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Snell Cemetery - White Section

Snell Cemetery is located just southeast of Emmet on the section line between Sections 10 and 11, Township 12 South, Range 23 West. It is a very large cemetery, covering several acres. A black section joins the white section on the south separated from the larger part by a fence. The white section is very well maintained and is frequently used for burials.
Driving directions: From Emmet, go south on Rd. No. 33 about one half mile. Turn left on Rd. No. 273. The cemetery will be about one half mile on your right.





Adams, Thomas J.  6-12-1858  9-2-1895   
Adams, Thomas H.  10-16-1889  3-15-1894  Son of T. J. and M. Adams 
Adams, Walter F.  9-5-1894  6-4-1896  Son of T. J. and M. Adams 
Adams, Florence M.  11-22-1892  7-15-1898  Daughter of T. J. and M. Adams 
Adamson, R. Marie  1-17-1955  1-8-2009  Rose Marie Adamson in obituary; double marker with (blank) Adamson; m. 10-5-1975 
Adamson, (blank)      Double marker with R. Marie Adamson; m. 10-5-1975 
Algee, Ann Scott  5-12-1944  7-29-2015  Double marker with Harold D. Algee; m. 11-25-1965 
Algee, Harold D.  8-28-1929    Double marker with Ann Scott Algee; m. 11-25-1965 
Allen, Steven Gerald  10-7-1959  5-7-1976  Son; double marker with Stacy Lynn Allen 
Allen, Stacy Lynn  10-3-1965  5-7-1976  Daughter; double marker with Steven Gerald Allen 
Allen, Sarah Louise  Dec., 1891  Dec., 1892   
Allen, Ethel Mae  6-10-1905  9-26-1941   
Allen, William O.  5-9-1857  3-12-1944  Double marker with Amanda Allen 
Allen, Amanda  11-1-1874  9-24-1955  Double marker with William O. Allen 
Allen, Sidney B.  4-3-1913  3-11-1963  Double marker with Ruby Allen 
Allen, Ruby "Peggy"  7-17-1914  12-7-1995  Double marker with Sidney B. Allen 
Allen, Charles L.  1929  1975  Charles Lee Allen on military marker; Cpl.- U. S. Army-Korea 
Allen, Norman W. (Pete)  8-22-1899  12-1-1979  Double marker with Tressie G. Allen 
Allen, Tressie G.  2-7-1900  11-27-1995  Double marker with Norman W. Allen 
Allen, Mollie U.  12-24-1869  2-2-1897  Wife of W. O. Allen 
Allen, Catherine  3-6-1849  8-11-1887  Wife of W. O. Allen 
Allen, Luther H.  4-18-1884  3-15-1903  Son of W. O. Allen 
Allen, W. H.  9-30-1893  2-14-1905  Son of W. O. Allen 
Allen, Earl Lester  1902  1973  Pastor 37 years; double marker with Edna Ray Allen 
Allen, Edna Ray  1909  2001  Double marker with Earl Lester Allen 
Allen, Andy  11-25-1881  2-27-1952  Double marker with Nina Allen 
Allen, Nina  1-13-1887  8-10-1974  Double marker with Andy Allen 
Allen, Nell Rae  12-9-1937  4-1-1999   
Allen, Bessie Mae  4-27-1927  8-25-2017  Information from obituary 
Allen, Alex    Dec., 1921  Grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Allwhite, Carl C.  11-28-1915  7-15-1943   
Allwhite, Lewis A.   7-16-1882  10-15-1950  Double marker with Lula V. Allwhite 
Allwhite, Lula V.  9-20-1888  11-11-1968  Double marker with Lewis A. Allwhite 
Allwhite, George Edward  11-19-1917  3-11-1985  PFC.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Allwhite, C. D.  11-3-1913  12-15-1913  Son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Allwhite 
Allwhite, Luther F.  6-13-1912  10-11-1995  U. S. Army-World War II-Purple Heart; double marker with Mildred F. Allwhite 
Allwhite, Mildred F.  7-13-1914  5-27-1984  Double marker with Luther F. Allwhite 
Anderson, Aubrey C.  2-16-1920  1-1-1988  Tec. 5- U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Madeline E. Anderson; m. 3-11-1939 
Anderson, Madeline E.  9-23-1923  4-20-2009  Double marker with Aubrey C. Anderson; m. 3-11-1939 
Anderson, Wayne  1-29-1905  12-27-1981  Double marker with Linna Mae Anderson; married Linna Mae Bain 1930-1953; children--Ronald Wayne and Jerry Bain; also married Ade Lee Beene 1955-1981 
Anderson, Linna Mae  9-25-1910  10-21-1953  Double marker with Wayne Anderson; married to Wayne Anderson 1930-1953; children--Ronald Wayne and Jerry Bain 
Anderson, Rexine  12-25-1941  4-6-2018  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary
Obituary: Rexine Anderson, 76, of Greenville, died Friday, April 6, 2018, in Gre... 
Andrews, Fannie Bulter Brady  1853  1925   
Andrews, Louranae    7-4-1882  Wife of P. E. Andrews; age 27 yrs., 6 mths., 20 days 
Andrews, Perry   10-25-????  2-11-????  Hard to read; family member says birth year was 1850 and death year was 1901; grave is 5 ft. south of Lourance Andrews marker 
Andrews, Dr. Elbert E.  9-28-1871  6-10-1902   
Andrews, Lenora M.  5-27-1870  4-17-1895  Wife of G. B. Andrews 
Andrews, Dr. Ludlow C.  2-18-1869  4-25-1902   
Andrews, Crawford  9-6-1824  10-10-1902  Double marker with Jane Andrews 
Andrews, Jane  2-2-1832  2-10-1906  Double marker with Crawford Andrews 
Andrews, J. D.  8-31-1866  7-21-1898   
Andrews, R. G.    3-3-1909  Grave not found during survey; newspaper said burial was at Emmet; assumed to be at Snell 
Aparicio, Alice Faye Neighbors Hamilton  6-30-1947  8-3-2005  Grave marker has Alice Faye Hamilton; also listed under Hamilton 
Arnett, Billy Joe   9-14-1933  9-29-2009  Double marker with Jo Ann Powell Arnett; m. 5-25-1962 
Arnett, Jo Ann Powell  12-17-1941  5-2-2010  Double marker with Billy Joe Powell; m. 5-25-1962 
Arnett, Meagan Kathleen  10-16-1991  4-8-1992   
Arnett, Robert Sidney  8-22-1886  7-12-1949  Ar.-Pvt-157 Inf.-40 Div.-World War I; double marker with Beulah Lee Arnett 
Arnett, Beulah Lee  1-14-1905  4-9-1992  Double marker with Robert Sidney Arnett 
Arnett, Rosalie  8-27-1906  10-7-1982  With Arnett family stone 
Arnett, William F.  4-22-1878  2-27-1958  With Arnett family stone 
Arnett, Teresa Erwin  11-4-1886  10-10-1978  With Arnett family stone 
Arnett, Walter A.  5-31-1881  3-16-1962  Albert W. Arnett in obituary; probably a mistake; double marker with Esther A. Arnett 
Arnett, Esther A.  7-15-1895  2-28-1928  Double marker with Walter A. Arnett; Mary Ester Arnett in obituary 
Arnett, Joyce Ann  1935  1939  Daughter of Albert and Lolita Arnett 
Arnett, Lolita  1-17-1906  10-11-1965   
Arnett, Albert Erwin  9-29-1904  3-28-1984   
Arnett, Frankie  2-11-1912  7-10-2000  By Arnett family stone 
Arnett, Stephen Andrew  9-16-1993  6-14-2013  Arkansas Army National Guard 
Arnett, William J.  3-25-1927    Double marker with Twyla F. Arnett 
Arnett, Twyla Frances  1-4-1934  7-11-2017  Double marker with William J. Arnett 
Arnette, Jack  10-10-1912  2-10-1998  Double marker with Edith W. Arnette; m. 5-13-1937; children--Jacqueline and Larry 
Arnette, Edith W.  10-19-1917  11-14-2016  Double marker with Jack Arnette; m. 5-13-1937; children--Jacqueline and Larry 
Arnette, Larry  5-18-1942  11-28-2015  James Larry Arnette in obituary; double marker with Terry Arnette; m. 7-31-1964; children--Tim and Kimberly; grandchildren--Shelby, Jack, Steven 
Arnette, Terry  8-16-2946    Double marker with Larry Arnette; m. 7-31-1964; children--Tim and Kimberly; grandchildren--Shelby, Jack, Steven 
Auld, Cole Edward    12-15-1992  One date on stone 
Avery, Ora Snell  10-29-1925  9-8-2010  Double marker with Commodore Snell; also listed under Snell 
Bain, Bob Franklin  1922  1958   
Bain, Ben  10-17-1881  6-11-1961  Double marker with Fannie Bain 
Bain, Fannie  1-13-1891  1-16-1974  Double marker with Ben Bain 
Baine, Child    July, 1910  Child of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Blaine; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Barber, Virginia W.  3-17-1874  1-1-1910   
Barbor, Lula  3-10-1891  1-5-1909   
Bardwell, Thomas H.  5-10-1886  12-12-1960  Double marker with Beulah T. Bardwell 
Bardwell, Beulah T.  11-8-1883  1-15-1976  Double marker with Thomas H. Bardwell 
Barrow, William F.  3-22-1923  9-18-1971  Tx.-S1-USNR-World War II 
Barrow, Isel Fee  12-14-1922  12-24-1956   
Barton, Zeletta  10-4-1887  11-15-1894  Daughter of W. G. and L. H. Barton 
Barton, W. G.  7-29-1850  12-1-1910   
Barton, Lula H.   1868  1954   
Battle, Robert McKinzey  9-14-1873  4-21-1878   
Battle, Jessie  10-26-1882  5-27-1940   
Battle, Addison Lee  1-27-1882  3-28-1924   
Battle, Rosine R.  11-29-1843  5-6-1928   
Battle, Napoleon O.  1-3-1841  1-4-1902   
Bautts, Frank  1861  1943  Double marker with Juliette Bautts 
Bautts, Juliette  1860  1950  Double marker with Frank Bautts 
Beals, Bobbie Nell  11-19-1941  2-18-2004  Metal marker at time of survey 
Beaty, Joe  12-17-1898  4-5-1968  Double marker with Mae Beaty 
Beaty, Mae  10-5-1901  2-14-1996  Double marker with Joe Beaty 
Beaty, Danny Joe  12-21-1946  12-21-1946   
Beaty, Addie Thompson  3-30-1897  8-26-1978   
Beaty, Virginia Daisy Wesson  10-7-1880  6-10-1917  Wife of E. W. Beaty 
Beaty, Ernest Wilson  8-3-1877  1-30-1961   
Beaty, Cpl. Ernest B.  1910  1944  Double marker with Era Wells Beaty 
Beaty, Era Wells  1914    Double marker with Cpl. Ernest B. Beaty; no death date engraved 
Beaty, Joe D.  8-21-1922  4-15-1973  Joe Douglas Beaty in obituary; Ar.-Sgt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Beaty, Mary A.  9-2-1847  11-8-1940  Mother; double marker with L. Edward Beaty 
Beaty, L. Edward  3-2-1869  10-2-1937  Son; double marker with Mary A. Beaty 
Beaty, W. Ralph  7-30-1902  12-11-1965  William Ralph Beaty in obituary; double marker with Vera H. Beaty; m. 7-1-1930 
Beaty, Vera H.  12-24-1910  11-28-2007  Double marker with W. Ralph Beaty; m. 7-1-1930; Vera Lee Bailey in obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey; stone damaged by fallen tree since last survey 
Beaty, Gracie    1909  Age 18 months; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Beaty; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper; assumed burial was at Snell 
Beaty, Joseph A.    Jan., 1942  Age 76; grave not found during survey; obituary said buried at Beaty Cem. near Emmet; may not be at Snell 
Beaty, George Edward  3-8-1915  3-24-2009  Double marker with G. Joyce Stinnett Beaty 
Beaty, G. Joyce Stinnett  2-16-1927    Double marker with George Edward Beaty 
Beauclair, Willie J.  6-28-1875  10-29-1942   
Beauclair, Charlie Fredric  11-8-1874  4-2-1914   
Beck, Gracie M. Parmer  8-26-1915  9-5-1981   
Bell, Dennis R.  9-28-1899  3-30-1980  Double marker with Josie Grace Bell 
Bell, Josie Grace  8-2-1903  11-20-1996  Double marker with Dennis R. Bell 
Bell, Virginia Ann Magness  6-2-1930  9-10-1989  Double marker with Jarvis Bell; m. 7-9-1950 
Bell, Jarvis "Jack"  1-3-1926  2-25-2009  Double marker with Virginia Ann Magness Bell; m. 7-9-1950 
Bennett, Omer H.  1908  5-9-1970  Double marker with Rose M. Bennett; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Bennett, Rose M.  1912  1995  Double marker with Omer H. Bennett 
Bilbrey, Elizabeth Jones  12-12-1939  12-5-2020  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Bishop, Ira N.   8-26-1913  4-13-1987   
Bishop, Florence  8-13-1887  6-14-1971   
Bishop, Henry N.  3-1-1883  12-6-1951   
Blount, Victor Paul  10-7-1919  10-18-2000  Tec 5 - U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Alva Mae Blount 
Blount, Alva Mae  1-12-1927  3-3-2017  Double marker with Victor Paul Blount; Alva Mae Moseley Blount in obituary 
Booker, Murrell O. Jr.  5-18-1924  8-17-1996  Double marker with Helen Joyce Booker; m. 9-18-1943 
Booker, Helen Joyce  5-29-1926  1-14-2012  Double marker with Murrell O. Booker Jr.; m. 9-18-1943 
Booker, Dale W.  2-4-1940    Double marker with G. Ann Booker; m. 6-29-1962; children--Dana and Tonya 
Booker, G. Ann  2-25-1939  1-20-2008  Double marker with Dale W. Booker; m. 6-29-1962; children--Dana and Tonya 
Boozer, J. C.  12-30-1856  7-1-1910  Stone is broken and lying flat; located near south fence 
Boyd, Lucia  1879  1-3-1973  Lucia Belle Boyd in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone; with Boyd family stone 
Boyd, John P.  1870  1960  With Boyd family stone 
Boyd, Travis P.  1884  11-13-1968  With Boyd family stone; full death date from obituary; Pink Boyd in obituary 
Boyd, Marvin  1882  8-11-1969  With Boyd family stone; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Boyd, Leaman (Doug)  1872  1953  Double marker with Rosie Lee Boyd 
Boyd, Rosie Lee  1877  1952  Double marker with Leaman Boyd 
Boyd, Jewell  12-6-1909  11-12-1913  Son of L. D. and Rosie Boyd 
Boyd, Jane A.  5-25-1844  1-4-1928  Double marker with Travis P. Boyd 
Boyd, Travis P.  11-6-1840  3-29-1888  Double marker with Jane A. Boyd 
Boyd, Margaret F.  3-28-1818  11-6-1888  Wife of John T. Boyd 
Boyett, Ira E.  6-20-1887  9-20-1963  Double marker with Emma E. Boyett; Ira Elwyn Boyett in obituary 
Boyett, Emma E.  9-26-1895  7--21-1973  Emma Head Boyett in obituary; double marker with Ira E. Boyett 
Boyett, N. E.  4-6-1915  11-13-1991   
Braden, Virginia  10-4-1919  3-17-1972   
Braden, James David  3-31-1919  10-24-2002   
Breed, Jim M.  1892  4-11-1951  Double marker with Ruth E. Breed; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Breed, Ruth E.  1898  3-1-1972  Double marker with Jim M. Breed; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Breed, Kathryn  6-26-1919  6-27-1919  Daughter of Ruth and Jim Breed 
Breed, Clifton  1896  2-10-1968  Clifton E. Breed in obituary; double marker with Cattie Breed; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Breed, Cattie  1905  1989  Double marker with Clifton Breed 
Bridgman, Mattie J.  11-17-1861  1-21-1945   
Britton, Charlottte Ann McQueen  12-9-1954    Children -- Nicki and Hunter 
Brown, Thomas A.  1897  Nov., 1965  Thomas Allen Brown in obituary; double marker with Willie G. Brown; death date from obituary 
Brown, Willie G.  1899  1974  Double marker with Thomas A. Brown 
Brown, Edsel Dwain      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Brown, Larry David  3-1-1944  8-9-1964  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Browning, Mary E.  1-23-1875  9-2-1959   
Browning, Almon B.  11-29-1907  7-24-1960   
Browning, Nona Mae  2-10-1920  10-29-2010   
Bull, Lydia E.  3-9-1851  2-23-1875   
Bulla, William      Hard to read; no other information; did not find this grave in 2006 survey 
Burns, Joseph  3-17-1901  3-22-1901  Son of R. H. and E. R. Burns 
Burns, Clarence  6-20-1907  10-4-1908  Son of R. H. and Effie Burns 
Burns, Robert  11-17-1891  8-2-1902  Son of R. H. and E. R. Burns; age 10 yrs., 8 mths., 15 days 
Burns, Robert H.  9-9-1861  4-30-1921  Double marker with Effie R. Burns; children--Ozella, Robert, James, Charles S., Lucille, Joseph, Vernon, Mary F., Clarence, Clara S., Ruth A., Aleene 
Burns, Effie R.  7-11-1871  10-8-1966  Double marker with Robert H. Burns; children--Ozella, Robert, James, Charles S., Lucille, Joseph, Vernon, Mary F., Clarence, Clara S., Ruth A., Aleene 
Butcher, Bobbie Jean  7-25-1944  1-22-2004  With Hickey graves 
Cain, Virginia Dougan  3-17-1931  6-2-1991   
Callaway, Henry L.  1851  1928  Double marker with Nancy L. Callaway 
Callaway, Nancy L.  1859  1930  Double marker with Henry L. Callaway 
Callaway, H. L.     4-15-1929  Age 73; grave not found; info. from obituary 
Callaway, Ruby Lee  4-4-1921  10-29-1922   
Callaway, J. A.  6-3-1858  5-7-1930   
Callaway, Mary A.  4-17-1846  3-11-1915   
Callaway, Lony    2-4-1895  Age about 77 years 
Callaway, Henry W.  12-31-1881  10-19-193?  Dates hard to read 
Callaway, Rebecca  6-3-1853  11-15-1882   
Callaway, Henry  12-28-1842  9-21-1879   
Callaway, Harvey  1897  1982  Double marker with Lee Callaway 
Callaway, Lee  1898  1965  Double marker with Harvey Callaway 
Callaway, Addie  11-24-1879  12-24-1900  Wife of W. B. Callaway 
Callaway, Sarah J.  10-2-1838  3-24-1917   
Calloway, Clarence  4-9-1911  5-28-1911  Did not find this grave in 2006 survey 
Calloway, Infant  4-9-1911  5-28-1911  Son of I. B. and F. A. Calloway; dates from obituary; son of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Callaway in obituary 
Campbell, J. Frank  1871  1940   
Cantley, Sammie  12-4-1884  1-3-1885  Son of I. B. and F. I. Cantley 
Cantley, Catharine  12-1-1832  3-23-1900  Wife of John Cantley; stone is broken and lying down 
Cash, Maudy  2-1-1902  3-28-1907  Daughter of J. R. and Annie Cash 
Cassady, Bert  4-19-1897  1-12-1968  Double marker with Ila E. Cassady 
Cassady, Ila E.  9-14-1901  10-15-1981  Double marker with Bert Cassady 
Casto, Kayla LeeAndra  9-11-2000  6-25-2012  Double marker with Sandra K. Pankey 
Casto, J. W.  8-26-1933  2-22-2019  Double marker with Linda Casto; m. 2-23-1980; children--Mike, Debra, J. J., Jeanie, David, Nathan, Danny, Tisha 
Casto, Linda  6-29-1958    Double marker with J. W. Casto; m. 2-23-1980; children--Mike, Debra, J. J., Jeanie, David, Nathan, Danny, Tisha 
Chambless, R. Ancel  1885  1932   
Chambless, Anna R.  1885  1944   
Chambless, Edward Lamar  1881  1930   
Chambless, Florence Josephine  7-8-1880  3-24-1961   
Chambless, Louise Paul  1-10-1918  9-30-2010  Louise Marie Chambless in obituary 
Chambliss, Samuel E.  5-5-1912  11-28-1965  Chambless on military marker; S Sgt.-Co L-383 Inf.-World War II-BSM 
Childers, Donna Lee  11-28-1950  2-1-2011   
Chism, Edward W.  4-10-1921  1-15-2010  Double marker with Edith G. Chism; m. 9-14-1979 
Chism, Edith G.  10-4-1926  5-14-2005  Edith Reyenga Warren Chism in obituary; double marker with Edward W. Chism; m. 9-14-1979 
Chism, James Roy  10-9-1894  3-5-1895   
Chism, Charles Wm.  12-12-1895  11-17-1896   
Chism, J. M. (Matt)  11-21-1872  10-12-1934  Double marker with Dollie Boyd Chism; m. 1-4-1894 
Chism, Dollie Boyd  8-16-1874  3-8-1968  Dorothy Boyd Chism in obituary; double marker with J. M. Chism; m. 1-4-1894 
Chism, Earl Wesley  1-28-1902  3-17-1937   
Christopher, Ned  7-19-1886  10-2-1918   
Christopher, Jane Young  11-3-1856  3-4-1913   
Christopher, Melissa Thomas  2-19-1844  9-12-1918   
Clark, Everett C.  4-15-1920  3-20-2005  M SGT- U. S. Army Air Forces- World War II; double marker with Grace Hampton Clark; m. 11-10-1945 
Clark, Grace (Hampton)  2-23-1924  8-17-2008  Double marker with Everett C. Clark; m. 11-10-1945 
Cobb, Nettie (Sanders)  12-25-1881  11-25-1909   
Coffee, Ernest Vernon  11-22-1908  10-15-1989  Double marker with Eunice Crank Coffee 
Coffee, Eunice Crank  10-15-1911  12-26-1990  Double marker with Ernest Vernon Coffee 
Cole, Jay Sloane  7-15-1911  11-25-1994  Double marker with Dorothy Ward Cole; m. 3-11-1936; children--Joy Jeanette and Bonnie Jane 
Cole, Dorothy Ward  5-23-1917  12-6-1992  Double marker with Jay Sloane Cole; m. 3-11-1936; children--Joy Jeanette and Bonnie Jane 
Cole, "Jim" James Wm. Jr.  1-7-1917  9-26-1981  Double marker with Mary Inez Byers Cole 
Cole, Mary Inez Byers  7-16-1918  8-25-1981  Double marker with James Wm. Cole Jr. 
Cole, James W.  5-11-1877  1-30-1961  Double marker with Janie H. Cole 
Cole, Janie H.  2-9-1878  4-1-1967  Double marker with James W. Cole 
Cole, Maurine  11-29-1914  1-6-1969   
Cole, Ross A.  6-17-1914  6-17-1914  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Ira Cole 
Cole, Minnie  1877  1971  Double marker with Bert Cole 
Cole, Bert  1880  1932  Double marker with Minnie Cole 
Cole, John D.  2-15-1910  7-17-1988  Double marker with Molly O. Wilson Cole; m. 12-31-1934 
Cole, Molly O. Wilson  9-5-1912  11-27-1986  Double marker with John D. Cole; m. 12-31-1934 
Cole, ???      Stone with name Cole between Maurice Cole and Alice Cole McCuller markers 
Cologne, Bertha C.   2-17-1911  1-7-2006   
Colten, Edward  9-27-1879  10-7-1921   
Cook, Thomas Lee  12-14-1874  8-27-1949  Double marker with Bessie Brady Cook 
Cook, Bessie Brady  11-24-1884  10-20-1957  Double marker with Thomas Lee Cook 
Cook, Odis Bush  7-30-1909  8-20-1988  U. S. Army-World War II 
Cook, Irene   2-2-1909  4-17-1997  Metal marker had Irene Maynard Cook; triple marker with Fern Cook and Brady Cook; death date from metal marker-age 88; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Cook, Fern  3-27-1910  5-26-1994  Triple marker with Irene Cook and Brady Cook 
Cook, Brady  10-25-1911  8-26-1987  Triple marker with Irene Cook and Fern Cook 
Cook, Nancy  5-9-1850  8-29-1929  Double marker with J. H. Cook 
Cook, J. H.  3-9-1848  12-23-1888  Double marker with Nancy Cook 
Cook, Lula D.  1-6-1885  6-11-1890   
Cook, William J.  10-14-1867  10-12-1922   
Cook, George Washington  10-25-1907  12-28-1973  Double marker with Melva Stadlen Cook 
Cook, Melva Stadlen  5-15-1917  10-24-1983  Double marker with George Washington Cook 
Cook, C. W.  Aug., 1843  11-3-1920  Double marker with Sarah A. Cook 
Cook, Sarah A.  5-15-1842  6-23-1915  Double marker with C. W. Cook 
Cook, Martha J. Arnett  1921  1961  With Arnett family stone 
Cook, Mary Evelyn Furrey  6-24-1910  2-25-1999  With Cook family stone 
Coppock, G. W. R.  9-5-1841  4-14-1917   
Coppock, Polly Ann  6-5-1856  11-29-1931   
Corum, Adeline  2-26-1853  6-5-1927  Double marker with Roxie Corum 
Corum, Roxie  11-24-1893  12-11-1905  Double marker with Adeline Corum 
Cotney, Arvel  4-2-1920  4-2-1994   
Cotney, James Hiram  2-18-1887  2-28-1950  Double marker with Jocie Neal Cotney; m. 11-5-1917 
Cotney, Jocie Neal  4-21-1898  3-21-1984  Double marker with James Hiram Cotney; m. 11-5-1917 
Cox, Bertha Hickey  10-12-1922  11-8-1987   
Cox, Bobbie G.  3-10-1939  10-9-2001  Double marker with Charles J. Cox 
Cox, Charles Jr.  7-27-1917  1-21-2006  Double marker with Bobbie G. Cox 
Cox, Jennifer L.  9-11-1982  7-1-2021  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Jennifer L. Cox, age 38 of Emmet, Arkansas passed away Sunday, Ju... 
Crane, Edward L.  8-26-1922  2-16-1954  Ark.- Pfc-Co. L-38 Inf.-World War II; Leo Crane in obituary 
Crane, W. Odus  3-7-1917  8-28-1985  Double marker with Bessie Mae Crane; m. 11-30-1956 
Crane, Bessie Mae  4-27-1927  8-25-2017  Bessie Mae Allen in obituary; double marker with W. Odus Crane; m. 11-30-1956 
Crane, Jesse B.  9-21-1893  2-26-1952  Double marker with Ada A. Crane 
Crane, Ada A.  10-10-1897  11-13-1976  Double marker with Jesse B. Crane 
Crank, R. L.  2-8-1917  11-15-1958   
Crank, Ross L.  6-15-1884  9-14-1975  Double marker with Morilda E. Crank; m. 12-17-1903 
Crank, Morilda E.  1-22-1886  11-8-1958  Double marker with Ross L. Crank; m. 12-17-1903 
Crank, Jack D.  8-10-1926  9-20-2003  Double marker with Patricia W. Crank; m. 9-3-1947 
Crank, Patricia W.  9-21-1928  4-18-1990  Double marker with Jack D. Crank; m. 9-3-1947 
Crank, Patsy    7-30-1934  Infant; one date 
Crank, Eliza C.  4-14-1846  12-15-1932   
Crank, Robert N.  9-13-1841  12-23-1900   
Crank, Olin J.  11-14-1909  4-10-1974  Double marker with Coy Driggers Crank; m. 1-1-1920 
Crank, Coy Driggers  11-28-1911  1-23-1989  Double marker with Olin J. Crank; m. 1-1-1920 
Crank, Zack A.  10-10-1878  8-6-1960   
Crank, John H.  11-30-1868  7-5-1960  Double marker with Janette H. Crank 
Crank, Janette H.  2-7-1875  2-24-1961  Double marker with John H. Crank 
Crank, Leonard Ira  9-8-1899  2-3-1931   
Crank, (infant)      No dates; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Crank 
Crank, Billie J.  6-24-1930  3-17-1985  Daughter; double marker with Betty J. Crank 
Crank, Betty J.  6-24-1930    Daughter; double marker with Billie J. Crank 
Crider, Murphy  6-29-1904  12-30-1959  Ar.-Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Cross, Garron O'Neal  10-12-1976  10-13-1976  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Gary Cross (from obituary) 
Crow, Charles Franklin  3-1-1940  6-2-1945   
Crow, Lynda Ann  7-6-1938  1-19-1939   
Crow, Janie H.  2-9-1874  4-1-1967  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Crumby, Johnny May  6-2-1927  10-15-1965  Ar.-S Sgt.- U. S. Army Air Forces-World War II 
Crumby, John  1888  1966  Metal marker set in concrete 
Crumby, Mae S.  11-26-1890  7-7-1927  Mrs. John Crumby in obituary;spelled Crumley in obituary 
Crumby, Harriet  12-7-1832  9-11-1907  Wife of M. Crumby 
Crumby, Delila  1853  1912   
Crumby, G. W.  8-28-1853  9-27-1907  George Crumby in death notice in newspaper 
Crumby, Meredith  10-12-1892  11-29-1980  Double marker with Floy B. Crumby; m. 12-25-1914 
Crumby, Floy B.  10-11-1893  1-22-1980  Double marker with Meredith Crumby; m. 12-25-1914 
Crumby, William A.  6-20-1859  3-9-1915   
Cummings, Jake  2-21-1931  7-28-2012   
Cummings, Louise  1932  1976  Hattie Louise Cummings in obituary 
Cummings, Ronald  1935  1956   
Cummings, George W.  2-14-1893  4-7-1969   
Cummings, Ora  5-1-1909    Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Curtis, Thomas P.  10-2-1827  11-3-1897  Age 70 yrs., 1 mth., 1 day 
Daily, Nettie  11-6-1868  8-2-1908  Wife of G. C. Daily 
Daily, Nancy    10-25-1913  Age 85 yrs., 3 mths, 5 days; wife of G. C. Daily; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Davidson, Margaret Mooney  7-26-1915  7-3-2001  Double marker with James Huey; m. 9-16-1936 
Davidson, James Huey  12-13-1903  3-8-2006  Double marker with Margaret Mooney Davidson; m. 9-16-1936 
Davidson, Paul Huey  7-4-1949  12-23-1969   
Davis, (infant)    10-5-1948  One date on stone 
Davis, Alta M.  4-17-1905  5-3-1979   
Davis, Henry W.  1875  1951  Father; double marker with Melba L. Davis 
Davis, Melba L.  1916    Daughter; double marker with Henry W. Davis 
Deaton, James W.  9-18-1911  9-9-1968  Double marker with Pearl E. Deaton Gill; James Wallace Deaton in obituary 
Deaton, Jimmy Dale  1949  1950   
Deaton, Appergail Lee  1945  1950   
Deaton, Guy  1898  1954  Double marker with Myrtle Steele Deaton 
Deaton, Myrtle   11-27-1908  5-29-1998  Obituary had Mary Steele Deaton; double marker with Guy Deaton; death date from metal marker; years only on stone 
Deaton, Ida Lee  1873  1962  Double marker with James Monroe Deaton 
Deaton, James Monroe  1871  1937  Double marker with Ida Lee Deaton 
Deaton, Clovis Truman  1897  1966   
Deaton, Lester Lee  10-13-1924  6-8-2011  Double marker with Mildred West Deaton; m. 2-22-1944 
Deaton, Mildred West  12-21-1926  10-19-2010  Double marker with Lester Lee Deaton; m. 2-22-1944 
DeHan, Henry W.  1879  1933   
DeHan, Ella S.  1882  1961   
DeHan, Katie  1853  1940   
DeHan, Odie  10-25-1911  10-26-1994  Double marker with Margarette DeHan 
DeHan, Margarette  7-4-1916  2-27-1999  Double marker with Odie DeHan 
Dell, Jerry Marlin  10-29-1941  9-12-2010  Metal marker 
Dillard, Doyle  10-13-1921  1-15-1979  Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Dillard, Nettie Ann  3-11-1890  11-24-1918   
Dillard, John T.      Co. G- 3 Miss. Inf.- CSA 
Dillard, J. C.  12-16-1882  5-26-1904   
Ditzler, Charles Bruce  9-21-1987  9-6-2012   
Dougan, Robert Earl  6-27-1937  12-1-1997  MMFN- U. S. Navy 
Dougan, Karen Modenia  8-4-1968  9-5-1968   
Dougan, Thomas Ray  3-21-1935  11-8-1940   
Dougan, John H.  1880  1949  Double marker with Laura J. Dougan 
Dougan, Laura J.  1879  Jan., 1948  Laura Jane Dougan in obituary; double marker with John H. Dougan; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, N. Elmore  6-30-1907  11-2-1963  Double marker with Myrtle M. Dougan; Neuman Elmore Dougan in obituary 
Dougan, Myrtle M.  1-13-1914  4-14-1990  Double marker with N. Elmore Dougan 
Dougan, Raymond  12-17-1929  4-5-1993  Double marker with Mildred Dougan; m. 5-5-1951 
Dougan, Mildred  3-3-1932    Double marker with Raymond Dougan; m. 5-5-1951 
Dougan, Margaret V.  1908  1984  Double marker with Sidney S. Dougan; m. 5-20-1923 
Dougan, Sidney S.  1898  1985  Double marker with Margaret V. Dougan; m. 5-20-1923 
Dougan, Mary B.  1873  2-19-1937  Double marker with Richard F. Dougan; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, Richard F.  1872  10-14-1958  Double marker with Mary B. Dougan; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, Samuel R.  11-20-1933  1-20-1935   
Dougan, Douglas H.  4-7-1911  4-14-1957   
Dougan, Ruby Lee  9-20-1930  7-2-1931  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Dougan (from obituary) 
Dougan, Sam T.  1850  1910  Double marker with Laura W. Dougan 
Dougan, Laura W.  1856  1912  Double marker with Sam T. Dougan 
Dougan, Ada V.  1889  1910  Mother 
Dougan, Marshall  12-11-1876  3-27-1957   
Dougan, Lloyd Thurman    Apr., 1928  Age 10; grave not found; information from newspaper 
Dougan, Nancy Ada  4-14-1880  5-17-1956   
Dougan, Robert H.  10-1-1884  11-3-1963  Double marker with Beulah Dougan; Robert Hendrix Dougan in obituary 
Dougan, Beulah  4-23-1883  5-21-1959  Double marker with Robert H. Dougan 
Dougan, Walter E.  4-7-1911  11-18-1997  Double marker with Lucia Lorraine Dougan; m. 10-28-1933; children--Thomas Ray, Dale, Jack, Jane, Helen 
Dougan, Lucia Lorraine  10-16-1912  1-18-1994  Double marker with Walter E. Dougan; m. 10-28-1933; children-- Thomas Ray, Dale, Jack, Jane, Helen 
Dougan, Dennis Joe  8-9-1952  8-13-1952   
Dougan, Oscar L.  7-12-1905  12-31-1978  Double marker with Beatrice O. Dougan 
Dougan, Beatrice O.   9-4-1916  7-14-2008  Double marker with Oscar L. Dougan; Beatrice Otwell Dougan in obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Dougan, Luther  1900  7-21-1932  Double marker with Maggie Dougan; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Dougan, Maggie  1901  1-1-1921  Double marker with Luther Dougan; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, James Ellis  12-31-1920  3-18-1971  Ar.-FC2- U. S. Navy-World War II 
Dougan, Wilson  1845  Jan., 1921  Double marker with Elizabeth Dougan; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, Elizabeth  1858  Aug., 1929  Lizzie Dougan in obituary; double marker with Wilson Dougan; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Dougan, Callie F.   11-9-1916  12-25-2003  Obituary had Callie Williams Dougan; double marker with Vick I. Dougan; m. 10-15-1932; parents of Billy, Virginia, Joe, and Linda 
Dougan, Vick I.   6-23-1909  5-19-2009  Double marker with Callie F. Dougan; m. 10-15-1932; parents of Billy, Virginia, Joe, and Linda; Vick Irvin Dougan in obituary 
Dougan, Berthel B.   9-19-1935  6-27-2004   
Dougan, William Christopher  4-12-2005  4-12-2005  Son of William F. and Tina Broadway Dougan; no marker at grave; located 30 ft. south of Luther Allwhite marker 
Dougan, George William  3-3-1935  8-10-2014   
Dougan, Floyd T.  11-14-1907  3-16-1993  Double marker with Annie B. Dougan 
Dougan, Annie B.  3-27-1917  12-12-2002  Double marker with Floyd T. Dougan 
Dougan, John Richard  8-13-1924  1-4-2011  SC2- U. S. Navy- World War II 
Dougan, Violet V.  3-5-1922  8-28-1980   
Dougan, Jacky Dean  11-15-1950  2-6-2019  Double marker with Sandra M. Dougan; m. 7-19-1973; children--Dennis and Danny 
Dougan, Sandra M.  2-2-1953    Double marker with Jacky D. Dougan; m.7-19-1973; children--Dennis and Danny 
Dougan, Earl    Nov., 1910  Son of Mr. and Mrs. John Dougan; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Doyle, Thomas Applewhite II  1-19-1935  8-15-1997  Double marker with Nelda Jo Thompson Doyle; more information on back of stone 
Doyle, Nelda Jo Thompson  4-4-1935  4-18-2012  Double marker with Thomas Applewhite Doyle II; more information on back of stone 
Driggers, Minervia  1-4-1888  5-24-1930   
Dudley, Mattie Snell  10-18-1863  2-7-1926   
Duncan, Nell Smith Ivey  9-22-1931  6-4-2008  Ritchie's mother; Margaret Nell Ivey Duncan in obituary 
Duncan, Annie Clark  9-6-1948  8-29-2008  Annie Elizabeth Clark Duncan in obituary 
Dyke, James H.  2-5-1854  10-26-1881  Son of A. J. and D. E. Dyke 
Easterling, Lawrence  10-5-1919  7-2-1990  Double marker with Elsye I. Easterling; m. 5-6-1941 
Easterling, Elsye I.  1-27-1926  10-5-2013  Double marker with Lawrence Easterling; m. 5-6-1941 
Eaves, Ellen Marbury  2-23-1883  7-18-1972   
Eaves, Dorothy H.  1-6-1945  3-3-1945   
Eaves, Willam Franklin  7-24-1886  2-19-1945   
Eaves, Rosa Beaty  1879  1-12-1912  Double marker with Joseph A. Eaves; death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Eaves, Joseph A.  1870  1959  Double marker with Rosa Beaty Eaves 
Eaves, Lurany  11-20-1834  1-14-1919  Lorania Eaves in obituary 
Eaves, Alfred  1-1-1815  7-21-1892   
Eaves, J. E.     Jan., 1928  Age 73; grave not found; information from newspaper 
Elgin, Ruth  2-19-1905  2-21-1905  Daughter of Theodore and Grace Elgin 
Elgin, Emma Eaves  6-5-1857  2-20-1940   
Elgin, Robert Francis  2-1-1849  12-25-1937  Son of William H. and Clemency Elgin 
Ellis, Burton John  7-21-1888  11-5-1981  Double marker with Mollie Mae Ellis 
Ellis, Mollie Mae  7-26-1892  2-13-1968  Double marker with Burton John Ellis 
Emery, Dora Smith  5-27-1890  6-9-1981   
Emery, R. D.  12-19-1920  2-26-1922  Double marker with Geo. M. Emery 
Emery, Geo. M.  4-6-1915  8-14-1915  Double marker with R. D. Emery 
England, Dean B.  2-24-1939    Double marker with Virginia R. England; m. 3-1-1958 
England, Virginia R.  3-3-1938  8-14-2016  Double marker with Dean B. England; m. 3-1-1958 
Esada, Joseph Jr.  8-11-1932  3-6-2013  Double marker with Mary Esada; m. 5-4-1957 
Esada, Mary  10-1-1939    Double marker with Joseph Esada Jr. ; m. 5-4-1957 
Eubank, Ella G.  12-21-1871  2-18-1947  Double marker with Mose B. Eubank 
Eubank, Mose B.  9-28-1862  4-5-1941  Double marker with Ella G. Eubank 
Eubank, Eligie  7-28-1899  1-4-1915  Son of M. B. and G. E. Eubank 
Evans, Cleo Sims  1-24-1901  12-8-1996   
Evans, Korey Elijah  1-1-2005  1-1-2005  One date on stone 
Evans, Noah Dagyn  9-17-2011  9-17-2011  Son of Leo Aaron Evans and Taylor Katherine Tompkins (from obituary) 
Fagan, Dan E.  1913  Nov., 1964  Double marker with Flossie M. Fagan; death month from obituary; year only on stone; Daniel Fagan in obituary 
Fagan, Flossie M.  1915  1997  Double marker with Dan E. Fagan 
Fagan, Curt  8-11-1911  2-9-1983  Double marker with Minerva S. Fagan; m. 6-9-1933 
Fagan, Minerva S.  11-18-1912  3-27-1998  Double marker with Curt Fagan; m. 6-9-1933 
Fagan, Donal Ray  7-18-1933  6-21-1995  U. S. Army-Korea 
Faulkner, Charles Berry  5-29-1913  4-20-1989  Double marker with Artie Burke Faulkner 
Faulkner, Artie Burke  10-23-1917  2-8-1985  Double marker with Charles Berry Faulkner 
Faulkner, Jerry  5-29-1913  7-15-1997   
Faulkner, Nobie  3-28-1917  7-28-1999  Aunt of Floyd and Lloyd 
Faulkner, Gary L. "Shorty"  11-26-1950  3-8-2015   
Faulkner, Frank  7-2-1947  3-20-2016   
Fee, Lemuel R.  5-31-1893  7-29-1964  Double marker with Maggie N. Fee 
Fee, Maggie N.  12-30-1903  10-28-1982  Double marker with Lemuel R. Fee 
Fee, Ernest Glen  12-31-1913  6-30-1989   
Fee, Marcus E.  5-16-1897  6-19-1955  Ar.-Pfc-HQ Co-1850 Svc. Unit-World War II 
Fee, James R.  7-18-1871  1-14-1919  Woodmen of the World marker 
Fee, James E.  6-5-1944  8-2-2011  SP4 - U. S. Army - Vietnam 
Fee, Sarah Ellen Beaty  7-23-1875  1-5-1919  Wife of James R. Fee 
Ferguson, Joseph B.  2-9-1892  1-26-1957  Double marker with Bertie E. Ferguson 
Ferguson, Bertie E.  9-21-1903  5-18-1999  Double marker with Joseph B. Ferguson 
Ferguson, Joseph W.  10-25-1921  5-8-1995  Joseph William Ferguson on military marker; U. S. Navy-World War II 
Fincher, Earl  8-8-1903  7-28-1972  Double marker with Helen Fincher 
Fincher, Helen  2-23-1907  6-17-1999  Double marker with Earl Fincher 
Fink, Kristy Colvin  11-25-1970  6-26-2015   
Fitzgerald, Nettie L.  1-26-1893  10-8-1898  Double marker with Lennie A. Fitzgerald; children of M. E. and R. H. Fitzgerald 
Fitzgerald, Lennie A.  7-4-1890  10-1-1898  Double marker with Nettie L. Fitzgerald; children of M. E. and R. H. Fitzgerald 
Flow, Jane  12-21-1800  7-31-1884  Born in Mecklingburg Co., N. C.; died at Emmet, Ark. 
Fomby, Shellie Leroy  1-17-1915  3-9-1975  Double marker with Emma Pearl Fomby 
Fomby, Emma Pearl  3-1-1914  10-19-1999  Double marker with Shellie Leroy Fomby 
Fore, Ronald Lee  4-29-1962  12-13-2017  Double marker with Angela Hale Fore 
Fore, Anglela Hale  1-10-1965    Double marker with Ronald Lee Fore 
Formby, Lucious Dovie  4-27-1890  6-19-1962  Double marker with Lorena A. Formby 
Formby, Lorena A.  2-7-1894  1-31-1975  Lorena Andrews Formby in obituary; double marker with Lucious Dovie Formby 
Foster, Joey Wayne  8-5-1965  9-14-1965  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Billy Jack Foster (from obituary) 
Foster, Johnny F.  7-30-1913  8-24-1970  Ar.-S2- U. S. Navy-World War II 
Foster, Billy Jack  12-15-1945  5-13-2020  Double marker with Derinda Dean Foster; m. 9-12-1964
Obituary: Mr. Billy Jack Foster age ,74 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Wednesday... 
Foster, Derinda Dean  10-1-1946    Double marker with Billy Jack Foster; m. 9-12-1964 
Fowler, Johnie A.  1881  1947  Double marker with Lillie M. Fowler 
Fowler, Lillie M.  1884  1980  Double marker with Johnie A. Fowler 
Fry, Baby Boy  10-16-1958  10-17-1958   
Fulton, Glenda Sue Spangler  7-1-1953  9-17-2018  Information from obituary 
Gaines, Barney Forriest  8-19-1915  10-25-2001  U. S. Army- World War II: double marker with Lydia Marion Fowler Gaines; m. 11-9-1940 
Gaines, Lydia Marion Fowler  4-20-1920  2-18-2001  Double marker with Barney Forriest Gaines; m. 11-9-1940 
Garland, Thomas L.  8-24-1878  1-18-1953   
Garland, Junie T.  8-4-1879  2-28-1960  Junie Trotter Garland in obituary 
Garland, Daisye Pankey  9-26-1912  6-13-1996   
Garland, Rufus R.  11-27-1910  3-12-1994  CPL.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Garland, Wirt  8-10-1889  9-6-1974   
Garland, R. R.  1-7-1841  10-8-1923   
Garland, Josephine McSwain  8-30-1848  6-16-1915   
Garland, Etta  11-24-1873  10-24-1898  Daughter of R. R. and H. J. Garland 
Garland, John McSwain  7-9-1876  3-14-1968   
Garland, Elizabeth Christopher  8-2-1888  2-4-1973   
Garland, Tom P.   5-9-1951  11-22-2003  Double marker with Cathy L. Wolfe Garland; m.11-30-1973 
Garland, Cathy L. Wolfe   10-13-1954    Double marker with Tom P. Garland; m. 11-30-1973 
Garland, Thomas Mitchell  10-14-1976  12-12-2020  Medal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary
Obituary: Thomas Mitchell Garland, 44, passed away on Saturday, December 12, 202... 
Garner, Kenneth Wayne  2-20-1959  3-12-1979  PFC.- U. S. Army 
Garrett, Willie C.  3-28-1866  12-24-1946  Double marker with Izabelle Garrett 
Garrett, Izabelle  4-21-1870  4-30-1944  Double marker with Willie C. Garrett 
Garrett, Jewel Ware  10-2-1892  11-29-1963  Double marker with Edith Jemima Garrett 
Garrett, Edith Jemima  6-5-1894  1-6-1988  Double marker with Jewel Ware Garrett 
Garrett, Wm. Earl  12-24-1904  11-12-1981  Double marker with Luona Garrett 
Garrett, Luona  5-6-1904  4-23-1990  Double marker with Wm. Earl Garrett 
Garrett, Mary Louise  1926  1928  Double marker with Mary Bell Garrett 
Garrett, Mary Bell  1916  1917  Double marker with Mary Louise Garrett 
Garrett, Orion  9-1-1897  5-20-1926  Ar.-Pvt-SATC-Univ. of Texas; birth date from obituary; not on stone 
Gentry, Americia Evadna  6-1-1882  7-31-1913   
Gilbert, Joseph Gerald  4-9-1913  5-26-1972  Double marker with Margaret Hicks Gilbert; m. 9-18-1932 
Gilbert, Margaret Hicks  7-26-1913  11-23-1992  Double marker with Joseph Gerald Gilbert; m. 9-18-1932 
Gilbert, Gerald H.  6-25-1933  12-23-1975  Lt. Commander-U.S.N. 
Gilbert, Gary David  1-13-1935  11-10-1995   
Gilbert, Floy Hicks  5-12-1911  12-29-1961  Ar.-Pvt-555 Base Unit-AAF-World War II 
Gilbert, Alton B.  10-20-1904  4-26-1982  Double marker with Ruth P. Gilbert; m. 10-30-1939 
Gilbert, Ruth P.  6-11-1922  2-22-2006  Double marker with Alton B. Gilbert; m. 10-30-1939 
Gilbert, Minnie Thompson  12-23-1904  6-30-1976   
Gill, Pearl E. Deaton  3-6-1917  6-20-2009  Double marker with James W. Deaton; mother of Shirley, Patricia, and Nancy Deaton; Lenora Pearl Ellis Deaton Gill in obituary 
Gillespie, Alice O.  1-29-1855  1-12-1888  Wife of L. J. Gillespie; newspaper had death date 1-12-1889 
Glanton, Nellie Marie Ross  1-28-1912  7-24-1995   
Glasgow, Giles G.  5-13-1885  4-18-1968  Double marker with Lillie F. Glasgow; m. 2-10-1907 
Glasgow, Lillie F.  4-19-1884  6-26-1975  Double marker with Giles G. Glasgow; m. 2-10-1907 
Glasgow, Clifford Giles  5-14-1914  7-4-2005  Giles Clifford Glasgow in obituary 
Godwin, LeRoy  10-17-1931  11-3-2000  Double marker with Irma Jean Godwin 
Godwin, Irma Jean  3-16-1927  7-19-2010  Double marker with LeRoy Godwin 
Godwin, Gary W.  1955  2017   
Golden, Donna Gilbert  5-23-1954  1-14-1996   
Goodnight, Ralph Norman  7-24-1962  4-7-1988   
Goodson, Jimmy Arthur   10-24-1972  10-16-2010  SPC - U. S. Army 
Green, Grady  1916  1919  Metal marker set in concrete 
Grider, Murphy    12-30-1959  Age 55; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Griffith, Margaret  10-21-1842  11-18-1932  Wife of J. P. Griffith 
Grimes, Margaret    1-9-1974  Age 91; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Grimsley, Kate  3-12-1902  2-7-1975   
Grimsley, Delton  12-10-1899  9-6-1982   
Grimsley, Angel Lee  11-17-1963  11-17-1963   
Grove, James L.  1-23-1941  12-11-2004  James Leland Grove on military marker; PFC- USArmy; double marker with Betty Jane Grove; m. 6-25-1966; children--Christine and James Douglas; granddaughter--Taylor 
Grove, Betty Jane  6-28-1945  8-9-2009  Double marker with James L. Grove; m. 6-25-1966; children--Christine and James Douglas; granddaughter--Taylor 
Grunden, T. A.  11-12-1878  7-27-1960   
Grunden, Cleo Dougan  4-2-1904  4-17-1977   
Guilliams, Thomas N.  6-29-1914  4-29-1953  Ar.-Pfc-58 CML Maint. Co.-World War II 
Guilliams, Rosetta  10-17-1875  6-24-1962   
Guilliams, Eva    7-21-1996  Age 86-info from obituary-grave not found 
Gulley, Belle Battle  11-2-1869  11-4-1894   
Gurley, William N.  3-17-1859  3-17-1919  Woodmen of the World marker 
Gurley, Annie Thomas  2-15-1871  11-12-1942  Lenora A. Gurley in obituary 
Hairston, Max Garland  2-2-1919  10-8-2000  Was county health nurse for Nevada Co. 
Hale, James "Harbo"  6-6-1932  8-16-1990  James Horace Hale on military marker; U. S. Army; double marker with Frances Henderson; m. 10-19-1956 
Hale, Frances Henderson  3-4-1939    Double marker with James Hale; m. 10-19-1956 
Hale, Charles Edward  1930  3-29-1969  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hale, William R. (Bill)  2-11-1947  5-14-1969  William Robert Hale on military marker; CPL- U. S. Army; full dates from military marker; killed in Vietnam (from obituary) 
Hale, Ralph  11-16-1901  12-13-1983  Double marker with Ruth Hale 
Hale, Ruth  11-14-1903  3-14-1982  Double marker with Ralph Hale 
Hale, Robert Welch  12-14-1924  9-3-2000  QM3- U. S. Navy; full dates from military marker 
Hale, Louise   8-31-1925  1-7-2002  Louise Marie Hale in obituary; double marker with Frank Hale 
Hale, Frank  12-9-1925  7-7-2004  Tec 4 - U. S. Army- World War II: double marker with Louise Hale 
Halliwill, Steven M.  7-27-1950    Double marker with Linda Dianne Halliwill; m. 12-21-1991 
Halliwill, Linda Dianne (Reed)  6-19-1953    Double marker with Steven M. Halliwill; m. 12-21-1991 
Haltom, John S.  2-22-1833  1-13-1896   
Haltom, Susan Elizabeth  10-21-1834  4-22-1916  Wife of J. S. Haltom 
Haltom, Lucille D.  10-18-1909  7-19-1996  Death date from obit.-not on stone 
Haltom, Albert S.  1-22-1853  11-10-1887  Son of J. S. and S. E. Haltom 
Haltom, William M.  1-24-1859  6-20-1881  Son of J. S. and S. E. Haltom 
Haltom, Robert E.  5-1-1872  8-31-1880  Son of J. S. and S. E. Haltom 
Haltom, Halbert H.  6-25-1874  8-8-1880  Son of J. S. and S. E. Haltom 
Haltom, Dr. Frank  12-31-1856  6-1-1916   
Haltom, Martha E.  3-2-1867  4-27--1930   
Haltom, Frank G., Sr.  3-24-1894  2-23-1953   
Haltom, Jennie Lynn  12-28-1894  6-25-1943   
Haltom, J. M.    Nov., 1919  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Hamilton, James A.  10-16-1915  12-14-1982  Double marker with Dorothy C. Hamilton; m. 6-25-1938 
Hamilton, Dorothy C.  12-13-1919  10-7-2015  Dorothy Cassidy Hamilton in obituary; double marker with James A. Hamilton; m. 6-25-1938; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Hamilton, Joe T.  12-26-1911  10-8-1990  Double marker with Sarah L. Hamilton 
Hamilton, Sarah L.  12-23-1916  8-22-1986  Double marker with Joe T. Hamilton 
Hamilton, James H.  7-10-1876  1-17-1967  Double marker with Lillian Hamilton 
Hamilton, Lillian  11-3-1882  12-24-1970  Double marker with James H. Hamilton; Mary Lillian Hamilton in obituary 
Hamilton, John B.  1875  1956  Double marker with Myra L. Hamilton 
Hamilton, Myra L.  1881  April, 1965  Double marker with John B. Hamilton; death date from obituary 
Hamilton, Andrew Wilson  8-17-1878  6-11-1970  Double marker with Sarah Ada Easterling Hamilton 
Hamilton, Sarah Ada Easterling  1-9-1886  1-18-1973  Double marker with Andrew Wilson Hamilton 
Hamilton, Carolyn Kay  7-29-1941  5-18-2013  Daughter of James and Dorothy Hamilton 
Hamilton, Alice Faye  6-30-1947  8-3-2005  Name in obituary was Alice Faye Neighbors Hamilton Aparicio 
Hamilton, Windle   11-29-1943  2-24-2007  Windle Ray Hamilton in obituary; children--Kristy, Teresa, K T "Michelle" 
Hamilton, Mary Stephens  10-31-1929  3-24-2010   
Hamilton, William Otis  5-8-1941    Double marker with Margaret Rose Hamilton; m. 5-2-1980 
Hamilton, Margaret Rose  9-5-1939  8-3-2018  Double marker with William Otis Hamilton; m. 5-2-1980 
Hamric, Paul  11-6-1909  2-15-1980  Double marker with Grace Hamric 
Hamric, Grace  9-8-1910  6-9-1979  Double marker with Paul Hamric 
Hamric, James T.  1907  1960  Double marker with Earline R. Hamric 
Hamric, Earline R.  1915  2004  Double marker with James T. Hamric 
Hamric, Jimmie V. Jr.  6-21-1966  10-2-1983  Son of Jimmie and Betty Hamric 
Hamric, John T.  12-18-1878  1-5-1936  Double marker with Lula F. Hamric 
Hamric, Lula F.  8-1-1888  1-7-1984  Double marker with John T. Hamric 
Hamric, Imon E.  5-24-1918  3-24-1981  Double marker with Clara Hamric 
Hamric, Clara  2-15-1920  12-4-2003  Clara M. Hamric in obituary; double marker with Imon E.Hamric 
Hamric, Paul Ray  3-31-1938    Double marker with Betty Patricia Hamric; m. 11-10-1956 
Hamric, Betty Patricia  5-8-1938  10-27-2015  Double marker with Paul Ray Hamric; m. 11-10-1956 
Hamric, Imon Terrell  5-4-1948  3-4-2017  SP5 - U. S. Army - Vietnam 
Harbin, Nancy Stephens  9-27-1953  3-29-2017  Nancy Rosetta Stephens Harbin in obituary 
Harden, William T.  11-16-1885  11-24-1962  Triple marker with Ruby Talley Harden and Ettie V. Harden 
Harden, Ruby Talley  7-6-1914  6-1-2003  Triple marker with William T. Harden and Ettie V. Harden 
Harden, Ettie V.  12-8-1892  8-4-1976  Triple marker with William T. Harden and Ruby Talley Harden 
Harden, Missouri  1854  1-9-1905  Wife of Thomas Harden 
Harden, Thomas  3-14-1850  11-5-1919   
Harden, Madie  2-22-1875  9-9-1950   
Harden, Jesse W.  8-12-1908  7-16-1926  Broken stone 
Harden, Nick  3-22-1887  10-3-1932  Double marker with Trudie Harden; m. 12-19-1915 
Harden, Trudie  4-15-1887  6-21-1977  Trudie Wilson Harden in obituary; double marker with Nick Harden; m. 12-19-1915 
Harden, Robert L.  4-19-1919  11-4-1946  Ar.-Staff Sgt.-153 Inf.-World War II 
Harden, Gayle Irene  9-12-1926  3-26-1934  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Harden, Nancy Sue  12-12-1947  10-11-2010  Double marker with Bobby Hayes Harden; m. 10-31-1968; children--Sherrie, Crystal, Robert 
Harden, Bobby Hayes   7-14-1947    Double marker with Nancy Sue Harden; m. 10-31-1968; children--Sherri, Crystal, Robert 
Harmon, Maude Mae  7-31-1883  3-12-1952  Double marker with William W. Harmon 
Harmon, William W.  1-29-1863  7-12-1923  Double marker with Maude Mae Harmon 
Harris, Fred Watson  6-15-1906  9-10-1967  Double marker with Tena Armstrong Harris 
Harris, Tena Armstrong  9-9-1913  3-21-1982  Double marker with Fred Watson Harris 
Harris, L. Lorena  1893  1933   
Harris, Walter C.  12-16-1933  9-30-2000  Double marker with Wilma J. Harris; m. 10-21-1953 
Harris, Wilma J. "Billie"  10-21-1932  11-5-1990  Double marker with Walter C. Harris; m. 10-21-1953 
Harris, Barie    Feb., 1918  Age 4 and 1/2; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Harris; buried at Emmet as per obituary; grave not found during survey 
Hart, Lillian  3-5-1900  8-19-1985   
Hart, Joseph Sherrell  11-1-1931  2-2-2007  Sgt.- U. S. Army; double marker with Patricia Allen Hart; m. 6-17-1956 
Hart, Patricia Allen  8-26-1935    Double marker with Joseph Sherrell Hart; Married 6-17-1956 
Hathcoat, Virginia Lee  6-7-1949  10-7-1949  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Hathcoat 
Hathcoat, McRae G.  6-25-1921  10-13-1992  CPL- U. S. Army- World War II: double marker with Birdie L. Hathcoat; m. 6-6-1942; children--David, Danny, Joyce, Virginia, Rita, Leon, Wonda, Betty 
Hathcoat, Birdie L.  3-23-1927  11-27-2008  Double marker with McRae G. Hathcoat; m. 6-6-1942; children--David, Danny, Joyce, Virginia, Rita, Leon, Wonda, Betty 
Hathcoat, Lora  1894  1972   
Hathcoat, Geo. Alonzo  1888  1947   
Hayes, Mrs. Ione Ewing  1899  1933   
Herron, Brenda Gail  5-4-1950  1-18-2019  Obituary: Brenda Gail Herron was born May 4, 1950 and passes away on January 18,... 
Hesterly, Marshall  4-4-1900  4-2-1929   
Hesterly, Ida Lee  1876  1964   
Hesterly, Wm. Lee  1875  1951   
Hesterly, Lois  6-11-1904  10-27-1906   
Hesterly, Lee  11-14-1898  3-27-1899   
Hesterly, David D.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Hesterly, David K.    10-20-1966  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Hickey, H. Allen  8-8-1911  1-23-1975   
Hickey, Nallon  10-30-1938  4-19-1944  Son of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Hickey 
Hickey, Joe Al  5-16-1945  6-15-1981   
Hickey, Alfred N.  8-14-1913  10-31-1980   
Hickey, Ruby E.  9-26-1914  7-30-1992   
Hickey, Henry F.  8-27-1886  9-20-1971   
Hickey, Ida  3-31-1892  12-31-1979   
Hickey, Richard "Pete"  2-7-1930  9-16-1989   
Hickey, H. F.  4-24-1925  7-27-1995  Military stone has H. F. Hickey Jr.; U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Ruth Hamilton Hickey; m. 10-5-1943; children--Harry and Tammy 
Hickey, Ruth   3-20-1925  12-20-2001  Ruth Hamilton HIckey in obituary; double marker with H. F.Hickey; m. 10-5-1943; children--Harry and Tammy 
Hickey, Albert Samuel  11-6-1917  11-28-1995  Double marker with Fern Easterling Hickey; m. 8-16-1940; children--Cornelia and Rita 
Hickey, Fern Easterling  1-31-1923  1-15-2009  Double marker with Albert Samuel Hickey; m. 8-16-1940; children--Cornelia and Rita 
Hickey, Hanah E.  10-16-1851  11-21-1933   
Hickey, William F.  3-3-1852  9-15-1928   
Hicks, David Marcus  10-26-1915  1-10-1958  Ar.-Pvt.-Co. D-153 Inf. 
Hicks, Marcus Levi  1870  1937  Double marker with Zipporah Gilliam Hicks 
Hicks, Zipporah Gilliam  1883  Sep., 1949  Double marker with Marcus Levi Hicks; death month from obituary; year only on stone; obituary had Mrs. Pora Hicks 
Hicks, Hazel Dougan  10-5-1914  7-26-1965   
Hill, James K.  3-21-1904  11-1-1980  Double marker with Annie Bell Hill; m. 7-29-1923 
Hill, Annie Bell  9-28-1908  5-29-1969  Double marker with James K. Hill; m. 7-29-1923 
Hill, Bart, III  3-27-1969  8-6-1994   
Hill, Lee Anita  8-12-1948  8-13-1948   
Hill, James Rowland  7-14-1924  7-12-1993  SC3- U. S. Navy-World War II- Purple Heart; double marker with Georgia Alene Hill; m. 4-9-1943 
Hill, Georgia Alene  4--5-1927  12-13-2016  Georgia Alene Ferguson Hill in obituary; double marker with James Rowland Hill; m. 4-9-1943 
Hill, Donald Mohon  12-12-1930  2-28-1966  Ar.-PC1- U. S. Navy 
Hill, Mary Lou  3-22-1931  12-24-2003   
Hill, (infant)      Grave not found; daughter of James R. Hill 
Hill, Lesley Roy  9-7-1950  2-11-2003   
Hill, Lacy Rowland  1-14-1947  9-27-2012  SP4- U. S. Army - Vietnam; double marker with Patricia Nell Mason Hill; m. 7-4-1994 
Hill, Patricia Nell Mason  1-31-1950    Double marker with Lacy Rowland Hill; m. 7-4-1991 
Hines, Frances A.  10-17-1899  8-13-1952   
Hines, William S.  1853  1936   
Hines, Hattie Eaves  1867  April, 1948  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Hines, Fannie      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Hobbs, James E.  1882  1963  Double marker with Carrie Hobbs 
Hobbs, Carrie  1885  1958  Double marker with James E. Hobbs 
Hobbs, Noah  6-7-1903  12-29-1979  Double marker with Reba Hobbs 
Hobbs, Reba  2-11-1912  4-28-2009  Double marker with Noah Hobbs; Reba Theresa Hobbs in obituary 
Hockett, Herbert H.  11-12-1929  1-22-2018  Double marker with Joyce V. Hockett; m. 7-22-1950; death date not engrave at time of survey 
Hockett, Joyce V.  7-19-1931  8-17-2009  Joyce Allen Hockett in obituary; double marker with Herbert H. Hockett; m. 7-22-1950 
Hodges, Roy W.  12-22-1916  8-2-1993  Double marker with Estelle B. Hodges 
Hodges, Estelle B.  9-18-1899  1-2-1981  Double marker with Roy W. Hodges 
Holland, Andrew S.  2-24-1880  6-29-1941  Double marker with Margaret A. Holland 
Holland, Margaret A.  12-20-1882  1-9-1974  Double marker with Andrew S. Holland 
Holman, Mary L. Thomas  1842  1918   
Holmes, Octie May  5-1-1869  9-23-1900  Nee Garland 
Holt, Andrew K.  1-29-1875  3-9-1909  Woodmen of the World marker 
Holt, Florre    8-21-1894  One date; daughter of A. K. and M. A. Holt 
Honeycutt, Melinda Kay  7-16-1973  10-2-1973   
Hood, J. M.  3-20-1908  9-6-1944   
Hood, Allene B.  11-16-1912  12-4-1993   
Hood, Henry J.      Co. K- 23 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Hood, William T.  8-14-1855  10-13-1928  Double marker with Frances J. Hood 
Hood, Frances J.  8-17-1852  1-19-1940  Double marker with William T. Hood 
Hood, George R.    9-25-1880  Broken-age 21 yrs, 27 days 
Hood, J. J.  5-1-1850  8-18-1877  Age 27 yrs., 3 mths., 17 days 
Hood, Minnie Tom  12-19-1923  10-13-1925   
Hood, Fannie E.  2-20-1873  7-29-1909  Died 7-29-1908 as per obituary 
Hood, Fanny  6-17-1887  3-5-1906  Wife of Thos. Hood 
Hood, William Thomas  10-27-1879  8-24-1965   
Hood, Jonnie Susan  2-16-1889  10-8-1977   
Hood, Charlotte  1-25-1825  4-20-1910   
Hood, Edmund  8-4-1847  1-31-1916   
Hood, Ella Irene  9-25-1873  1-21-1926  Double marker with Joseph A. Hood 
Hood, Joseph A.  12-27-1862  10-24-1943  Double marker with Ella Irene Hood 
Hood, Bill Ed    1908  No last name on marker; assumed to be Hood 
Hood, E. H. Jr.    1909  No last name on marker; assumed to be Hood 
Hood, Mary Francis    1916  No last name on marker; assumed to be Hood 
Hood, Jaquine Sue  1918  1920  No last name on marker; assumed to be Hood 
Hood, Ellery H.  1881  1953  Double marker with Henrietta Hood 
Hood, Henrietta   1884  7-2-1963  Double marker with Ellery H. Hood; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hossley, Jack  10-18-1892  4-22-1957   
Hossley, Agnes Irene  8-2-1918  11-8-1986   
Houston, H. Claud  5-31-1888  12-1-1969  Double marker with Nellie E. Houston 
Houston, Nellie E.  2-19-1892  6-26-1982  Double marker with H. Claud Houston 
Houston, Delton H.  5-20-1917  1-8-1991  Double marker with Margaret M. Houston 
Houston, Margaret M.  2-11-1918  4-11-2011  Margaret Magness Houston in obituary; double marker with Delton H. Houston 
Houston, Sue A.  5-8-1866  8-31-1915  Double marker with William H. Houston 
Houston, William H.  12-10-1853  3-31-1914  Double marker with Sue A. Houston 
Houston, Delton Henry Jr.  1-20-1940    Double marker with Dana West Houston; m. 7-15-1960 
Houston, Dana West  5-4-1940    Double marker with Delton Henry Houston Jr.; m. 7-15-1960 
Howell, Charlotte A.  8-19-1952    Triple marker with Margaret L. Howell and Sandra J. Howell 
Howell, Margaret Latner  7-13-1929    Triple marker with Charlotte A. Howell and Sandra J. Howell 
Howell, Sandra J.  4-28-1954    Triple marker with Charlotte A. Howell and Margaret L. Howell 
Howlett, T. L.    Sep., 1925  Age 72; buried at cemetery near Emmet as per obituary; grave not found during survey 
Hudson, Ruth Daugherty  10-22-1855  1-22-1925   
Hudson, James M.  7-25-1895  4-2-1959  Ar.-Lieu.-USNRF-World War I 
Hudson, James M. Jr.  1926  1931   
Hudson, Marie  8-15-1905  2-2-1968   
Huett, James W.  7-11-1932  6-4-1996  Double marker with Eunice F. Huett; m. 2-8-1952 
Huett, Eunice F.  1-4-1931    Double marker with James W. Huett; m. 2-8-1952 
Hughes, Faye Stuart  8-7-1923  7-12-1981  Two stones at grave; one stone spelled Stueart 
Hughes, Thomas Franklin Jr.  1880  1966  Double marker with Mary Drucilla Hughes 
Hughes, Mary Drucilla  1878  1968  Double marker with Thomas Franklin Hughes Jr. 
Hughes, Agnes Amend  11-3-1844  4-22-1923  Wife of T. F. Hughes, Sr. 
Huett, Eunice F.  1-4-1931  3-3-2016   
Hulse, Jacob V.    Nov., 1921  Sgt.-Co I- 6 Ark. Inf.- CSA; age 66; age and date from obituary; not on stone 
Hulse, Mrs. S. J.  1840  1923   
Ivey, Richard C. Jr.  9-15-1965  1-15-2008  Son of Nell; father of Brook and James 
Jacks, Nancy Catherine  12-13-1867  2-4-1952   
Jenkins, Mary Jane  9-9-1891  4-8-1977   
Jenkins, Samuel Edgar  10-18-1880  2-13-1935   
Jenkins, Wm. Fletcher  5-13-1910  9-30-1990  U. S. Army-World War II; double marker with Melva M. Jenkins; m. 10-20-1934 
Jenkins, Melva M.  2-6-1912  6-13-2010  Double marker with Wm. Fletcher Jenkins; m. 10-20-1934; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Jernigan, J. R. Lloyd  1-15-1928  1-24-2015  Cpl. - U. S. Army - World War II; double marker with Maxine Jernigan; m. 6-9-1949 
Jernigan, Maxine  7-29-1930    Double marker with J. R. Lloyd Jernigan; m. 6-9-1949 
Johnson, Raymond Lewis Jr.  4-13-1947  4-25-1947   
Johnson, Robert R.  4-21-1911  12-25-1981   
Johnson, Clifford  3-23-1909  8-14-1995  Double marker with Merle Johnson; m. 9-12-1931 
Johnson, Merle  1-21-1915  4-7-1991  Double marker with Clifford Johnson; m. 9-12-1931 
Johnson, Jewell Smith  8-7-1910  9-14-1981   
Johnson, Josephine  1864  1939  Wife of E. L. Johnson 
Johnson, Eula Jo  8-1-1915  5-21-1987   
Johnson, John B.  6-5-1885  12-24-1968  Double marker with Allie Mae Johnson 
Johnson, Allie Mae  4-17-1896  10-8-1946  Double marker with John B. Johnson 
Johnson, Eula S.  8-3-1895  9-2-1989   
Johnson, Joseph M., Sr.  5-19-1892  3-7-1955   
Johnson, Sarah A.  1-29-1862  12-6-1890   
Johnson, Herman D.  11-14-1930  3-19-2005  CW2- U. S. Army-Vietnam 
Johnson, Cecil Clyde    12-23-1962  Age 59; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Johnson, Virginia T.  10-23-1925     
Johnson, Joseph M. Jr.  9-5-1920  8-10-2011   
Jones, Rita Kaye  4-4-1952  4-7-1952   
Jones, Theresa Cook "Belle"  2-17-1890  1-6-1974   
Jones, Blanche Norton  3-23-1891  5-13-1979   
Jones, Reuben R.  3-25-1911  1-7-1988  Double marker with Minnie L. Jones; m. 6-8-1930 
Jones, Minnie L.  1-23-1913  1-12-2007  Minnie Lois Jones in obituary; double marker with Reuben R. Jones; m. 6-8-1930 
Jones, Hubert C.   2-25-1917  11-9-2002  Double marker with Francene M. Jones 
Jones, Francene M.   1-20-1919  8-29-2017  Francese Maudie Mohon Jones in obituary; double marker with Hubert C. Jones; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Jones, Jeremiah Ashton Tate    7-9-2016  One date on marker 
Jones, Alexis   9-1-2016  9-9-2016  Alexis Marie Jones in obituary 
Jones, Ronald Earl  8-26-1938    Double marker with Nora Lajaunie Jones; m. 10-8-1959 
Jones, Nora Lajaunie  7-22-1929  8-14-2017  Double marker with Ronald Earl Jones; m. 10-8-1959 
Jones, Francene Maudie Mohon  1-20-1919  8-29-2017  Information from obituary 
Jones, Teddy Lee  5-8-1945  1-30-2019   
Jordan, James W.  3-3-1946  6-26-2017  James Wesley Jordan Sr. in obituary; double marker with Darlene Jordan; m. 2-13-1993 
Jordan, Darlene  3-6-1947    Double marker with James W. Jordan; m. 2-13-1993 
Kersey, Milton E.  9-10-1854  3-9-1905  Woodmen of the World marker 
Key, Clyde Ernest  9-16-1903  8-24-1977  Double marker with Myrtle Harmon Key 
Key, Myrtle Harmon  3-9-1904  6-30-1967  Double marker with Clyde Ernest Key 
Key, Larean  7-12-1933  6-3-1975  Lorean Blount Key in obituary 
Key, Leander  7-12-1930  7-14-1998  PFC- U. S. Army- Korea- 5th Div. 
Key, Clarence Eugene  10-12-1921  9-10-1976  Brother of Leander 
Kizziar, Holly Ann  2-12-1969  2-29-2020   
Klesel, Robert John  12-25-1925  7-26-2004  Double marker wtih Ettie Louise Klesel; m. 6-14-1976 
Klesel, Ettie Louise  10-18-1925  4-8-2003  Double marker with Robert John Klesel; m. 6-14-1976 
Klest, Claude M.  2-25-1897  10-31-1966  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Kreuter, Inez Velma  3-16-1904  4-4-1962  Inez Tyree Kreuter in obituary 
Kreuter, Maurice Avery  11-23-1903  1-29-1992   
Kreuter, Maurice Jr.  10-31-1944  12-2-1944   
Land, Joann Watson  8-27-1955  10-29-2021  Information from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Joann Watson Land, age 66 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Friday, ... 
Landers, John Arthur  5-7-1892  11-25-1970  Double marker with Corene Landers 
Landers, Corene  5-25-1893  4-26-1974  Double marker with John Arthur Landers 
Landers, Fannie  7-18-1886  12-2-1965   
Landers, James N.  1889  1969  Double marker with Lela M. Landers 
Landers, Lela M.  1889  1955  Double marker with James N. Landers 
Leverett, R. G.  1887  1926   
Leverett, Jessie S.  3-12-1883  7-3-1970   
Leverett, Connie M.  10-9-1912    One date on stone 
Leverett, Nora  4-15-1908  May, 1908  Double marker with Cora Leverett; no dates on stone; infant daughters. of R. G. and Jessie Leverett; dates from newspaper 
Leverett, Cora  4-15-1908  May, 1908  Double marker with Nora Leverett; no dates on stone; infant daughters of R. D. and Jessie Leverett; dates from newspaper 
Leverett, Gracie  7-15-1905  1-9-1923  Daughter of R. G. and Jessie Leverett 
Lewis, George W.  9-10-1931  11-9-2021  Double marker with Phyllis S. Lewis; m. 12-1-1967; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: George Wilson Lewis, 90, of Hooks, TX passed away Tuesday, November 9,... 
Lewis, Phyllis S.  10-26-1939  10-5-2021  Phyllis Maxine Smith Lewis in obituary; double marker with George W. Lewis; m 12-1-1967; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: hyllis Maxine Smith Lewis, 81, of Hooks, TX passed away Tuesday, Octob... 
Little, William D.  1-10-1894  10-16-1965  William Dallas Little in obituary; double marker with Kathryn E. Little 
Little, Kathryn E.  5-16-1894  12-6-1968  Double marker with William D. Little; Kathryn Haas Little in obituary 
Livingston, Martha  8-5-1851  11-16-1893  Wife of T. E. Livingston; broken stone 
Livingston, Rai Elizabeth  12-14-1896  10-30-1899  Daughter of M. K. and T. E. Livingston 
Livingston, Bruce    6-30-1885  Not found-listed in earlier record 
Livingston, Emma Williams  9-16-1864  7-26-1916   
Lowe, John L.  2-8-1816  3-5-1895  Age 79 yrs., 27 days 
Lowe, Andrew Augustus  8-7-1865  1-18-1937   
Lusby, Anth  6-2-1886  7-9-1961   
Lusby, Mattie N.  10-10-1887  11-14-1966   
Lynch, Martin L.  10-30-1874  12-30-1958  Double marker with Martha Ann Lynch 
Lynch, Martha Ann  9-5-1877  11-7-1918  Double marker with Martin L. Lynch 
Lynch, W. E.  5-16-1845  5-1-1920   
McBride, Edythe  7-14-1947  1-15-2017  Edythe Hodges McBride in obituary; metal marker with years only; full dates from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Edythe McBride, age 69 of Emmet, Arkansas passed away, Sunday, Ja... 
McCain, Wesley  11-19-1959  4-16-1994  Son; double marker with Clara McCain 
McCain, Clara  4-28-1939    Mother; double marker with Wesley McCain 
McClanahan, John Franklin  2-20-1884  3-26-1959  Double marker with Alice Crank McClanahan 
McClanahan, Alice Crank  11-24-1888  12-17-1983  Double marker with John Franklin McClanahan 
McClanahan, Clyde F.  11-28-1924  2-5-2002   
McClanahan, Earl David    7-25-1918  One date-son of J. F. McClanahan 
McClemens, J. W.  12-1-1927    Double marker with Letha M. McClemens 
McClemens, Letha M.  5-1-1914  3-1-1982  Double marker with J. W. McClemens 
McClendon, J. M.  7-26-1836  4-18-1916   
McCormack, H. C.    9-13-1918  One date 
McCrory, Pat    March, 1909  Grave not found during survey; newspaper said burial was at Emmet; assumed to be at Snell 
McCuller, Alice Cole  1-6-1903  1-14-1935   
McFarland, John Robert  9-18-1869  6-17-1944   
McFarland, Cleo P.  2-18-1874  7-25-1951   
McFarland, J. W.  4-4-1845  2-12-1917   
McFarland, Samantha  11-9-1846  2-29-1928  Wife of J. W. McFarland 
McFarland, Wm. E.  2-2-1875  1-27-1942   
McFarland, Rosa Lee  9-18-1877  12-5-1921   
McFarland, Blanche  12-7-1905  11-14-1913  Daughter of J. M. and Allie McFarland 
McFarland, (infant)    7-12-1904  Child of J. M. and Allie McFarland 
McFarland, James M.  12-17-1879  8-2-1949  Double marker with Allie I. McFarland 
McFarland, Allie I.  6-14-1883  10-9-1951  Double marker with James M. McFarland 
McGough, Matilda Emma  10-20-1857  4-7-1907  Wife of J. L. McGough 
McKamie, Trent Lee  8-4-1988  1-28-2017   
McKelroy, Gilbert R.  7-28-1930  4-5-2007  CSG2- U. S. Navy - Korea; double marker with Anna V. McKelroy 
McKelroy, Anna V.  1-24-1933  6-19-1982  Double marker with Gilbert R. McKelroy 
McKelroy, Lottie P.  10-28-1906  1-5-1992   
McKelroy, Elmer R.  7-4-1906  6-29-1982   
McMichael, John    10-6-1864  Age about 52 years 
McMillan, Donald Grey  7-21-1912  1-6-1991  Double marker with Gladys Deaton McMillan 
McMillan, Gladys Deaton  12-8-1914  1-24-1996  Double marker with Donald Grey McMillan 
McMillen, Herman L.  9-11-1917  9-11-1954  Double marker with Rennie G. McMillen 
McMillen, Rennie G.  2-5-1919  12-13-2003  Rennie Glasgow McMillen in obituary; double marker with Herman L. McMillen 
McMillen, Lloyd G.  2-22-1920  4-26-1987  Double marker with Victoria McMillen 
McMillen, Victoria  12-9-1922  11-11-2007  Double marker with Lloyd G. McMillen 
McMillen, Irene  3-6-1843  3-15-1903  Not found-listed in earlier record 
McMillen, Irene  1887  1952  Double marker with George H. McMillen 
McMillen, George H.  1881  7-31-1960  Double marker with Irene McMillen; George Henry McMillen in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
McMillen, John    Jan., 1888  Double marker with Susan McMillen; no birth date 
McMillen, Susan    Jan., 1881  Double marker with John McMillen; no birth date 
McQueen, Anna May  1-22-1915  5-12-2010  Anna May Hugonia McQueen in obituary; double marker with Oather McQueen; children--Donald, Marion, Charlotte, Michael 
McQueen, Oather "Mack"  10-26-1911  1-9-1992  Double marker with Anna May McQueen; children--Donald, Marion, Charlotte, Michael 
McSwain, Lula Grey  11-19-1854  9-15-1926   
McSwain, Charles Douglas  9-24-1850  10-1-1917   
McSwain, Caleb Orr  2-20-1844  1-23-1883   
McSwain, Lucy  8-3-1888  8-20-1888   
McSwain, G. W.  1-25-1817  2-20-1889  Double marker with Elizabeth F. McSwain 
McSwain, Elizabeth F.  12-4-1819  8-4-1899  Double marker with G. W. McSwain 
McSwain, Lucius H.  1-13-1860  7-22-1898  Death year 1893 on tall stone 
McSwain, Ellen Gill  2-27-1857  4-3-1938   
McSwain, (infant)  1-25-1923  1-27-1923  Child of Douglas and Gladys McSwain; not found-listed in earlier record 
McSweeny, Dan  1-25-1887  8-18-1963  Ar.-Pvt-2 GP Repl Tng. Center-World War I 
McSweeny, Grace Ruth  5-27-1893  7-3-1972  Buried in Ajo, Arizona 
McSweeny, John M.  1-25-1887  2-7-1948   
McSweeny, Blake  1892  1960  Double marker with Lillie McSweeny 
McSweeny, Lillie  1892  1975  Double marker with Blake McSweeny 
McSweeny, Denise Annette  2-8-1955  2-8-1955   
McSweeney, William B.  4-17-1889  1-21-1965  Ar.-Pvt.-44 Co.-162 Dep. Brig.-World War I; William Benjamin McSweeney in obituary 
McSweeney, Inez  6-15-1920  12-11-1972  Geneva Inez McSweeney in obituary 
McSweeny, C. R. "Pot"  5-7-1927  3-11-2002  Claude Raymond McSweeny on military marker; Cpl.- U. S. Air Force- World War II; double marker with Nellie M. McSweeny 
McSweeny, Nellie M.   9-5-1932  12-29-2002  Double marker with C. R. McSweeny; obituary had Nellie Mae Otwell McSweeny 
McSweeney, M. E.    2-25-2009  Age 67; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Magness, Adolphus E.  9-27-1889  6-4-1976  Double marker with Mary Linnie Magness; m. 12-20-1914 
Magness, Mary Linnie  4-9-1890  5-12-1970  Linnie Loudermilk Magness in obituary; double marker with Adolphus E. Magness; m. 12-20-1914 
Magness, Robert E. (Bob)  10-8-1924  2-21-1981  Robert Earl Magness on military marker; EM3- U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Norma R. Magness 
Magness, Norma R.  1-31-1927  10-6-2006  Double marker with Robert E. Magness 
Marbury, Beatrice  11-13-1906  12-24-1925   
Marbury, Julia  2-13-1904  8-13-1904  Daughter of A. R. and B. E. Marbury; hard to read 
Marbury, Relto  4-28-1902  5-26-1907  Son of A. R. and B. E. Marbury; hard to read 
Markley, Michael Alan    1969  One date on stone 
Markley, Mary Lou  3-31-1937  12-31-2004  Double marker with Roger A. Markley 
Markley, Roger A.  7-27-1936    Double marker with Mary Lou Markley 
Marshall, (Father)  2-18-1847  2-20-1916  Double marker with Mother; no first names 
Marshall, (Mother)  10-28-1849  6-14-1915  Double marker with Father; no first names 
Marshall, Alice Olivia  11-11-1882  1-13-1909   
Marshall, John Harper  9-15-1874  10-10-1923   
Martin, Robert Jake  1-28-1929  6-20-1996  Son of William and Edna Martin; double marker with Mary Ella Beaty Martin; full dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Martin, Mary Ella Beaty  8-4-1928  1-8-2021  Daughter of Joe and Mae; double marker with Robert J. Martin; full dates from obituary 
Martin, Mary E. Purtle  1-18-1900  8-12-1989  Mary Ella on foot marker; other of Willard, Frances, and Robert 
Martin, Maggie  8-28-1895  5-24-1966   
Martin, Mattie E.  2-23-1867  12-24-1913   
Martin, Lt. Col. Robert J. Jr.  11-13-1950    Born in Nevada Co.; double marker with P. Noy Martin; m. 7-12-1972; children--Kim and Mike 
Martin, P. Noy  6-16-1950    Born in Thailand; double marker with Robert J. Martin Jr.; m. 7-12-1972; children--Jim and Mike 
Martindale, Gertrude E.  11-28-1906  5-28-2006  Gertrude Evelyn Martindale in obituary 
Mathews, Joseph    9-25-1913  Large stone off base by south fence 
Mathews, Malinda A.  3-6-1904  6-12-1999   
Mathews, Tom J.  3-30-1901  11-6-1944   
Maxwell, Joe Franklin  8-28-1939    Double marker with Neva Hill Maxwell; m. 10-15-1956 
Maxwell, Neva Hill  2-13-1938  6-1-1971  Double marker with Joe Franklin Maxwell; m. 10-15-1956 
Maynard, Helen R.  1896  9-19-1976  Helen Rebecca Maynard in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Meador, Carl Nolen  2-22-1903  10-23-1965  Double marker with Mary Edna Meador 
Meador, Mary Edna  1-2-1906  2-26-1973  Edna Townsend Meador in obituary; double marker with Carl Nolen Meador 
Messer, Alfred  2-19-1915  5-16-1967  Double marker with Louise Messer 
Messer, Louise  8-24-1916  5-19-1996  Double marker with Alfred Messer 
Messer, Carrol Roger  8-1-1939  9-24-2011  Double marker with Janell Robinson Messer; m. 7-23-1961; children--Pam, Tony, Dana 
Messer, Janell Robinson  8-9-1941  5-16-2021  Double marker with Carroll Roger Messer; m. 7-23-1961; children--Pam, Tony, Dana; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mrs. Janell Messer, age 79 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Sunday May 1... 
Milliner, John L.  1878  1959  Double marker with Bettie E. Milliner 
Milliner, Bettie E.  1888  1974  Double marker with John L. Milliner 
Milliner, Gordon  4-23-1904  7-4-1989  Double marker with Willie Milliner 
Milliner, Willie  3-5-1906  10-25-1983  Double marker with Gordon Milliner 
Milson, Zettie  9-6-1893  10-15-1903  Daughter of H. M. Milson 
Milson, Anner  11-11-1861  5-15-1908  Wife of H. M. Milson 
Mitchell, Hansel D.  6-21-1935    Double marker with Sybil Sue Johnson Mitchell; m. 12-19-1954; children--Diane, Kim, Rick, Kelly 
Mitchell, Sybil Sue Johnson  3-1-1938  5-25-1998  Double marker with Hansel D. Mitchell; m. 12-19-1954; children--Diane, Kim, Rick, Kelly 
Mitchell, Johnnie Odom  3-21-1924  5-1-1999   
Mitchell, Dave W.    5-15-1945  Age 71; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Mitchell, Kathleen  6-19-1944  11-22-2016  Metal marker at time of survey 
Mitchell, Don R.  8-18-1942    Children-- Rachel Natasha and ? Paul 
Mohon, James Burton  8-1-1925  8-16-1987   
Mohon, Audrey  1-13-1917  12-26-1973   
Mohon, M. A.  8-18-1855  6-3-1907  Wife of G. W. Mohon; stone is off base 
Mohon, John W.  12-28-1906  10-19-1978  Double marker with Pearl Cook Mohon; m. 10-16-1927 
Mohon, Pearl Cook  10-7-1910  5-9-2004  Evie Pearl Mohon in obituary; double marker with John W. Mohon; m. 10-16-1927 
Mohon, W. W.  12-31-1878  2-22-1962  Old stone had William W. Mohon with birth date only; William Wesley Mohon in obituary 
Mohon, Bessie A.  5-1-1881  6-24-1976  Bessie Smith Mohon in obituary; old stone had birth date only 
Mohon, R. E.  9-8-1921  1-11-2017  Double marker with Vivian Johnston Mohon 
Mohon, Vivian Johnston  1-4-1921  9-21-1984  Double marker with R. E. Mohon 
Moore, Samuel A.  1-10-1878  7-7-1954  Double marker with Myrtle B. Moore 
Moore, Myrtle B.  2-6-1898  1-30-1984  Double marker with Samuel A. Moore 
Moore, John A.  1869  1945   
Moore, Ida Eaves  1872  5-16-1964  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Moore, Minnie V.  11-16-1870  5-11-1954   
Morgan, Charles H.  11-1-1873  1-30-1918   
Morris, Thomas D.  3-22-1914  12-26-1986  Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Morris, Helen G. Dougan Manzella  10-13-1927  1-3-2017  Children--Jackie, Johnny, Joy, Jill 
Moxley, Delmer Lee  1-27-1910  7-6-1912  Pres. by twin "sis" 
Mullings, Essie Deaton  9-26-1899  12-31-1976  Double marker with Elihu Thomas Mullings 
Mullings, Elihu Thomas  11-28-1889  6-26-1973  Double marker with Essie Deaton Mullings 
Mullings, Dorothy J.  8-19-1928  10-11-2005  Dorothy Jean Mullings in obituary 
Munn, Lana Pauline Thompson Goad  2-13-1943  11-14-2017   
Muresan, Vasile  6-16-1942  6-15-2017  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary 
Murry, Luther S.  9-25-1875  5-29-1953   
Murry, Elijah M.  1872  11-23-1951  Double marker with Mode Murry; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Murry, Mode  1875  1956  Double marker with Elijah M. Murry 
Murry, Judy S.  9-4-1950  12-29-2013  Double marker with Wendell P. Murry; m. 1-13-1968 
Murry, Wendell Perry  2-27-1944  8-11-2019  Double marker with Judy S. Murry; m. 1-13-1968; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. Wendell Murry, age 75 of Emmet, Arkansas, passed away Sunday Augus... 
Murry, Wendell Patrick  9-10-1970  10-16-1970  Son of Wendell and Judy Murry 
Murry, Perry  1-8-1910  5-29-1981  Double marker with Doris Murry 
Murry, Doris  5-26-1920  11-4-1992  Double marker with Perry Murry 
Murry, James G.  11-16-1971    Double marker with Connie Renae Murry; m. 3-9-1995 
Murry, Connie Renae  6-4-1961    Double marker with James G. Murry; m. 3-9-1995 
Nabors, Mary F. Howze  12-29-1848  2-16-1885  Wife of John Nabors 
Nelson, Harvey A.  11-22-1910  5-10-1977   
Nelson, Lula Garland  1-29-1912  5-22-1981   
Niva, Frederick Arnold  7-3-1932  3-25-1976  A1C- U. S. Air Force-Korea 
Niva, Betty Jo. A.  9-27-1930  6-6-2015   
Norton, Ronald Warren  8-10-1945    One date; date looks like birth date on stone 
Norton, Ina Lee  12-15-1921    One date; date looks like birth date on stone 
Norton, Charles Glenn  9-20-1951  4-26-1983   
Norton, Beryl W.  7-25-1920  1-29-1972   
Norton, Guy  1901  1981  Double marker with Mary Norton 
Norton, Mary  1901  1984  Double marker with Guy Norton 
Norton, Perry  1866  1955  Double marker with Ellen Norton 
Norton, Ellen  1857  1933  Double marker with Perry Norton 
Oglesby, Charles J.  12-7-1875  1-29-1952   
Oglesby, Frances K.  4-20-1877  12-16-1963   
Oliver, B. Marie  4-2-1916  6-22-1984  Wife; triple marker with William E. Oliver and Charles B. Oliver 
Oliver, William E.  8-5-1911  8-19-1987  Husband; triple marker with B. Marie Oliver and Charles B. Oliver 
Oliver, Charles B.  9-20-1913    Triple marker with B. Marie Oliver and William E. Oliver; no death date engraved at time of survey 
Osburn, Thomas Ellis  1899  Mar., 1950  Double marker with Edna Mary Osburn; death month from obituary 
Osburn, Edna Mary  1904  Dec., 1946  Double marker with Thomas Ellis Osburn; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Osburn, William L.  9-23-1873  3-20-1955   
Osburn, Ophelia  7-15-1876  1-19-1934   
Osteen, Irene Deaton  4-30-1903  8-23-1941   
Osteen, Joseph Henry  7-6-1892  1-1-1977   
Otwell, Milton D.  1913  Dec., 1946  Death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Otwell, Luther P. Sr.  10-7-1943  5-29-2018  Double marker with Wilma R. Otwell 
Otwell, Wilma R.  9-13-1944    Double marker with Luther P. Otwell 
Otwell, Luke P. Jr. "Little Luke"  12-4-1964  7-13-1985   
Otwell, Charlie T.  4-16-1925  4-3-1991   
Otwell, Jimmie W.  1938  1940   
Otwell, Daisy Nell  10-15-1939  2-10-1982   
Otwell, Maudie M.  8-20-1915  4-27-2010  Years only on marker; full dates from obituary 
Owens, Kelly Yvonne  2-20-1959  8-4-2020  Double marker with Timothy Ladd Owens; m. 9-3-1992; children--Lace and Ladd; grandchildren--Tripp, Londynn, Grace 
Owens, Timothy Ladd  10-23-1961    Double marker with Kelly Yvonne Owens; m. 9-3-1992; children--Lace and Ladd; grandchildren--Tripp, Londynn, Grace 
Padgett, Earl  3-16-1912  8-17-1912  Son of S. E. and Effie Padgett 
Pankey, Jack R.  10-24-1910  2-22-1978  Double marker with Marie D. Pankey 
Pankey, Marie D.  11-12-1915  3-29-2000  Jetta Marie Pankey in obituary; double marker with Jack R. Pankey 
Pankey, Raymond H.  11-11-1905  9-18-1947   
Pankey, Sandra K.   10-5-1961  7-13-2019  Double marker with Kayla Leeandra Casto 
Parmer, Andrea Carol  1968  3-21-1972  Struck by family car; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Parmer, Sam H.  12-19-1885  9-27-1947   
Parmer, E. J.   1853  2-25-1942  Grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Parmer, Laurie Elaine  2-18-1961  6-27-2008  Laurie Elaine Meredith Parmer in obituary; double marker with Joe Franklin Parmer; m. 10-31-1988 
Parmer, Joe Franklin  4-15-1945    Double marker with Laurie Elaine Parmer; m. 10-31-1988 
Parmer, Annie Mae  12-26-1937  5-10-2018   
Patterson, Rosa Ann  12-8-1868  1-13-1924   
Patterson, Perry H.  5-2-1855  12-14-1954   
Patterson, Ruth Inez  9-6-1922  9-22-2013  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary 
Paul, Edgar L.  1-6-1895  1-2-1987  Double marker with Wilma L. Paul 
Paul, Wilma L.  12-24-1910  5-9-1980  Double marker with Edgar L. Paul 
Beals, Bobby Nell  11-19-1941  2-18-2005  Metal marker 
Pearce, Lige  2-11-1886  4-14-1969  Elijah Pearce in obituary; double marker with Flora Pearce 
Pearce, Flora  9-26-1901  8-20-1968  Double marker with Lige Pearce 
Peck, Angela Lee  9-25-1978  10-20-2000  Daughter of Tommy and Barbara; sister of Lynn and Randy; aunt of Cheyanna 
Peck, Thomas W.  4-21-1946    Double marker with Barbara L. Peck; m. 2-1-1969; children--Thomas Lynn and Ali, Randy Wayne and Shannon; Angelia Lee; 6 grandchildren 
Peck, Barbara  4-12-1949  3-7-2016  Double marker with Thomas W. Peck; m. 2-1-1969; children--Thomas Lynn and Ali, Randy Wayne and Shannon, Angelia Lee; 6 grandchildren 
Perdue, Ray J.  1895  1978  Husband of Adeline Segler Perdue 
Perdue, Adeline Segler  1896  10-14-1967  Wife of Ray J. Perdue; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Perry, Patricia D.  8-14-1941  2-23-2020   
Petty, Brian Kelly  11-28-1965  12-20-2001   
Phillips, Oscar  12-15-1838  10-26-1926   
Phillips, Jane McSwain  3-8-1846  12-21-1920   
Phillips, George  6-9-1880  8-7-1898  Double marker with William H. Phillips; son of Oscar and J. L. Phillips 
Phillips, William H.  11-16-1866  9-22-1893  Double marker with George Phillips; son of Oscar and J. L. Phillips 
Piercy, Benard  3-17-1913  11-20-1999  Double marker with Avalue Piercy 
Piercy, Avalue  3-2-1917  5-27-1984  Double marker with Benard Piercy 
Pollock, Pearl Faulkner  7-10-1909  4-1-1948  Disinterred 9-9-1998; reinterred 9-12-1998; mother of Floyd and Lloyd 
Prescott, Frank  4-23-1905  6-25-1991  Double marker with Mae Prescott 
Prescott, Mae  11-5-1907  8-3-1984  Double marker with Frank Prescott 
Prescott, James K.  1-28-1902  2-27-1978   
Prescott, Pauline  1-13-1905  2-25-1987   
Prescott, Clifford Dale      Double marker with Marie Prescott 
Prescott, Marie      Double marker with Clifford Dale Prescott 
Price, Bruce W.  12-13-1888  5-18-1966  Double marker with Irene M. Price 
Price, Irene M.  11-20-1894  11-23-1985  Double marker with Bruce W. Price 
Pringle, ?????      No information; metal marker set in concrete 
Pringle, ?????      No information; metal marker set in concrete 
Pringle, ?????      No information; metal marker set in concrete 
Pritchett, Ivison Carlton    4-30-1988  Age 86; unmarked grave next to John D. Pritchett; metal marker now gone 
Pritchett, John D.  1945  4-1-1960  John Dennis Pritchett in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Pruett, Dewey Jr.  5-12-1919  11-13-1968  Ar.-Pvt.-555 Base Unit-AAF-World War II 
Pruett, Kathryn B.  7-21-1925  3-28-1994   
Pry, Alfred A.  3-5-1914  11-30-1983  Double marker with Eulla C. Pry 
Pry, Eulla C.  6-16-1919  7-20-2005  Double marker with Alfred A. Pry 
Rahami, Jane Kitchen  1-29-1943  5-28-2018   
Randolph, Jay Curtis  9-20-1900  5-4-1979  With Randolph family stone 
Randolph, Mary Virginia  5-5-1940  10-4-2016   
Randolph, Orel Elizabeth Snell  2-12-1904  9-5-1994   
Randolph, Barbara Jayne  6-10-1935  12-17-2018  Cremated; interred 12-17-2019 
Ray, Willis B.  3-27-1906  1-16-1998  U. S. Army Air Forces; death date not engraved on head stone; death date from military stone 
Redric, Charles F.      Not found-listed in earlier record 
Reed, Herbert R.  7-4-1917  8-14-2000  CPL- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Margaret Ann Reed; m. 12-21-1940 
Reed, Margaret Ann  4-13-1920  8-23-2004  Double marker with Herbert R. Reed; m. 12-21-1940 
Reinsch, Joan Elizabeth Townsend  8-16-1932  11-21-1977  Double marker with (blank) 
Reinsch, (blank)      Double marker with Joan Elizabeth Townsend Reinsch 
Reyenga, Margrette C.  5-28-1924  8-31-1991   
Reyenga, James M.  10-24-1935  12-30-1994  Double marker with Elsie F. Reyenga; m. 7-6-1954; children--Debra, Marty, Sandra, Ricky 
Reyenga, Elsie F.  12-9-1935  4-29-2011  Double marker with James M. Reyenga; m. 7-6-1954; children--Debra, Marty, Sandra, Ricky 
Reyenga, Gerald  2-10-1888  5-12-1939  Ar.-Apprentice Seaman- USNRF; double marker with Mamie Reyenga 
Reyenga, Mamie  1-9-1898  4-1-1984  Double marker with Gerald Reyenga 
Reyenga, William Denton  12-26-1909  11-1-1973  Double marker with Hattie Anna Reyenga 
Reyenga, Hattie Anna  9-18-1910  1-19-1994  Double marker with William Denton Reyenga 
Reyenga, Jakie R.  12-1-1912  2-5-2002  Double marker with Ruby H. Reyenga; obituary had Jacob Ralph Reyenga 
Reyenga, Ruby H.  12-7-1911  3-27-2003  Double marker with Jakie R. Reyenga; obituary had Ruby Inez Hamric Reyenga 
Reyenga, James Ray  11-20-1944  11-20-1944   
Reyenga, Tommy P.  1926  3-8-1931  Son of J. W. and E. B. Reyenga; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Reyenga, William P.  2-14-1844  8-21-1937  Double marker with Pearl Reyenga 
Reyenga, Pearl  7-2-1862  7-9-1941  Double marker with William P. Reyenga 
Reyenga, Thomas Snell  2-1-1932  11-17-2005  HIC JACET 
Reyenga, Debra Kaye  11-9-1956  10-3-1982   
Reyenga, Kathryn M.  1-1-1924  12-29-2004   
Reyenga, Edgar E.  5-19-1933  3-21-1992  Double marker with Edna M. Reyenga 
Reyenga, Edna M.  1-7-1935  9-15-2019  Double marker with Edgar E. Reyenga; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Reyenga, William T.  2-27-1921  1-18-2015  William Theodore Reyenga in obituary; double marker with Margie V. Reyenga; m. 7-27-1945; Billy Reyenga--son of Gerald and Mamie on foot stone 
Reyenga, Margie V.  3-23-1924  2-29-1988  Double marker with William T. Reyenga; m. 7-27-1945; Marge Beaty--daughter of Joe and Mae on footstone 
Reyenga, Jacob W.  11-22-1886  11-4-1967  Double marker with Edna B. Reyenga 
Reyenga, Edna B.  10-28-1888  11-19-1977  Edna Bridgeman Reyenga in obituary; double marker with Jacob W. Reyenga 
Reyenga, Herman S.  2-22-1892  7-16-1972  Double marker with Thelma S. Reyenga 
Reyenga, Thelma S.  1-22-1905  4-19-1988  Double marker with Herman S. Reyenga 
Reyenga, A. E. (Josh)  3-5-1919  1-28-2012  A. Earl Reyenga in obituary; double marker with Bernice F. Reyenga; m. 12-30-1939; death date not engraved; buried at NW LA Veterans Cem. according to obituary 
Reyenga, Bernice F.  1-16-1922  3-5-2018  Bernice Fielding Reyenga in obituary; double marker with A. E. Reyenga; m. 12-30-1939; death date not engraved; buried at NW LA Veterans Cem. according to obituary 
Reyenga, Howard P.  1-14-1921  9-3-2011   
Reyenga, John F.  2-25-1931    Double marker with Ruth M. Reyenga; m. 5-23-1952; children -- David, Nancy, Paula 
Reyenga, Ruth M.  3-28-1933  3-22-2018  Ruth Hazel McGuire Reyenga in obituary; double marker with John F. Reyenga; m. 5-23-1952; children--David, Nancy, Paula 
Reyenga, James Ray  11-20-1944  11-20-1944   
Rhodes, Douglas I.  1964  1986  Son of Jack and Creola Rhodes 
Rhodes, Betty Jane  7-18-1934  6-11-1938   
Rhodes, Creola Todd  Aug., 1917  Nov., 1990  Children--Charlotte, L. C., Wayne, Doug 
Richards, W. Mirl  2-11-1913  4-7-1997  Double marker with Irlene S. Richards; m. 8-20-1932 
Richards, Irlene S.  8-21-1917  8-4-2004  Double marker with W. Mirl Richards; m. 8-20-1932 
Richards, Arl V.  4-20-1911  9-24-1973  Double marker with Hazel S. Richards 
Richards, Hazel S.  9-28-1912  9-7-2005  Double marker with Arl V. Richards; obituary had Hazel Marie Sims Urrey 
Richards, Fred  10-21-1886  10-15-1961  Double marker with Lelah Richards 
Richards, Lelah  10-25-1893  4-19-1984  Double marker with Fred Richards 
Richards, Glen Earl  1915  1945   
Richardson, Z. W.  1850  2-4-1891  Double marker with (wife) Richardson; full death date from newspaper; year only on stone 
Richardson, (Wife)    2-15-1891  No birth date; Dora Richardson in obituary; double marker with Z. W. Richardson; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Rinkle, Jimmy Allen  12-25-1939  5-5-1998  Double marker with Lavennia Rose Rinkle; m. 3-1-1958; daughters--Kelly, Tina, Chris 
Rinkle, Lavennia Rose  9-15-1941  5-31-1998  Double marker with Jimmy Allen Rinkle; m. 3-1-1958; daughters--Kelly, Tina, Chris 
Roach, Lige  5-26-1912  3-21-1991  Double marker with Ruth Roach 
Roach, Ruth  8-8-1918  4-24-1988  Double marker with Lige Roach 
Roach, Jimmy Mack  4-7-1951  5-12-1988   
Roach, Charlie William  1-21-1921  3-1-1966  Double marker with Ruby Nell Roach; m. 12-16-1940 
Roach, Ruby Nell  12-15-1922  12-19-1989  Double marker with Charlie William Roach; m. 12-16-1940 
Roach, Melvin  1-16-1884  1-22-1941  Double marker with Eula Mae Roach 
Roach, Eula Mae  6-22-1892  3-27-1940  Double marker with Melvin Roach 
Roach, Charles Wayne  5-24-1943  6-25-1957   
Roach, Arthur  2-15-1904  9-28-1928   
Roach, Patsy A.  3-6-1946  12-30-1947  Patsy Ann Roach in obituary; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elige Roach (from obituary); flat concrete marker; hard to read 
Roach, Clyde Melvin  3-25-1929  2-27-1997  Double marker with Lucille Roach 
Roach, Lucille  4-30-1932  9-13-2020  Double marker with Clyde Melvin Roach
Obituary: Lucille Roach, age 88, of Hot Springs, Arkansas passed away Sunday, Se... 
Roach, Kenneth G.  10-27-1953  6-16-2010  Kenneth Glenn Roach in obituary 
Roach, James G.  5-4-1945  3-4-2015   
Roberts, Curtis Dean  3-23-1938  7-28-1938   
Roberts, Thomas Clifton  12-31-1946  5-26-2012  Information from obituary 
Robertson, James W.  5-28-1924  7-26-1990  U. S. Army-Korea; double marker with Mary Evelyn Robertson; m. 6-7-1949 
Robertson, Mary Evelyn  2-18-1930  11-15-1995  Double marker with James W. Robertson; m. 6-7-1949 
Roseberry, Annie E. Culbreath  5-16-1847  3-20-1909  Wife of W. J. D. Roseberry 
Roseberry, W. J. D.  4-27-1830  2-17-1885   
Roseberry, Robert E.  9-21-1878  2-26-1880  Hard to read 
Ross, Scott  1905  1979  Double marker with Lola Ross 
Ross, Lola  1909  3-20-2005  Lola Jones Ross in obituary; double marker with Scott Ross; death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Ross, George Lee  1882  11-13-1963  Double marker with Florence Ross; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Ross, Florence  1888  1-13-1971  Double marker with George Lee Ross; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Rowe, Theodosia  1857  1928   
Rowe, James M., Sr.  11-3-1916  2-3-2001  U. S. Navy- World War II 
Rowe, James M. Jr.  4-7-1951  1-5-1957   
Rowe, Ruth Ann  7-30-1945  9-13-1957   
Rowe, Johnny Merl  1932  Jan., 1938  Spelled Murel on one stone; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Rowe, Nicie V. Ratcliff  3-12-1888  8-14-1962  Wife of T. M. Rowe 
Rowe, T. M.  5-6-1886  4-1-1976   
Rowe, Horace V.  8-1-1910  5-8-1993  Double marker with Essie Lee Rowe 
Rowe, Essie Lee  8-8-1912    Double marker with Horace V. Rowe 
Rowe, William T.  8-15-1925  10-7-1994  William Thomas Rowe on military marker; -MM2- U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Johnnie F. Rowe; m. 4-20-1946 
Rowe, Johnnie F.  6-19-1932    Double marker with William T. Rowe; m. 4-20-1946 
Rowe, William P.  3-18-1883  6-12-1961  Double marker with Maudie L. Rowe 
Rowe, Maudie L.  4-30-1891  1-18-1975  Double marker with William P. Rowe 
Rowe, David O.  1879  1922  Double marker with Lillian M. Rowe 
Rowe, Lillian M.  1878  Oct., 1950  Double marker with David O. Rowe; listed as Mrs. W. L. Rowe in obituary 
Rowe, Eunice     3-1-1924  Age 18 yrs., 10 mths., 26 days; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. N. Rowe; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Rushing, John Wesley  1906  1979  Double marker with Lethe Nell Rushing 
Rushing, Lethe Nell  12-29-1909  11-1-2003  Double marker with John Wesley Rushing; full dates from obituary; years only on stone; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Russell, Dr. S. I.  9-7-1879  4-11-1919   
Sage, Hattie    8-29-1879  Daughter of Thos. J. and Susan Sage; age 1 yr., 4 mths., 25 days 
Sage, Rev. Thos. J.  8-13-1830  12-2-1882   
Sage, Susan Snow  1842  1908   
Sanders, Vester  9-13-1892  9-6-1931   
Sanders, Frances Ann  6-20-1933  9-20-1995  Frances Holder Ghormley on stone 
Sarrett, W. J.  12-2-1891  5-9-1978  William J. Sarrett, Sr. in obituary; double marker with Etta May Sarrett 
Sarrett, Etta May  5-24-1892  5-9-1970  Double marker with W. J. Sarrett 
Schipper, Vadis Marie  8-17-1912  1-15-1998   
Scott, Michael    9-10-1971  Son- one date 
Scott, Sam Vick  12-12-1912  4-23-2001  Maj.- U. S. Army- World War II- Silver Star- Purple Heart; double marker with Ruby Mae Crumby Scott; m. 12-18-1941 
Scott, Ruby Mae Crumby  10-15-1920  10-2-2016  Double marker with Sam Vick Scott; m.12-18-1941 
Seal, G. E. "Buddy" Jr.   6-10-1924  11-27-1998  Granville Earl Seal Jr. on military stone; QM1- U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Naomi Seal; m. 1-21-1950 
Seal, Naomi W.   5-20-1930  9-6-1999  Double marker with G. E. Seal Jr.; m. 1-21-1950 
Seal, Vera  5-9-1896  1-12-1930   
Seal, Adalaide M.  11-6-1865  6-10-1926   
Seal, Hewitt  8-15-1899  10-7-1912   
Segler, Hazel  8-29-1904  7-20-1997   
Segler, Trudie  6-20-1900  10-7-1995   
Segler, Lawrence W.  2-2-1891  5-13-1945  Tx-Wagoner-142 Inf.-36 Div 
Segler, M. B.  10-13-1867  12-20-1927  Monroe Segler in obituary 
Segler, Martha Ann  5-15-1862  7-26-1946   
Segler, Alta M.  2-21-1903  6-15-1903   
Sexton, Walter A.  8-25-1896  8-3-1979  Double marker with Martha C. Sexton; m. 2-28-1959 
Sexton, Martha C.  3-31-1924    Double marker with Walter A. Sexton; m. 2-28-1959 
Shankles, Nellie  12-15-1907  7-2-1967   
Shankles, F. G. "Gary"  9-18-1925  6-20-2012  Frances G. Shankles in obituary 
Sharrer, Marvin Lee  1905  1911   
Shope, Clifford Dale  6-23-1924  8-31-1993  GM2- U. S. Navy-World War II; double marker with Marie Prescott Shope; m. 4-18-1944 
Shope, Marie Prescott  3-20-1926  5-26-2002  Double marker with Clifford Dale Shope; m. 4-18-1944 
Shope, Freddie Dale  11-6-1945  11-6-2005   
Shope, Russell Kyle  10-29-1976  10-16-2019  Son--double marker with Sandra Kay Anderson Shope
Obituary: It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Russell Kyle Sh... 
Shope, Sandra Kay Anderson  11-6-1949    Mother--double marker with Russell Kyle Shope 
Shuman, Fay Hood  9-10-1910  5-24-2000   
Simmons, Jacky D.  10-13-1944  1-26-2021  Double marker with Vicki L. Simmons; m. 7-20-1985
Obituary: Mr. Jacky Simmons, age 76 of Deann, Arkansas passed away Tuesday, Janu... 
Simmons, Vicki L.  12-13-1953    Double marker with Jacky D. Simmons; m. 7-20-1985 
Sims, James M.  8-6-1869  10-30-1960  Double marker with Henry Etta Sims; m. 8-19-1896 
Sims, Henry Etta  12-2-1881  5-28-1962  Double marker with James M. Sims; m. 8-19-1896 
Sims, Charlie Odis  8-27-1910  1-8-1976   
Sinyard, Darlene  3-22-1935  2-25-2016  Double marker with L. A. Sinyard; m. 9-2-1950 
Sinyard, L. A.  8-9-1930    Double marker with Darlene Sinyard; m. 9-2-1950 
Smart, George R.  10-14-1900  2-22-1921  Geroge Romey Smart in obituary 
Smart, William L.  7-16-1920  2-3-1922  Son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Smart (from obituary) 
Smart, Louis Napoleon  9-13-1860  5-20-1931  Age 70 yrs., 8 mths., 7 days 
Smith, Mandy E.  1941  Oct., 1945  Mandy Elizabeth Smith in obituary; metal marker set in concrete; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Smith, Perry D.  12-21-1898  12-10-1982  Double marker with Bertha Viola Smith 
Smith, Bertha Viola  12-24-1905  5-19-1975  Double marker with Perry D. Smith 
Smith, Arlis L.  10-13-1914  7-4-1978  Double marker with Pauline R. Smith; m. 12-18-1937 
Smith, Pauline R.  6-20-1921  2-5-1991  Double marker with Arlis L. Smith; m. 12-18-1937 
Smith, J. M.  1856  Aug., 1939  Mother; double marker with F. P. Smith; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Smith, F. P.  1854  5-4-1936  Father; Frank Smith in obituary; double marker with J. M. Smith; death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Smith, Gertrude Edwards  9-13-1891  10-25-1918  Wife of B. D. Smith 
Smith, Bert D.  2-6-1888  7-16-1974   
Smith, Beatrice Holland  11-13-1886  11-27-1977   
Smith, Relto D.  7-10-1879  6-19-1951   
Smith, Lenora E.  12-13-1879  2-5-1918  Wife of R. D. Smith 
Smith, Mary Rosabell  3-27-1895  10-14-1910  Daughter of F. P. and J. M. Smith 
Smith, William C.  8-3-1886  10-9-1907  Son of F. P. and J. M. Smith; Woodmen of the World marker 
Smith, Earl T.  1908  1975  Double marker with Viola M. Smith 
Smith, Viola M.  1910  1975  Double marker with Earl T. Smith 
Smith, Merriman F.  1892  1980  Double marker with Edna May Smith 
Smith, Edna May  1898  1965  Double marker with Merriman F. Smith 
Smith, Bertha Russell  1888  1957   
Smith, (infant)    1921  One date; son of B. D. and Bertha Smith 
Smith, H. Dan  9-4-1942  4-8-2009  Double marker with Teresa E. Smith 
Smith, Teresa E. "Liz"  6-5-1940  12-15-2011  Teresa Elizabeth Smith in obituary; double marker with H. Dan Smith 
Snell, John Edmund  4-3-1916  2-9-1983   
Snell, Greta M.   1-11-1915  6-6-2000   
Snell, Vickie Lynn  2-7-1957  6-28-1973   
Snell, Harvey Z.  2-2-1911  3-7-1972  Double marker with J. Irene Snell 
Snell, J. Irene  11-19-1907  4-6-1991  Double marker with Harvey Z. Snell 
Snell, Commodore  10-14-1908  3-7-1987  Double marker with Ora Snell 
Snell, Ora  10-26-1926  9-8-2010  Double marker with Commodore Snell; Ora Snell Avery in obituary; also listed under Avery 
Snell, Stephen Ware  7-28-1904  4-7-1973  Double marker with Coy Lee Deaton Snell 
Snell, Coy Lee Deaton  11-8-1906  4-23-1983  Double marker with Stephen Ware Snell 
Snell, Jackson J.  3-13-1888  2-10-1890  Son of W. A. and Josephine E. Snell 
Snell, Mary A.  1-30-1842  10-6-1924   
Snell, Simeon F.  1-19-1830  11-6-1891   
Snell, Josephine Lila  8-5-1868  1-10-1873  Daughter of Simeon F. and Mary A. Snell 
Snell, Mary T.  10-1-1877  4-12-1941   
Snell, James T.  3-17-1872  7-26-1954   
Snell, Eliza A.  1-5-1809  2-5-1873  Wife of John E. Snell 
Snell, John E.  1-27-1821  2-5-1885   
Snell, Stephen Ware Jr.  6-27-1928  12-25-1995  Double marker with Mary G. Willis Snell; m. 1-21-1955; children--Stephen W. Snell III, MD, Joy A. Root, MD>Jeb Garrett, Kendra Lee, Nancy, Elaine 
Snell, Mary G. Willis  5-20-1936  2-17-2009  Double marker with Stephen Ware Snell Jr.; m. 1-21-1955; children--Stephen W. Snell III, MD, Joy A. Root, MD>Jeb Garrett, Kendra Lee, Nancy, Elaine 
Snell, Arno  9-20-1898  5-4-1981   
Snell, William Drost  3-20-1955  11-13-1970   
Snell, Sarah  10-19-1800  7-31-1877   
Snell, David  4-14-1793  4-20-1882   
Snell, J. A.    9-13-1879  Broken-hard to read-no birth date 
Snell, Jas. D.  1-25-1819  7-23-1880  Stone lying down 
Snell, Em. Christopher  3-22-1877  2-21-1908  Double marker with John E. Snell 
Snell, John E.  7-31-1874  8-24-1908  Double marker with Em. Christopher Snell 
Snell, Amanda  5-8-1844  10-17-1898  Wife of John E. Snell 
Snell, James F.  1867  1950  Double marker with Luona Mc Snell 
Snell, Luona Mc  1872  1949  Double marker with James F. Snell 
Snell, James Franklin   2-9-1948  2-7-2010  Sgt.- U. S. Air Force--Vietnam 
Snell, David Glen  2-9-1907  3-16-1927   
Snell, Caroline Beaty  1880  1977   
Snell, David A.  1876  1954   
Snell, Rebbeca A.  11-11-1852  10-19-1887  Daughter of G. and J. Andrews 
Snell, Jackson Randolph  5-26-1958  1-16-2015  Double marker with Barbara Ann Herrington Snell; m. 9-1-1990 
Snell, Barbara Ann Herrington  3-5-1958    Double marker with Jackson Rudolph Snell; m. 9-1-1950 
Snell, James R. Sr.   11-28-1932  11-18-2012  James Richard Snell Sr. in obituary; double marker with Joyce Gail Snell; m. 5-9-1954 
Snell, Joyce Gail  7-16-1935    Double marker with James R. Snell Sr.; m. 5-9-1954 
Snell, John Edmund  3-18-1942  12-10-2013  Double marker with Patricia Ann Snell 
Snell, Patricia Ann  4-6-1954    Double marker with John Edmund Snell 
Snell, Rev. Jason Allen  9-20-1972  1-26-2016   
Sorrells, Hebbard James  6-22-1950  11-17-2017  Double marker with Brenda Ann Caraway Sorrells; m 8-17-2000
Obituary: Retired Sergeant Hebbard “Hebb” Sorrells, a Nevada County Sheriff ... 
Sorrells, Brenda Ann Caraway  8-17-1951    Double marker with Hebberd James Sorrells; m. 8-17-2000 
Stanton, Albert H.      2 Lieu. -Co. B- 9 Mo. S. S. - CSA 
Stephens, Randall W.  4-4-1925  7-18-1970  Pvt.- U. S. Army-World War II 
Stephens, Phillip C. III  11-9-1932  1-20-1933  Son of P. C. Stephens Jr. and Maurine Eaves Stephens 
Stephens, Nita  8-9-1946  2-23-2001  Double marker with Joe Stephens; m. 8-1-1980 
Stephens, Joe  12-7-1938  2-16-2013  Double marker with Nita Stephens; m. 8-1-1980; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Stephens, Donald Len  Mar., 1964  Apr., 1964   
Stevens, Charlie  1903  1992  Double marker with Vivian Stevens 
Stevens, Vivian  1899  1993  Double marker with Charlie Stevens 
Stewart, Lily Margaret Dougan  7-25-1937  5-13-2003  Double marker with Duel Wallace Stewart; m. 11-2-1959; children--Sheila Kay, Margaret Ann; grandchildren--Stephanie, Justin, Amber, Ashley 
Stewart, Duel Wallace  8-5-1935  6-6-2014  Double marker with Lily Margaret Dougan Stewart; m. 11-2-1959; children--Sheila Kay, Margaret Ann; grandchildren--Stephanie, Justin, Amber, Ashley 
Still, Lee Roland  11-24-1923  5-12-2005  Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II- Bronze Star medal-OLC-Purple Heart; double marker with Junie Mae Thompson; children--Tommy Lee, Linda Sue, Jerry Don, David Lamar 
Still, Junie Mae Thompson  8-11-1928  1-4-2009  Double marker with Lee Roland Still; children--Tommy Lee, Linda Sue, Jerry Don, David Lamar 
Stinnett, Fenton G. (Mack)  1-23-1898  7-8-1976   
Strange, Callie A.  11-18-1876  12-4-1876  Daughter of R. L. and M. M. Strange 
Stratman, George E.  1-28-1902  3-27-1989  Triple marker with Elisabeth G. Stratman and John G. Stratman 
Stratman, Elisabeth G.  8-24-1914  8-8-2004  Triple marker with George E. Startman and John G. Statman; cremated 
Stratman, John G.  11-13-1941  5-18-1992  Triple marker with George E. Stratman and Elisabeth G. Stratman 
Stuckey, Dora Jane  1-8-1928  9-28-1930   
Stuckey, James Prince  10-19-1874  1-6-1948   
Stuckey, Robert Daniel  1-10-1868  1-16-1951   
Stuckey, Sarah E.  2-3-1882  1-23-1911  Wife of R. D. Stuckey 
Stuckey, Homer D.  9-17-1900  9-3-1972   
Stuckey, William  11-3-1859  9-21-1942   
Stuckey, Dora  9-19-1876  11-15-1889  Daughter of D. N. and D. J. Stuckey; stone is off base 
Stuckey, D. J.  11-29-1842  1-13-1913  Double marker with D. N. Stuckey 
Stuckey, D. N.  8-27-1834  2-2-1898  Double marker with D. J. Stuckey 
Sullivan, Irene  10-3-1935  8-29-1938   
Sullivan, Homer R.  5-11-1901  1-29-1959  Double marker with Effie H. Sullivan 
Sullivan, Effie H.  7-3-1908  5-30-1993  Double marker with Homer R. Sullivan 
Sullivan, Cornelia  4-11-1866  12-31-1916  Double marker with Lucian P. Sullivan 
Sullivan, Lucian P.  12-19-1850  3-25-1927  Double marker with Cornelia Sullivan 
Sullivan, Stephen F.      Co. D- 19 Ark. Inf.- CSA 
Sullivan, Minnie Holt  1874  1955   
Sulzer, Zenobia M.  6-30-1882  2-26-1910   
Sulzer, A. A. C.  9-17-1839  7-5-1909   
Sulzer, Martha F.  12-12-1858  3-8-1914   
Sulzer, Adelaide  12-25-1919  6-12-1930   
Sulzer, Edna J.  5-22-1898  12-8-1976   
Sulzer, Eugene A.  7-20-1893  12-10-1953  Ar.-Pvt.-23 Co.-162 Dep. Brig.-World War I 
Sulzer, David Eugene  10-31-1932  8-19-1987  U. S. Army- Korea-Vietnam 
Sulzer, Alexander J., Phd  2-13-1922  7-4-2005  Double marker with Katherine R. Sulzer 
Sulzer, Katherine R., Phd  7-15-1917    Double marker with Alexander J. Sulzer 
Sutton, Lillian V.  1891  1976  Double marker with Thomas G. Sutton 
Sutton, Thomas G.  1885  1941  Double marker with Lillian V. Sutton 
Sutton, Ira  8-15-1909  5-25-1917  Son of T. G. and Lillian Sutton 
Sutton, Susie A.  3-2-1868  7-2-1961   
Sutton, Nelda Jo  2-4-1938  12-24-1959   
Sutton, G. Elizabeth  10-22-1915  5-26-2006   
Sutton, G. E. "Bud"  3-7-1913  2-11-2004   
Taylor, Oscar E.  11-21-1893  4-16-1959  Double marker with Drew P. Taylor 
Taylor, Drew P.  4-23-1900  9-26-1966  Double marker with Oscar E. Taylor 
Taylor, Marian Richards  4-3-1935  1-25-2021   
Thomason, J. Truett  1-15-1904  12-18-1990  Double marker with Gertine Thomason 
Thomason, Gertine  10-11-1908  1-26-2007  Double marker with J. Truett Thomason; Gertine Milner Thomason in obituary 
Thompson, O. V. Jr.  3-25-1917  1-30-1939   
Thompson, Pauline Rowe  5-10-1914  1-21-1987   
Thompson, Joe Thomas  5-15-1909  9-28-1980   
Thompson, Infant    8-30-1926  Daughter.of William M. and Camille Thompson; flat stone 
Thompson, Claude  8-10-1877  10-17-1918   
Thompson, Annie Wood  8-10-1875  6-6-1902   
Thompson, Mary A.  10-10-1838  2-13-1914  Double marker with J. W. Thompson 
Thompson, J. W.  2-18-1823  9-10-1907  Double marker with Mary A. Thompson 
Thompson, Lizzie  7-13-1869  7-28-1909   
Thompson, Kirby S.  5-26-1871  9-14-1912   
Thompson, Dewitt K.  8-30-1874  3-27-1916   
Thompson, Oscar V.  5-24-1879  2-28-1967  Double marker with Birdie M. Thompson 
Thompson, Birdie M.  7-22-1895  7-9-1964  Double marker with Oscar V. Thompson 
Thompson, O. B. (Jack)  7-8-1899  11-22-1979  Double marker with Eunice M. Thompson 
Thompson, Eunice M.  4-25-1899  4-10-1989  Double marker with O. B. Thompson 
Thompson, Sarah Ann  1872  1943  Double marker with William Johnson Thompson 
Thompson, William Johnson  1865  1946  Double marker with Sarah Ann Thompson 
Thompson, William McKinley  8-20-1902  8-16-1970  Double marker with Camille Hicks Thompson; m. 11-14-1925 
Thompson, Camille Hicks  10-14-1905  3-14-2000  Double marker with William McKinley Thompson; m. 11-14-1925 
Thompson, Jerry Slusher  7-2-1891  2-24-1967  Double marker with Alta M. Evans Thompson 
Thompson, Alta M. Evans  7-20-1893  3-29-1969  Double marker with Jerry Slusher Thompson 
Thompson, Ophelia Frances   8-10-1912  9-19-2008   
Thompson, Vernon E.  3-7-1925  6-6-2006  PFC - U. S. Army; death date not engraved on head stone; date from military stone 
Thompson, Tillman B.  1923  10-15-2002  Death date from obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Thompson, Kyle O'Lonious (Lonnie)  8-24-1889  1-16-1978   
Thompson, N. A.  12-26-1848  2-16-1911  Wife of J. M. Thompson 
Thompson, J. M.  3-15-1848  4-11-1910   
Thompson, Paul  12-1-1905    Son of W. J. and S. A. Thompson 
Thompson, Onie B.  10-28-1869  2-6-1901  Wife of W. J. Thompson 
Thompson, Henry N.  7-31-1907  2-14-1991   
Thompson, Kenneth "Ken"  9-25-1928  11-15-2002  US Air Force; double marker with La Mona Thompson; m. 5-6-1950; children--David, Karen, Su Ann 
Thompson, La Mona "Mo"  3-6-1929  1-9-2009  Double marker with Kenneth Thompson; m. 5-6-1950; children--David, Karen, Su Ann 
Thompson, Mary Lee, R.N.   9-9-1918  4-23-2003   
Thompson, Carol Crowley  5-16-1930  3-10-2005  Double marker with William McKinley Thompson Jr.; m. 12-17-1949 
Thompson, William McKinley Jr.  12-1-1927  9-12-2020  U. S. Navy - World War II- Victory Medal; double marker with Carol Crowley Thompson; m. 12-17-1949
Obituary: William McKinley (Mack) Thompson Jr., 92, of Bryant, passed from this ... 
Thompson, John Monroe  1-9-1933  8-5-2005  U. S. Army- Korea 
Thompson, Mary Elizabeth  7-31-1923  8-12-2013   
Thornton, Deanie  1945  1953   
Thornton, M. O.  1914  1982  Double marker with Merle Thornton 
Thornton, Merle  1920  6-13-2001  Syble Merle West Thornton in obituary; double marker with M. O. Thornton; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Thornton, Robert Stuart  8-20-1892  3-26-1924   
Thornton, Alice Haltom  4-5-1891  12-30-1953   
Todd, Loren Clinton  9-6-1936  2-8-1985   
Townsend, Gladys C.  8-31-1900  3-11-1988   
Townsend, Lewis S.   10-29-1897  1-29-1963   
Townsend, Samuel E.  1-27-1907  5-21-1975  Double marker with Velma A. Townsend 
Townsend, Velma A.  11-18-1908  11-17-1991  Double marker with Samuel E. Townsend 
Townsend, Nathan H.  3-15-1862  1-21-1927  Double marker with Alice Vickers Townsend 
Townsend, Alice Vickers  4-5-1869  8-27-1961  Double marker with Nathan H. Townsend 
Townsend, Otis R.  1-3-1902  12-4-1980  Double marker with Ora W. Townsend 
Townsend, Ora W.  4-10-1904  4-22-1997  Double marker with Otis R. Townsend 
Townsend, Milton E.  8-22-1903  8-30-1951  Double marker with Eura S. Townsend 
Townsend, Eura S.  8-28-1907  1-17-1959  Double marker with Milton E. Townsend 
Townsend, George D.   1904  11-19-1965  Metal marker set in concrete; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Townsend, Roland H.  1874  1936  Double marker with Ada S. Townsend 
Townsend, Ada S.  1877  1953  Double marker with Roland H. Townsend 
Townsend, Infant      Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Townsend; no dates 
Townsend, William A.  1-21-1875  11-27-1966  William Alfred Townsend in obituary 
Townsend, Lucy Vickers  1-27-1876  3-25-1952  Wife of W. A. Townsend 
Townsend, Dorothy  6-9-1913  10-12-1913   
Townsend, Raymond  6-9-1900  2-4-1917   
Trout, Helen  3-23-1948  1-27-2020   
Trucks, Leyon Benjamin  6-7-1930  5-11-2011  PFC - U. S. Army - Korea; double marker with Dorothy (Welch) Trucks; m. 9-13-1948; children--Donald, Brenda, Leyon Jr., Leigh, Bennie 
Trucks, Dorothy  8-28-1929  5-3-2017  Double marker with Leyon Benjamin Trucks; m. 9-13-1948; children -- Donald, Brenda, Leyon Jr., Leigh, Bennie 
Tyree, Lucian D.  12-19-1867  1-17-1906  Husband of Willie Tyree 
Tyree, Fannie Viena  11-8-1899  6-9-1901  Birth date hard to read 
Tyree, Hattie Marie  11-27-1901  5-9-1991   
Tyree, Sarah E.    11-5-1880  Daughter of J. J. and C. Tyree; age 16 yrs., 3 mths., 7 days 
Tyree, Daniel    10-3-1888  Age 85-father of J. B. Tyree 
Tyree, Sarah    6-23-1880  Age 74 yrs., 5 mths., 21 days; wife of Daniel Tyree 
Tyree, Jackson J.  1-17-1837  10-22-1876   
Tyree, Cleo P.  4-18-1838  1-20-1923   
Tyree, Joanna  4-7-1866  7-7-1883   
Tyree, Burnice R.  5-19-1876  2-8-1895   
(Unknown)  1884  June, ???  Broken stone 
(Unknown infant)      No other information 
(Unknown), ???      Piece of old stone 4 ft. north of G. W. Crumby marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old stone 5 ft. south of Elizabeth Wright marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old stone about 3 ft. high located 9 ft. south of C. W. Cook marker 
(Unknown), ???      Base of marker 3 ft. west of Sarah Ellen Beaty Fee marker 
(Unknown), ???      Old stone between Rebecca Callaway and Henry Callaway markers 
(Unknown), ???      Rock 3 ft. north of Mattie E. Martin marker 
(Unknown), ???      2 unmarked graves (depressions in ground) north of S. J. Hulse marker 
(Unknown), ???      Stone 4 ft. south of Alfred Eaves marker 
(Unknown), ???      Rock 4 ft. south of Ruth Elgin marker 
(Unknown), ???      Rock 10 ft. south of Rebbeca A. Snell marker 
(Unknown), ???      Rock 10 ft. south of Lourana Andrews marker 
(Unknown), ???      Flat stone 6 ft. south of Patsy Crank marker 
(Unknown), ???      Flat stone 6 ft. south of Dr. Ludlow C. Andrews marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 9 ft. south of Connie M. Leverett marker near south fence 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave (depression in ground) 5 ft. south of Marshall Hesterly marker 
(Unknown), ???      Stone with name Cole between Maurice Cole and Alice Cole McCuller; may be a plot marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 5 ft. north of Mildred Dougan marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 12 ft. north of Margaret Ann Reed marker 
(Unknown), ???      Unmarked grave west of H. F. Hickey marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 6 ft. north of David Eugene Sulzer marker 
(Unknown), ???      Metal marker 3 ft. north of Lee Anita Hill marker 
(Unknown), ???      Grave 9 ft. south of Jay Sloane Cole marker 
(Unknown), ???      Statue 4 ft. south of H. Claud Houston marker 
(Unknown), ???      Flat stone one grave south of Monroe Young marker 
Vickers, John  9-21-1870  2-11-1939  Double marker with Ida Vickers 
Vickers, Ida  10-6-1877  10-30-1958  Double marker with John Vickers 
Vickers, Joel Conway  2-3-1882  7-21-1933  Older stone has birth date 2-3-1883; double marker with Jewel Lewis Vickers 
Vickers, Jewel Lewis  1-4-1880  12-23-1976  Double marker with Joel Conway Vickers 
Vickers, Grace  5-5-1904  2-23-2008   
Wade, James Ivan  3-19-1914  8-20-1959  Ar.-Cpl-52 Pursuit GP-AAF-World War II 
Wade, John I.  1863  1937  Double marker with Fannie A. Wade 
Wade, Fannie A.  1870  1935  Double marker with John I. Wade 
Wade, William H.  5-3-1912  1-24-1913  Son of J. I. and Fannie A. Wade 
Wade, Johnie R.  2-21-1902  3-17-1903   
Wade, Ida  7-17-1884  6-14-1905  Daughter of J. I. and Elizabeth Wade 
Wake, Charlie  2-27-1873  7-23-1953   
Wake, Mary E.  10-6-1882  12-16-1945   
Ward, Connie  3-16-1894  11-23-1974  Double marker with Bonnie Ward 
Ward, Bonnie  9-13-1893  7-3-1986  Double marker with Connie Ward 
Ward, Charles B.  9-4-1914  7-22-1974  M Sgt.-U. S. Army; double marker with Winifred P. Ward 
Ward, Daniel Wayne   3-2-1950  2-1-2002   
Ward, Winifred P.  1-24-1918  12-16-2012  Double marker with Charles B. Ward; Winifred Irene Ward in obituary; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Ward, Shirley Sue McMillen  11-3-1949  3-14-2010   
Ware, Ella Phillips  7-10-1870  3-1-1928   
Warren, Creola D.   1917  1990  Metal marker located 30 ft. south of James W. Huett marker; not found in 2018 
Washburn, David A.  6-23-1905  7-13-1993  Lt. Col.- US Air Force-World War II 
Washburn, David Abner  12-3-1943  8-7-2015  Pvt. - U. S. Army - Vietnam; Silver Star and Purple Heart 
Washburn, Mary Snell  9-28-1909  8-20-2007   
Watson, John M.  9-1-1907  5-2-1995   
Watson, John McKenzie Jr.  6-25-1931  6-6-2007  Sgt. - U. S. Army 
Watson, Vinnie G.  8-23-1912  8-29-1982   
Watson, Hazel F.  11-6-1933  2-24-1998   
Watts, Billy Ray  3-22-1951  2-9-2016  Double marker with Glenda Watts 
Watts, Glenda  7-17-1950    Double marker with Billy Ray Watts 
Weaver, David F.  10-29-1903  6-13-1987  Double marker with Pearl Weaver 
Weaver, Pearl  10-26-1907  4-7-1991  Double marker with David F. Weaver 
Webb, Albert H.  2-19-1882  7-24-1965  Double marker with Artie M. Webb 
Webb, Artie M.  11-7-1884  2-4-1943  Double marker with Albert H. Webb 
Webb, Katie P.  11-17-1903  3-10-1905   
Weeks, Joy LaRue Booker   10-10-1944  2-4-2004   
Wells, Watson H.  4-27-1928  3-3-1997  Double marker with Betty J. Wells; m. 6-30-1949; parents of Elessa and Landon 
Wells, Betty J.  8-24-1931  7-8-2005  Double marker with Watson H. Wells; m. 6-30-1949; parents of Elessa and Landon 
Wells, Felix E.  1882  1959  Double marker with Mabel Wells 
Wells, Mabel  1884  1961  Double marker with Felix E. Wells 
Wesson, L. E.    Jan., 1965  Age 79; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
West, Homer W.  6-30-1900  5-5-1981  Double marker with Lois J. West; m. 12-25-1928 
West, Lois J.  9-12-1906  12-3-1998  Double marker with Homer W. West; m. 12-25-1928; death date from metal marker; not engraved at time of survey 
West, Willie  1892  1955  Double marker with Odeal West 
West, Odeal  1910  1995  Double marker with Willie West 
West, Tommie  1897  1951  Double marker with Andrew C. West 
West, Andrew C.  1889  1961  Double marker with Tommie West 
West, David Earl  7-5-1907  1-4-1982  Double marker with Johnnie Pritchett West 
West, Johnnie Pritchett  6-3-1914  7-1-1975  Double marker with David Earl West 
West, Omra  10-28-1905  1-13-1997   
West, James Terrell  8-4-1926  6-26-1959   
West, Charlene  5-13-1929  8-27-1936   
West, Charlie Authar    12-3-1934  One date-Ar.-Ship's Cook-2CL- U. S. Navy 
West, Mrs. M. J.  10-4-1866  2-29-1912   
White, Thelma L.  9-26-1922  12-25-1993   
White, Marshall H.  9-2-1899  10-19-1984  Double marker with Pinna Mabel White 
White, Pinna Mabel  5-8-1903  1-20-2000  Double marker with Marshall H. White 
White, Jim F.  1901  7-15-1972  Double marker with Irene E White; m. 11-19-1923; full death date from obituary; years only on stone; James Frank White in obituary 
White, Irene E.  1902  1997  Double marker with Jim F. White; m. 11-19-1923 
White, Plemia Elizabeth  9-25-1901  1-5-1965  Given name from 1970 record; only last name on concrete marker and Jan. 5 
White, Charlotte Todd  11-9-1934  10-27-2010  Information from obituary 
White, Frank Hence  10-12-1924  8-16-2011   
White, James O.  8-15-1934  8-21-2011  Double marker with Charlotte White; m. 12-3-1952; children--Micheal, Roger, Frankie, Linda 
White, Charlotte L.  11-9-1934  10-27-2010  Charlotte Todd White in obituary; double marker with James O. White; m.12-3-1952; children--Micheal, Roger, Frankie, Linda 
Wicker, Shelton Thomas  12-1-1908  1-20-1986  Double marker with Irene Smith Wicker; m. 3-17-1929 
Wicker, Irene Smith  3-1-1913  6-19-2000  Double marker with Shelton Thomas Wicker; m. 3-17-1929 
Wicker, Terry Dale  5-12-1950  2-4-2007  Foot stone has death date 2-4-2006; double marker with Mary A. Wicker; m. 11-18-2000 
Wicker, Mary A.  10-22-1946    Double marker with Terry Dale Wicker; m. 11-18-2000 
Wiggins, Ralph L. Jr.  12-23-1923  1-17-1925   
Wiggins, Walter    March, 1915  Grave not found during survey; obituary said he was buried at Emmet and wife had died few months before 
Williams, ?????      Dates missing; metal marker set in concrete 
Williams, Clarence   3-12-1905  7-25-1994  Clarence R. Williams on military marker; U. S. Army-World War II: double marker with Millie Renfroe Williams 
Williams, Millie Renfroe  12-5-1904  2-15-2001  Double marker with Clarence Williams 
Williams, Leroy  1-11-1901  7-1-1974  Double marker with Ruth Williams 
Williams, Ruth  10-25-1903  5-9-1986  Double marker with Leroy Williams 
Williams, Wylie  1871  11-18-1951  Double marker with Melia Williams; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Williams, Melia  1877  1954  Double marker with Wylie Williams 
Williams, Clyde  3-20-1896  6-2-1957  Double marker with Artie Williams 
Williams, Artie  9-7-1896  4-30-1990  Double marker with Clyde Williams 
Williams, David L.  10-10-1895  3-24-1985  Sgt.-U. S. Army-World War I; double marker with Ruth C. Williams 
Williams, Ruth C.  11-29-1905  2-28-1997  Double marker with David L. Williams 
Williams, William Leon  4-11-1937  4-12-1937   
Williams, Lodis W.  1903  1944  Double marker with Annie M. Williams 
Williams, Annie M.  1909  1992  Double marker with Lodis W. Williams 
Williams, Frances Permelia  5-19-1862  10-14-1923   
Williams, Winnie    11-3-1942  One date 
Williams, J. C.  3-16-1931  6-4-2004  Double marker with Carolyn D. Williams 
Williams, Carolyn D.   2-10-1941    Double marker with J. C. Williams 
Williams, Betty Cupples  5-8-1940    Double marker with Kenneth Eugene Williams; m. 2-27-1986 
Willis, Luel  1914  1962  Double marker with Opal Willis 
Willis, Opal  1918  3-3-2003  Double marker with Luel Willis; death date from obituary; years only on stone; obituary had Opal Willis Pate 
Wilson, Alice F.  9-19-1940  8-4-1981   
Winchester, Clara A.  8-15-1838  12-28-1915   
Williams, Kenneth Eugene  6-7-1930  2-29-2013  Double marker with Betty Cupples Williams; m. 2-27-1986 
Winder, Opal  12-30-1909  9-1-1971  Opal Catlett Winder in obituary 
Withers, Dora Ann  11-10-1821  10-7-1889  Wife of R. F. Withers; born Monroe Co., AL as per obituary 
Witt, Hughes Caleb    1887  Co. I- 2 Tenn. Cav.- CSA; death year from newspaper 
Wray, Infant    11-22-1928  Son of Mae and Euel Wray; one date 
Wright, Elizabeth    12-15-1882  Broken stone and lying flat; can't read birth date; age 37 yrs., 11 mths., 14 days 
Wylie, Avie Weaver  1-24-1917  12-11-2005  Double marker with Denman N. Wylie 
Wylie, Denman N.   1-29-1908  1-27-2000  1st Sgt.- U. S. Army- World War II: double marker with Avie Weaver Wylie 
Wylie, Nallon J.  4-9-1911  11-30-1991  U. S. Army - World War II: double marker with Norma Jean Allen Wylie; m. 12-8-1947 
Wylie, Norma Jean Allen  8-12-1923  6-19-2012  Double marker with Nallon J. Wylie; m. 12-8-1947 
Wylie, Mrs. Nallon    Nov., 1946  Wife of Nallon Wylie; died in Memphis; grave not found during survey; information from obituary 
Wylie, Robert W.  9-1-1878  8-11-1946  Double marker with Agnes B. Wylie 
Wylie, Agnes B.  8-28-1881  7-21-1958  Double marker with Robert W. Wylie 
Youmans, Lela M.  10-2-1889  1-12-1918  Wife of Joseph B. Youmans 
Youmans, Alice Garland  1881  1954  Double marker with Joseph B. Youmans 
Youmans, Joseph B.  1886  12-12-1975  Double marker with Alice Garland Youmans; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Young, Monroe  9-24-1885  6-26-1953  Ar.-Mech.-Co.D-52 Inf.-World War I 
Zappe, Herman  7-3-1843  Apr., 1918  Born in Germany; double marker with Susie Zappe; dates from obituary; years only on stone 
Zappe, Susie      Age 26; wife of Emil Zappe; double marker with Herman Zappe 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by William Gary Wray (NOT VALID 2002-11-27garywray@ix.netcom.com) () on 1996-12-13
I have been searching thru your SNELL cemetary. I note that you have it listed a a NEGRO cemetary. That is NOT correct - I am not saying that there are no negro graves there - but rather that it is NOT a NEGRO cemetary - please check with some of the local residents over at Emmet - and let me know the results of the search. I have family there so I know of what I speak. [Editor's note: This comment refers to the original database posted on the PCFA.ORG web site; there was a probem in the data entry that combined descriptions for two or more cemeteries with similar names; this problem has been corrected.]
Posted by Lillian Teresa Pictor (lilyharvester@netscape.net) (Fayetteville,AR) on 2002-06-04
I have corrections for cemetary survey. My mother is buried on the"Arnett" plott. Her name was Martha Jane Cook,Arnett being her maiden name. Her married name isn't listed. My grandmother,Teresa Arnett, is buried in the same plott. She isn't listed. My grandfather,her husband, William J. Arnett is there. Thank you for your time. This is a very interesting site. I knew or heard of so many people buried here and have cousins etc. Thanks,Teresa Pictor (Arnettt-Cook lineage)

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