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Bodcaw No. 1 Cemetery

This is a well maintained cemetery located in the northwest corner of Section 35, Township 13 South, Range 23 West across the road from Bodcaw No. 1 Baptist church.
Driving directions: From Bodcaw, go west on Hwy. 32 toward Hope for 3.6 miles. Turn right on Rd. No. 13 and go a short distance. The church will be on your right and the cemetery will be across the road on your left.
Homemaker's Survey in 1970





Allen, Anthony J.  1-23-1943  3-7-1943  Old record states-son of J. D. Allen 
Allen, Carter Wilson  6-23-1913  12-29-1914   
Allen, John R.  5-17-1892  4-6-1946   
Allen, Isobelle Dennis  8-27-1921    Double marker with Ermon W. Allen; m. 12-11-1959; (on back of stone)-Willis Dan 2-20-1938 and Larry Don 3-14-1942 
Allen, Ermon W.  5-14-1916  9-15-1977  Double marker with Isobelle Dennis Allen; m. 12-11-1959 
Allen, J. D.  9-15-1919  12-3-2004  U. S. Army Air Forces- SSgt- U. S. Air Force- World War II- Korea; double marker with Marie Mullins Allen; m. 8-12-1939 
Allen, Marie Mullins  1-25-1919  8-16-2009  Double marker with J. D. Allen; m. 8-12-1939; Mary Marie Mullins Allen in obituary 
Allen, Edward  7-22-1913  7-4-1998  James Edward Allen on military marker; PFC- U. S. Army; double marker with Lola Mae Allen; m. 4-12-1945 
Allen, Lola Mae  3-28-1922  4-26-2014  Lola Mae Dorman Allen in obituary; double marker Edward Allen; m. 4-12-1945 
Anderson, Carl Andrew  10-17-1964  4-3-2018  Obituary: Mr. Carl Andrew Anderson, age 53 of Bodcaw, Arkansas passed away, Tues... 
Arterbury, James Thomas  1922  1995  Double marker with Vernice Mullins Arterbury 
Arterbury, Vernice Mullins  1925  1997  Double marker with James Thomas Arterbury 
Arterbury, Marvin Luther  5-7-1926  5-8-2016  Double marker with Bonnie Sue Arterbury; m. 4-13-1946 
Arterbury, Bonnie Sue  4-6-1928  9-15-2021  Double marker with Marvin Luther Arterbury; m. 4-13-1946
Obituary: Mrs. Bonnie Sue Arterbury, age 93 of Prescott, Arkansas, passed away W... 
Blackmon, Vance DeWayne  12-6-1964  7-8-1998  Children--Shelby and Taylor 
Blackmon, Jerry Dewayne  1-30-1946  2-4-2003   
Brents, Roy A.  10-24-1911  3-28-1981  Double marker with June P. Brents 
Brents, June P.  6-16-1924  5-7-1992  Double marker with Roy A. Brents 
Butler, Jake    7-28-1974  Infant 
Butler, Joyce Earlene  8-14-1933  1-10-2014  Double marker with Cline Dexter Butler; m. 9-18-1953; children-- David, Phyllis, Todd 
Butler, Cline Dexter  8-7-1928  11-27-2014  Double marker with Joyce Earlene Butler; m. 9-18-1953; children--David, Phyllis, Todd 
Butler, Joy Earlene  8-14-1933  1-10-2014  Double marker with Cline Dexter Butler; m. 9-18-1953; children--David, Phyllis, Todd 
Cameron, Daniel Pervis  2-28-1890  10-6-1915   
Cameron, J. C.  1-9-1859  3-1-1910  Woodmen of the World marker 
Cameron, Luvenia  4-30-1897  8-29-1915   
Cameron, Martha Jane Cassidy  9-8-1861  2-28-1943   
Carlisle, Christopher Puzzy  11-16-1951    Double marker with Mary Frances Dorman Carlisle 
Carlisle, Mary Frances Dorman  3-12-1952  1-18-2020  Double marker with Christopher Puzzy Carlisle
Obituary: Mrs. Mary Frances (Dorman) Carlisle, age 67 of Hope, Arkansas passed a... 
Carlton, John R.  6-1-1943  8-22-2019  Information from obituary 
Carlton, Christopher Wayne  7-3-1968  12-5-2017  SRA - U. S. Air Force - Operation Desert Shield - Desert Storm; children-- Regan and Dylan
Obituary: Wayne Carlton, 49, of Magnolia passed away on Tuesday, December 5, 201... 
Cassidy, Ima L.   8-5-1898  3-13-1985  Double marker with Oscar N. Cassidy 
Cassidy, Oscar N.  6-6-1886  8-23-1923  Double marker with Ima L. Cassidy 
Cassidy, Lydia      Metal marker; could not read name or dates in 2006 survey; located 6 feet north of Richard Alexander Cassidy marker 
Cassidy, James      Metal marker; could not read name or dates in 2006 survey; located about 6 feet north of Richard Alexander Cassidy marker 
Cassidy, Richard Alexander  8-3-1954  8-3-1954   
Claus, Aline McKelvy Grisham  7-1-1917  7-1-2008  Double marker with Eriless N. Grisham
Obituary: MRS. ALINE E. GRISHAM CLAUS, 90, of Bodcaw, Arkansas, passed away on T... 
Cox, Mrs. Eliza  11-26-1872  6-29-1941  Wife of Rev. C. D. Cox 
Cox, Rev. C. D.  3-5-1858  11-4-1935   
Cox, Annie Galloway  3-2-1858  6-5-1895  Wife of C. D. Cox 
Cox, Fred L.  9-3-1889  11-25-1889  Son of C. D. and Annie Cox 
Cox, Ozie O.  7-15-1885  3-1-1898  Daughter of C. D. and Annie Cox 
Cox, May A.  5-16-1893  8-25-1898  Daughter of C. D. and Annie Cox 
Cox, Robert M.  6-5-1895  9-21-1903   
Cox, Rufus Howard  10-8-1877  7-12-1913   
Cummings, Russell Paul  5-12-1975  12-16-1991   
Cummings, Ben Jr.  2-15-1926  7-19-2018  S1 U. S. Navy - World War II: double marker with Roberta Cummings; m. 9-4-1948; children-- Rocky and Linda
Obituary: Mr. Ben Cummings Jr. age 92, of Patmos, Arkansas passed away Thursday ... 
Cummings, Roberta   7-12-1931    Double marker with Ben Cummings Jr.; m. 9-4-1948; children-- Rocky and Linda 
Cummings, Rocky Dwaine  4-26-1950  3-3-2023  Information from obituary
Obituary: Rocky Dwaine Cummings, age 72, entered Heaven’s Gates on March 3rd a... 
Dean, Emma Lee Tatum Todd  4-30-1921  6-27-2015  Double marker with Edgar D. Todd; also listed under Todd 
Dockery, Alby  12-28-1919    Double marker with Gladys Jean Vines Dockery; m. 9-14-1944; parents of William Terry Dockery 
Dockery, Gladys Jean Vines  8-18-1921  6-25-2004  Double marker with Alby Dockery; m. 9-14-1944; parents of William Terry Dockery 
Dorman, Amos Green  3-3-1886  2-11-1971  Double marker with Lola Purtle Dorman 
Dorman, Lola Purtle  2-24-1888  2-23-1968  Double marker with Amos Green Dorman 
Dorman, A. G. M.  2-22-1924  7-23-1945  COR- U. S. Army; memorial stone at foot of Amos Green Dorman and Lola Purtle Dorman double marker 
Dorman, Green Washington  12-28-1859  10-19-1946  Double marker with Mary Frances Dorman 
Dorman, Mary Frances  8-13-1859  2-22-1935  Double marker with Green Washington Dorman 
Dorman, Patsy Ann  1-13-1945  1-14-1945   
Dorman, Curtis G.  11-1-1910  5-7-1980  Double marker with Marguerite H. Dorman 
Dorman, Marguerite H.  12-14-1922  8-12-2016  Double marker with Curtis G. Dorman; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Dorman, Connie I. Fagan  9-12-1917  2-8-1987  Double marker with Olva L. Dorman 
Dorman, Olva L.   10-30-1912  11-15-2000  Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II; double marker with Connie I. Fagan Dorman 
Dorman, Basil J.  2-2-1920  1-17-1999  Double marker with Hazel L May Dorman; Pvt.- U. S. Army- World War II; m. 11-5-1938 
Dorman, Hazel L. May  1-23-1921  3-23-2015  Double marker with Basil J. Dorman; m. 11-5-1938 
Dorman, Robert R.  2-27-1942  1-23-2014  Double marker with Shirley "Gigi" Dorman; m. 2-2-1979; children--Kay, Renay, Larry, Emily 
Dorman, Shirley   2-24-1947  10-17-2023  Double marker with Robert R. Dorman; m. 2-2-1979; children -- Kay, Renay, Larry, Emily; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Shirley Ann Dorman, age 76, passed away peacefully at Garden Park Nurs... 
Dorman, Olen Ray  5-5-1917  1-15-2020  Double marker with Deborah Ann Dorman; m. 12-29-1977; children-- Laurie, Shelly, Shannon
Obituary: Mr. Olen Ray “Big O” Dorman, age 72 of Hope, Arkansas passed away,... 
Dorman, Deborah Ann  9-3-1947    Double marker with Olen Ray Dorman; m. 12-29-1977; children-- Laurie, Shelly, Shannon 
Downs, (infant)    10-5-1936  Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Downs 
Downs, Rev. James T.  10-5-1852  6-27-1921  Double marker with Zillie Ann Downs 
Downs, Zillie Ann  6-4-1855  8-21-1910  Double marker with Rev. James T. Downs 
Easterling, Artell Lewis  1908  1941   
Flowers, Shannon Michelle Carlton  7-8-1972  5-20-2015  Mother of Walker and Lillie; daughter of Dickie and Marilyn; sister of Russ and niece of Wanda; nonnie of Hayzley
Obituary: Mrs. Shannon Carlton Flowers, age 42 of Bodcaw, passed away Wednesday,... 
Fulkerson, Margaret L. Vines  12-6-1924  7-23-2021  Double marker with Burldean Ray Fulkerson; married 6-25-1952; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Most people who have met Margaret never knew her history. She was a t... 
Fulkerson, Burldean Ray  11-2-1929  1-9-1999  Double marker with Margaret L. Vines Fulkerson; Married 6-25-1952 
Fuller, Fred L.  8-19-1893  11-1-1930  Son of S. L. and M. T. Fuller 
Fuller, Sim L.  7-16-1868  12-7-1931  Double marker with Minda T. Fuller 
Fuller, Minda T.  11-17-1870  4-9-1958  Double marker with Sim L. Fuller 
Fuller, (infant)  7-11-1930  7-14-1930  Son of Arthur and Minnie Fuller 
Fuller, (infant)    4-5-1899  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Fuller, Gilbert E.  4-14-1899  9-30-1965  Double marker with Bernice C. Fuller 
Fuller, Bernice C.  3-22-1903  8-18-1970  Double marker with Gilbert E. Fuller 
Fuller, Denver Lee  5-21-1924  8-23-1946   
Fuller, James Martin      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Fuller, Claudie J.  10-7-1893  3-30-1905  Son of J. M. and S. C. Fuller; age 11 years, 5 months, 23 days 
Fuller, Jessie B.  8-24-1903  7-9-1904  Daughter of J. M. and S. C. Fuller 
Fuller, Albert J.  1874  2-9-1935  Double marker with Lorena Goynes Fuller; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Fuller, Lorena Goynes  1880  1967  Double marker with Albert J. Fuller 
Fuller, Nancy B.  6-1-1820  3-28-1896  Wife of Archibel Fuller; born in S. C.; age 75 year, 9 months, 27 days 
Fuller, Peter  3-4-1844  3-13-1912  Peter F. Fuller in obituary 
Fuller, Mintie Todd  2-24-1843  5-1-1914  Wife of Peter Fuller; m. 7-29-1865; united with Missionary Baptist Church of Christ 5-22-1880 
Fuller, (infant)    3-5-1899  Son of S. S. and M. F. Fuller 
Fuller, Sudie C.  1875  1960  Double marker with James M. Fuller 
Fuller, James M.  1870  1939  Double marker with Sudie C. Fuller 
Fuller, A. G.  12-2-1920  4-3-1988  Double marker with Sybil M. Fuller; m. 9-14-1943 
Fuller, Sybil M.  7-24-1923  10-16-1988  Double marker with A. G. Fuller; m. 9-14-1943 
Garner, Willie N.  3-17-1909  3-25-1996  Double marker with Leona A. Garner; m. 11-6-1932 
Garner, Leona A.  7-23-1916  4-12-1985  Double marker with Willie N. Garner; m. 11-6-1932 
Goodwin, John Ira  9-30-1928  11-14-2000   
Goynes, B. C. Doc  12-5-1836  4-26-1913  Triple marker with Maryann Goynes and Alta Goynes 
Goynes, Maryann  6-17-1847  2-16-1936  Triple marker with B. C. Goynes and Alta Goynes 
Goynes, Alta  8-24-1887  11-26-1926  Triple marker with B. C. Goynes and Maryann Goynes; daughter of B. C. and Maryann Goynes 
Gresham, Lucian Edward  9-8-1877  3-21-1958  Double marker with Nancy Anna Gresham 
Gresham, Nancy Anna  4-16-1874  6-7-1938  Double marker with Lucian Edward Gresham 
Grisham, Eriless N.  9-26-1913  5-11-1966  Double marker with Aline M. Grisham 
Grisham, Aline M.  7-28-1917  7-1-2008  Double marker with Eriless N. Grisham; Aline Elizabeth McKelvy Grisham Claus in obituary
Obituary: MRS. ALINE E. GRISHAM CLAUS, 90, of Bodcaw, Arkansas, passed away on T... 
Hamm, Donald Ray  1937  1-5-1972  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Hamm, J. M. (Shine)  9-8-1913  6-10-1970  Double marker with Bonnie F. Hamm; m. 1931 
Hamm, Bonnie F.  2-13-1906  2-26-1982  Double marker with J. M. Hamm; m. 1931 
Hamm, Billy Don   4-14-1940  7-21-1993   
Hamm, William Floyd  6-21-1942  7-18-1998  Daughters--Dawn and Karen 
Hamm, Gerald  1-18-1916  3-10-2002  Double marker with Cleo Arterbury Hamm; obituary had Gerald Ross Hamm 
Hamm, Cleo Arterbury  9-7-1918  7-24-2010  Double marker with Gerald Hamm; Cleo Odell Hamm in obituary 
Hamm, Thomas F.   8-9-1945  9-6-2015  PFC - U. S. Army - Vietnam; Thomas Farrell Hamm on military marker 
Harding, Jeffrey Tyler  3-15-1986  7-2-1987   
Harding, William Hardy Jr.  10-4-1959  7-11-2017  Obituary: William Hardy Harding, Jr died unexpectedly on Tuesday, July 11, 2017 ... 
Hayes, Sue Ellen  10-25-1972  7-16-2005   
Hayes, James A. Sr.  6-5-1949    Double marker with Mattie E. Hayes; m. 11-21-1977 
Hayes, Mattie E.  4-14-1951  6-23-2020  Mattie Elizabeth Hayes in obituary; double marker with James A. Hayes Sr.; m. 11-21-1977
Obituary: Mrs. Mattie Elizabeth Hayes, age 69 of Rosston, AR, passed away on Tue... 
Hinton, Jack C. Jr.  10-25-1925  5-23-2011  S1 - U. S. Navy; double marker with Mary Hinton 
Hinton, Mary  3-11-1946     
Horton, Burlin Cordelia  1903  1921   
Horton, Charles Blake  1879  1951   
Horton, Mary Ella  1871  1946   
Huckabee, Mollie  12-5-1875  7-22-1959   
Huckabee, J. Hollis  1909  1975   
Jackson, Leona Allen  10-12-1890  12-16-1972   
Lewis, John Harold  1911  1951   
Lewis, Joanna Cameron  9-13-1887  10-31-1975   
McLaughlin, Joseph Eric   6-27-1972  6-3-2019  SFC - U. S. Army - Afghanistan and Iraq
Obituary: Mr. Joseph Eric “Joey” McLaughlin, age 46 of Mayflower, Arkansas, ... 
McMillen, James D.  1-12-1925  5-27-2003  Double marker with Mildred McMillen; married 10-22-1949 
McMillen, Mildred  7-31-1929  9-13-2011  Double marker with James D. McMillen; m. 10-22-1949 
McMillen, Betty Sue  6-22-1960  5-17-1962  Inside concrete border 
McMillen, Howard G.  8-17-1928  4-3-1989  Double marker with Betty McMillen; m. 3-11-1960 
McMillen, Betty  12-5-1936  4-25-2019  Double marker with Howard G. McMillen; m. 3-11-1960; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Martin, Charles F.  10-20-1890  9-19-1973  Double marker with Cora F. Martin 
Martin, Cora F.  6-12-1895  4-17-1993  Double marker with Charles F. Martin 
Miller, Lydia Lewis   1-24-1919  11-7-2003   
Mitchell, Oscar Lon  10-23-1869  3-20-1951  Double marker with Laura Alice Mitchell 
Mitchell, Laura Alice  12-23-1871  2-1-1946  Double marker with Oscar Lon Mitchell 
Mitchell, Sula F.  10-23-1896  8-12-1968   
Mitchell, Earl J.  7-9-1908  2-8-1918  Son of O. L. and L. A. Mitchell 
Mullins, Otha Warren  3-16-1902  8-10-1962  Double marker with Alta L. Dorman Mullins; m. 5-31-1923 
Mullins, Alta L. Dorman  1-24-1907  6-23-2001  Double marker with Otha Warren Mullins; m. 5-31-1923 
Mullins, Wylie Earl  11-4-1906  11-19-1945   
Mullins, Terrell Otha "T. O"  4-25-1932  6-26-2000  U. S. Army- Korea- Purple Heart; double marker with Jeweldene Leming Mullins; m. 1-18-1951 
Mullins, Jeweldene Leming  4-11-1930    Double marker with Terrell Otha Mullins; m. 1-18-1951 
Mullins, Charles Quinton  1-12-1928  11-19-2015  Sgt. - U. S. Air Force - World War II 
Odell, Nancy  11-10-1956  11-7-2021  Metal marker at time of survey; full dates from obituary
Obituary: We are sad to announce that on November 7, 2021 we had to say goodbye ... 
Pickard, W. C.  5-13-1871  2-9-1950   
Pickard, Martha  10-31-1848  2-14-1935  Double marker with J. W. Pickard 
Pickard, J. W.   1-3-1852  12-28-1928  Double marker with Martha Pickard 
Pickard, Vera D.  1-6-1898  3-23-1906  Daughter of W. C. and C. B. Pickard 
Pickard, Belle C. Fuller  1-7-1872  5-29-1903  Wife of W. C. Pickard; age 31 years, 4 months, 22 days 
Pickard, Ethel   11-7-1895  2-19-1900  Daughter of W. C. and C. B. Pickard 
Pittman, Mary Lou  2-13-1942  2-25-2022  Information from obituary
Obituary: Mrs. Mary Lou Pittman, age 80 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Friday Fe... 
Poindexter, Bessie B.  1898  3-16-1972  Double marker with Mike A. Poindexter; m. 7-3-1912; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Poindexter, Mike A.  1894  1982  Double marker with Bessie B. Poindexter; m. 7-3-1912 
Poindexter, David Carroll  2-20-1960  3-5-1977   
Poindexter, Harold Ural  8-23-1931  9-25-2008  Cpl. - U. S. Army; double marker with Margaret Ann Smith Nevis Poindexter; his children--Thomas Harold and Jimmy Don; dates on military marker are different from headstone 
Poindexter, Margaret Ann Smith Nevis  3-26-1942    Double marker with Harold Ural Poindexter; her children--Ann, Theresa, LaNare, Mike Nevis 
Poindexter, Floyd  9-22-1916  6-1-2007   
Poindexter, Morris  9-20-1913  8-11-2000  Children-- C. L., Shelby, and Charles 
Poindexter, Dawsy Jewell  8-18-1935  8-9-2014  Double marker with Mary Alice Poindexter; m. 1970 (38 years); children--Jewell Norman and John Michael 
Poindexter, Mary Alice  11-2-1946  5-14-2008  Double marker with Dawsy Jewell Poindexter; m. 1970 (38 years); children--Jewell Norman and John Michael 
Poindexter, Homer Anderson  4-5-1924  8-6-2010  Double marker with Valerie Jean Poindexter; m. 9-26-1953; children--Paula, Paul, David 
Poindexter, Valerie Jean  11-30-1937    Double marker with Homer Anderson Poindexter; m.9-26-1953; children--Paula, Paul, David 
Poindexter, Wanda L.  8-15-1933  3-17-2016  Double marker with William L. Poindexter; m. 2-10-1954 
Poindexter, William L.  5-25-1927  4-15-2018  Double marker with Wanda L. Poindexter; m. 2-10-1954 
Poindexter, Wilbur  5-5-1927  12-22-2016  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: Wilbur Poindexter, 89, of Emmet, Ark., died Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016, i... 
Poindexter, Homer Paul  5-11-1957  6-28-2022  Information from obituary
Obituary: r Homer Paul Poindexter, age 65 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Tuesday... 
Prosser, Melanie Mischelle Dorman    5-29-2003  Infant daughter of Alisha Dorman and Micheal Prosser (from obituary) 
Rieger, Fred E.  7-15-1919  11-7-1988  Double marker with Betty L. Rieger 
Rieger, Betty L.  3-16-1929  12-5-2001  Double marker with Fred E. Rieger; death date from obituary; not engraved at time of survey 
Russell, James Edward  3-17-1878  1-25-1937  Double marker with Iola Jane Russell 
Russell, Iola Jane  12-23-1877  11-12-1963  Double marker with James Edward Russell 
Russell, Elliott J.  1889  Feb., 1964  Double marker with Evie J. Russell; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Russell, Evie J.  1895  1996  Double marker with Elliott J. Russell 
Russell, Sarah E.  4-17-1868  3-12-1905   
Russell, Army  3-3-1905  3-20-1908   
Russell, Willard  1910  1914  Son of E. J. and E. M. Russell 
Russell, Velna Lee  4-6-1918  11-2-1935   
Russell, Troyce Dean  2-24-1940  8-20-1958   
Russell, Troy Ford  11-15-1922  8-21-1995  U. S. Army- World War II 
Russell, Bert Leonard  8-19-1902  12-10-1970  Double marker with Lillian Burns Russell; m. 11-26-1925 
Russell, Lillian Burns  9-11-1908  4-24-1995  Double marker with Bert Leonard Russell; m.11-26-1925 
Sanders, Etta  8-22-1920  3-4-2009  Etta Viola Sanders in obituary 
Sharman, Rudolph D.  1877  1955  Double marker with B. Gertrude Sharman 
Sharman, B. Gertrude  1881  1966  Double marker with Rudolph D. Sharman 
Sharman, Algia E.  8-5-1910  10-3-1981  Father; double marker with Jimmy K. Sharman 
Sharman, Jimmy K.  7-25-1941    Son; double marker with Algia E. Sharman 
Sherman, Trudie    1-2-1963  Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Skinner, G. W.  12-21-1860  7-28-1918   
Skinner, Eva  4-6-1861  3-4-1927   
Skinner, Obera   1911  1956  Old record had Obera Horton Skinner 
Skinner, Gordon  1902  1973  Death date hard to read 
Todd, Jones  10-3-1846  7-31-1921   
Todd, Malissa  7-27-1850  4-1-1929   
Todd, Minus M.  8-11-1846  4-23-1938   
Todd, Mary L.  1-15-1889  10-7-1959   
Todd, Wortha Lee  1-27-1943  7-1-1946   
Todd, Edgar D.  3-27-1918  8-21-1979  Tec. 4- U. S. Army; double marker with Emma L. Todd 
Todd, Emma L.  4-30-1921  6-27-2015  Double marker with Edgar D. Todd; Emma Lee Tatum Todd Dean 
Tye, John T.  1874  1949  Dad; double marker with Willie R. Tye 
Tye, Willie R.  1885  9-1-1960  Mom; double marker with John T. Tye; Willie Ruth Tye in obituary 
Tye, Harlin  8-20-1914  4-28-1997  Double marker with Marie Tye; m. 11-18-1933; children--Robert Harlin, Donald, Janette, Linda, Joseph 
Tye, Marie  5-30-1914  4-23-2007  Opal Marie Tye in obituary; double marker with Harlin Tye; m. 11-18-1933; children--Robert Harlin, Donald, Janette, Linda, Joseph 
Tye, Joseph Charles  7-25-1954  6-10-2001   
Tye, Robert Harlin  2-12-1936  12-21-2017  Metal marker at time of survey
Obituary: Mr. Robert “Bob” Harlin Tye, Jr, age 81 of Hope, Arkansas passed a... 
(Unknown), ????      Rock 15 feet south of Jones Todd marker 
(Unknown), ???      Rock 30 feet north of Zilla Ann Fuller Downs marker 
Urrey, S. Nathan  9-19-1878  1918  Only year on death date 
Verno, Charles F.  3-14-1946  3-16-2010  Metal marker; could not be read in 2017 
Vines, W. T.(Tom)  5-19-1893  1-30-1966  Double marker with Nona Nancy Vines; m. 11-12-1912 
Vines, Nona Nancy  10-27-1894  6-12-1964  Double marker with W. T. Vines; m. 11-12-1912 
Vines, Earl C.  11-19-1913  11-2-1977  Double marker with Ruby M. Vines 
Vines, Ruby M.  8-12-1914  12-14-2013  Double marker with Earl C. Vines 
Vines, William H.  3-27-1928  11-20-1999  SFC- U. S. Army; double marker with Martha Stroud Vines; m. 5-8-1950 
Vines, Martha Stroud  6-9-1933  2-15-2012  Double marker with William H. Vines; m. 5-8-1950 
Vines, William R. "Randy"  12-21-1956  11-13-2017  Double marker with Allie Ruth Vines 
Vines, Allie Ruth  10-10-1959  7-30-2018  Double marker with William R. Vines
Obituary: Mrs. Allie Ruth Vines, age 58 of Hope, Arkansas, passed away Monday Ju... 
Wilbanks, Patricia Allen  9-30-1948  8-2-2001  Patricia Ann Allen Wilbanks in obituary; wife of Lynn Wilbanks 

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