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Title Page of Winnie H. Hamilton's 1951 "Personal History, Nevada County, Arkansas"
Nevada County Arkansas
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Part of the Louisiana Purchase
The year 2003 marked the bicentennial of the United State's purchase of the Louisiana Territory. Nevada County was part of that purchase.
Early Settlement
With no roads and unreliable rivers, much of Arkansas, including present-day Nevada County, was slow to fill up with settlers. The Nevada County Depot and Museum features three men. Stephen Vaughan came up the Little Missouri early, perhaps as early as 1812. Meriwether Lewis Randolph purchased many tracts of land in Arkansas. Gad Bradly was a free black.
Gee Estate
The Depot Museum has received a contribution of several artifacts from the estate of John Henry Gee.
Maps Showing the How the Counties of Arkansas Developed
Nevada County was formed on March 20, 1871, mostly from land in one of Arkansas' original five counties, Hempstead. By 1871, the land used to form Nevada County was in Hempstead, Columbia, and Clark counties.
Indians in Nevada County
Large Indian villages were at several location when the settlers came were mostly friendly with no millitant confrontations. When the settler population grew, the Indians moved on.
Arkansas Governor Thomas C. McRae
Governor McRae was from Prescott. The Museum has an entire showcase full of memoribilia from the Governor including his masonic bible, a side saddle, spinning wheel, and more, along with numerous books and documents pertaining to the Governor's career.
Cairo and Fulton Railroad, Iron Mountain Railroad, Missouri-Pacific Railroad, Union-Pacific Railroad
Carolina Methodist Church
Probably one of the earliest organized churches in Nevada County, located east of Rosston.
Emmet Methodist Church
Methodism was organized in Emmet as early as 1855.
Moscow Church
A big tree along the side of the road by the church had a big knot on it up high, evidently from a Civil War cannonball!
Mt. Moriah Church
Now in the third building, the church was founded in 1857. The first County Court was held on its grounds.
Civil War Exhibit
The museum has several artifacts from the Civil War. A biography features Captain William J. Blake, C.S.A. General Frederick Steele, the commanding general in Little Rock, was not eager to take up his role in the Red River Campaign.
Midway Methodist Church
Since 1861.
Prairie D'Ane Battlefield
The last strategic move by Federal troops west of the Mississippi River on April 10 - 13, 1864 ended in the defeat of the Federal Red River campaign. The troops turned and headed back to Little Rock, rather than continue the advance on the Red River ports. The same happened to the north prong of the attack at Mansfield, Louisiana. The Depot Museum displays many artifacts from the Civil War.
Martin White Greeson
Greeson's Hard Work Built Dam, an article written by John Miller and published the Nevada County Picayune on July 5, 1995 is a summary of Greeson's efforts to build Narrow's Dam at Murfreesboro and the lake resulting from his efforts.
Cothran Chapel C.M.E. Church
Founded around 1870 as part of the Colored Methodist Episcopal Church.
Formation of Nevada County
Some notes on the creation of Nevada County from Randolph Hamby's Officials of City of Prescott and Nevada County, Arkansas, 1950.
The History of Nevada County
Written for Harland McKelvy by Lawyer Thompkins about 1928, this article covers the creation by the Arkansas Legislature, first court, first settlement, first commissioners, and some early officials.
Railroads in Nevada County
Beginning with Cairo and Fulton constructed beginning in 1872, railroads have long dominated Nevada County. The local lines, Prescott and Northwestern (founded in 1891 and still operated), and the Reader Railroad constructed in the 1920s to accomodate the oil fields at Waterloo and the timber industry. Today, the Union-Pacific line runs through the north part of the county.
City of Prescott 62 Years Old (in 1936)
An excerpt from "The Nevada News" printed on Wednesday, October 21, 1936. Documents formation, early officials, and some early history.
Formation of the City of Prescott, Arkansas
Some notes on the formation of Prescott, Arkansas from Randolph Hamby's Officials of City of Prescott and Nevada County, Arkansas (1950).
New Salem United Methodist Church
Established around 1884, the original log church stood 37 years
Pleasant Ridge Methodist Church
Orginally organized as William's Chapel around 1888.
Iron Bridge
Built through local contributions raised at a community barbeque around 1900, the bridge made it easier to transport cotton to markets.
Ozan Lumber Company
Organized in the latter part of the 1800's, has operated under various names and ownerships, but is still operating as part of the Potlatch Corporation.
Rural Schools in Nevada County
Once the home of 54 school districts of the one- and two-room variety, the county now has 3 school districts. (More Coming Soon)
Past Industries
Nevada County has been home to industries such as furniture factories, stave mills, pickle factories, vegetable packing sheds, a cotton oil mill, and 13 cotton gins.
Ebenezer Methodist Church
Built around 1904, also had a school.
McRae Schools
All black school in Prescott from 1908-1969, was built on land donated by Governor McRae's family.
Rocky Hill United Methodist Church
Founded around 1908.
Old Mike
The mystery character died in Prescott in 1911, his identity unknown.
Fairview United Methodist Church
Organized in 1922. Also had Rocky School and Rocky College.
Oak Grove School District
One of the early consolidated all-black school districts in the State of Arkansas, severed the southern part of Nevada County while the Upchurch school served the northern part of the county.
Virginia Dell Cassidy
The mother of the 42nd President of the United States was born in Nevada County.