mary Linda  3-2-1942  6-1-1942  Daughter of Ray and Jane Wooley 
Wooley, Jane I.  8-14-1917  3-12-1984  Double marker with F. Ray Wooley 
Wooley, F. Ray  2-24-1919  6-17-2001  Felton Ray Wooley on metal marker; double marker with Jane I. Wooley 
Yancey, John C.  11-26-1943  4-25-2009  Double marker with Beverly J. Yancey; m. 12-31-1998; children--Casi, Cody, Kimberly 
Yancey, Beverly J.  1-17-1958    Double marker with John C. Yancey; m. 12-31-1998; children--Casi, Cody, Kimberly 
York, Matthew Steven  2-29-2000  11-10-2019   
Young, Jim  4-19-1908  4-7-1992   
Young, Bessie Cornelius  4-1-1909  10-27-1981   

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References to an "earlier record" usually refer to a survey conducted in the 1950's by the Nevada County Extension Homemakers' Clubs, the original of which is on file at the Nevada County Depot and Museum.

Since 1997, Jery and Jeanie McKelvy have conducted a periodic canvas of each cemetery in the county and use additional resources to keep the listings current.