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Ebenezer Cemetery

This large cemetery is located in the W1/2 NE1/4 of Section 21, Township 12 South, Range 20 West. It is fenced and well maintained. There was once a school and church at this location. Land for the cemetery was donated by Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Whaley.
Driving directions: From Bluff City, go southwest on Hwy. 299 for four miles. The cemetery will be on your right.
Some information included in this record is from previous records made by the Nevada County Home Demonstration Club in 1968 and an older record made about 1950 by Howard Cornish Foster and Edward Dunn.
Document: Obituaries for the Ebenezer Cemetery (2,495,684 bytes, last updated June 02 2021).





Adams, Joye Ammons  8-11-1925  1-3-2016   
Adams, Gloria Ernestine Tunnell  8-15-1932  5-31-2006  Memorial marker; buried in Stayton, OR as per obituary; birth year in obituary was 1931 
Adams, Thomas J.   11-19-1916  1-5-1983  Pvt.- Army--World War II 
Ammons, Finnis  6-8-1894  6-8-1941  Double marker with Ida King Ammons; m. 1-22-1922 
Ammons, Ida King  4-11-1902  3-15-1997  Double marker with Finnis Ammons; m. 1-22-1922; later married Dallas Godwin 
Ammons, Allie Mae Winn  1-28-1898  1-16-1990  Double marker with Luther Franklin Ammons; m. 10-15-1916 
Ammons, Luther Franklin  1-8-1890  10-3-1956  Double with Allie Mae Winn Ammons; m. 10-15-1916; old stone next to double marker has years only 
Ammons, James Thomes  1862  1936  Should be James Thomas Ammons according to family member; name is spelled wrong on metal marker 
Ammons, Garah Jane  1865  11-23-1932  Should be Sarah Jane Rogers Ammons according to family member; name is spelled wrong on marker; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Ammons, Floyd   5-3-1923  12-24-1984  Pvt.- Army--World War II; double marker with Jean Ammons; full name Floyd James Wylie Ammons (from family member); children--Shirley Jean, Deborah Ann, Rebeccah Lynn 
Ammons, Jean  10-31-1934    Double marker with Floyd Ammons; children--Shirley Jean, Deborah Ann, Rebeccah Lynn 
Ammons, Betty L. Netchey   3-24-1924  12-22-2005  Betty Louise Netchey Ammons in obituary; double marker with Arlis Dale Ammons; m. 10-18-1945 
Ammons, Arlis Dale   10-3-1917  8-15-1981  Sgt.- Army--World War II; double marker with Betty L. Netchey; m. 10-18-1945 
Ammons, Amy  1892  1-14-1944  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone; obituary had birth date 2-3-1891 
Ammons, Gus  1885  Nov., 1937  Brother of Finis & Amy (1950 record); family member says this is incorrect; Gus and Amy were husband and wife; death month from newspaper; year only on stone 
Ammons, Aubrey "Shell"  5-23-1928  4-23-1993  PFC-Army-Korea 
Ammons, Robert E.   6-30-1913  2-9-1997   
Ammons, Jessie    1981  Metal marker-south of William A. Parker grave; could not be read when checked in 2006 
Ammons, Georgia Grant      Metal marker and rock; in Ammons row between Aubrey Shell Ammons & Gus Ammons; this was Guss Ammons' first wife; buried here with child; died in childbirth according to family member 
Ammons, Glen Paris  6-6-1915  1-10-2003   
Ammons, Infant  1908  1908  Child of Augustus and Georgia W. Grant Ammons; died from complications of childbirth; buried in same grave as mother as per family member 
Ammons, Rachel  9-25-1840  10-1-1883  Grave not found 
Ammons, Donna      Metal marker marking plot 
Ammons, William Ander  6-4-1919  7-29-2016  Cremated; double marker with Vivian Green Ammons; m. 6-30-1941 
Ammons, Vivian Green  9-12-1925  8-18-2016  Cremated; double marker with William Ander Ammons; m. 6-30-1941 
Ammons, James Dale  1-30-1954  7-23-2018  Metal marker at time of survey 
Arnold, Rachel Cerene McKelvy  9-25-1840  10-1-1883  Unmarked-information from family records 
Avery, Linda Sue Pearson  1-21-1959  5-30-2019  Double marker with Todd Glenn Avery; m. 10-28-1978 
Avery, Todd Glenn  9-13-1959  2-22-2020  Double marker with Linda Sue Pearson Avery; m. 10-28-1978 
Barham, Ethel Hardwick  5-5-1883  5-18-1933  Wife of Rev. A. B. Barham; funeral home record had cause of death angina pectoris 
Barham, D. W.   1-24-1912  5-19-1981  Double marker with Bonnie Barham; m. 5-7-1933 
Barham, Bonnie  7-28-1914  12-7-1998  Double marker with D. W. Barham; m. 5-7-1933 
Barham, (Baby Girl)  3-4-1910  lived a short time  Dau. of Rev. A. B. & Ethel Hardwick Barham; grave not marked 
Barham, Phenice Florine  10-9-1905  lived a short time  Daughter of Rev. A. B. and Ethel Hardwick Barham; grave is not marked 
Barksdale, Dooling  9-22-1890  3-12-1937  Husband of Loma Delaney- triple monument; with John Brady Parker & Loma Delaney 
Barksdale, Lillie Belle  9-6-1882  3-21-1905  Wife of E. J. Barksdale; broken stone-under magnolia tree 
Barksdale, Ford G.   2-21-1893  4-30-1970  Ar.-PFC-Army-World War I 
Barksdale, Eliza May  4-21-1860  9-7-1932  Wife of H. T. Barksdale 
Barksdale, H. T.   3-5-1836  8-10-1901   
Barksdale, Ammorilous  7-6-1842  7-29-1884  Wife of Hezekiah T. Barksdale (1950 record); marker broken off base. Reset, but dates are no longer visible 
Barksdale, Bernice B.   12-7-1902  9-1-1903  Dau. of B. K. & M. A. Barksdale 
Barksdale, Franklin H.  8-25-1931  1-9-1934  Full dates from Cornish Funeral Home records; years only on stone 
Barksdale, John C.   1885  8-11-1964  Double marker with Edna Mae Barksdale; John Collier Barksdale in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Barksdale, Edna Mae  1891  1986  Double marker with John C. Barksdale 
Barksdale, ???      Broken-can't read-; north of Ammorilous Barksdale marker 
Barksdale, D. A.  8-21-18??  3-23-1885  Child of H. T. & Ammorilous Barksdale; marker is badly broken; dates from a 1950 cemetery survey; this record had birth year at 1862, but researchers believe it should be 1882 or 1883. 
Belisle, Mavis Velta  2-8-1915  3-8-2012  Cremated; cremains placed at grave of her parents, William A. and Gillie Hall Griffith 
Bevil, Thomas S.    1-31-1935  Age 53-not found-listed in earlier records 
Bevil, Lola      Grave not found-listed in earlier records 
Bevill, Callie S.   10-18-1882  3-19-1973  Double marker with Joseph J. Bevill 
Bevill, Joseph J.   1-9-1880  12-21-1956  Double marker with Callie S. Bevill; Joseph James Bevill in obituary 
Bevill, J. D.   11-2-1913  3-16-1993   
Bevill, William M.   1876  1963  Double marker with Beulah Bevill 
Bevill, Beulah  1872  1950  Emma Beulah Thompson Bevill in obituary; double marker with William M. Bevill 
Bevill, J. M.   7-3-1846  2-15-1922  Double marker with Fannie Bevill 
Bevill, Fannie  7-1-1855  1890  Double marker with J. M. Bevill 
Blake, J. H.   1-13-1885  7-20-1904   
Blake, Richard Glen    1966  Grave not found-listed in earlier records; believed to be metal marker six feet south of J. H. Blake stone; death date from obituary; age 87 
Blake, Della Hill  1-9-1849  11-13-1901  Wife of G. R. Blake- broken stone; dates from 1950 record (hard to read) 
Blake, Green R.   12-31-1850  Jan., 1921  Unmarked grave; information from obituary; assumed grave is next to wife, Della Hill (a broken stone) 
Bland, (infant)-(Mildred)      Child of J. R. Bland-listed in earlier records 
Boswell, Esther Bevill  12-1-1898  3-7-1986   
Bradley, John B.   12-25-1847  2-3-1928   
Bradley, Mary Turnage  ca 1860  before Aug., 1881  Unmarked grave; first wife of John B. Bradley; info. from family research; grave should be next to John Bradley 
Bradley, (baby)    ca 1880  Child of John B. and Mary Turnage Bradley; mother and child died from childbirth complications according to genealogy researcher; grave not found 
Brooks, Bever  9-22-1912  9-23-1919  Son of L. R. & B. B. Brooks 
Brooks, Bula Bell  7-10-1891  8-24-1898   
Brooks, Thomas S.   11-28-1842  6-26-1902   
Brooks, Elizabeth  4-10-1851  8-9-1927   
Brooks, Ida M.   3-10-1885  10-28-1917   
Brooks, (infant)      Child of Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brooks; grave not found-listed in earlier records 
Broom, Eva Plyler  1879  1903  Wife of William Broom 
Buie, Mrs.      Sister of Ernest Morrow-listed in earlier record; grave not found this survey 
Byrd, Emma Florence  6-26-1867  2-14-1899   
Calhoun, Wm.B.   3-10-1818  1-2-1891  Next to small unmarked grave (1950 record); age 73 yrs., 9 mths., 23 days 
Cathey, Archie C.   1897  1900  Metal marker and rock 
Cathey, Nittie Garner  1900  Metal marker and rock-birth date missing 
Cathey, Archie I.   1830  1889  Metal marker & old stone; next to two unmarked graves (old record) 
Cathey, Mary  9-30-1835  12-14-1911  Death from paralysis as per funeral home record; widow of A. I. Cathey as per obituary 
Chamlee, Leonard C.   1912  12-8-1928  Full death date from funeral home record; death from appendicitis 
Chamlee, J. Russell  1854  5-6-1938  Double marker with Martha A.Chamlee; husband of Daisy Thompkins (1950 record); full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Chamlee, Martha A.   1879  1944  Double marker with J. Russell Chamlee 
Chamlee, Crystal  1917  1917   
Chamlee, Edna Tunnell  10-12-1892  3-26-1987  Double marker with Samuel Edward Chamlee 
Chamlee, Samuel Edward  8-18-1894  12-14-1968  Double marker with Edna Tunnell Chamlee 
Clark, Mattie McKelvy  11-28-1891  6-16-1983  Buried with her sisters; marker has McKelvy Sisters; her husband, Oliver Clark, is buried at Mt. Moriah Cem. 
Conklin, Edward L.   1857  1925  Double marker with Flora N.Conklin; native of Xenia Co., Ohio- son of Mary Conklin; father of Ella Conklin (info. from 1950 record) 
Conklin, Flora N.   1865  7-26-1928  Double marker with Edward L.Conklin; maiden name-Flora Nancy Haughey (info. from 1950 record); death date from funeral home record; year only on stone 
Cook, Denver Gaston  12-29-1901  2-22-1971  Double marker with Minnie Haddox Cook; m. 2-3-1924 
Cook, Minnie Haddox  1-9-1903  2-10-1993  Double with Denver Gaston Cook; m. 2-3-1924 
Cook, Anna Dora    6-12-1929  One date 
Cook, Jerry Dean  6-26-1937  2-5-1938   
Cornelius, Sybil C.   8-17-1918  9-30-1942   
Cottingham, William  Confederate soldier-no dates; could possibly be W. M. Cottingham who died 11-4-1885 as per newspaper 
Creech, Albert P.   1879  Jun., 1950  Metal marker; death month from obituary 
Creech, Blanche  10-20-1913  4-9-1932  Not found-listed as Blanch in earlier record;buried in unmarked grave at foot of parents-Albert and Berthaand brother, Hollis; info. from family member; death date from funeral home record; age 18 yrs., 5 mths., 19 days; death from appendicitis; birth date from funeral home records 
Creech, Hollis P.  1920  1989  Incorrectly spelled Creeh on metal marker 
Cross, Martha A.   8-11-1822  11-19-1909   
Cross, Jewell D.   1-28-1890  11-15-1924  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Cross as per newspaper 
Curtis, Glenda  3-1-1953  12-16-2018  Cremated; same marker as Glenn Weldon Morrow, Willie Jean Thompson Morrow, and Jerry Glenn "Butch" Morrow 
Darby, Benjamin Franklin  1859  2-19-1930  Double marker with Bettie P. Greer Darby; father of Lillie Belle, Willie, Hattie, Martha, Barbara & James Darby; death date 2-19-1930 (from old record); new marker installed by family in 2001; death from apoplexy as per funeral home record 
Darby, Bettie P. Greer   1858  1904  Double marker with Benjamin Franklin Darby; new marker installed by family in 2001 to replace broken marker; grave under a magnolia tree 
Davis, Al      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Davis, A. E.  2-16-1854  12-25-1934  May be same as Al Davis; grave not found during survey; dates from Cornish Funeral Home records 
Delaney, Verda Tunnell   12-19-1904  9-11-2007  Double marker with Clyde D. Delaney; m. 5-6-1923; cremated 
Delaney, Clyde D.   9-21-1901  9-10-1974  Clyde Dewey Delaney in obituary; double marker with Verda T.Delaney; m. 5-6-1923 
Delaney, Juanita  2-28-1927  9-11-1932  Daughter of Clyde and Verda Delaney; funeral home record had death date 8-22-1932 and cause of death malaria 
Delaney, Willie H.   2-15-1903  12-13-1976  Double marker with Beulah W. Delaney; m. 5-3-1924 
Delaney, Beulah W.   1-19-1906  10-21-2001  Beulah Watson Delaney in obituary; double marker with Willie H. Delaney; m. 5-3-1924 
Delaney, Robert Ellis  12-2-1945  5-5-2022  Cremated; double marker with Llwellyn A. Delaney; m. 6-11-1982
Obituary: Robert Delaney, 76, of Hope, AR went to be with the Lord Thursday, May... 
Delaney, Llwellyn A.  7-26-1939  9-7-2021  Cremated; double marker with Robert Ellis Delaney; m. 6-11-1982 
Delaney, R. H. (Bob)  8-16-1864  8-30-1930  Double marker with Sarah M. Delaney 
Delaney, Sarah M.   12-25-1870  8-30-1931  Double marker with R. H. (Bob) Delaney 
Delaney, James E.   1924  1944  Double marker with Francis C. Delaney 
Delaney, Francis C.   1926  July, 1944  Double marker with James E. Delaney; death month from obituary; year only on stone; killed in accident at father's sawmill 
Delaney, Houston  1-28-1900  5-6-1973  Double marker with Opal Delaney 
Delaney, Opal  1-31-1906  10-3-1991  Double marker with Houston Delaney 
Delaney, Emma Jane  3-5-1889  2-4-1967  Double marker with N. L. (Fait) Delaney 
Delaney, N. L. (Fait)  12-25-1888  8-25-1946  Double marker with Emma Jane Delaney; a 1950 cemetery record had birth date 12-25-1882; name was Newton L. Delaney 
Delaney, (infant daughter)    1910  Dau. of Fait & Emma Jane Delaney 
Delaney, Sarah    2-7-1932  Age 65-not found-listed in 1950 record 
Dodson, Donna Gammill  5-31-1950  7-3-2014  Cremated; stone placed in front of J. D. and Charlene Gammill marker 
Dunn, J. R.   1864  1937  John Riley (info. from 1950 record); husband of Jennettie Owens & Euanah Foster 
Dunn, Euanah Foster  1-14-1879  7-7-1954  Wife of J. R. Dunn 
Dunn, William Edward  6-18-1906  10-4-1966  Ar.-CMI-USNR--World War II 
Dunn, Thelma Vera  10-23-1908  12-24-1994  Metal marker and concrete; south of William Edward Dunn marker; could not be read in 2006 
Dunn, Carloss Levander  3-3-1913  1-12-1917  Son of John Riley Dunn & Euanah Foster 
Foster, Robert T., Jr.   12-24-1874  6-28-1896  Born in Nicholson, Jackson Co. GA .; info. from 1950 record 
Foster, Robert T., Sr.  1-9-1839  11-30-1909  Born in South Carolina-R.T. on military stone; Co. C.-Phillips Ga. Legion-CSA; more information found in 1950 record 
Foster, Mary Caroline  8-16-1851  5-20-1930  Maiden name Mary Caroline Westmoreland 
Foster, William E.   6-13-1873  4-8-1947  Son; William Ellis Foster in obituary 
Foster, Charles H.   5-14-1880  1-6-1959  Charles Henry Foster 
Foster, Glenn R.   2-24-1921  10-12-1988   
Foster, Harvey Lee  7-21-1928  3-15-2009  Son of Charles Henry Foster and Ada Crouse Foster as per obituary 
Gammill, J. D.  2-13-1919  10-4-1997  Double marker with Charlene Gammill; m. 6-4-1946; Military marker has Jesse Deloys GammillU. S. Navy-World War II 
Gammill, Charlene  8-31-1926  5-30-2011  Margaret Charlene Gammill in obituary; double marker with J. D. Gammill; m. 6-4-1946 
Garner, Maggie M.   7-4-1875  10-15-1918  Double marker with J. Madden Garner 
McAteer, Ronald A.  11-19-1948  8-19-2019   
Garner, J. Madden  3-11-1870  3-26-1956  Double marker with Maggie M. Garner 
Garrison, Cecil  10-2-1908  2-11-2002  Double marker with Ethel Parker Garrison; m. 9-1-1930 
Garrison, Ethel Parker  1-18-1914  6-15-1986  Double with Cecil Garrison; m. 9-1-1930 
Garrison, David M.   8-28-1881  2-17-1955  Double marker with Martha Price Garrison 
Garrison, Martha Price  9-11-1883  7-3-1970  Martha Elma Garrison in obituary; double marker with David M. Garrison 
Garrison, Olive Irma  8-25-1903  3-18-2002  Dau. of Dave & Martha Garrison 
Gillespie, Mattie  3-3-1882  6-3-1976  In Gillespie family plot 
Gillespie, Obie B.   12-15-1890  3-15-1971  In Gillespie family plot 
Gillespie, Lawner "Doc"  1-15-1879  1-22-1967   
Gillespie, Lena  2-15-1883  3-13-1950   
Gillespie, Bayless  6-30-1889  3-8-1943  Old record had Baylus-death date 3-9-1943 
Gillespie, Jim Lee  6-12-1895  9-27-1982  Double marker with Odessa McCain Gillespie; m. 9-30-1923 
Gillespie, Odessa McCain  1-27-1905  1-29-1997  Double with Jim Lee Gillespie; m. 9-30-1923 
Gillespie, Bessie I.   12-25-1894  3-31-1963   
Gillespie, (infant)    6-18-1928  One date 
Gillespie, Joseph A.   8-13-1841  11-13-1915  Double marker with Amanda Jane Gillespie 
Gillespie, Amanda Jane  2-11-1848  1-8-1928  Double marker with Joseph A. Gillespie 
Glanton, Bertha Bevill Creech  1898  10-6-1943  Nee Bevill; metal marker has Bertha Bevill; married (1) Albert Creech; married (2) Courtney Glanton; murdered by husband; death date from newspaper 
Godwin, J. Dallas  8-28-1907  8-6-1978  James Dallas Godwin in obituary; double marker with Etta Ammons Godwin; m. 7-2-1933 
Godwin, Etta Ammons  7-12-1906  5-23-1974  Double with J. Dallas Godwin; m. 7-2-1933 
Godwin, J. T. "Bud"  1-7-1937  2-11-1998   
Godwin, James T.  2-2-1940  4-26-1999  Metal marker had James Thomas Godwin 
Gordon, Pauline Zuber  4-27-1909  3-10-1976  Double marker with first husband, Harvey Zuber 
Green, Jerrel H.   12-9-1886  11-17-1971   
Green, William Lewis    1-26-1917  W. L. Green in obituary; age 62; grave not found during survey; grave not found during survey 
Green, Annie Mae Ammons  6-26-1923  1-21-1999  Double marker with Harrel "Sam" Green 
Green, Harrel "Sam"  7-8-1923  12-30-1999  Double with Annie Mae Ammons Green 
Green, James D. "Buster"   8-13-1936  11-13-2002  Double marker with Laverne Johnson Green; married 4-23-1959; U. S. Army 
Green, Laverne Johnson  6-13-1939  8-17-2008  Double marker with James D. "Buster" Green; m. 4-23-1959; Elsie Laverne Green in obituary 
Greene, Martha Anne    1-28-1937  Wife of William L. Green; age 85-grave not found; listed in 1950 cemetery record 
Greer, Hattie M.   11-1-1883  11-9-1911  Wife of John A. Greer (Hattie McKelvy); info. from family records 
Greer, John    1-17-1934  Age 73-son of Prangle Greer; not found, but listed in 1950 record 
Greer, (infant)      Child of John & Hattie Greer; not found, but listed in 1950 record 
Greer, Ollie W.    Dec., 1974  Age 55; grave not found during survey; information from obituary; no dates given in obituary clipping 
Griffith, Mae Gillespie  11-26-1874  2-13-1969  In Gillespie family plot. 
Griffith, Charles Ellis  11-23-1907  12-22-1992  Double marker with Broda Barksdale Griffith; m. 10-13-1928 
Griffith, Broda Barksdale  8-12-1911  10-29-1999  Double with Charles Ellis Griffith; m. 10-13-1928 
Griffith, John H.   11-27-1868  3-29-1938  Double marker with Adella I. Griffith 
Griffith, Adella I.   8-26-1869  7-8-1953  Double marker with John H. Griffith 
Grifftih, Ozell Chamlee  11-7-1910  6-21-1978  Married Hildre Griffith Nov. 06, 1965 
Griffith, Hildre John  11-16-1893  9-6-1971  Double marker with Stella Hardwick Griffith; m. 12-31-1916 
Griffith, Stella Hardwick  1-23-1894  3-24-1964  Double with Hildre John Griffith; m. 12-31-1916 
Griffith, William A.  1890  12-27-1968  Father; full death date from obituary; years only on stone 
Griffith, Gillie K.   1891  1955  Mother 
Griffith, Frank      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Griffith, Jay      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Grimes, Margaret Amanda    April, 1929  Age 75; grave not found during survey; buried at Ebenezer as per obituary 
Gulley, Jesse Ansley  4-4-1888  9-17-1943  Double marker with Caroline Elizabeth Gulley 
Gulley, Caroline Elizabeth  5-22-1895  7-9-1941  Double marker with Jesse Ansley Gulley 
Hackette, William M.   8-7-1859  11-1-1859  Son of Dr. M. B. & E. A. Hackette; age 2 mths, 24 days; oldest marked grave in cemetery. 
Hackette, Mrs. E. A.   11-23-1838  4-26-1867  Wife of Dr. M. B. Hackette; dau. of J. G. & M. A. Holleman; age 28 yrs., 7 mths, 3 days 
Hackette, Dr. M. B., Jr.   2-2-1832  7-26-1861  Age 29 years, 5 months, 24 days; husband of E. A. Holleman (1950 record) 
Haddox, Thelma  10-21-1911  July, 1913   
Haddox, W. T.   5-8-1904  9-5-1904   
Haddox, (infant)     10-21-1911  Dau. of W. M. & Dora Haddox 
Haddox, (infant)       Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Haddox, (infant)       Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Haddox, Amanda E.   4-25-1877  11-2-1911  Double marker with William M. Haddox 
Haddox, William M.   8-13-1875  9-12-1946  Double marker with Amanda E. Haddox 
Hall, John H.   5-1-1859  4-9-1919  Double marker with Almeda Hall 
Hall, Almeda  7-19-1865  11-16-1914  Double marker with John H. Hall 
Hall, Hattie  8-5-1887  4-16-1968  Double marker with Jenkins Hall 
Hall, Jenkins  8-28-1888  10-17-1938  Double marker with Hattie Hall; listed as R. Jenkins Hall in 1950 record 
Hall, Lonnie M.   8-19-1919    Double marker with Agnes J. Hall 
Hall, Agnes J.   7-12-1917  10-25-1991  Double marker with Lonnie M. Hall 
Hall, Lonnie M. II  4-4-1949  11-23-2010  Lonnie Milton Hall in obituary; double marker with Lynn Hall; m. 5-28-1993 
Hall, Lynn  9-9-1955    Double marker with Lonnie M. Hall II; m. 5-28-1993 
Hall, E. E.  5-14-1882  5-14-1882  Grave not found-listed in earlier record; name and dates from family member 
Hall, Henry J.   3-20-1884  3-20-1884  Grave not found-listed in earlier record; name and dates from family member 
Hall, A. E.      Grave not found during survey; a girl born prematurely named Etha or Ether; information from family member 
Harbour, Leslie Ann Ingram  11-24-1945  6-2-2007  Cremated 
Hardwick, Agnes  5-18-1924  7-10-2017  Death date not engraved at time of survey 
Hardwick, Homer  6-11-1896  2-12-1975  Double marker with Exa Hardwick 
Hardwick, Exa  11-7-1893  11-19-1946  Double marker with Homer Hardwick 
Hardwick, John M.   11-17-1849  11-15-1941  Double marker with Georgia A. Hardwick 
Hardwick, Georgia A.   12-9-1859  11-12-1952  Double marker with John M. Hardwick 
Hardwick, Garland  7-5-1898  12-23-1918  U. S. Navy-son of J. M & G. A. Hardwick; on stone-"he gave his life for liberty" 
Hardwick, Martin Littleton  8-17-1903  10-22-1903  Son of J. M. & G. A. Hardwick 
Hardwick, Johnie Malinda  10-19-1889  4-11-1970   
Hardwick, John Thomas  8-26-1927  11-1-2002  Army- World War II 
Harrison, Betty Carolyn Cook  1-11-1939  1-31-2012  Double marker with David Benjamine Harrison; m. 12-31-1956; children: Jerry David (12-19-1959) and Phyllis Lynley (8-28-1961); death date not engraved at time of survey 
Harrison, David Benjamine  8-4-1934  2-23-2014  Double marker with Betty Carolyn Cook Harrison; married 12-31-1956; children--Jerry David (12-19-1959) and Phyllis Lynley (8-28-1961) 
Harrison, Jerry David  12-9-1959  4-26-2013   
Hawkins, Frederick Arthur  3-25-1943  7-26-2019  Double marker with Lana Irvin Hawkins; m. 9-1-1968; cremated 
Hawkins, Lana Irvin  7-8-1946    Double marker with Frederick Arthur Hawkins; m. 9-1-1968 
Hawkins, Rachel      Metal marker for reserved plot 
Helsel, Wallace Jerlee    1-16-1929  Infant-one date-surname on back of stone 
Hesterly, Dorthula Orphelia  9-10-1845  3-14-1915  Wife of S. H. Hesterly; buried beside Lizzie Hesterly LeQuin 
Hesterly, Samuel Hamilton Summers  6-2-1850  1-19-1929  Has older monument for footstone 
Hesterly, Jesse Weaver  7-12-1882  9-29-1973   
Hesterly, F. B.   5-10-1821  11-22-1898  Francis Berry (family records) 
Hesterly, Mary Ann McKelvy  9-27-1838  8-9-1870  Marker installed in 2011 
Hesterly, James Ezra   8-5-1870  7-29-1873  Marker installed in 2011 
Hesterly, Jesse Luther  11-12-1860  8-24-1895  Unmarked-information from family records 
Hesterly, Hattie  1886  1889  Unmarked-information from family records 
Hesterly, Rebecca Frances  5-13-1842  3-11-1910  Last wife of Francis Berry Hesterly; marker installed in 2011 
Hesterly, Albert Pinkney Whitfield  7-5-1873  12-29-1907  Unmarked-information from family records 
Hesterly, Penny  Sept., 1899  3-19-1912  Unmarked-information from family records; death from meningitis as per funeral home record 
Hill, Mary E.   10-18-1846  9-28-1888   
Hill, James G.   8-12-1844  1-8-1902   
Houchin, Rosa Schooley  10-11-1901  3-8-1977   
House, William D.   Sgt.-Co. F.-15 Ar. Inf.--CSA 
House, Lorenzo    10-30-1947  Age 90; grave not found during survey; information from obituary and earlier records 
Hunter, Jessie Mae  6-13-1907  9-24-1940  Dau. of Thomas Franklin & Ibra House Plyler; info. from 1950 record; death from heart trouble as per Cornish Funeral Home records 
Hunter, Jesse Lloyd  1923  1923  Son of Shelbie F. and Jessie Mae Plyler Hunter (information from family member) 
Hunter, Gladys Imogene  6-20-1938  5-24-1939  Daughter of Shelbie F. and Jessie Mae Plyler Hunter; information from family member 
Hunter, Shelby F.   1-13-1903  2-15-1997   
Hunter, John Daley  8-12-1927  3-29-1954   
Hunter, (infant)      Child of Mr. & Mrs. Willie Hunter; unmarked-listed in earlier record 
Hunter, James Howard  11-11-1929     
Hurley, Walter L.   1867  1950  Double marker with Willa A. Hurley 
Hurley, Willa A.   1898  19??  Double marker with Walter L. Hurley; year not engraved; researcher says she moved to Stephens Co. OK and died there in April, 1974. Family chose to bury her there instead of bringing her back to AR 
Ingram, Randy  2-17-1949  3-13-1949   
Ingram, Elton H.  8-13-1923  7-2-2000  Pfc.-Army-World War II; Double marker with Norma C. Ingram; m. 8-17-1946; children--Randy, Bobby, Rusty, Jill 
Ingram, Norma C.  4-23-1928  2-19-2001  Double marker with Elton H. Ingram; children--Randy, Bobby, Rusty, Jill 
Ingram-Harbour, Leslie Ann  11-24-1945  6-2-2007  Cremated 
Irvin, (Grandfather)      Father of Fielding Irvin; grave not marked; info. from family records 
Irvin, (Grandmother)      Mother of Fielding Irvin; grave not marked; info. from family records 
Irvin, Jessie Ester    1899  Age 12; dau. of Fielding and Margaret Irvin; grave not marked; info. from family records 
Irvin, Henry B.   12-10-1877  5-25-1968  Triple marker with Eliza and May Belle Johnson 
Irvin, Eliza Johnson  5-9-1875  6-5-1964  Triple marker with Henry B. Irvin and May Belle Johnson; Eliza Ammons Irvin in obituary 
Irvin, Margaret C.   1840  1922  Double marker with Feilding (Fielding); Margaret Caroline Moore (1950 record) 
Irvin, Feilding  1825  1887  Double marker with Margaret C. Irvin 
Irvin, Minnie F.   1883  1958  Double marker with Willie B. Irvin 
Irvin, Willie B.  1875  1947  Double marker with Minnie F. Irvin 
Irvin, William H. "Red"  9-23-1917  8-17-2001  Double marker with Myrtie McKelvy Irvin; m. 4-3-1939 
Irvin, Myrtie McKelvy  1-9-1917  11-16-1994  Double marker with William H.Irvin; m. 4-3-1939 
Jetton, Sarah A.   10-27-1845  7-19-1919  Wife of John L. Jetton (1950 record) 
Jetton, John L.   9-27-1839  4-13-1918  Husband of Sarah A. (1950 record) 
Jetton, Albert D.   1-7-1876  9-18-1886  Death date hard to read 
Jetton, Cora A.   1890  1967  Double marker with John H. Jetton 
Jetton, John H.   1868  1939  Double marker with Cora A. Jetton 
Jetton, (baby)    April, 1934  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Jetton; grave not found during survey; information from newspaper 
Jetton, Buck  12-18-1918  6-18-2005   
Jobe, Dwight Griffith  3-24-1939  4-13-1940  Son of Chester and Zettie Jobe (old record) 
Johnson, May Belle  4-3-1893  3-18-1986  Triple marker with Henry B. & Eliza Johnson Irvin 
Johnson, Timothy L.   11-12-1960  2-22-1995  Tim and Pat--parents of Keith, Lori, Amy 
Johnson, Robert Gerald  9-13-1927  12-13-1978   
Johnson, Arthur Lee  7-5-1930  10-18-1942  Son of Mr. & Mrs. R. L. Johnson 
Johnson, Lois Marie  11-4-1922  4-6-1994  Daughter-triple with Robert L. & Winnie E. Johnson 
Johnson, Robert L. "Bob"  2-27-1904  11-14-1985  Triple marker with Lois Marie & Winnie E. Johnson; m. 8-13-1921 
Johnson, Winnie E. Helsel  1-18-1908  2-13-1980  Triple with Lois Marie & Robert L Johnson; m. 8-13-1921 
Johnson, W. H. Bill  7-3-1879  7-18-1968   
Johnson, Martha L.   9-15-1877  10-15-1963  Martha Lou Johnson in obituary 
Johnson, Georgia  5-15-1907  6-28-1945   
Johnson, T. O.   9-7-1860  6-15-1916   
Johnson, Solomon R.   Co. F.- 3 U.S. Vol. Inf. 
(Johnson), ?  Next to Solomon R. Johnson; same type marker; assumed to be Johnson 
Johnson, J. R.     April, 1923  Age 90; grave not found; info. from newspaper obituary 
(Johnson), 3 graves      Marked with rocks-in Johnson row 
Johnson, Frank O.  9-7-1860  6-15-1918  Son of Solomon Johnson; not found-listed in old record 
Johnson, Mary Coats  2-8-1900  11-25-1926  Wife of Emmett Johnson (1950 record); killed by auto as per funeral home record 
Johnson, Elizabeth  3-4-1926  10-12-1931  Dau. of Emmett & Mary Johnson (1950 record) 
Johnson, Emmett M.   12-3-1896  10-2-1965   
Johnson, Earl C.   3-14-1919  8-17-2000  Double marker with Myrtie McBride; U. S. Army-World War II; m. 11-19-1949; parents of Beverly and Betty; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Johnson, Myrtie McBride  2-15-1928  12-18-1994  Double with Earl C. Johnson; m. 11-19-1949; parents of Beverly and Betty 
Johnson, Matha C.   8-13-1885  11-18-1954  Double marker with Ada A. Johnson; full dates from family records; years only on marker; full given name was Matthew Columbus 
Johnson, Ada A.   7-29-1888  11-3-1951  Double marker with Matha C.Johnson; full dates from family records; years only on marker 
Johnson, S. F.   8-4-1861  12-9-1939   
Johnson, Carrie  Carrey"-dau. of Frank O. Johnson (1950 record) 
Johnson, Obie  Son of Frank O. Johnson (1950 record) 
Johnson, Ausie N.   8-2-1898  2-14-1956  Ausie Newton Johnson in obituary; double marker with Mary Watkins Johnson 
Johnson, Mary Watkins  1-9-1900  2-26-1989  Double marker with Ausie N. Johnson 
Johnson, Dudley  5-13-1917  9-5-1939  Otis Dudley-son of Ausie & Mary (1950 record) 
Johnson, Oscar  11-18-1873  10-9-1909  Double with Nona Moore Johnson Richardson; full dates from family records; years only on stone 
Johnson, Andrew Jackson  1901  1901  Unmarked-information from family records 
Johnson, (child)  1905  1905  Unmarked-child of Thomas Oscar & Nona; Emma Moore Johnson-from family records 
Jones, Henry B.   8-15-1903  2-10-1996  Double marker with Dester M. Jones; death date not engraved-taken from obituary 
Jones, Dester M.   9-18-1917  9-27-1978  Double marker with Henry B. Jones 
Jones, James Buris    1939  One date on monument 
Jones, Vesta M. "Sally"  2-18-1945  8-4-1984   
Jones, E. B.   1879  1923  Father 
Jones, Hesterly   9-12-1943  5-1-2021   
King, Roy   2-16-1916  11-27-1999  Concrete marker; full dates from metal marker; Roy Edward King on metal marker 
Kirk, Henry J. "Jeff"  12-16-1886  5-13-1974  Double marker with Beulah B. Kirk; m. 3-3-1912 
Kirk, Beulah B.   4-26-1890  7-28-1976  Double with Henry J. "Jeff" Kirk; m. 3-3-1912 
Kirk, Dennis S.   3-3-1923  12-21-2015  Dennis Sherwood Kirk in obituary; double marker with Arona Irvin; m. 6-5-1943; children--Judy and Philip 
Kirk, Arona Irvin  9-17-1925  6-20-2017  Arona Elizabeth Kirk in obituary; double with Dennis S. Kirk- m. 6-5-1943; children--Judy and Philip; death date not engraved at time of survey 
Kirk, Laura B.   1885  6-15-1966  Full death date from obituary; Laura Belle Kirk in obituary 
Kirk, John M.   1880  3-31-1968  John Marion Kirk in obituary; double marker with Ella Kirk; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Kirk, Ella  1878  2-24-1951  Double marker with John M. Kirk; Mary Ella Griffin Kirk in obituary; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Kirk, Walter N.   1-6-1879  10-2-1955  Double marker with Mary Knight Kirk 
Kirk, Mary Knight  3-15-1885  9-21-1958  Double marker with Walter N. Kirk 
Kirk, (infant daughter)    1914  Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Kirk 
Kirk, (infant daughter)    Feb., 1915  Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. N. Kirk; death month from newspaper; year only on stone 
Kirk, (infant daughter)    1924  Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. W. N. Kirk 
Kirk, Harriet J.   10-30-1825  6-23-1904  Mother of Jasper Newton Kirk (1950 record) 
Kirk, James T.   10-19-1875  7-24-1898  Son of J. N. & N. A. Kirk; death from horse riding accident (1950 record) 
Kirk, (infant)      Child of Jasper and Nancy Kirk; not found-listed in 1950 record 
Kirk, (infant)      Child of Jasper and Nancy Kirk; not found-listed in 1950 record 
Kirk, William Marvin  1-9-1889  10-19-1970   
Kirk, Jasper N.   1853  7-22-1930  Double marker with Nancy A. Kirk; death date from obituary; birth date 9-9-1854 in obituary; full name Jasper Newton Kirk 
Kirk, Nancy A.   1858  1938  Double marker with Jasper N. Kirk 
Kirk, Garland K. "Jim"  1-4-1922  10-21-1998  Double with Ruth Wicker Kirk; m. 8-31-1945; S Sgt.-Army-World War II; Silver Star 
Kirk, Ruth Wicker  1-23-1922  9-5-2003  Double with Garland K. Kirk; married 8-31-1945 
Kirk, Jimmy Don  7-17-1947    Double marker with Judy L. Kirk; m. 9-29-1973 
Kirk, Judy L.  3-5-1951    Double marker with Jimmy Don Kirk; m. 9-29-1973 
Kirk, William Shirley  4-23-1920  10-6-2001  Double marker with Frances Marie Kirk;Tec 5- Army- World War II; m. 4-19-1947 
Kirk, Frances Marie  8-11-1924  3-31-2000  Double marker with William Shirley Kirk; Married 4-19-1947 
Knight, Eld. Willie F.   1-21-1922  9-12-2008  Double marker with Geraldine C. Knight; m. 3-9-1944 
Knight, Geraldine C. "Jerry"  11-20-1925  8-17-1990  Double with Willie F. Knight; m. 3-9-1944 
Leguin, Lizzie Hesterly  12-8-1871  9-12-1912  Buried beside Dorthula Orphelia Hesterly 
Loe, Vernell Green McKelvy  4-4-1929  3-21-2021  Double marker with Ruel M. McKelvy
Obituary: Vernell Delila Green McKelvy Loe, age 91, passed away March 21, 2021 a... 
McAteer, Fay Carmie "Dutch"  2-17-1920  10-8-1984  Double marker with Pauline Thomas McAteer 
McAteer, Pauline Thomas  2-15-1919  4-23-1973  Double marker with Fay Carmie "Dutch" McAteer; Lillian Pauline McAteer in obituary 
McAteer, Daniel H.   8-3-1877  11-26-1960  Double marker with Alice Kirk McAteer 
McAteer, Alice Kirk  10-13-1883  12-21-1964  Double marker with Daniel H. McAteer 
McAteer, Clodach  9-22-1909  1-1-1924  Stone lying flat on ground; daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. McAteer as per obituary 
McAteer, James Raymond  5-5-1886  6-4-1961  Double marker with Ella Schooley McAteer 
McAteer, Ella Schooley  8-6-1893  11-27-1975  Double marker with James Raymond McAteer 
McAteer, Cattie Boswell  5-11-1891  12-7-1966  Double marker with William H. McAteer; m. 12-29-1912 
McAteer, William H.   4-12-1892  11-16-1969  Double with Cattie Boswell McAteer; m. 12-29-1912; Harve McAteer in obituary 
McAteer, (infant son)  8-27-1926  8-28-1926  Son of Mr. & Mrs. W. H. McAteer 
McAteer, Ray  11-20-1916  1-11-1945  Ar.-Pvt. 330 Inf.-83 Div.-World War II; body returned to family in Nov., 1947 
McAteer, Mildred Marie  11-18-1929  11-26-1929   
McAteer, Brutis Brown  11-10-1896  4-2-1965  Pvt. Co. B.-Depot Brigade-World War I; double marker with Eunice Pratt McAteer; military marker has death date of 3-27-1965 
McAteer, Eunice Pratt  2-14-1894  3-19-1974  Eunice Valentine McAteer in obituary; double marker with Brutis Brown McAteer 
McAteer, Julie E.   11-19-1853  3-25-1938  Double marker with W. A. McAteer 
McAteer, W. A.   7-1-1851  8-9-1929  Double marker with Julie E. McAteer 
McAteer, Ida E.   2-15-1882  9-22-1902  Dau. of W. A. & J. E. McAteer; buried beside Maggie M. Garner (1950 record) 
McAteer, C. F. J.   12-28-1844  4-13-1903  And McAteer relatives 
McAteer, Berlin D.   5-27-1925  1-2-1995  Pfc.-Army--World War II 
McAteer, (infant girl)  1919  1919  Triple marker with Inda B. & Dulcie McAteer 
McAteer, Inda Barksdale  1895  1919  Triple marker with infant & Dulcie McAteer 
McAteer, Dulcie  1918  1919  Triple marker with infant & Inda B. McAteer 
McAteer, Catherine J.   8-8-1942  11-8-2009  Double marker with Cloys L. McAteer; m. 12-16-1971 
McAteer, Cloys L.   11-26-1928  12-22-2004  Double marker with Catherine J. McAteer; m. 12-16-1971 
McAteer, (infant son)    4-16-1963  Son of Hubert and Freida; small flat stone; with McAteer graves 
McBride, W. W. "Dock"  2-27-1887  3-31-1979  Double marker with Ada Ammons McBride; m. 2-13-1907 
McBride, Ada Ammons  6-2-1889  7-21-1977  Double with W. W. "Dock" McBride; m. 2-13-1907 
McCain, Thornwell H. "Green"  4-28-1919  4-3-1986  Double marker with Virda M. McCain; m. 10-6-1945 
McCain, Virda M. "Teet"  8-19-1921    Double with Thornwell H. McCain; m. 10-6-1945 
McCain, Earl Miller  8-21-1906  11-11-1968  Ar.-Pvt.-1967 SVC Comd. Unit--World War II 
McCain, Roy Monroe  11-20-1902  3-12-1939  Son of Henry H. & Alice McCain (1950 record) 
McCain, Alice L.   9-25-1881  3-10-1959  Double marker with Henry H. McCain; maiden name Alice Griffin (1950 record) 
McCain, Henry H.   9-1-1866  6-28-1922  Double marker with Alice L. McCain 
McCain, (infant)    12-31-1912  One date 
McCorkle, Joe  1868  1933  Listed in 1950 record as Joseph McCorkle with death date of 4-21-1936 
McCorkle, Joseph    4-21-1936   Age 65-not found-listed in old record; probably same as Joe McCorkel 
McDonald, Cora  11-7-1874  4-6-1936  Double marker with Lee McDonald 
McDonald, Lee  3-22-1879  12-10-1963  Double marker with Cora McDonald 
McDonald, J. Keeley  1-1-1902  11-12-1991  Triple marker with Latus Allder & Dallas Lee McDonald 
McDonald, Latus Allder  5-9-1907  3-3-1987  Triple marker with J. Keeley & Dallas Lee McDonald 
McDonald, Dallas Lee  8-22-1928  1-11-1935  Triple marker with J. Keeley & Latus A.; buried beside Cora Thompkins McDonald-; (from 1950 record) 
McKelvy, Roy B.  5-7-1914  7-1-1994  Double marker with Bertha M. McKelvy; middle name is Benjamin 
McKelvy, Bertha M.  12-19-1914  10-24-1997  Double marker with Roy B. McKelvy 
McKelvy, Harland Grady  11-19-1911  09-09-1999  Death from auto accident; Sgt.-U. S. Army-World War II 
McKelvy, Orland F.   3-15-1886  11-21-1961  Double marker with Ollie T. McKelvy;m. 11-27-1910; middle name is Fletcher; full dates from family records 
McKelvy, Ollie T.   8-14-1891  4-9-1942  Double with Orland F. McKelvy; full dates from family records 
McKelvy Sisters-Esther  11-7-1893  7-25-1968  Triple marker with Mattie McKelvy Clark & Beulah McKelvy 
McKelvy Sisters-Mattie  11-28-1891  6-16-1983  Triple marker with Esther & Beulah McKelvy; married Oliver Clark (family records) 
McKelvy Sisters-Beulah  12-30-1902  10-13-1982  Triple marker with Esther McKelvy & Mattie McKelvy Clark 
McKelvy, A. F.   4-23-1851  8-5-1914  Alexander Fletcher McKelvy; double marker with E. A. McKelvy; (Elizabeth Ann); full dates from family records 
McKelvy, E. A.   11-22-1862  3-31-1947  Elizabeth Ann McKelvy; double with A. F. McKelvy (Alexander Fletcher); full names and dates from family records 
McKelvy, O. L.   1-12-1890  1-9-1911  Name on marker appears to be D. L.; should be O. L. (Oscar Lee)-from family record 
McKelvy, James C.   10-30-1882  1-25-1959  Double marker with Katie May McKelvy; m. 12-27-1908
Obituary: James C. McKelvy, aged 76, a retired farmer, died Saturday morning at ... 
McKelvy, Katie May   8-17-1892  2-18-1963  Double with James C. McKelvy; m. 12-27-1908
Obituary: Mrs. Katie May Kirk McKelvy, aged 70, of Bluff City (Nevada County) di... 
McKelvy, Lee Roy  11-19-1909  8-27-1978  Double marker with Marie Martin McKelvy; full dates from family records 
McKelvy, Marie Martin  7-31-1907  1-13-2003  Double marker with Lee Roy McKelvy; full dates from family records 
McKelvy, Freeman Quinn  9-26-1945  7-21-2004  1 Lt.- US Army 
McKelvy, Ruel M.   7-10-1911  12-13-1986  Ruel Monroe (from family records); double marker with Vernell D. McKelvy; m. 8-7-1947
Obituary: Ruel M. McKelvy, aged 75, of Bluff City (Nevada County) died Saturday.... 
McKelvy, Vernell D.   4-4-1929  3-21-2021  Double marker with Ruel M. McKelvy; m. 8-7-1947
Obituary: Vernell Delila Green McKelvy Loe, age 91, passed away March 21, 2021 a... 
McKelvy, Jabez  6-27-1802  1-14-1862  Full dates from family records; years only on marker 
McKelvy, Rebecca Parram Wright  11-29-1814  4-20-1869  Wife of Jabez McKelvy; full dates from family records; years only on marker; some sources say birth year was 1813 
McKelvy, James W. (Wesley)   3-10-1836  4-30-1869  Pvt.- Co. B- 33 Ark. Inf.- CSA; marker set by family 1-15-2000 
McKelvy, Sarah Emaline  2-21-1845  3-21-1901  Unmarked-infromation from family records 
McKelvy, Rebecca Wells  1875  1902  Unmarked-infromation from family records 
McKelvy, Johnny  1896  1899  Child of Adolphus & Rebecca Wells McKelvy; unmarked-infromation from family records 
McKelvy, Esther  1899  1901  Child of Adolphus & Rebecca Wells McKelvy; unmarked-infromation from family records 
McKelvy, Lou Ethel  9-27-1895  1897  Child of Alexander F. & Elizabeth McKelvy; unmarked-information from family records 
McKelvy, Johnnie Morrison  10-27-1897  10-24-1899  Child of Alexander F. & Elizabeth McKelvy; unmarked grave; dates are from family records, but 1900 census shows he was born Oct., 1899 and was alive when cenus was taken in 1900. 
McKelvy, (unnamed-age 1 mth)      Child of Alexander F. & Elizabeth McKelvy; unmarked-information from family records 
McMurray, Mary Stanford  11-20-1888  10-17-1964   
McMurray, Daniel D.   7-8-1932  2-16-1984  Pfc -Army-death from timber cutting accident 
McSweeney, Jim  11-9-1883  2-13-1956  Double marker with Estella McSweeney 
McSweeney, Estella  9-25-1884  8-1-1964  Double marker with Jim McSweeney 
Mangold, Ollie Otwell  6-5-1907  10-21-1997   
Marsh, John Edward  1915  1989  Sgt.- Army--World War II 
Martin, Elma Cross  11-8-1888  5-1-1971  Full name Carrie Elma Cross Martin (from researcher) 
Martin, Berry  1-23-1882  3-4-1962  James Berry Martin in obituary; double marker with Fannie Martin 
Martin, Fannie  11-22-1878  7-13-1965  Double marker with Berry Martin 
Martin, Jack S.   1883  10-29-1958  Full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Martin, Jack Jr.      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Martin, Jewel J.   1889  1925   
Martin, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Martin, (infant)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Martin, (infant)      Child of Brice Martin-listed in earlier record 
Martin, Thomas Wright  1875  Sept., 1910  Grave marked with a rock; information from family member 
May, B. F.   9-27-1870  8-29-1897   
May, Jane Jetton      Listed in 1969 record as Mrs. B. F. May. B. F. May married Jane Jetton in 1894. Grave is not marked. 
Mitchell, Ed  1863  1925  Double marker with Alvah Mitchell 
Mitchell, Alvah  1861  1943  Double marker with Ed Mitchell 
Mitchell, ?  Concrete marker - no dates 
Mitchell, Lucian E.   7-3-1965  Metal marker- age 79 yrs, 1 mo., 25 days 
Moore, Alice McKelvy  1-1-1857  4-4-1932   
Moore, Andrew Jackson  6-16-1855  7-29-1888   
Moore, Nancy Parram McKelvy  6-29-1854  11-14-1882  Wife of A. J. Moore; unmarked-information from family records 
Moore, Albert  12-20-1875  1-27-1876  Child of Andrew J. & Nancy McKelvy Moore; unmarked-information from family records 
Morgan, Billy F.  1927  10-21-2002  Double marker with Beatrice White Morgan; married 2-22-1947 
Morgan, Beatrice White  3-16-1928  3-30-2008  Double marker with Billy F. Morgan; m. 2-23-1947 
Morrow, Ernest Clifford  11-10-1893  7-13-1981  Double marker with Jessie Tunnell Morrow; m. 11-20-1921 
Morrow, Jessie Tunnell  9-14-1901  2-4-1988  Double with Ernest Clifford Morrow; m. 11-20-1921 
Morrow, Glenn Weldon  10-1-1929  6-13-2008  Cremated; same marker as Willie Jean Thompson Morrow, Glenda Curtis, and Jerry Glenn "Butch" Morrow 
Morrow, Willie Jean Thompson  12-17-1932  10-25-2014  Cremated; same marker as Glenn Weldon Morrow, Glenda Curtis, and Jerry Glenn "Butch" Morrow 
Morrow, Jerry Glenn "Butch"  12-2-1957    Same marker as Glenn Weldon Morrow, Willie Jean Thompson Morrow, and Glenda Curtis 
Munn, Carl  5-28-1911  12-11-1981  Double marker with Della M. Munn; m. 9-10-1976 
Munn, Della M.   10-30-1932    Double marker with Carl Munn; m. 9-10-1976; buried at Bluff City Cem. with first husband as Della Marie Lampkin 
Munn, (infant)    5-19-1921  No dates on stone; child of Mr. & Mrs. Fred Munn; information from newspaper 
Munn, Ola Belk  10-13-1890  11-14-1940  Double marker with Fred Munn; m. 7-27-1907; dau. of Hughey Larkin Belk (1950 record) 
Munn, Fred  8-10-1885  3-19-1942  Double with Ola Belk Munn; m. 7-27-1907 
Munn, Susie E.   8-25-1891  4-14-1938  Dau. of John Page & Rebecca House Otwell; info. from 1950 record 
Nalley, Pearl Barksdale  8-8-1888  1-3-1967  Double marker with Samuel Eugene Nalley 
Nalley, Samuel Eugene  1-19-1868  12-8-1946  Double marker with Pearl Barksdale Nalley 
Nelson, Earl F.   8-9-1915  3-3-1971  Earl Franklin Nelson in obituary; double marker with Julia F. Nelson; m. 4-7-1936 
Nelson, Julia F.   11-23-1919  4-4-2007  Double marker with Earl F. Nelson; m. 4-7-1936 
Nelson, Harl C.  10-11-1917  12-7-1941  S1- Navy-World War II- Killed at Pearl Harbor 
Nelson, J. Frank  1-18-1882  9-26-1963  Double marker with Verna B. Nelson 
Nelson, Verna B.   9-26-1891  11-12-1968  Double marker with J. Frank Nelson 
Nelson, Jimmy C.  4-5-1938    Double marker with Phyllis L. Nelson 
Nelson, Phyllis L.   12-22-1946  7-10-2009  Double marker with Jimmy C. Nelson 
Norman, (infant son)    10-24-1940  Son of J. D. & Mae Norman 
Norman, James Dee  5-19-1906  4-23-1977  Double marker with Mae Parker Norman 
Norman, Mae Parker  1-31-1910  3-21-1992  Bertha Mae on metal marker; double marker with James Dee Norman 
Odell, Obie Franklin  3-7-1913  7-19-2001  Military stone; Pfc- World War II 
Odell, Lillie Mae Johnson  4-7-1925  12-2-2008  Metal marker 
Otwell, E. J. "Jack"  12-28-1862  10-19-1914   
Otwell, E. J.     4-9-1860  Age 23--3rd son of G. R. & S. E. Otwell 
Otwell, Espie Elden  6-22-1915  3-19-1992  Double marker with Hilda Joy Otwell; m. 6-16-1939 
Otwell, Hilda Joy  2-10-1922  3-29-1989  Double with Espie Elden Otwell; m. 6-16-1939 
Otwell, W. L.   4-19-1886  5-22-1937  William Luther-son of John & Rebecca; info. from 1950 record 
Otwell, John Page  3-22-1853  6-1-1939  Double marker with Rebecca Jane Otwell 
Otwell, Rebecca Jane  8-25-1858  6-1-1935  Double marker with John Page Otwell 
Otwell, Wesley Fletcher  7-8-1875  4-10-1955  Double marker with Jennie Johnson Otwell; m. 8-20-1905 
Otwell, Jennie Johnson  8-14-1884  9-15-1973  Double with Wesley Fletcher Otwell; m. 8-20-1905 
Otwell, Fred Harper  3-13-1904  4-5-1935  Age 30- son of Walter & Mollie Otwell; info. from 1950 record; dates are slightly different in 1950 record 
Otwell, Walter G.   9-13-1877  6-20-1971  Double marker with Mollie E. Otwell 
Otwell, Mollie E.   7-9-1879  10-6-1967  Double marker with Walter G. Otwell; Mollie Green Otwell in obituary 
Otwell, Spurgeon G.   5-25-1899  1-13-1976  Double marker with Ardle Nelson Otwell 
Otwell, Ardle Nelson  5-10-1911  8-25-1989  Double marker with Spurgeon G. Otwell 
Otwell, Emma  6-7-1893  4-10-1958   
Otwell, Susan E.    3-20-1890  Age 78; born in Georgia; buried beside husband; grave not found in 2006 survey (information from newspaper) 
Otwell, G. R.      Husband of Susan E. Otwell; she was buried by her husband according to newspaper; grave not found in 2006 survey; name G. R. Otwell comes from the grave marker of E. J. Otwell, a son who died in 1860 
Owen, Connie  5-15-1965  5-15-1965  Daughter of Harley and Mary Owen; full dates from 1969 cemetery record 
Owens, Barbara Kirk  4-24-1949  12-4-2021  Granny of Sam, Tracey, and Cheyenne; cremated; death date not engraved at time of survey
Obituary: Barbara Nell Owens, 72, of Genoa, Arkansas passed away on December 4, ... 
Parker, John Brady  8-28-1896  Husband of Loma Delaney; buried with Gertrude Norman Parker 
Parker, Loma Delaney Barksdale  11-30-1898  7-24-1968  Double marker with Dooling Barksdale; John Brady Parker also listed on stone; he is buried with Gertrude Norman Parker 
Parker, Beulah Johnson  9-7-1889  7-19-1929  Double marker with Edgar Monroe Parker; m. 6-21-1908 
Parker, Edgar Monroe  3-19-1889  10-31-1967  Double with Beulah Johnson Parker; m. 6-21-1908 
Parker, William H.   1862  1912  Double marker with Candace Ann Parker 
Parker, Candace Ann  1868  1920  Double marker with William H. Parker 
Parker, James A.   1893  1894  Concrete marker 
Parker, Gertrude Norman  12-31-1901  11-9-1931  Double marker with John "Braddie" Parker; married 12-5-1925; Cornish Funeral Home records show death date 11-9-1930 and death from tuberculosis 
Parker, John "Braddie"  8-28-1896  2-2-1974  Double marker with Gertrude Norman Parker; m. 12-5-1925; name also on triple marker with Loma Delaney and Dooling Barksdale 
Parker, Linus L.  10-20-1890  12-22-1911   
Parker, Clarence R.  12-19-1902  5-??-1908   
Parker, Mary R.   12-22-1867  7-4-1951  Double marker with James A. Parker 
Parker, James A.   2-11-1863  5-14-1931  Double marker with Mary R. Parker; death from carcinoma as per funeral home record 
Parker, Hilton Edwin  1-11-1925  10-2-1937  Son of Edward & Beulah Parker (1950 record) 
Parker, William A.   8-13-1887  10-3-1953   
Parker, (son)    11-23-1916  Son of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Parker; age one month, five days; information from newspaper; grave not found during survey 
Pearson, Jimmy L.   4-22-1935    Double marker with Sara E. Pearson; m. 12-11-1957 
Pearson, Sara E.   6-10-1934  5-1-2012  Sarah Elizabeth Pearson in obituary; double with Jimmy L. Pearson; m. 12-11-1957 
Pearson, Carroll J.   9-2-1939    Double marker with Lois L. Pearson; m. 6-3-1957 
Pearson, Lois L.   3-15-1949    Double with Carroll J. Pearson; m. 6-3-1967 
Plyler, R. P.  10-7-1927  3-10-1987  Tec 5--Army; Ramson P. on military stone; double marker with Hazel Tomlin Plyler; m. 4-21-1946 
Plyler, Hazel Tomlin  2-26-1926  7-6-2012  Double with R. P. Plyler; m. 4-21-1946 
Plyler, Chris  5-11-1971  4-10-1988   
Plyler, Andrew J.   9-6-1910  11-17-1935   
Plyler, Willis  6-16-1916  One date 
Plyler, Ransom P.   5-31-1840  4-21-1917  Co. I-12 S.C. Inf. - CSA - no dates; born in Lancaster Co., SC- son of Elisha &; Betsy Rowe Plyler (info. from 1950 record) 
Plyler, Nellie  7-7-1920  9-25-1920   
Plyler, Nettie  7-7-1920  9-29-1920   
Plyler, Thomas F.   12-19-1881  10-28-1961  Double marker with Ibra A. Plyler 
Plyler, Ibra A.   7-20-1888  11-22-1974  Double marker with Thomas F. Plyler 
Plyler, Sally Lathan  1842  1900  Wife of Jonas R. Plyler 
Plyler, Coy L.   3-31-1912  2-27-1937  Death from auto accident--(news story)-son of; of Marion & Ludie Sarrett Plyler (1950 record) 
Plyler, (baby)      Grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Porterfield, A. J.   8-23-1924    Double marker with Catherine Kirk Porterfield;married 12-16-1963 
Porterfield, Catherine Kirk  12-7-1927  12-17-2001  Double marker with A. J. Porterfield;married 12-16-1963 
Purifoy, M. W.   10-11-1870  1-28-1911  Woodmen of the World marker; family genealogy records have Martial Wesley Purifoy 
Purifoy, Katie Lee Atkins  4-14-1874  5-26-1941  Wife of M. W. Purifoy; grave not found in 1999 survey; family genealogy book says she is buried at Ebenezer, but she has a grave marker at Chidester Cem. 
Purifoy, James Leroy  5-10-1878  12-8-1878  Grave not found; son of Buckner Cicero Purifoy and Frances Marion Garner Purifoy; information from Gulley family genealogy 
Rash, Willie W.   5-31-1923  9-27-1982  Pvt.-Army--World War II; double marker with Bessie C. Rash; m. 2-3-1944 
Rash, Bessie C.   2-3-1920  12-1-1994  Double with Willie W. Rash; m. 2-3-1944 
Richardson, H. J.     Not found-buried in same plot as Nona Moore; died 1920 or 1930 (info. from 1950 record) 
Richardson, Nona  12-7-1883  6-29-1939  Double marker with Oscar Johnson, her first husband; full dates from family records; years only on marker 
Richardson, (child)  1920  1920  Child of Obediah Jacob & Nona Moore Johnson; Richardson- unmarked-could be same as H. J.; info. from family records 
Robertson, Margaret Delaney "Polly"  12-22-1939  3-17-1962   
Sanford, Chancelor C.   11-26-1929  7-4-2020  Double marker with Merle Westmoreland Sanford; m. 5-3-1957 
Sanford, Merle Westmoreland  3-26-1933  9-5-2017  Double with Chancelor C. Sanford; m. 5-3-1957 
Sarrett, Lizzie  10-18-1884  10-20-1963   
Sarrett, R. L.   10-23-1879  3-10-1900  Robert L. (old record) 
Sarrett, J. L.   12-13--1877  9-1-1905  Stone is off base 
Sarrett, James Ezra  2-7-1893  10-26-1918  Stone is off base 
Sarrett, Bette Ann  8-7-1855  1-11-1941   
Sarrett, Cupal  6-18-1924  3-1-1926   
Sarrett, Mertis  11-10-1922  9-22-1924   
Sarrett, Wayne  1-17-1921  6-23-1922   
Sarrett, Samuel "Jap"  10-13-1882  5-13-1960  Double marker with M. Etta Sarrett 
Sarrett, M. Etta  12-13-1887  2-7-1976  Mollie Etta Sarrett in obituary; double marker with Samuel "Jap" Sarrett 
Schooley, ?      Concrete marker - no dates 
Schooley, W. C.   12-4-1847  6-5-1913  Father of John F. Schooley (old record) 
Schooley, John F.   1868  Oct., 1934  Double marker with Mary Agnes Schooley; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Schooley, Mary Agnes  1870  6-2-1935  Double marker with John F. Schooley; maiden name Mary Agnes Slaygal (1950 record); born Vanny, NC; married John Schooley (from obituary); full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Schooley, (infant)      Child of Homer & Ruth Schooley; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Scott, Olga Tunnell  5-28-1908  11-5-1976  Birth date is 1909 on metal marker 
Souter, Margaret Thomas  2-20-1912  11-28-1987   
Steele, Mary Ann Holleman  10-19-1836  Dec., 1876  Grave not found during survey; wife of Col. William T. Steele; daughter of James G. Holleman and Mary Ann Draper Holleman; buried here as per family Bible; info. from Holleman Cemetery records 
Stewart, Benjamin F.   1855  ????  Grave not found during survey; married Margaret Westmoreland; buried at Ebenezer, according to Westmoreland family records 
Stewart, Margaret Westmoreland  1863  ????  Grave not found during survey; married Benjamin F. Stewart; buried at Ebenezer, according to Westmoreland family records 
Sweeney, Lucille Bevill  11-21-1907  8-28-1943   
Sweeney, (infant)      Child of Ira Ford Sweeney; grave not found-listed in earlier record 
Sykes, Eurilla Bevill  3-13-1911  3-14-1991  Eurilla Mae Sykes in obituary 
Taylor, Lola McBride  6-3-1923  7-13-1992   
Terry, Jack P.   3-12-1932  11-23-1983  Jack Parker Terry in obituary; double marker with Mary D. Terry 
Terry, Mary D.   12-19-1929  2-4-1994  Mary Delaney Terry in obituary; double marker with Jack P. Terry 
Thomas, Clara  6-27-1896  1-14-1908  No dates on stone; dates from family researcher; stone was covered with dirt; location is 15 feet east of Robert Foster Sr. marker 
Thomas, William S.   1882  Jan., 1964  Double marker with Edna Stewart Thomas; death month from obituary; year only on stone; William Shelby Thomas in obituary 
Thomas, Edna Stewart  1887  Dec., 1973  Double marker with William S. Thomas; death month from obituary; year only on stone 
Thomas, William "Hess"  9-13-1921  4-11-2000  Pfc.-Army-World War II; Double marker with Bernice M. Kirk; m. 5-26-1946 
Thomas, Bernice M. Kirk  5-31-1926  12-26-2002  Double marker with William "Hess" Thomas; m. 5-26-1946 
Thompson, Capt. W. C.   3-23-1840  3-30-1912  Co. H-19 Ar. Inf.--CSA; husband of Martha Elizabeth Greer (1950 record); dates from newspaper; not dates on stone 
Thompson, James Oscar  1881  1964  Triple marker with infant & Ada Davis Thompson; m. 11-16-1902 
Thompson, (infant)    1912  Triple marker with James O. & Ada Davis Thompson 
Thompson, Ada Davis  1878  1912  Triple with James O. & infant Thompson; m. 11-26-1902 
Thompson, Martha I.   1846  Dec., 1948  Death month from obituary; year only on stone; born in MS; blind for 30 years (from obituary) 
Tunnell, Enola L.   1866  5-31-1931  Laura Enola Irvin Tunnell in obituayr; double marker with Isaac N. Tunnell; full death date from obituary; year only on stone 
Tunnell, Isaac N.   9-18-1861  6-9-1929  Double marker with Enola L. Tunnell; son of Payton Graves and Vina Fortune Tunnell; full dates from obituary; age 67 yrs., 8 mths., 21 days; Isaac Newton Tunnell in obituary 
Tunnell, Mary Barksdale  12-16-1913  5-2-1934   
Tunnell, Warden Isaac  9-18-1911  3-18-1970   
Tunnell, Murlee Barksdale  11-26-1918  6-15-2003   
Tunnell, Payton G.   March-1876  Pvt.-18 Miss. Cav.--CSA; According to family member, this is actually the grave of Vina Fortner Tunnell (b. ca 1826, d. 1-10-1910), wife of Payton Graves Tunnell. Payton was buried near his home place, but when Hwy. 24 was built, it was built directly over Payton's grave. Family decided to put his military marker at his wife's grave. 
Tunnell, Vina Fortner  1827  1-9-1910  Grave is not marked; see remarks under Payton G. Tunnell; dates from obituary 
Tunnell, J. P.   1856  1905   
Tunnell, Tennessee  1864  1897   
Turnage, James, Sr.   5-19-1878  Husband of Mary (1950 record) 
Turnage, Mary  5-20-1887  Wife of James Turnage, Sr. 
Turnage, Emely  7-20-1844  2-11-1896  Wife of G. L. Turnage 
Wadley, Amanda E.   11-11-1846  11-10-1933   
Westmoreland, Drue Tunnell  1-2-1898  3-11-1982   
White, Adrian Franklin  7-9-1940  4-8-1943   
White, Iven N.   9-11-1905  7-12-1953  Double marker with Esther N. White 
White, Esther N.   9-1-1908  12-30-1986  Esther Nelson White in obituary; double marker with Iven N. White 
Williams, Larry Lee  12-8-1946  5-15-2020  Double marker with Mary Jane (Carroll) Williams; m. 2-14-1988; his daughters - Tammy and Cathy; his grandchildren - Cassie and Will 
Williams, Mary Jane (Carroll)  10-3-1953    Double marker with Larry Lee Williams; m. 2-14-1988; her son - Rob; her grandchildren - Zack, Jordan, Andrew, Kyler, Makia, Jaxson, Maci 
Womble, Lorenza Dow  2-2-1803  1-22-1858  Grave not marked; information from family researcher 
Womble, Patsy D.  2-13-1812  11-5-1875  Grave is not marked; second wife of Lorenza Dow Womble; information from Womble family researcher 
Zuber, Harvey  3-27-1907  11-19-1951  Double marker with Pauline Zuber 
Zuber, Pauline  4-27-1909  3-10-1976  Pauline Zuber Gordon in obituary; double marker with first husband, Harvey Zuber; also listed under Gordon 

Comments about this cemetery from our web site visitors:
Posted by Virgie Metts (vmetts39@earthlink.net) (Lenexa) on 2003-06-04
great job on the cemetery survey. very helpful in determining that payton g. tunnell, who is buried in the ebenezer cemetery is truly my gg grandfather. interesting information that said according to family member the marker was over the grave of vina fortune (his wife) I would be interested in knowing who the relative was that gave this information. also, the brother to isaac n. tunnell was jasper payton tunnell, buried in same cemetery.
Posted by Anonymous (sdianne2@msn.com) (Anonymous) on 2003-06-27
Although I've only checked out the information once or twice I and have not found the information I'd hoped to find it has been helpful. I hope to find information soon. If anyone has information on John Weldon who married Katie Hardin (or Harding) from Amory, Mississippi who died in southwest Arkansas and are suppost to be buried in Ebenezer Cemetary it would be helpful to me.. their births, deaths, and if they are actually buried in Ebenzer Cemetary. Thanks Dianne Kirkpatrick great grand daughter of John and Katie Weldon
Posted by Jerry McKelvy (sandman43@att.net) (Anonymous) on 2009-02-17
Re: dates for Ammorilious Barksdale and D. A. Barksdale. Both grave markers are broken and the dates are no longer visible. A 1950 cemetery survey had D. A. Barksdale born in 1862, but some of the descendants say it should be 1882. Since Ammorilious was born in 1842, I am inclined to think the 1862 birth date for D. A. is probably correct.
Posted by Jerry McKelvy (sandman43@att.net) (Anonymous) on 2009-08-02
After corresponding with family researchers, it is likely that Ammorilous Barksdale died in 1884 and that her child, D. A. Barksdale, was born in late 1882 or in 1883.
Posted by Lethia Jo Robert-Rosenberg (4728rose@sbcglobal.net) (ventura ca) on 2018-09-12
Thank you for managing this website. It contains relatives of mine...nice to locate info on them. Respectfully, Lethia Jo Roberts Rosenberg

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